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I'm So Addicted to All the Things You Do (Tim/Julie) PG-13

I have written FNL stories before but I am a Tim/Julie shipper which seems weird to most people so I was usually always too nervous to post them. Anyway, I have decided to be brave. Dedicated to citron_presse and abvj for encouraging me with this.


The shrillness of Coach Taylor’s whistle was beginning to hurt his ears but Tim kept pushing, throwing himself into every tackle, trying to ignore the frustrations boiling to the surface. He was man enough to admit that he had gotten himself in the current situation he now found himself in but he wasn’t going to take all of the blame.


She was the one who insisted on wearing those short skirts and tight jeans and shirts, showing off her dancer body. She was the one who ignored him in the hallways and in the cafeteria when he snatched food from off her tray. Didn’t she know that no one – especially a girl – ignored Tim Riggins? And she was the one who tasted like damn raspberries whenever he kissed her.


How in the hell was he supposed to stay away from that? How in the hell was he supposed to stay away from her?


Even at practice, the one time he was guaranteed to get some peace and quiet, she was there, sitting in the stands, waiting for her dad to give her a ride home. She, as usual, wasn’t paying attention to anything around her. She never did when she was reading, which she always seemed to do whenever football was surrounding her.


Tim had no idea what the hell was the matter with him but he kept glancing over at her. It was one of the first cool days of the season and she was wearing jeans and a grey zipped hooded sweatshirt over some white tank top that he figured would take him 2.5 seconds to rip off of her. She sipped on a Hi-C fruit punch juice box and the breeze blowing in the air rustled through her long blonde hair that his fingers were more than familiar with by that time. For some reason, he always seemed to bury his hands in her hair whenever he kissed her. He couldn’t believe how soft it was.


He knew that he was playing with fire – getting mixed up with Coach’s daughter – but Tim wasn’t exactly known for doing the smart thing in almost all situations. He meant what he had told her. Something about her was completely addicting and he found himself hooked.


Even now, sweating and every muscle in his body aching as Coach Taylor continued to resemble something as a slave driver as he got the team ready for their game against the Westerby Chaps that Friday, Tim wanted her – no matter how ragged he ran himself during practice. He could feel her in the stands, not watching and not paying attention and he wished that she would just leave him the hell alone.


“Riggins! Where the hell are you, son?” Taylor screamed as soon as Tim allowed himself to get plowed by Wilson, a defenseman playing on the other scrimmage team. “I thought you were supposed to be unstoppable! Mean and tough bad boy Tim Riggins is getting his ass handed to him!”


Tim closed his eyes for a moment before pushing himself up from the ground back to his feet, sighing heavily.


“Did everyone forget that we have a game tomorrow night?” Taylor shouted, his accent becoming thicker as his voice grew louder like it always did.


Practice passed in a blur with Coach screaming more until he was practically going hoarse and Tim trying to ignore Julie Taylor’s presence in the bleachers. What the hell was she doing to him? He needed to get laid.




Tim couldn’t help but sigh as everyone made their way slowly off the field towards the locker rooms. All he wanted to do was take a shower, go get some beer and find a willing and ready rally girl somewhere. His eyes flicked over to Julie, who had stood up now to collect her things, before he headed over to where Coach stood waiting for him. Tim could only imagine how the Coach would react to him making out with his precious daughter.


Ever since he had lived with them, Coach and Mrs. Coach had continued to look out for him. He was invited over for dinner any day of the week – an offer he still had not taken them up on yet – and some nights, he would find himself wandering over there to play ping pong with Coach in the garage.


Tim kind of felt bad for the guy. Even though Shelley had left, he still had three Taylor women to deal with and now Tim knew from first hand experience just how out-numbered a guy could feel in a situation like that.


He unsnapped his helmet and tugged it off, shaking his head slightly like a dog, small drops of sweat flying from the stringy strands of hair. He didn’t say anything. He stood in front of Coach, waiting for him to speak. Coach Taylor was wearing his usual Dillon Panthers polo shirt with the whistle around his neck, the baseball cap on his head and the black sunglasses over his eyes.


