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Hold Me Down, Sweet and Low, And I Will Carry You Home (Mark/Lexie)

Thank you to everyone for their support and enthusiasm with these vignettes I keep writing. Your comments make me so excited to keep writing these and I hope everyone continues to like this next installement of Mark and Lexie and their life together. Please check it out and as always, let me know which ones you like the best and what you generally think of it. Also, to lex_sloanfangrl , the bathtub scene you requested will be in the next collection of drabbles. I promise. I am going to start working on it tomorrow. I also realize that I skipped Christmas - which is another thing people want to read about -  but I promise that I will write about it in another one of these vignettes.


There is a medical conference in New York that Mark wants to take Lexie to because even though she is taking a break from her residency, he still feels that she needs to be educated and kept up to date on all of the new advances made in their field.


So Lexie asks Sadie to baby-sit Ally and Ellie for the four days that they are going to be gone and even though this doesn’t count as a vacation, the last time Mark and Lexie were able to get away from Seattle was the year before when they took Ally to Miami and Lexie can’t help but be extremely excited about this.


Money is never an issue for Mark, always making more than enough, and he prepares to spoil his wife rotten for the next few days, including getting them a room at the luxurious New York Palace. He smiles as he watches her spin slowly in a circle, trying to take in every detail of the elegant room before turning and tipping the bellboy who has brought up their bags. Mark closes the door when he leaves but not before slipping the Do Not Disturb sign onto the outside door handle. They don’t have anywhere to be until that night with the convention welcome dinner.


Before he can kiss her though like he wants to, Lexie puts her hands on his chest, stopping him and without any warning whatsoever, blurts out two words that always manage to shock the hell out of him. Counting this time, she technically has said those words to him four times and he is always momentarily stunned immediately afterwards, staring at her and unable to do anything else.


Im pregnant.


They stare at one another, her hands still pressed to his chest, and she is waiting for him to say something. He asks the usual questions. How long has she known? Has she gone seen the doctor yet? Why didn’t she tell him sooner?


She answers each one. She has known for two weeks and she is about eight weeks along so far. She has seen Dr. Carroll – her OB/GYN who has seen her through each pregnancy, including the miscarriage she and Mark had suffered through – and he confirmed that she was pregnant and already set a due date for mid-July.


Suddenly, everything clicks and he realizes why she hasn’t been herself lately. She has tried to hide it but they have been together long enough now for Mark to know almost immediately when something is off with her and something has definitely been on Lexie’s mind lately. This is clearly the something.


And then, like he always does, Mark pulls her close to him and smiles before kissing her, telling her that he’s really happy about this and he means it. What he won’t tell her and keeps to himself, instead, kissing her harder and hungrier, guiding her towards their bed, is that he is really hoping for a boy this time.



Other doctors at the conference, most old colleagues or acquaintances of Mark’s with a couple of old friends thrown into the mix, all tell Mark when Lexie isn’t within hearing distance just how impressed they are by her. She is witty and bright and has stunned more than one doctor there with her knowledge. Mark is certain that a couple of them even fall in love with her and more than once during the conference, Mark smiles proudly and slings his arm around her shoulders.


She is still always so hungry when it comes to learning new things and she tries to attend every lecture of the conference, not wanting to miss a single one. Mark tries to go with her but he winds up falling asleep during a couple and she kindly – or as kindly as she can – tells him that while he doesn’t find these things interesting, she does and that it is her first medical conference and she wants to get as much out of it as she can.


Due to popular demand from the heads in charge of running the conference that year, Mark agrees to prepare a lecture on hypopharynx reconstruction surgeries because though he has performed several himself, the fact is, it is still a rare procedure with not always successful results.


Lexie, sitting front row center, gives him a quick wink as he is being introduced and he smirks into the microphone before clearing his throat and proceeding to blow everyone away.



Mark buys her a Gray’s Papaya hotdog and as they sit on the bed in their hotel room, he watches her as she inhales it, listening and smiling as she moans in pleasure and gushes about how delicious it is. He has never witnessed anything sexier.



Their flight is taking off out of JFK the next afternoon to take them back to Seattle and it seems that four days is all either can handle being away from Ally and Ellie because they both miss their daughters horribly by their last night in New York.


They lay in the large, plush king-sized bed, the window curtains pulled back so Lexie can still see the bright lights of the city surrounding them, and their bodies are sweaty from their rather heated lovemaking. Their feet are tangled as Lexie rests her head on his chest, his fingers sifting through her hair and tracing the slope of her spine down her back, his lips pressing against her forehead.


