lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

Who Are You?

I realize that I have a lot of people on my flist that I have no idea who they are. They just add me as a friend and then I never hear from them again so I want to do something in hopes of getting to know some of you. Please answer the questions below... And it is very nice to meet you!

[1] Name: Katie

[2] Age: 24 soon to be 25 - my quarter-life crises is due to hit anyday now

[3] What did you eat for breakfast this morning?: two cold pieces of pizza - delicious and nutritious

[4] What five movies would you pick to watch for the rest of your life?: Knocked Up, Zodiac, The Empire Strikes Back, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and The Nightmare Before Christmas

[5] What TV Show would you like to live in?: Psych - mainly because Shawn and Gus would be my BFFs and I would get to eat all of the pineapple (my favorite) that I want
Tags: life, personal
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