lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

Let Me Give My Love to You (Mark/Lexie)

Title: Let Me Give My Love to You (1/1)
Author: lexiesloan
Rating: M
Pairing: Mark Sloan/Lexie Grey
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: the Mark/Lexie one-word prompt challenge.



1. Glee (TV Show)

Mark is ashamed to admit it – and he never will no matter what methods of torture is bestowed upon him – but when Lexie accidentally leaves her soundtrack to Glee in the cd player in his car, he leaves it on as he drives, humming along and tapping his fingers on the steering wheel.


2. Snow

“It’s so quiet,” she says softly that night as they leave the hospital and a light snow is falling, sticking to their hair and coats, and she looks so beautiful to him in that moment as he watches her tilt her face up towards the black sky and catch a flake on her tongue.


3. Kleenex

He doesn’t know what to do for her when he finds her crying in the on-call room after she loses her first patient and the only thing he can think of doing is sitting next to her and holding a box of Kleenex for her.


4. Suture

“You really do know how to wrap yourself around a suture,” he tells her with a grin after surgery as they scrub out side by side and Lexie smiles at him before saying, “But now I want to wrap myself around you.”


5. Marmite

She asks him with laughter why he even has this in the cabinet but her words die in her throat as he spreads the sticky dark brown Marmite onto her bare shoulder before he licks it off with his tongue.


6. Dance

He hates to dance but he does think that as they sway slowly on the dance floor during Meredith and Derek’s wedding reception to the soft song playing that Lexie resting her head on his chest feels pretty damn nice.


7. Break

Their mouths are fused together, their hands pulling at one another’s clothes and they don’t even seem to notice when Mark slams Lexie into the desk, knocking the lamp off onto the floor and breaking it.


8. Scary Movie

Lexie can’t help but smile as she slides her arms around his shoulders, cuddling into his side, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “This isn’t considered a scary movie,” she informs him but Mark still keeps his eyes closed as the castration scene in Hard Candy plays out.


9. Journal

She writes in a black leather-bound journal every night before coming to bed and one day, she accidentally leaves it out on the coffee table. Mark stares at it for almost an hour before deciding that leaving the apartment would just be best until Lexie comes home and can hide it again.


10. Papercut

“Son of a bitch!” Mark exclaims as the paper slices across the skin between his index and middle finger and he hisses from the sharp pain but when Lexie takes his hand and gives the small cut a light kiss, the only pain he has now is from the erection between his legs.


11. Laundry

He offers to help her but she smiles and shakes her head, telling him that she likes doing it, and he watches her, leaning in the doorway as she sits on their bed, folding laundry.


12. Dream

She had dreams when she was little of growing up and being this kick-ass surgeon, doing Doctors Without Borders, of receiving awards for how kick-ass she is. She still has those dreams for herself but things have shifted ever so slightly and now in those dreams, Mark is there with her.


13. Couch

She storms out, slamming the door behind her, and hours later, she still hasn’t come back. He knows he needs to try and get some sleep for his surgery in the morning but he can’t sleep in that bed without her and spends most of the night sitting up on the couch, waiting.


14. Neighbor

When Mark steps off the elevator, he sees that their apartment door is open with Lexie standing on the threshold, talking to a man with dark hair and a perfect smile. When Lexie sees Mark however, she instantly smiles, grabbing his hand. “This is my boyfriend, Mark. Mark, this is our new neighbor, Tom,” she introduces but Mark doesn’t even look at the guy as he swoops in and gives Lexie a hard kiss on the mouth, pushing her back into the apartment and slamming the door on Tom.


15. Tempers

They both are stubborn and they both have their tempers. Lexie likes to throw things and Mark likes to slam doors and they hate admitting that they are wrong but when he sees Lexie crying and she sees him quiet and distant, they always apologize to one another and the make-up sex is always fantastic.


16. Key

“Look, I’m not trying to rush you. I just…” he rubs his ear nervously and then takes her hand and puts the key to his apartment in her palm. “I just want to be with you.”