“Do you ever miss living here?” She asks softly.


“Sometimes,” he answers truthfully and then is quiet for a moment. “But when I lived here, I was a completely different guy. My life is in Seattle now.”


Lexie turns her head, pressing a kiss to his bare chest before resting her chin on it, looking up at his face. “When the pregnancy test turned positive, I wasn’t happy,” she admits. “I started crying, hoping that it was wrong.”


Mark frowns despite himself. “Why?” He pushes himself up into the sitting position, forcing Lexie to sit up as well, the white bed sheets pooling around her waist. “Is this about your residency?”


She shakes her head, tucking strands of hair behind her ears. “No, it has nothing to do with that. I can finish my residency whenever I want. When the kids are older.” They are sitting there, both completely naked, and Mark grabs her arms, gently pulling her towards him. She straddles him, sitting down on his thighs, his arms binding around her waist, hers around his shoulders, her fingers scratching through the short graying hairs on the back of his head.


“I’m just… scared,” she whispers. “I know that by the time people get to having a third kid, it should be like a walk in the park but… I’m thirty years old and am going to have three very young children at home to juggle. And I know you are going to be there to help but you are busy with your practice and I am so happy for you and so proud of you and I know just how much you love what you do and you are amazing at what you do. I just feel sometimes now like I barely have a handle of things and I don’t know how I am going to handle another baby when Ellie is still a baby herself.”


“You’re crazy, Lexie,” he says, cupping the back of her neck in his hand. “You are the best mom in the world and I know that if we switched places, if I had to do what you do everyday, I would fail miserably.”


Lexie can’t help but smile. “You do realize that you are openly admitting that you wouldn’t be able to do something, right?”


He smirks, pressing his other hand between her shoulder blades, bringing her chest flush against his. “And I will be there all of the time. I think I’m getting used to this whole father thing. After the baby is born, I’ll reschedule everything around so I will be your personal bitch for however long you need me to be and do whatever needs to be done.”


Lexie can’t but laugh softly. “Only you can say something like that and make it sound so sweet.”


He smirks. “It’s a talent,” he informs her before pulling her in for a kiss. “I hope it’s a boy,” he speaks without being able to stop himself and she smiles. “I love Ally and Ellie more than anything but we got to get more testosterone in that house.”



Lexie is in the laundry room and Mark is in the backyard and neither hear the doorbell ring. Ally opens the door herself and starts talking to the man who is delivery a surprise bouquet of flowers for Lexie that Mark has ordered for her. When Mark comes into the house and hears Ally talking in the hallway and then sees the man standing on the front porch, his heart stops beating in his chest.


He gets so angry and so scared that he grabs the flowers, slams the door and then spanks Ally on her bottom – the first time he has ever spanked her. Ally stares at him for a moment and she begins to cry before running away from him, running up the stairs to her bedroom. Mark stands completely still in the hallway where Lexie finds him, a basket of freshly-folded whites in her arms.


After her urging him to, telling him that if he doesn’t, it will eat him up inside, Mark walks up the stairs slowly as if he is walking to his death. Ally is lying on her bed, her head resting on Charlie like a pillow and she is hugging her teddy bear tightly. Mark stands in the doorway for a moment, guilt resting deep in his stomach. After a soft sigh, he goes and sits down on the edge of the bed.


“I’m sorry I got angry with you but you can’t talk to strangers, Ally,” he says. “This world isn’t always a good place and you’re too sweet of a kid and your mommy and me don’t know what we would do if anything ever happened to you.”


She turns her head on the pillow and looks at him. He reaches out and pushes some of her dark hair from off her tear-soaked cheeks.


“You know, my dad would spank me,” Mark tells her softly. “And I hated him for it.”


He doesn’t know what to say after that and he looks away from her. Ally puts her teddy bear aside and standing up on the bed, she leans over, resting her head on his shoulder and hugging him. Mark closes his eyes and hugs her tightly in return.



Thanksgiving is at Meredith and Derek’s house because Izzie, who is still living there (much to Derek’s dismay) is preparing a meal that would make Martha Stewart envious. By the time Mark and Lexie arrive with Ally and Ellie, Alex, George, Cristina who has brought Owen with her, and Sadie, who Meredith invited, are already there.


