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Would You Go Along with Someone Like Me? (Mark/Lexie)

So, I have no idea if anyone was interested in reading this but several people suggested this and I really liked the idea. Once again, this falls into the same universe as Things We Want for Ourselves and Off of the Floor, One More Time to Find You. It is another collection of short vignettes, sweet and fluffy again, but these are from the POV of Lexie. Let me know which drabble you like the most. I love hearing what people think about these and I am having such a great time writing these.


She doesn’t miss the hospital like she used to think she would. It isn’t as if she doesn’t want to become a doctor anymore. She is a second-year resident with her specialty focusing in plastics. As a little girl, the Christmas she received the Fisher Price doctor kit was the best present she had ever gotten and she knew even at the age of five that she wanted to be a doctor. She loves being a doctor.


Things change though. Priorities shift. Her operating table turns into a changing table in the nursery as she changes Ellie’s diapers while listening to every word Ally is telling her as the four-year-old regales the entire tale of Three Billy Goats Gruff, which they had read that day in her preschool class.


When Ally is playing out front and falls, scraping her knees on the driveway and comes into the house in tears, Lexie carries her into the downstairs bathroom and sitting her down on the sink counter, she cleans her up and after washing away the blood and tiny specks of dirt, she then places a Dora the Explorer Band-Aid on each knee before giving each one a kiss and making Ally giggle. After asking if she feels better, Ally nods and Lexie gives her a tight hug before sending her back outside to play.


She isn’t called Dr. Grey most days. She’s Mrs. Sloan to the UPS man or mommy to Ally or Lex to Mark. And a large part of Lexie loves those names a whole lot more.



Mark calls to tell her that he won’t be home until late and after putting Ally and Ellie to bed, instead of going to sleep herself, Lexie goes back downstairs and pours herself a glass of red wine. She tries to wait up for him when he is late, mainly because she has trouble sleeping in their bed by herself. Sitting on the couch, sipping her wine, Charlie laying next to her with his head in her lap, she watches an old black and white movie on the television, listening to the silence inside and the soft rain falling outside.


It’s just a few minutes after ten when Mark comes home – much earlier than Lexie has been expecting – and Charlie goes to greet him as he slips off his jacket and she pours him a glass of wine in the extra one she has brought from the kitchen with her. He collapses with an exhausted sigh on the couch next to her and she leans over, kissing him softly on the lips.


He immediately asks how her day was and how the girls were and if they were asleep and he listens as she talks about the joys of changing diapers and having food spit up on her and how the ice cream man had come around and Ally had tried her first orange creamsicle push-pop, their daughter deciding that they were the best things in the whole world. Mark is quiet and Lexie slips her arm around his shoulders and he sighs softly, whispering how much he hates missing things like that.


“And how was your day?” Lexie asks and Mark closes his eyes, downing his glass of wine in less than four gulps.


That’s answer enough for her and she kisses his temple before beginning to soothingly rake her fingers through his hair, stroking it in the way that he loves.



One morning, when Ally is at her morning preschool, Lexie takes Ellie to the cemetery to visit her mother. Kneeling down on the hard ground in front of the marble tombstone, Lexie places the bouquet of tulips – her mother’s favorite – down and then holds Ellie up so she can see the stone.


It has been six years but it still hurts and tears sting Lexie’s eyes as she talks to her mom about Mark and the girls. She knows she should bring Ally but Lexie doesn’t know how to explain life and death and she knows that Ally will ask if she will die someday. Lexie knows she should be honest but she can’t bring herself to talk to her four-year-old daughter about such things.


Some days, Lexie really needs her mom and she feels horrible when she wishes that her father had died instead of her mom.



It is the middle of the night and Lexie’s eyes snap open, taking a moment for her tired brain to realize that Ally is standing next to her side of the bed, hugging her teddy bear and crying. Lexie realizes that she has wet her bed and she gently shakes Mark awake, asking him if he can clean Ally up while she goes changes the sheets.


But even after the Care Bear sheets are changed to the Sesame Street ones, Ally doesn’t want to sleep there so Lexie picks her up and carries her to hers and Mark’s bed to sleep with them for the rest of the night.


Instead of waking up with Mark’s arms around her like she does every other morning, Lexie wakes up with her arms wrapped around a still-sleeping Ally. She sees Mark standing in the doorway of their bedroom, watching them, and she pushes the hair out of her face.