“I don’t need you getting distracted out there,” Taylor said, his arms crossed over his chest, his face set on a point somewhere off in the distance. “Now, you’re not showing up drunk or hung-over anymore and I appreciate that but you’re getting too preoccupied with one thing or another. Anything going on you need to tell me about?”


If Tim was any other guy – like Saracen for instance – he would begin to panic, convinced that Coach knew something about his and Julie’s make-out sessions but Tim was a cool guy and his face was completely blank. There was no way Coach knew. If he did, he sure as hell wouldn’t have been talking to him with concern.


“Nothing, Coach,” Tim answered, still slightly breathless from the practice.


Coach turned his head and stared at Tim for a long hard minute through his dark shades before nodding his head. “Go hit the showers.”




Both men turned when they heard Julie and watched as she crossed the field towards them, her bag slung on her shoulder and her book in her hand. Tim stared at her but she didn’t even look in his direction. Her eyes were set on her dad and Tim felt himself tense up slightly. Why the hell wouldn’t she even look at him? He knew that she liked what he did to her. Every time he kissed her or touched her, she had responded immediately. Her fingers in his hair or her hands on his chest. Her lips moving against his, moaning softly each time his tongue reached out to touch hers. Her body pressed and arched against him.


And now, she was pretending like she didn’t even notice his existence.


“Hey, hon,” Coach said, sliding his arm around her shoulders. “What are you still doing here?”


Julie looked up at him, frowning. “You were supposed to give me a ride home today. Remember, mom asked you to?”


Tim almost smirked as he saw Coach’s face scrunch slightly with confusion before falling as realization dawned on him.




“Forgot,” Julie finished for him with a knowing nod of her head.


“I didn’t forget. I didn’t forget. It just slipped my mind,” Coach said and then sighed, scratching the back of his head through his hat. “But, Jules, I got to stay after and go over some footage with the other coaches.”


Julie sighed softly herself, nodding her head, glancing down at the ground. “Okay. I can call Tyra-”


“I can give you a ride,” Tim offered before he could stop himself. Both Coach and Julie looked at him but his face remained blank. “I got to take a shower and go get something to eat but if you want to wait and come with me-”


“Good. And you can go see Tami while you’re at it,” Coach said with a nod of his head and then slid a hand over her shoulders again. “She has been trying to get you over to the house for a while now.”


It was strange for Tim to have the Coach trust him so much. Ever since that misunderstanding concerning him helping a drunk-off-her-ass Julie into the house, making him get kicked out of the Taylor residence, it was almost as if Coach Taylor assumed that nothing would ever happen between Tim and his daughter. If only he knew just what Tim was doing with his daughter in empty classrooms whenever the opportunity presented itself.


Tim tried to hurry as much as he could in the locker room and took a quick shower, ignoring the guys and their usual jokes and ribbing of one another. He didn’t know why he was so eager. He didn’t know what the hell he was doing. There was only one way that this thing could end and that was badly. He didn’t know why he couldn’t stay away from her. It was like he woke up one morning and there was Julie Taylor, looking hot as hell with a body and kisses to match. He supposed that living with her had put him in a bit of the big brother mode but what he was feeling towards her was definitely not brotherly feelings. Every time he was kissing her, he wanted to just shove her on the nearest flat surface and have his way with her.


A part of him was surprise when he came out from the locker room and saw Julie waiting for him. He had expected her to be stubborn and just walk home.


But there she was, leaning against the wall, her arms crossed over her chest.


Tim couldn’t help but smirk. Of course she had waited. No matter how cold she acted towards him afterwards, no girl could resist waiting for him.


“See ya later, Riggs!” A couple of the guys shouted as they left the locker room but Tim barely heard them though as he focused on Julie Taylor standing in front of him.


“What are you doing?” She hissed, grabbing the sleeve of his tee-shirt and pulling him around to the side of the building, out of the view of the locker room doors. She was glaring up at him, her arms crossing over her chest again. Tim almost grinned. She had no idea how hot she looked when she was pissed off. “Why are you driving me home?”


“Because you needed a ride,” he said, not quite getting her point.


