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I'm Off of the Floor, One More Time to Find You (Mark/Lexie, 7/?)

Here is the next chapter and again, THANK YOU so much to everyone who is reading this for me and leaving me comments to let me know what you think. I love getting the feedback and kind words. Looking at my outline, I had several other more things planned for this story but I am not sure if I should continue or not. I am always so nervous about keeping people interested but if you are interested in more, just let me know. Without further ado, here is the seventh chapter.


Sadie wasn’t in the bathroom that was attached to the master bedroom but was instead in the bathroom that was across the hallway from Ally’s bedroom, sitting on the edge of the bathtub, the shower curtain with yellow ducks printed on it partially closed behind her. There was a bottle of Johnson’s baby shampoo in one corner of the shower as well as bottle of green-apple scented body wash and a loofah shaped like a frog. There was one yellow rug on the white tiled floor in front of the sink and another in front of the toilet and the towels were a warm white.


Everything in the little girl’s bathroom was decorated in either frogs or ducks and Sadie couldn’t help but smile as she looked at the care and thoughtfulness in which Lexie had decorated the room. Lexie was born to be a wife and mother. It all seemed to come just so naturally to her. If Sadie did wind up marrying Alex that day, and by some horrible accident later on down the road, have children – and it would be a horrible accident because Sadie did not, under no circumstances, want children – their bathroom would never look like this.


Alex stood with his back resting against the locked door, his hands in his pants pockets. It was quiet on the other side in the hallway. Somehow, Lexie had managed to pull Mark and Owen away from the door and leave the soon, or soon not to be, married couple with some privacy as they holed themselves in the bathroom that was quickly becoming too claustrophobic for Sadie’s tastes.


She still wore the white slip but she had kicked off her flip-flops upon entering the house and had grabbed a black zipped hooded sweatshirt of Lexie’s with stars printed on it from hers and Mark’s bedroom. The tiled floor was cool underneath her bare feet and it felt soothing to her otherwise overheated body.


“It’s already after one,” Alex said. “Ceremony’s at two. We have to get to the church.”


“I don’t think I can marry you today, Alex,” Sadie said with a shake of her head.


He sighed heavily. “And why the hell not?”


She looked at him. “Out of the people we know, how many of them are married? And happy?” She asked.


He exhaled another sigh, not having the patience for this. “Sloan and Lexipedia.”


“And they struggle every single day with their marriage and they actually love one another,” Sadie said, her eyes intently set on him. “Do you love me, Alex?”


“Yes,” he answered but the way his jaw twitched, she knew that his answer was only the one he knew he was supposed to give his would-be wife on their wedding day.


“No, you don’t,” Sadie argue with a shake of her head and she almost began laughing. “And that’s fine. It’s great actually because I don’t love you either.” He opened his mouth to say something but she wouldn’t let him. “And we needed to admit that before we did something stupid today like stand up there in front of all those people and speak pure bullshit.” She gripped the edges of the tub in her fingers and she ran her toes through the soft rug. “After you and Izzie broke up, I was there and we both needed that at the time. The sex… it was amazing but it was never the thing we thought it was.”


“This is ridiculous,” Alex mumbled to himself but his tone no longer had the edge to it, as if he was beginning to reluctantly agree.


“When I moved to Seattle, I thought me and Meredith would go right back to being… me and Meredith. But she had moved on and had Yang and Derek and she didn’t need me anymore. Not like I needed her,” Sadie said. “But then I met Lexie and we became friends and she pulled me into her life. And she and Mark and Owen-”


“You don’t love Hunt, do you?” Alex asked, his face screwed up in disgust.


Sadie shook her head, standing up. “No, not like that. He’s… he’s my family. And so are Mark and Lexie. Those three people, I would do anything for them and I always know that I have them in my corner whenever I need them.”