“What?” She asks softly, feeling herself blush like she always does whenever he stares intently at her like that.

He doesn’t say anything. He simply shakes his head, still looking at them, and a smile pulls at one corner of his mouth.



It is their fifth wedding anniversary and Mark gets Sadie to watch the kids for the night so he can take Lexie out to dinner. She wears a purple dress – Mark loves her in purple – and black high heels and curls her hair and when he sees her, she laughs slightly as his mouth falls open. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her and she is almost tempted to ask him if they can skip dinner altogether and go straight to the hotel room he has gotten them for the night.


He has made a reservation for them at Camparo’s, Lexie’s favorite restaurant, and their small round table is in the back corner of the outside patio, offering them some privacy. He orders them a bottle of champagne and gives her a silver heart-shaped locket necklace – she doesn’t even want to think about how much it costs. She tells him that he didn’t have to give her anything and he responds by looking at her as if she is crazy. She kisses him, her hands cupping his cheeks, and then scooping her hair up for him, he clasps the necklace around her neck. She promises to never take it off.


They eat their dinner and neither can quite believe that they have been married for five years already. Mark comments off-handedly on how old he feels and Lexie says for what feels like the thousandth time that forty-five years old is nowhere near old.


“It is when your wife is barely thirty,” he says with a smirk and she rolls her eyes before slipping a hand onto the back of his neck and pulling him in for a kiss.


Mark has gotten a room at the Archfield so they can get a full night’s sleep but both know that they aren’t going to go to sleep right away. Even before he can get the keycard in the lock, Lexie is kissing him and unknotting the tie from around his neck. Mark kisses her deeply, pressing her body against the door, his fingers beginning to lower the zipper on the back of her dress. For a few heated moments, both forget that they are still standing in the hallway outside of their room until they hear the soft ding of the elevator doors opening and the low murmur of people talking.


She giggles into his mouth and Mark swears under his breath as he fumbles for another moment before successfully thrusting the card into the lock and opening the door, keeping one arm around Lexie’s waist the whole time and nearly shoving her into the room.


The instant the door is shut again, closing with a click, Lexie finds herself pressed against it and Mark’s mouth fused to hers, his tongue in her mouth. She grips his hair with her fingers and sighs his name against his lips.



There is an oak tree in the backyard that Ally is obsessed with climbing and has scurried up the branches like a skilled monkey countless times. One afternoon though, her feet slip and she falls, landing on her arm and the scream that rips from her stops Lexie’s heart.


Lexie doesn’t breathe the entire time she is speeding to the hospital, trying to calm Ally down as the girl screams and cries, and she tries to tell her not to move her left arm which is bent at an odd angle. Entering the emergency room, she sees Alex and he doesn’t even blink as he scoops up a hysterical Ally and places her down onto one of the beds, inspecting her arm as gently as possible.


Placing Ellie’s carrier down, Lexie wipes at Ally’s cheeks and holds her head, comforting her as best as she can as Alex pages for both Callie and Mark. She sits down next to her on the bed and Ally cries into her shirt, Lexie stroking her fingers through her hair and making soothing hushing noises, not even realizing that she was crying herself until Alex hands her a box of Kleenex for both of them to use.


Mark rushes into the emergency room and all color drains from his face as he sees and hears Ally’s anguish. Lexie can hardly meet his eyes though, guilt beginning to gnaw at her insides.


Callie takes a quick x-ray of Ally’s arm, smiling and joking with her the whole time, trying to put the girl at ease and a small smile finally forms across Ally’s face when Callie tells her that she can get any colored cast that she wants. She picks the electric blue color and she watches with fascination as Callie forms the plaster cast around her set arm.


When they can leave the hospital, they make a quick stop at Dairy Queen to try and make Ally feel better before arriving home and then Mark carries her upstairs to her bedroom for some rest. Callie has given her some pain medicine that is going to make her feel drowsy and Ally is already asleep as he tucks her in.


Lexie is standing in the kitchen, fixing a bottle for Ellie, when he comes downstairs.


“It isn’t your fault and you know it, Lex,” is all Mark says to her before he envelopes her in a tight hug, his arms squeezing around her when he feels her hot tears leak onto his neck.