“No, Tim. Why are you driving me home? What are you doing?” Julie demanded to know and he couldn’t help but stare down at her pouted lips and the flash of anger in her eyes.


He couldn’t stop himself. Before Julie knew what was happening, Tim had cupped her cheeks in his hands and was now kissing her hard and deep. She barely had time to breathe before his tongue was in her mouth and his arms were wrapped around her, pushing her back against the wall behind her.


Her hands immediately went to his chest, trying to push him away but her mouth was telling him an entirely different story, responding to every one of his kisses. His hands grabbed her hips, tugging her closer to him and her hands slid up, her arms winding around his neck.


Lips mashed together and tongues tangled. He swallowed the moans that rose from the back of her throat as he kissed her harder and pushed her more firmly against the wall of the school. This was too dangerous. Anyone could come out of the locker room and turn the corner and see Tim Riggins mauling Julie Taylor, apple of the Coach’s eye. If that had happened, he had a feeling that both of them would be dead.


He couldn’t stop though. The more he kissed her and the more she kissed him back, Tim knew that he would have a hell of a time pulling away from her. Raspberries. Who the fuck tasted like raspberries except for Julie Taylor?


Her fingers gripped the hairs on the back of his head, still wet from his shower, and neither noticed that she had dropped her book to the ground to hold onto him. His hands were holding onto her hips so tightly, he realized in the back of his mind that she would probably have bruises there by tomorrow.


Julie was the first to pull away first, managing to rip her lips from his, leaving both of them panting heavily. Her fingers still gripped his hair and his hips still pressed into hers. She opened her eyes slowly, instantly finding herself looking into his and she felt her cheeks blush.


He smirked. “You were saying?”


She rolled her eyes and turned her head, glancing in the direction of the locker rooms. “We can’t be here. I bet my dad has already called my mom and she’s probably going to be waiting for us.”


Tim stared at her. She was so small compared to him. He was over six feet tall and all muscle and she came just to about his shoulder – the perfect height for him to rest his chin on top of her head if he wanted – and every part of her was soft and seemed so smooth to his rough hands. Her eyes were large and brown and there was the splash of freckles across her nose. She had always had bangs from what he could remember but she was growing them out, most of them brushed to the side of her forehead.


She really was hot and a hell of a good kisser on top of that – two things that were very important to Tim.


He stooped down and picked up her paperback from where she had dropped it on the ground, glancing at the cover. The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton. He handed it back to her and she watched him, hugging it to her chest.


“Have you ever read it?” She asked.


He smirked. “Did they turn it into a movie?”


“Um, no,” she shook her head.


“I don’t read.”


“I didn’t think you did. You have the rally girls to do that,” Julie said with a hint of a smile across her lips. “Although, as your tutor, I am really against that.”


“Your disappointment is noted, Taylor,” Tim said and she smiled, shaking her head slightly as they trudged through the parking lot to where his pickup truck was.


Julie’s eyes widened slightly as he opened the passenger door for her but she didn’t say anything as she slid up into the truck. Tim had no idea why he did that for her but he didn’t dwell on it as he dumped his gym bag into the back bed and then got behind the wheel.


“When do you think you’ll have to be home?” He asked as he pushed the key into the ignition but didn’t turn the engine on, instead looking at her.


“Why?” She asked, an edge of apprehension creeping into her voice.


“Because there’s a road or two I can take that might distract us,” he said, giving her a slight smile, and then, turning the truck on, rumbling it to life, he sped out of the parking lot, the tires squealing on the asphalt in the parking lot.


Less than ten minutes later – breaking some speeding laws in the process – Tim had parked the truck up by the cliffs and he slid across the seat, grabbing Julie and pulling her towards him. His mouth covered hers and she squealed in surprise into his mouth as he tugged her until she was sitting in his lap, straddling him.


For a moment, he thought she was going to pull away but as they continued kissing, Julie wound her arms around his shoulders, and Tim held onto her tightly, plundering her mouth with his tongue.


Raspberries. Best damn thing he had ever tasted.


Tags: pairing: tim riggins/julie taylor, show: friday night lights

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