“What does-”


“Owen told me something,” Sadie forged on, still not letting him speak yet – not until she said everything she had to say. “Something that he saw, about you, and I didn’t believe him. I refused to believe him because I was so convinced that I was going to marry you. Instead, I chose to take your side and honestly, I have no idea why.”


“Whatever Hunt claims he saw, it never happened Sadie,” Alex interrupted.


She tilted her head slightly to the side, assessing him closely. “So you and Stevens weren’t coming out of the bathroom at Joe’s together?”


“She’s with O’Malley,” he said.


“I’ve heard stories. Neither of those seem to take committed relationships seriously,” she said with a shrug. She sighed. “The point is though Alex, Owen said he saw you and those three people downstairs, they have never lied to me. Why would one of them start doing it now?”


“Hunt hates me.”


“Why?” She frowned. “He’s trauma and you’re neonatal. You two really have nothing to do with one another on a daily basis.” 


Alex stared at her for a moment and then sighed heavily, scratching the back of his head. She was right. The two men barely had reason to speak and the only times that they had engaged in conversation was because Alex was sitting with the four of them at a table at Joe’s after their shifts. Alex Karev hated to admit failure however and he had proposed to Sadie and she had accepted. He’d be damned if they didn’t get married that day.


“Why did you ask me to marry you?” She suddenly asked as if reading his thoughts.


He moved his eyes away from her and brushed past her, walking further into the bathroom, looking at the frog shaped rubber pads on the bottom of the bathtub so Ally wouldn’t slip whenever she stood up.


“You’re right,” he finally sighed, keeping his back towards her. “I thought I was in love with you. That we were in love.” He smirked now, hearing just how ludicrous it all was. “I guess after Iz… I hated being alone and yeah. The sex between us was that good.”


A smile began to quirk at the corners of her lips and unable to help it, Sadie began to laugh. “Oh god,” she said, shaking her head, putting a hand on her forehead. “Were we really going to get married just because of the sex? I mean… who does that?”


Alex smirked, turning, looking at her. “Us, I guess,” he shrugged. “I mean… we get along. We have fun. You’re not one of those girls who try to change the guy I am.”


She smiled. “I think being an asshole suits you.”


“Thanks,” he said and he gave her a smile before shaking his head, leaning against the sink counter. “So why the realization all of a sudden? Why not have it a month ago?”


Sadie leaned against the counter next to him. “Mark and Lexie have completely ruined me. I demand a big romance and a happily-ever-after if I ever do get married. But also… things between Owen and me have been so horrible lately. Ever since he told me about you and Izzie at Joe’s and I decided to believe you over him. In his mind, I was choosing you and our relationship over him and our friendship.” She was quiet for a moment. “It never should have been like that.”


Alex nodded. “I honestly was surprised you believed me over him.”


“So you and Izzie…”


He nodded again. “Yeah.” He paused, glanced at her, and then looked down at the floor. “Sorry.”


She shrugged, amazed at how flippant she was about just finding out that her fiancé had been sleeping with another woman behind her back. She really must not have felt anything for him if there wasn’t the smallest sliver of hurt.


“You still love her?” She asked.


Alex was quiet for a moment and then, almost in a whisper, said, “It’s hard to get over a girl like that.” Sadie nodded understandingly. She didn’t offer him words of advice or comfort. She knew Alex wouldn’t want any of that. “Are you sure you aren’t in love with Hunt?” He asked and then smirked when she fiercely shook her head, her nose scrunching up.


“It would feel like incest,” Sadie said. “He really is like my brother.”


“He didn’t punch me.”


She shook her head. “He wouldn’t have. He’s not that kind of guy.”


“Sloan is.”


“Neither of them would have punched you because up until today, you were the man I was going to marry,” Sadie explained. “They accepted that.” She paused and Alex gave her a doubtful look. “For the most part,” she added with a smile and he smirked, shaking his head slightly.


“We were supposed to be in Miami tomorrow,” he said.