Sadie comes over with a bottle of vodka – her drink of choice – and announces that she is doomed to spend the rest of her life alone. First Meredith then Alex and now Lexie and Mark are always busy with their own family and Owen is spending more and more time with Cristina. By the end of her rant, she is nearly crying and has lost count of how many shots she has done.


Lexie tries to tell her that she is part of hers and Mark’s family and that she wouldn’t know what she would do without her but Sadie doesn’t want to hear it. She doesn’t belong there with anyone and she has outgrown Seattle. When she begins contemplating where she should move onto next, Lexie confiscates the vodka bottle from her, sits her down at the table and fixes her an ice cold glass of water and a bowl of steaming chicken noodle soup to help sober her up.


“You’re my best friend, maid of honor and godmother to my daughter,” Lexie tells her firmly. “You’re out of your mind if you think I am going to let you leave.”


Lexie is the only person Sadie ever cries in front of and through her tear-stained eyes, she says in a whisper, “I don’t want to be alone.”


Lexie smiles at her and hugs her. “I promise. You won’t be. You have me.”



Mark and David Young have remained in close contact since the successful face plant surgery and when he comes over for dinner, looking as handsome as ever, he gives Lexie a near bone-crushing hug and a bouquet of bright gerbera daisies. She laughs as he tells her how beautiful their house is and how fine she is looking that night, which makes Mark scowl and tells him to stop hitting on his wife.


They eat in the dining room and David talks about all of the different places he has visited that he has always wanted to see (but for a long time was worried that he never would be able to before Mark came along) and Lexie smiles as he also talks about all of the different girls he meets on these trips.


Later, after he leaves, Mark is sitting at the table, finishing the last of the coffee that they had had with dessert and Lexie slips onto his lap, circling her arms around his shoulders. She then kisses him and tells him just how amazing he is.



Ally is turning five and Mark and Lexie promise to take her anywhere – within reason – that she wants to go and after a week of serious deliberation on her part, Ally chooses the Seattle Aquarium.


They spend the entire day going through every exhibit, some even being gone through twice. Mark picks her up and holds her around the waist as she bends down to feel the rockfish, the sea stars and the plankton in the water of the wet table, giggling as they slime or prick her fingers. And nearly an hour is spent in the underwater Dome with Ally running to each window, her mouth hanging open as she looks at all of the fish swimming past her.


A staff member takes a picture of the four of them and then they eat in the aquarium café outside on the balcony that overlooks Elliot Bay. Mark and Lexie buy Ally a large stuffed sea turtle from the gift shop that she names Squirt from Finding Nemo and as they drive home, Ally talks the entire way about how when she grows up, she wants to be a fish doctor like mommy and daddy are face doctors.


Lexie smiles at Mark as he frowns.


“I don’t even know what a fish doctor is but I don’t like it,” he says and she laughs before leaning over and kissing his cheek.


“Is she supposed to become a plastic surgeon?” Lexie asks, looking into the backseat, smiling as Ally leans over in her booster seat to show Ellie the stuffed turtle.


He’s quiet for a moment, still frowning. He then sighs. “No. She can be a fish doctor if she wants to be.”


She laughs, kissing his cheek again. “She’ll thank you for that someday.”



They move slowly and quietly – a necessity for early morning sex – Mark’s hands switching between gripping her hips and rubbing up and down her back while Lexie’s fingers tighten around the headboard of the bed that Mark is sitting up against. She lifts her hips up and down, circling them in the way that makes him close his eyes and groan softly. He then cups the back of her head and pulls her down for a hard, deep kiss. After all of their years together, the sex is still mind-blowing, still fantastic. And to Lexie, each time with Mark feels just like the first time had.


When she showed up at his hotel room that night, asking him to teach her, she never would have thought they would wind up here. Had anyone?



She meets Meredith for lunch at a small café near the hospital.


“I think I might be ready to marry Derek,” Meredith says suddenly and Lexie promptly chokes on the mouthful of salad she has just swallowed.



Mark eats some bad sushi that leaves him throwing up constantly and practically living on the floor of their bathroom for three days. Lexie tries to make him as comfortable as possible, making sure he has a pillow and some blankets and she is always bringing him glasses of water and rubbing a damp washcloth on the back of his neck. He asks what he would do without her and she smiles, kissing his temple, before getting up to get him more water.