17. Nail Polish

She rests her feet up on the coffee table and her chin on one of her knees as she slowly and meticiulously paints her toenails bubblegum pink. She has plans for Mark tonight and she knows how much this color turns him on.


18. Fleece

He comes home late to find her sleeping on the couch and though he knows he should carry her to bed, he instead covers her with a fleece blanket and sits down at her feet, wanting to keep her there with him as he watches David Letterman.


19. Drawers

He takes her suitcase from her and rolls it into the bedroom himself, Lexie following him. She sees that he has left half of the closet empty for her and when she opens one of the dresser drawers, she sees that it is empty as well, as if he has known all along that she would move in with him. She turns and smiles at him, finding that he is already grinning.


20. Gummi Bears

“God, you have me eating like a little kid,” Mark practically groans and Lexie laughs as he is unable to stop from popping another gummi bear from the bag she has bought into his mouth.


21. Dripping

She gasps, her eyes remaining closed but definitely no longer asleep as he slides his hand down her body and disappearing between her legs, and when he whispers in her ear that she’s already dripping wet, she moans his name and spreads her legs for him.


22. Huge

Their first night together, Lexie’s eyes widen as she sees him for the first time and suddenly feeling extremely nervous yet incredibly turned on, she looks at him, “You’re… you might not fit… you… god, Mark, you’re huge.”


23. Hot

She stands under the hot spray of water in the shower in the locker room, her eyes closed, her heart racing, and she tries to forget the way her heart fluttered in her chest when he teased her about George across from the OR table.


24. Blue Fox

“This is Oscar the Grouch Green,” she points to a streak of green paint on the white wall and then to a streak of blue. “And this is called Blue Fox,” she smiles at him and he grins. “These are boy colors,” he points out to her and her hands slide over the swell of her stomach, shrugging. “I just have a feeling,” she says.


25. Cable Guy

If getting him to their apartment hadn’t taken nearly two weeks of cancelling and rescheduling, and if he didn’t miss watching television so much, Mark is fairly certain that he would have killed the cable guy the instant the guy looked at Lexie’s ass.


26. Bed Bath & Beyond

Mark doesn’t do this. He doesn’t go shopping with girls – especially to Bed Bath & Beyond for things they need for an apartment they share but Lexie looks so damn happy as she looks over bed comforters and when she asks for his opinion, he tells her honestly.


27. Blush

“Hunt gave me the go ahead,” he tells her as soon as she meets him in the on-call room and she instantly blushes and giggles as he pushes her back against the door and kisses her hungrily.


28. Twinkle

All of the lights are off in the apartment except for the strands of colorful lights on the Christmas tree and they twinkle and reflect off the dark silky strands of her hair and as she hangs the last of the ornaments, he slips up behind her and whispers in her ear that she’s beautiful.


29. Rome

It is a game they play, asking one another questions that being with “If you” and when he asks her where she would go if she could go anywhere in the world, she says Rome and then adds, “With you.” And he grins and kisses her, telling her that he loves Italian food.


30. Hide

In the beginning, he tries to hide himself from her, not wanting to get too close, not wanting her to get too close because that one song about being a rock and an island? That is his fucking theme song and no woman, especially Little Grey, is going to change that.


31. Kinky

“This is so kinky,” she breathes as he pushes her against the window of their living room, bunching her skirt up around her waist, neither caring if anyone is able to see them.


32. Attention

She knows he never pays attention to anything around him when the Yankees are on so when she decides to saunter naked into the living room where he is watching the game, she admits that she likes seeing if he loves her or Derek Jeter more.


33. Red Velvet Cupcakes

“Look what Izzie made for us,” Lexie smiles as she opens the box of red velvet cupcakes and Mark stares into her eyes as Lexie feeds him some of the cream cheese frosting from her finger.


