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All the Roads Lead Back to You

Blame this on less than four hours of sleep last night... I think I was sleep-writing.

Random Mark/Lexie Vignette #3

“Please, Mark? I want to at least touch it.”




“You never let me touch it.”


“With good reason. What did you call yourself? A one-woman wrecking ball?”


“That is not fair. That was months ago.”


“Sorry, Little Grey. No touching. You ride it all the time-”


“But why do you always have to be in control?”


“Because it’s mine and I love it dearly.”


“You love me, don’t you?”




“Fine. I see. Forget it. I won’t ask again.”


“Oh, so your next plan of attack is to make me feel guilty.”


“No.” Pause. “Is it working?”


“Fine. After work tonight, you can drive it. But Lexie… just once around the block. I’m serious. I love that car.”


“I thought you said it isn’t just a car. It’s a Porsche.”


“Exactly. So just this once. No one drives it but me.”


She kisses him with a smile. “So you do love me.”

Tags: pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, show: grey's anatomy, vignette

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