“Fucking sushi,” he grumbles to himself, still grasping the sides of the toilet, and Lexie laughs softly before promising him that she will be right back.




Lexie cries when she and Mark drop Ally off for her first day of kindergarten just like both she and Mark knew she would.


She kneels in front of Ally, hugging her tightly as if she is never going to see her again instead of going to be coming back to pick her up in just a few hours. She stands in the hallway outside the classroom, watching as Ally takes her blue book bag with green turtles printed on it from off her back and sits down at one of the small round tables with the other kids. She turns and smiles, waving at Lexie, and Lexie gives her a watery smile, waving in return.


Mark puts an arm around Lexie’s  shoulders and smiling slightly, he presses his lips to her head as he begins guiding her down the hallway towards the double doors that lead back out to the parking lot.


“So, is this going to become a yearly tradition?” Mark teases and she laughs, wiping at her cheeks as he kisses her head again.



Derek and Meredith get married on Derek’s land in a small ceremony with their half-built house in the background. Mark is the best man, Cristina is the maid of honor and Ally is the flower girl with one of Derek’s nephews as the ring bearer. Only close family and friends are invited and the wedding is small and intimate despite Izzie’s attempts at planning something far grander.


There is an outdoor reception that follows and Lexie actually gets Mark to dance with her even though he never dances. The song is slow and Lexie rests her head on his chest, closing her eyes and smiling peacefully, as they gently sway back and forth.


“We really should have a song,” he comments and Lexie lifts her head to look at him.


She knows that even years after their own courthouse wedding, he still feels guilty about not giving her a big wedding, having convinced himself that this is what she has always wanted.


Lexie smiles and shrugs. “We’ve survived this long without one. Picking one now might bring us bad luck.”



Each student is in charge of bringing in a snack for the class and it is Ally’s turn. Lexie and Ally, standing on a stool at the counter, make chocolate chip cookies and Lexie shows Ally how to stir the batter just like Susan Grey had shown Lexie and Molly when they were both little girls. “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5 begins to play over the radio and taking the wooden spoon, Lexie begins singing into it and dancing around the kitchen, soon joined by a giggling Ally, who doesn’t know the song but dances anyway. Ellie, sitting in her high chair at the table, smiles and coos and claps her still chubby baby hands as she watches.



Due to several high profile, ambitious and successful surgeries, Mark is named the top plastic surgeon on the west coast and suddenly, his patient list explodes, people from all over suddenly wanting the Dr. Mark Sloan to work on enhancing their body’s beauty. Lexie asks Owen to come over and baby-sit Ally and Ellie so she can take Mark out for a celebratory dinner though he winds up wanting nothing more except cheeseburgers and milkshakes and to park the car somewhere.


“You’re not happy,” Lexie comments softly, sitting sideways in the front passenger seat of the SUV, facing him, holding her strawberry milkshake in her hand. “This is something you have been working towards for years.”


Mark nods, chewing on his burger silently as he stares out the windshield, the back of his head against the headrest behind him.


Lexie reaches out, stroking her fingers through his hair. “What is it?”


“I’ve been thinking about something,” he admits and turns his head to look at her, his steel eyes piercing hers even through the darkness of the night. “I spend too much time away from home now… and now, with this, I’m only going to be getting busier.”


“It’s alright, Mark. We’ll manage. We always do,” she smiles comfortingly at him.


He shakes his head. “I don’t want us to manage, Lex.” He takes a deep breath, reaching out, sliding a hand onto one of her bent knees. “I’ve been thinking about something,” he says again. “But I want to talk to you about it.”


“What’s going on, Mark?”


He takes a deep breath as if to prepare himself. “What would you think if I opened my own practice?” Lexie stares at him and Mark rushes on. “I’d be able to control my hours better. I can do whatever I want, work whenever I want, see whatever patients I want… I was thinking of focusing more on reconstructive surgery instead of just nose jobs and breast implants. I wouldn’t have to live with a fucking beeper on my hip every hour of the day. I could be with you and Ally and Ellie-”


Lexie cuts his rambling – a habit he picked up from her – off by leaning forward and kissing him, one hand still holding her milkshake while her other arm slips around his neck, she starting to smile against his lips.


That smile is the only answer he needs and he kisses her back.

Tags: pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, show: grey's anatomy, story: family

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