“You can go if you-”


“I honestly wasn’t looking forward to missing a week of work,” he admitted. “You can have the tickets. Your dad paid for them anyway.” He paused and looked at her from the corner of his eye. “What are you going to tell him?”


That was one thing Sadie had been trying not to think about all day – the complete and unavoidable disappointment her father was going to have in her – yet again, for the countless time in her life. She would think that a lifetime of not being the daughter her father had always wanted would be something she was accustomed to but the truth was, she hated disappointing him.


He had been so happy about this wedding, had paid for every single aspect in regards to it, and he had actually hugged her the night before at the rehearsal dinner, something that had momentarily stunned her because she couldn’t remember the last time that her father had actually hugged her. She was no longer the wild child gallivanting around the world and blowing through her monthly allowances that he provided for her. She had settled down, was a surgical resident at one of the top hospitals in the country and was now getting married. And he was proud of her for all of that.


“Do you mind if I stretch the truth a little?” She asked. “You won’t be perceived in the best light.”


He smirked. “Go for it. What’s the worst he could do?” He immediately shook his head. “Actually, don’t answer that.” Sadie laughed softly and she couldn’t help but lean over and press a kiss to his freshly shaved cheek. "We were good together.”


She nodded. “No argument here.”


“So… no wedding today? You sure?” He sighed, pushing himself from off of the counter, his hands still shoved in his pants pockets.


“Well, gee. It is every little girl’s dream to marry someone so the groom can make his ex-girlfriend jealous but I’m afraid I might have to pass on this,” Sadie smiled.


It was a cool spring day outside with storm clouds brewing in the west out towards the water but the rain hadn’t come yet and Mark, Lexie, Owen and Ally had taken their lunches outside to eat at the patio table on the back deck, waiting for Sadie and Alex to emerge from the upstairs birthday.


“Remember,” Lexie said. “No matter what happens, we are supporting her. A person can never be too sure who their real friends are until you do something incredibly stupid and they stand by you anyway.”


“So you agree that this wedding today is an incredibly stupid thing for her to do?” Owen asked with raised eyebrows.


“It doesn’t matter what we think, Owen,” Lexie said. “I keep telling you that.”


“Pickle,” Ally said, having just finished the slice of dill pickle Lexie had put on her paper plate and now holding her hand out to Mark. He only looked at her though, chewing on a potato chip and not making a move to give her his own dill pickle which still rested on his plate next to his sandwich. It took her a moment for her to understand why he wasn’t giving it to her and she then giggled. “Sorry, daddy. Please? Pickle?”


Mark picked up the pickle and snapping it in half, he handed her one portion and she smiled brightly as she took at it from him, leaning back in her chair and beginning to munch on it contently.


“I’ve never seen a kid enjoy pickles more than her,” Owen commented, amused as he watched the little girl sitting across the table from him.


“When Lexie was pregnant, all she wanted to eat was pickles, apples and chicken salad. I think it all transferred to Ally,” Mark said and then looked at Lexie sitting across from him. “Wonder what you’ll be craving this time.” He gave her a quick wink and Lexie smiled, happiness radiating in her eyes.


“This time?” Owen echoed, looking back and forth between the couple. “Are you… are you pregnant?”


Lexie’s smile widened and she nodded, Mark laughing slightly at his best friend’s widened eyes.


“What? Did you think we were going to stop with one?” Mark asked.


“No. I- it’s a surprise,” Owen said, shaking his head slightly. “Congratulations. Of course, congratulations.” Lexie laughed as he leaned over in his chair and hugged her before leaning the other way and shaking Mark’s hand.


“Pickle, please, daddy!” Ally exclaimed, holding out her hand again.


“What if I want to eat my pickle?” He asked her, sending her a mock frown.


She pushed out her bottom lip in a pout. “Please, daddy?”


“Don’t you want your sandwich? Look,” he said, leaning forward towards her. “It’s your favorite. Ham and cheese with no crusts… your mommy makes the best sandwiches. Don’t you want this instead?” Ally shook her head. “A girl can’t live on pickles alone, Suzie Q.”