34. Arachnophobia

Mark sighs heavily as he looks at the tiniest spider he has ever seen on the wall near her dresser before looking at Lexie practically cowering on the bed, waiting for him to take care of it. “This fear of yours is getting out of hand,” he says.


35. Rolegame: Strangers

He sits in a low-lit bar he has never been to before, sipping at a glass of scotch and when she sidles up next to him, he does his best not to smile when he looks at her, does his best to pretend that he has no idea who she is. “Hi… I’m Lexie,” she says, holding out her hand and he takes it, shaking it. “I’m Mark.”


36. Pillow

She rarely uses her own pillow and instead, when they sleep, her head is usually on his pillow or on his chest. Sometimes, Mark wonders why they even have two pillows on the bed.


37. Stealing

“Did you steal this?” She teases him though her heart is beating so rapidly, it almost hurts to breathe and Mark smirks, still holding out the potted orchid for her to take. “I asked David Young if I could have this. I wanted you to have this,” he explains. 


38. Doritos

He watches her as she sits on the couch, eating from a bag of Doritos and licking the cheese dust remnants from her fingers and before he can stop himself, he tells her that he loves her.


39. Coffee Shop

There is a coffee shop across from their apartment and when they don’t have breakfast over at Callie and Cristina’s, they go there in the mornings for coffee and bagels and she smiles as she cleans a spot of blueberry from his scone at the corner of his mouth, blushing as he kisses her thumb.


40. Diamond

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” he admits and she shakes her head, starting to cry, as he holds the diamond ring in his hand. “Just ask,” she whispers but he leans in and kisses her instead and when they slowly pull apart, the ring has been slipped onto her finger.


41. Sunshine

She has this smile that he likes to think that she only gives him – big and bright and he can’t believe it sometimes that she would look that happy just to see him. That smile of hers is like the sunshine to him in the endless rain and overcast weather of Seattle.


42. Itchy Feet

She does her best to keep her emotions out of this because he is Mark Sloan and he always seems to have one foot out the door. She doesn’t want to get her heart broken but already, she feels herself becoming more connected to him and she knows that her emotions have everything to do with this.


43. Eye Contact

Their relationship is out in the open now but when she walks into Joe’s, she still has no idea just how open they are. The instant their eyes make contact though from across the bar, they both smile and less than a second later, he’s next to her, sliding his arm around her. His claim has been staked.


44. Bills

When she hands him a check for five-hundred dollars and he opens his mouth to ask her what the hell this is, Lexie shakes her head. “I am not going to be a kept woman, Mark Sloan. I live here, too, so let me pay some of the bills.”


45. Gloves

“What about your hands?” She asks as he hands her his gloves to wear after she complains of the cold and how she forgot hers. “Yours are worth millions.”


46. Calender

Lexie shakes her head slightly as she stares at the day on the calender before going back and counting the days again. And again. And again. But no matter how many times she counts, the result is always the same. She is definitely two weeks late.


47. Lip Gloss

She tastes like strawberries and after she accidentally leaves a tube of lip gloss in his hotel room does he understand why.


48. Cat

She promises that the cat will only stay for a couple of days and she posts “Lost” posters and calls shelters to see if anyone is looking for him but after a couple of weeks pass, Mark starts calling the cat Horatio for some reason and Lexie starts buying cat toys.


49. Ex-Boyfriend

The boy has shaggy black hair, deep green eyes and dimples and Lexie is currently laughing at something he is saying as Mark scowls across the ER, trying not to care. Her ex-boyfriend is god damn adorable.


50. Birthday Card

“You save every birthday card?” He asks as she pulls the box down from the top shelf of the closet. “Just the ones from my mom and dad and Molly. They are the ones that mean something.” And when she puts the birthday card that he has just given her into the box, he can’t help but smile. 


51. Bracelet

The surgery lasted for five hours and now Dr. Bailey says that all they can do is wait. Lexie sits in the chair next to his bed, watching him sleep, holding his hand and staring at the hospital i.d. bracelet around his wrist.