The men sit in the living room with bottles of beer and the football game on as Izzie rushes herself around the kitchen, trying to work on everything at once while making sure that Meredith touches nothing that had to do with the food. She can trust Lexie though and puts her in charge of the mashed potatoes.


Meredith, Cristina and Sadie are drinking glasses of wine but when Sadie tries to offer Lexie a glass, she shakes her head with a look in her eye that Sadie immediately recognizes.


“Are you pregnant?” She blurts out and all activity comes to a halt in the kitchen.


“Again?” Cristina frowns with mild disgust. “God, you can tell Sloan no every once in a while, three.”


Lexie tenses slightly, her stomach knotting itself painfully. “We didn’t exactly plan-”


“Have either of you ever heard of condoms?” Izzie laughs.


Meredith shakes her head, her eyes wide with shock. This is just what Derek needs to hear. He is already becoming so persistent about having a baby. “I can’t believe you’re pregnant again.”


“I think it’s great,” Sadie smiles and embraces Lexie but she can feel how stiff she is.


“You know the world is built for four-person families. Not five,” Cristina says. “Do you know what a pain in the ass it is to go to a restaurant and get a table for five?”


Izzie laughs again. “Honestly, Lexie. Are you ever going to finish your residency? Of course, if I had a husband who looks like McSteamy-”


“I hate to admit this but you were the least idiotic intern,” Cristina says. “And now you’ve become a constant incubator for Sloan’s sperm.”


“I can’t believe you’re pregnant again,” Meredith says because she doesn’t know what else to say.


“Excuse me,” Lexie whispers, tears stinging her eyes and she rushes from the kitchen, grabbing her coat on the way out.


The kitchen falls silent and when Mark enters a few minutes later with a fussy Ellie in one arm, he stops and looks at the women with a frown.


“Jesus, what happened in here?” He looks around, noticing the silence, and his defenses immediately go up. “Where’s Lexie?”


“She left,” Sadie speaks.


“She left?”


“Congratulations on the baby,” she adds with a faint smile and gives him a hug though he is too busy frowning to notice. “She took her coat but I bet she’s only out on the front porch.”


Mark nods, handing her Ellie. “Ally’s in the living room, sitting with Owen.”


Sadie is right and Lexie is on the top step of the front porch, hugging her coat tightly around her. Mark sits down next to her, not saying a word, and she slips her arm through his and rests her cheek against his bicep.


“You’re not wearing a coat. I don’t want you to be cold,” Lexie says softly.


“I never am when I'm around you,” he smirks. “Are you okay?” He asks her in a quieter tone and she nods, sighing.


“They all took it pretty much like I thought they would,” she explains. She turns and rests her chin on his shoulder, looking at his face and he turns his head to look at her. She smiles when he puts his forehead to hers. “I think you and me might be crazy by the way.”


“Why’s that?” He asks.


Three kids?” She laughs. “In five years? I think we might be having too much sex.”


“No such thing,” he immediately disagrees and she laughs again. He kisses her forehead and then exhales a heavy breath. “So, I don’t normally condone violence against women but which one of them hurt you the most? Because I will go in there and punch someone for you if I have to.”


She smiles, shaking her head slightly. “Threatening to punch a woman for me? You must really love me,” she teases and he smirks before tilting his head and pressing his lips to hers in a soft, chaste kiss.



When Mark bought Lexie’s engagement ring, he had brought Owen with him. And now, he returns the favor. They stand in the jewelry store for nearly two hours, looking at the seemingly endless selection of rings, before Owen decides that Cristina isn’t an engagement ring type of girl and he’s just wasting his time.  


“Yeah. I’m fairly certain Burke got her a ring and look at how good that turned out,” Mark says as they cross the parking lot to Owen’s car.


“Who’s Burke?”


Owen frowns with confusion, staring at him, and Mark wishes he could just learn to keep his mouth shut.





“What the fuck was that?” Mark asks, jolting up from a dead sleep.


Charlie is already barking, leaping off the bed and running downstairs to investigate.


Mark gets out of bed and tugs on a pair of black sweatpants before grabbing a grey hooded sweatshirt, yanking it on without putting on a shirt or zipping it up. Lexie sits up, rubbing her eyes and yawning.


“Mark, be careful.”




Charlie is barking downstairs but before Mark leaves the bedroom, he turns back towards Lexie, who is already lying back down, too tired to be overly concerned with the noise that the wind is probably making.