“I can!” She exclaimed cheekily and Mark smirked.


“Three bites of the sandwich,” he said.


Ally looked at the sandwich and then back up at Mark. “Three?”


“Show me three,” he said and she held up three fingers. He nodded. “Three bites and then I’ll go and get you another whole pickle.”


The little girl sighed and Mark couldn’t believe just how much she sounded like Lexie did when Mark was making her do something she didn’t want to. She sat up in her chair and Lexie had to bite down on her bottom lip to keep from laughing as Ally and Mark engaged one another in a silent staring contest.


“Do you want a boy or a girl this time?” Owen asked, beginning again to eat his own lunch, taking a greedy bite of his turkey sandwich.


Mark was right. Lexie made the best sandwiches. He didn’t know what it was since it really didn’t take a culinary master to prepare a sandwich but after four years of being her friend and eating her sandwiches, Owen could always tell when she was the one who prepared it.


“Do you really think Mark could handle another girl?” Lexie smiled. “He can barely hold his own against a three-year-old.”


“I’m holding my own just fine,” Mark responded, still staring at Ally as the girl stubbornly stared back. “I’m serious, Susan Alexandra. Either you eat some of the sandwich now or no pickle. And no ice cream later tonight.”


“Mommy!” Ally gasped, looking at Lexie.


Lexie only shook her head. “Listen to your daddy, Ally.”


One rule that Mark and Lexie had set up with one another while figuring out how to be parents to Ally was to never undermine one another in front of their daughter. They were to show a united front no matter what.


Ally sighed again and then grabbing the sandwich, keeping her eyes locked with Mark’s, she took an overdramatic large bite, filling her mouth nearly to the brim with sandwich, making it almost difficult for her to chew.


“That’s big,” she said through the mouthful. “That’s two.”


“No compromising,” Mark said, trying to keep his amusement at bay. Ally could be too much of a picky eater and he wanted to try and break her of that. As she continued to chew the massive bite, her forehead wrinkled with confusion, not understanding the word. “No bending the rules,” he clarified. “Three separate bites.”


“Sadie,” Lexie breathed, almost in relief, when Sadie suddenly stepped through the back doors onto the deck and Mark, Owen and Ally all instantly turned their heads to look as Lexie stood up to go to her. “Are you okay?” She asked as the two women embraced in a hug.


Sadie nodded but she didn’t trust herself to speak. She and Alex had just said their goodbyes in the front hallway before he left and she couldn’t explain it but there was a sadness in the center of her chest, pressing down on her now that he was gone and the wedding was officially being called off.


“Do you want something to eat?” Lexie asked. She didn’t break the hug. She could tell from the way that Sadie was embracing her that the hug wasn’t to be broken yet. “I made you a sandwich…”


“I’m not too hungry,” Sadie said quietly. “I need you to do me something.”


“Anything,” Lexie’s response was given without pause.


Sadie pulled back, wiping at her cheeks though she wasn’t crying. “Alex is already going to the church to tell the people who’s there that there isn’t going to be a wedding but…” she took a shaky breath. She really had no idea why she was becoming this upset. This was what she wanted. She hadn’t wanted to get married that day. “My dress and things are still there and I-”


“Mark and I will go and get everything so you can stay here,” Lexie said and Sadie took a deep breath, nodding her head. Lexie turned back towards Mark, who had heard and was already standing up. “Mark, we have to go the church and get some stuff. Owen, can you stay here with Sadie and Ally?”


“Of course,” Owen nodded, standing up as well, staring at Sadie but she wouldn’t look at him.


“Do you need us to tell anyone for you?” Lexie asked.


“Alex was going to tell Meredith and work his way from there. The way gossip spreads around that hospital… I think everyone will know in an hour. Tops,” Sadie said, her words catching in her throat, and Lexie hugged her again.