52. Razor

She laughs as she unwraps the present he has given her and sees that it is the same exact type of four-blade razor that he uses. He smirks and kisses her. “Maybe now, you’ll stop using mine,” he only half-jokes.


54. Flu

“You’re crazy,” she mumbles because even though he says that she’s beautiful, she knows right now, days into suffering from the flu with her head in the toilet and her hair greasy from not being able to shower, she is anything but. Mark is still there, rubbing a hand on her back and getting her a glass of water and telling her that she’s beautiful.


55. Chocolate

He learns quickly that on certain days of the month, there better be a supply of Hershey chocolate kisses in the apartment for Lexie or else there will be hell to pay.


56. Perfume Bottle

“I know you don’t like apples but I got a whiff of this in the store and it made me think of you,” he admits, almost embarrassed and when she sprays a small puff of it into the air and she inhales it, she then smiling at him, holding the perfume bottle to her chest. “I love it, Mark.”


57. Frying Pan

Her first morning in the apartment, she wakes up to a crash of pans in the kitchen followed by a fuck. She bites her lip to keep from laughing and rolling out of bed, she goes down the hallway to see him in the kitchen, currently holding a frying pan in one hand while searching the refrigerator for something. She hopes he remembers that she’s allergic to eggs.


58. Pig

“You’re done?” Mark asks with a raised eyebrow after one plate and Lexie looks embarrassed. “I don’t want to be a pig in front of you,” she says and he grins. “Lex, you’re an intern and we live together… you need your strength for a lot of things. I brought you to an all-you-can-eat buffet for a reason.”


59. Horny

On days when they have the morning off, on days when they can sleep in for however long they want, those are the mornings when he is usually the horniest and though they should get as much sleep as possible, he can never help himself and when he rolls on top of her, kissing her, Lexie is always right there with him, smiling against his lips and dipping her hands down beneath the covers to feel that he isn’t wearing anything.


60. Love

She realizes she loves him when he teases her during the intern game and she stutters about dirty secret flirting, making him grin. And she realizes that he is going to break her heart when she sees him laughing with the beautiful Addison Montgomery.


61. Scarf

“Are you sure?” He asks, standing at the foot of the bed, four scarves in hand, and she nods her head, already spreading her legs and arms.


62. Makeup

The bathroom has two sinks so as he stands at one, brushing his teeth, she stands at the other, putting her makup on. “You don’t need all of that crap,” he tells her but she rolls her eyes. “Not everyone can be as naturally beautiful as you,” she says. “Some of us have to work at it.”


63. Fingerpainting

Lexie moans softly, her fingers raking through his hair, as he drags his finger down her body between her breasts with the blueberry flavored body paint they have bought followed by his mouth.


64. Beginnings

He promised himself that he wasn’t going to do this. He even started a one-step program with Callie but the instant he leaves Joe’s and Lexie follows him, he grabs her and kisses her deeply, almost desperately, pushing her against the side of a car parked on the street. He has no idea how he is going to stop kissing her long enough to get them back to his hotel room.


65. Siren

Despite what people think, sometimes, they really do just sleep in the on-call rooms and when they hear the sirens and instants later, both of their pagers go off, Lexie moans with displeasure, turning her face and burying it in Mark’s chest before both of them reluctantly get up, parting with a quick kiss and a promise to find each other later.


66. Blanket

“For as much as we pay in rent, they should get their asses up here and fix it right now,” Mark grumbles after he hangs up the phone with the landlord before climbing back into bed with Lexie, buried under the piles of blankets, and their arms wrap around one another. He looks at her and smirks, his hand gliding down her back and she laughs. “I do know one way for us to keep warm though,” he says.


67. Dr. Pepper

He has no idea what she has done to him but when he gets home from a shitty day at work, he opens the refrigerator and instead of grabbing a beer, he instead grabs Lexie’s drink of choice: a can of Dr. Pepper. He does admit that it makes him feel better.


