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My friend, dreamy_sigh , wants to introduce a couple of her friends to my Mark/Lexie stories and she asked which ones she should tell them to read to really get a feel for my writing. I chose these, if anyone is interested. I have over 400 entries on my LJ and most of them are Mark and Lexie stories. It is hard to choose but this is what I came up with. If you would like to recommend another story, please do so. These are definitely the stories I am most proud of:

1. Near to You - took a canon storyline and molded it into an AU relationship for Mark/Lexie. I love the chemistry and bantering between them in this story.

2. All I Need - sequel to Near to You. Oh goodness, I am so proud of this story and I am so happy I wrote it. Mark/Lexie dealing with infertility and adoption. It definitely is angst-filled and heartbreaking (I cry when I read certain parts) but Mark and Lexie are amazing in it together. It really focuses on other issues a relationship can have besides the cheap, cop-out problem of infidelity.

3. Dream On but Don’t Imagine They’ll All Come True - I love Sadie Harris and I love developing her and actually giving her personality. This story is a Sadie Harris/Mark Sloan strictly friendship story and I love how both characters came across. I think it is very close to who they are on the show.

4. These Colors that You’re Shining - Meet Ellie Sloan, the autistic daughter of Mark and Lexie Sloan. And no story dives deeper and better into her character than this one.

5. Things We Want for Ourselves - My very first Mark/Lexie story written that grew into an entire family AU. Mark and Lexie suffer from a miscarriage and their relationship changes and grows from there. My epic and I still love it.

6. The Only Unimaginable Fate is One Without You - Mark Sloan has a talk with Ally Sloan, his oldest daughter, about his less than perfect past. I remember being so nervous when I wrote this one and now, reading it again, I would not change a single word.

7. The Getaway - A rather silly little story about the Sloans on vacation but it really shows the family in action.

8. When You Came in the Air Went Out - A sweet and funny AU one-shot that gives a different look on the Mark/Lexie relationship. And I actually have Mark and Derek have a functional friendship, which is strange for me lol

9. Let Me Give My Love to You - a one-word Mark/Lexie prompt challenge. With 85 prompts written, I love every single one of them.

10. Crash Into Me - a brand new multi-chaptered story about Mark and Lexie. A very different story than what I usually write but I already love it and hope more people give it a chance.
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