Picking up on the somber mood of the four adults, Ally swallowed the second bite of sandwich she had taken and tilted her head up, looking at Mark. “Am I not a flower girl today?”


“No, Ally,” Sadie answered before anyone else could. “I’m sorry but not today.”




The church was deserted when Mark and Lexie arrived. The flowers still decorated the pews and the altar but the photographer’s equipment has disappeared. They stood in the main aisle and just like they had been in the car, they were quiet now. Neither knew too sure of what to say in such a situation like this.


All Lexie did know to do was reach out and take Mark’s hand in hers, interlacing their fingers together. He looked at her, squeezing her hand in that comforting way that only he could manage.


“Do you ever wish we had done this?” He asked.


“Cancel our wedding?” She asked, almost smiling from her teasing. She then shook her head. “No. I loved the way we got married. We’re not really church people.”


“Well, I’m not,” he said, pulling her close to him, slipping his arm around her shoulders. “But you are. Did you want a big church wedding like this?”


She shook her head. “Not really,” she answered truthfully. “I just wanted to marry you. I would have gone to Vegas if you had suggested it.”


“We didn’t even have a wedding song though. Or a honeymoon for that matter,” he continued to press though why, he had no idea. When he had asked Lexie to marry him, he hadn’t been afraid of the thought of spending the rest of his life with her. Instead, he had been terrified of a possible huge wedding production.


“Well, what did you want our wedding song to be?” Lexie asked. “You don’t even dance,” she then added with a soft laugh.


“No, I definitely don’t dance but…” he rubbed his ear with his free hand. “Our friends are starting to get married. Or almost getting married and I don’t you to come to these weddings and wish for things that I never gave you.”


She frowned at that, tilting her head up to look at him. “What are you talking about? Mark, you’ve given me everything.”


Even in her heels, she had to stretch her neck to meet his lips with hers and she pressed against him, not caring that they were standing in the middle of a church. He instantly responded, kissing her almost ferociously, nearly desperately, his hands on the back of her head, his fingers tangled in her hair. They kissed one another as if they were living and dying at the same time and clinging to one another was the only true thing in their world at the moment.


“Wait, Mark,” Lexie gasped, a moment of clarity hitting, and she remembers where they are and why they are there in the first place. “We can’t… not now. We-”


But then he kissed her again and as it always did whenever Mark kissed her, all thoughts flew from her mind. She held onto him tighter, opening her mouth for him and welcoming inside as his tongue thrust through her parted lips and met hers. She could feel his growing erection through his pants, pressing against her, and again, she tried to remind him just where they were – the main aisle of a church – and even though Mark made her drop all of her inhibitions, she couldn’t bring herself to condone doing this. Even if they weren’t religious people themselves, this was still a church and this couldn’t be done.


“You’re too sweet to go to hell, Lexie,” he murmured against her mouth, his teeth scraping against her bottom lip and she let loose a shaky sigh, all strength slipping away from her.


“There is a room that Sadie’s things are in… in the back of the church, down that hallway,” she pointed blindly over her shoulder as he now sucked on her bottom lip and she had no idea how she was still able to talk. “Take me there, Mark.”


Mark didn’t hesitate in breaking the kiss and snatching her hand, yanking her down the main aisle and towards the hallway she was gesturing towards. Lexie opened the door that led into the bridal room and Mark tugged her inside, instantly slamming and locking the door behind them.


Sadie’s wedding dress and Ally’s Hello Kitty book bag were both on the chaise lounger in the room and Mark knocked both of them onto the ground without further consideration. He didn’t care how desperate he was acting. Lexie had taken him back and there was an unspoken agreement between them that he wouldn’t leave again. And he had just found out that she was pregnant again. If that wasn’t a sign for them that things were going to get better, he didn’t know what was.