68. ER (TV Show)

“You are so much hotter than George Clooney,” she whispers huskily to him before biting his earlobe gently with her teeth and Mark instantly forgets about the television show and turns, capturing her lips with his. 


69. High Heel Shoes

They sit in the back seat of the limo on the way to reception and Lexie laughs and groans at the same time, pulling her white dress up to her knees. “These heels are killing me already,” she says and he grins, grabbing her legs and draping them over his lap.


70. Bubbly

Mark grins and Lexie laughs as he pops the bottle of champagne open that they have ordered through room service and after they clink their glasses together, Lexie takes a sip, still laughing as the bubbly sensation tickles her nose.


71. Compromise

“Okay,” Mark sighs, coming up to her where she is standing at the nurses station. “I will start cleaning up after myself more if you promise to keep your box of Tampax hidden under the sink.”


72. Habit

He tries to tell himself that she’s just a habit. He’s simply gotten used to her and to break himself out of any habit, he decides to quit her cold turkey. He lasts less than two days before he walks right up to her in Joe’s and kisses her square on the mouth in front of everyone.


73. Purple

The first time they had sex, she was wearing a purple sweater and now, any time he sees her wearing purple, he seems to get instantly turned on.


74. Movie Theater

Lexie tries to focus on the movie playing on the screen. She has been waiting to see this movie but she curses herself for being stupid enough to wear a skirt out on their date because now, Mark’s fingers are dragging up the inside of her thigh.


75. Date

It still surprises her when he remembers dates – her birthday, their one-year anniversary, the anniversary of her mom’s death – and every time he does, she falls in love with him even more.


76. Las Vegas

She wakes up with the worst hangover in the biggest bed she has ever seen and when she opens her eyes, she sees that he is already awake, also hungover, still laying next to her as he stares up at the ceiling. “We didn’t get married last night, did we?” She asks, her voice hoarse, and he manages to smirk, shaking his head.


77. Love Notes

They make eye contact as he stands in the OR and she watches from the gallery and as soon as he scrubs out, his phone vibrates with a new text message and he can’t help but grin at what she has sent him. I love you.


78. Peanut Butter

After sex, Lexie is always hungry and Mark never knows what she is going to come back to bed with from the kitchen. This night, it’s peanut butter and as she pauses in the doorway, completely naked, sucking the creamy peanut butter from off her index finger, it is the sexiest fucking thing he has ever seen.


79. Mirror

Lexie can’t look away from their reflection in the mirror as Mark stands behind her at the bathroom counter, bending her over, squeezing her hips in his hands.


80. Candles

When he enters the bedroom and sees dozens of candles on every available surface lit and Lexie is sitting on the bed in a pair of purple lace panties and nothing else, he immediately starts undressing himself. “I love Valentine’s day,” he tells her and she smiles at him, crooking a finger at him for him to hurry and join her.


81. Curtains

The sun streams in through the bedroom windows and Mark groans, squeezing Lexie tighter and burying his face between her shoulder blades, trying to hide. There are no curtains to pull shut and he now remembers what they forgot to buy at the store yesterday.


82. Closet

Lexie moans, tigthening her arms around his shoulders as he pushes her back against some of the shelves in the supply closet, kissing her harder.


83. Bathtub

Lexie listens to him as he complains about his shitty day. She reclines in the bathtub, Mark in front of her, leaning back between her legs and relaxing against her chest as she slowly rubs a washcloth in circles on his chest.


84. Moon

“I’ve never seen a moon look that big,” she muses as they walk down the beach in the surf after dinner back towards the cottage they have gotten for the week. “I’m really going to miss it when we go back to Seattle.” Mark pulls his hand from hers and slings his arm around her shoulders. “I was thinking we could move down here,” he tells her and though she smiles, she has been thinking the same exact thing.


85. Ice Cream

“Only you could make eating ice cream dirty,” Lexie laughs and Mark grins before digging back into the carton and then dropping the spoonful onto her stomach, laughing now as she gasps.


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