“If I’m not back in five minutes, Lexie, you come downstairs and you rescue me,” he tells her and she smiles at him, blowing him a kiss and making him grin, before leaving the bedroom, closing the door behind him.


His eyes have adjusted to the darkness of the house and heading down the stairs, he sees Charlie standing at the front door, whining to be let out and wagging his tail.




“What the fuck is it, Charlie?” Mark asks, coming up next to the dog and looking out the three rectangular narrow windows of the front door.


He sighs heavily with annoyance when he sees what it is and unlocking the door, he opens it quickly on purpose, Derek, who had been sitting against it, falling backwards into the house. Charlie immediately recognizes him and begins licking his face as Derek lays there on his back.


“It’s two o’clock in the morning, Derek. Why are you banging your head against my door?” Mark asks, pushing Derek’s legs out of the way so he can close and lock the door again. “Don’t you have a wife to get home to?”


“Did you know that before she became an intern, Lexie was at Joe’s, hitting on me?” Derek asks, his words slurring together.


“Yeah. Unfortunately, my wife insists on telling me everything. Come on.”


Mark bends down and grabs Derek’s arm, slinging it over his shoulders and managing to get him up to his feet. He drags him into the living room where he none too gently drops him onto the couch.


“Why are you drunk tonight?” Mark asks, taking off his shoes and then grabbing the blanket Lexie has folded over the back of the couch.


“Ever think what it would have been like if I had gotten with Lexie that night and wound up with Little Grey instead of Big Grey?” Derek asks.


“No,” Mark frowns, not at all liking that scenario. “Sleep it off, Derek. Ellie wakes up around six, wanting breakfast, so you got at least four hours.”


Mark doesn’t look back at him as he heads back upstairs and Charlie follows him. When he climbs back into bed, Mark immediately wraps his arms tightly around Lexie and she nestles herself into his hold, their bodies molding together as they always do. And he doesn’t let go of her for the rest of the night.



“And do we want this third baby’s sex to be a surprise like the other two?” Dr. Carroll asks, gliding the transducer over Lexie’s growing bump, the image of their 18-week-old baby on the black and white ultrasound screen.


Lexie looks up at Mark as he stares at the screen. No matter how many times they have had ultrasound appointments, the same look of shock and wonderment is on Mark’s face. He has come from his office, still dressed in his dark blue scrubs, to meet her at the hospital for their appointment. She reaches out and takes his hand.


“You want to know?” She asks.


“I always want to know,” Mark reminds her. “You’re the one who always wants to wait and be surprised.”


She smiles, looking back at the screen and then at Dr. Carroll. “Well, since this is our third baby… the first two were big enough surprises. You can tell us now.”


“Lex, you sure?” Mark asks and she smiles, nodding.


Dr. Carroll smiles as well, looking at the screen and the black and white image of the couple’s baby. “Judging by this, your son is already a thumb sucker.”


“Son?” Lexie gasps, tears already springing in her eyes as she stares at the screen with unhindered happiness on her face.


“Son?” Mark echoes though he seems to be in deep shock.



Ally wants her hair cut short so Lexie takes her to the West Seattle Kids Salon, fully supporting her five-year-old daughter’s need to form and express her own personality. The woman stylist swings Ally up into a horse-shaped seat and Lexie asks how short Ally wants it. She has the same dark shade of hair that Lexie has and Ally points to her shoulders, nearly getting four inches cut off in the process.


“Do you like it, daddy?” Ally asks that evening when Mark comes home from work.


He grins, swinging her up in his arms. “Prettiest girl I’ve ever seen,” he says before kissing her head.


“I’m telling mommy and Ellie you said that,” she giggles.



Sadie has been dating Jeremy, a fellow resident, for nearly two months but this time, she wants Lexie to meet him first before Mark and Owen do so the three go out for dinner one night and when Sadie excuses herself to go to the bathroom, Lexie looks at the man sitting across from her.


“Mothers are extremely protective of their families and I just happen to consider Sadie a sister,” Lexie says, keeping a pleasant smile on her face. “So if you hurt her in any way whatsoever, I really can’t be held responsible for what I’ll do to you.”


Jeremy stares at her for a moment. “I thought people always referred to you as the sweet Grey.”


“I’ve been Lexie Sloan for a while now,” she shrugs. “And my husband has taught me a few things.” She pauses and then a faint, amused smile crosses her lips. “He’s an excellent teacher.”


Tags: pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, show: grey's anatomy, story: family

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