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Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers and Other Ramblings

 Ausiello Spoilers for Mark and Lexie:

Question: No Grey’s Anatomy scoop in the last Ask Ausiello? Forget trying to get Mark-Lexie scoop, I’ll take anything on Grey’s at this point! —Maddy


Ausiello: Too bad, because Mark-Lexie scoop is what you’re getting. “They’ve got a lot of challenges coming down the pike,” concedes exec producer Krista Vernoff. “The most consistent challenge is the one that’s built into the fabric of their relationship: He’s pushing 40, she’s in her early 20s.”

Thank you so much to [info]daytimetrauma for the heads up.

You know what? I am actually okay with this spoiler. I want Mark and Lexie to address this problem because it is a realistic one and realistic relationship problems on this show are hard to come by. I have been writing about this in my stories for as long as I have been writing Mark/Lexie – though in my stories, I have actually made it a little worse because I have 16 years separating them and Mark is already forty. On the show, he is just turning 40.


I just hope that this isn’t the problem that breaks them up because that would be lame. Any problem, actually, that would have them break up would be completely stupid. If Mark and Lexie break up, I have a feeling it will be like the Hahn situation. A majority of the fans hated Erica Hahn so the writers let the fans write the show and they got rid of Erica after taking the time and building her character up. Unfortunately, there are tons of Mark/Lexie haters out there and I am just worried that the writers are going to cave and break Mark and Lexie up by throwing something extremely stupid at them.


Can Grey’s Anatomy actually portray a realistic couple that goes through realistic problems and finds realistic solutions, working and STAYING together? I understand you need ratings so you need drama and all that shit but seriously. This will be the sixth season and there is not one stable couple to be found. A little realism would be nice (and that realism should come in the form of Mark/Lexie)


Also, [info]xxhoney89 posted season 6 cast promo pictures so just check out her LJ for the link. I do not want to post them just because Eric Dane looks ridiculous. I need his grey hair and I need it now.


Moving on.


At the moment, I am working on The Getaway, which has about twelve chapters, including the epilogue, and I am also writing #3 on Lexie’s sex list so that means a very naught, smutty story coming your way. I am still tinkering with Amoreena but no promises on when/if I will continue that. I have another family story in the works as well that I promised [info]daytimetrauma I would write - and I am super excited to write it!


Also… I was inspired. Would it be completely lame if I wrote a Mark/Ally one-shot using the pictures below? Just pretend that the girl is Ally.




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