Lexie didn’t know how she still managed to breathe as Mark pulled her down onto the chaise and then covered his body with hers, their mouths meeting in wet, slightly-sloppy open kisses, her hands dropping down between their bodies, his fingers unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants as his own hands shoved her dress up around her waist, their lips never separating.


“I promise,” Mark gasped, some of the tension with his straining erection finding some relief as she unzipped his pants and began pushing them and his boxers down past his hips. “Tonight, we’re going to take our time. Right now though, I just need you so fucking bad.”


“Don’t say that word. We’re in a church,” she breathlessly scolded, sitting up slightly so he could unzip the back of her dress and pull it down until her bra-clad breasts were exposed to him.


“I’m about to fuck you senseless in a church and you have a problem with my language?” Mark smirked, almost laughing.


“Mark,” she gasped, her hands flying to his head, her fingers grasping his hair, as his lips enclosed around one of her nipples through the bra and began sucking and nipping at it gently with his teeth. “Please.”


“Please what?” He asked, not lifting his lips from her breasts.


Her grip on his hair tightened and she spread her legs, cradling him between her thighs. “No foreplay. Not now.”


“Tonight,” he said and she nodded, swallowing, licking her lips.


“Tonight,” she said and then cried out when he suddenly, shoving her panties to the side, thrust into her in one great push, entering her completely and deeply.


He groaned at how wet she was, at how tight and hot she was as her body adjusted and accepted him completely. She clung to him, her arms around his shoulders and her knees pressing into his hips and pushing himself up on his hands, he looked down at her as he began moving in and out of her, her body squeezing him as she felt each and every inch of him pushing in and then sliding back out.


No matter how many times he was inside of her, it still took her a minute or two to adjust to Mark’s impressive size. The first time they had had sex, even though she hadn’t been a virgin, she had been surprised at just how sore her lower body had been afterwards. And he had been even more surprised at how tight she had remained even after giving birth to Ally.


Their bodies moved together, her hips lifting to meet his with each thrust, one of his hands dropping down to grip her thigh, hiking it up higher against his hip, causing him to sink even deeper within her.


Her knees drew up and he hovered above her. His hands held her sides, thumbs stroking her ribs through the bunched fabric of her dress while her hands went to his biceps, holding onto him tightly, their moans and her cries echoing throughout the small room.


The meeting of their hips became erratic, faster, more desperate, and he stared as her back arched and her head fell back, pressing her breasts out in an erotic image that burned into his brain. He managed to pull himself up onto his knees, his arms wrapping around her waist, guiding her movements, helping her reach that edge.


“Yes! Mark!” Lexie cried out as she felt herself rise higher and higher towards that familiar peak that only he could take her to.


The quivering of her heat around him sent him over the edge and he bit down against the soft flesh of her shoulder as he broke. His arms wrapped around her body, holding her close, hands gripping her slick back, fingers digging in. He could feel the ends of her hair brushing against the back of his hands, so soft against his rough skin. His eyes fell shut and he panted against the valley of her breasts as his body became consumed with the incredible sensations gripping his every nerve.


As quickly as it had taken him, it felt as if it dwindled and he was left panting and shaking. She clung to him, shaking as well, her arms wrapped securely around his neck as they remained laying, almost motionless, on the chaise.


He could feel her heart heating erratically against his chest, her chest rising up and down rapidly. Her body was so soft against his and Mark felt as if he could stay there forever. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt this good.


“I can’t believe we just did that,” she panted.


“I needed you,” he responded unapologetically. He would never apologize for making love to his wife whenever he wanted to.


He lifted his head to look down at her and she smiled, her face still flushed, strands of hair sticking to her face and he brushed them away for her. She lifted a hand, stroking down his beard-covered jaw.


And then, pulling him down again for another kiss, she whispered, “I always need you, Mark. Always.”

And he knew that she wasn't just talking about sex but something far deeper. Something entirely Mark and Lexie. Something no one besides them would ever, or could ever, even begin to understand.


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