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And I Felt Your Hand Through the Darkest Night

Random Mark/Lexie vignette #1:

She always kisses him first in the mornings.


The sun will just begin to rise above the horizon line in the distance, the curtains - thick and heavy - pulled across the windows and protecting them from the bright, unwelcome intrusion of light.


His arms are always wrapped tightly around her no matter what position they had fallen asleep in hours earlier and she will stir, immediately feeling his arms naturally grip around her. Sometimes, he will hold onto her so tightly, breathing becomes a luxury and she will squirm just a bit more, trying to get him to ease just a little.


He won’t though and she will laugh slightly as he buries his nose in the hair on the back of her head and smiles to himself – still more asleep than awake.


She will somehow then manage to roll over in his arms and press her lips to the first piece of skin she finds. His chin. His neck. His shoulder. His ear.


For some reason, it is rarely his lips.


“Lexie,” he will breathe and she smiles seconds before finding herself pinned on her back with his body covering hers like another blanket, his lips fusing to hers.


Ever since she started spending every night in the hotel room with him, they both find themselves being later and later to their morning shifts at the hospital.

Tags: show: grey's anatomy, vignette

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