lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

Flist Cut

I hate doing this. I really hate doing this but I just did a massive flist cut. I went through my entire flist and if I can't remember the last time I heard from you - on any of my stories or my random entries - I cut you. If I stared at your name and had no idea who you were because you never said anything, I cut you. I am so sorry. Some of you have been on my flist forever but you have drifted away from LJ or you just don't care about M/L anymore - which is still the majority of my LJ.

More times than not though, I make mistakes. If you think I cut you in error, please send me a message.

This isn't about being a comment whore. I have had so many stories stolen from me in the past and because of that, I am extremely careful about my stories and I need to know who is reading them. Some of you - even those who have been with me for so long - barely made the cut this time. I just want to know my flist and right now, I feel like no one cares. I'm not comfortable with people being silent - especially on LJ. I am very sorry for doing this. Thank you.

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