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You’re the Only One I Would Take a Shot On (Mark/Lexie)

This one actually reads more like a story rather than random drabbles but I hope it is well received like the others before it. I am actually quite pleased with how this one turned out. And I honestly cannot get over just how much people seem to be liking these. I am so happy though because it only encourages me to write more of them. Enjoy!


Lexie sits at the vanity in their bedroom, smiling as she glances out the corner of her eye and sees Ally sitting on the edge of the bed, watching her. She finishes applying her faint red lipstick, takes a Kleenex and purses it between her lips. She then smiles at Ally and the girl smiles in return before slipping off the bed and coming to the vanity. Lexie turns on the stool and Ally stands in front of her. Taking her light pink blush, she applies a light amount to the makeup brush and sweeps the smallest amount of it across the apple of Ally’s cheeks.


“Very beautiful,” Lexie says with a warm smile when she’s finished and Ally smiles widely before turning and looking at her reflection in the mirror.



“I cannot believe how many guys are giving you the eye right now,” Sadie whispers conspiratorially, hugging the menu to her chest, leaning towards the table. “They do realize you’re six months pregnant and your husband is sitting right next to you, don’t they?”


“Ugh,” Lexie rolls her eyes. “You will not believe the guys who try to hit on me. I was at the post office the other day and this guy comes up to me, and I have Ellie and Ally with me and he asks me if I want to help him lick his stamps.”


“What?” Mark frowns. “You didn’t tell me that.”


“Oh, god,” Sadie laughs. “I wonder if that line actually ever works for him.” She turns in her seat towards Owen, grabbing his arm. “We should go to a post office and conduct an experiment.”


“Who tries to pick up women at the post office?” Owen asks, his eyes still scanning over the menu.


“Who tries to pick up a pregnant woman with her two small children with her and with a wedding ring on her finger?” Lexie adds with a disgusted tone.


“No one cares about the wedding ring, Lexie,” Sadie says. “People are complete scum if you haven’t realized that yet.”


“But honestly, this-” she gestures towards her pregnant bump. “Turns guys on?”


“It turns me on,” Mark says, still frowning.


“You’re my husband. You don’t count. And it’s supposed to turn you on. It’s your baby I’m carrying,” Lexie tells him and then looks at Owen across the table. “Owen, do pregnant women turn you on?”


“I really don’t want to talk about this,” he shakes his head.


“So since it’s a boy, are you finally going to be able to use the name Sam?” Sadie asks, holding up her empty wine glass and Mark refilling it from the bottle they have ordered.


Before Lexie had a miscarriage and they lost their first baby over six years earlier, Lexie had had an intuition that led her to think that they were going to have a boy, and flipping through baby name books, she had fallen in love with the name Sam, which meant bright sun. She felt that this baby was going to be hers and Mark’s bright sun and after the miscarriage and it took her a long time to heal, she knew that she still wanted to name one of their babies Sam.


“Hell yeah, we’re naming the boy Sam,” Mark answers. “Sammy Sloan makes him sound like a baseball player.” He slides a hand onto Lexie’s stomach. “And this boy is going to be a pro athlete someday.”


Lexie smiles. “Thank god you're not putting any pressure on him whatsoever, Mark.”


“What?” He asks. “Lexie, he has our genes. It’s not our fault if this kid is totally going to kick ass at anything he does.”



Ellie giggles, stretching her arms out, flexing her fingers as she unsteadily crosses the living room to where Mark is sitting on the floor, waiting for her. When she finally reaches him, he rolls onto his back and she squeals as he holds her up above him, making airplane noises and pretending that she’s flying.


“You might want to be careful, Mark,” Lexie tells him as she sits at the dining room table, paying some of their bills on the laptop. “She just ate and I don’t want her to throw up all over you.”


“Aw, Ellie wouldn’t do that to me,” Mark says and then blows his lips together, twisting her this way and that in the air, she giggling and squealing the entire time.


But then suddenly, her smile fades and her laughter stops. She frowns and a crinkle appears between her fine eyebrows. Mark quickly sits up, bringing her to his chest, and falling completely still.


“Close call?” Lexie smiles.


Mark stares at Ellie and Ellie stares right back, she having the same steel eyes that both Mark and Ally have. He sighs when he sees that she no longer looks like she is about to vomit all over him.


“Very close call,” he says and Lexie laughs softly.



Callie and Arizona break up and Callie becomes a complete disaster over it. Mark goes over to her apartment to find her hugging one of Arizona’s shirts and a bottle of beer to her chest. There are several other empty glass bottles on the coffee table in front of her and Mark sits down next to her on the couch, putting an arm around her shoulders as she cries. 


But then she turns her head and kisses him, pressing her lips against his before she can stop herself, and Mark jumps away as if he has just been electrically shocked.


Realizing what she has done, Callie begins to cry harder and say how pathetic she is. Mark tells her that she’s not and that she’s just upset and he hugs her again as she cries onto his shoulder. He feels like he can’t breathe though and even though he loves Callie, he feels claustrophobic. She is one of his closet friends and he would do anything for her but he wants to get out of there as quickly as possible now.


He wonders if he should tell Lexie about this.



“Feel right here, Ellie,” Ally instructs, taking her hand and guiding it onto Lexie’s stomach. Ellie’s eyes widen when she feels a slight nudge against the palm of her hand and Ally laughs. “That’s a baby, Ellie. There’s a baby living inside of mommy. When you were living inside of mommy, I could feel you kick too.”


Ellie manages to widen her eyes even more and looks up at Lexie, who is smiling.


“That’s right, El,” Lexie said, reaching out and smoothing her still baby-fine hair behind one of her ears. “This is your baby brother. He’s saying hello to you.”


Ellie is still confused but she nods slowly, looking back down at her stomach. “Hello.”


Lexie laughs before leaning forward and kissing both Ally and Ellie on their foreheads.


“When is he coming, mommy?” Ally asks.


“Just a few more weeks,” Lexie answers. “Are you excited?”


Ally shrugs. “I guess. He’ll cry all of the time.” She looks at Ellie. “When mommy and daddy brought you home, all you did was cry. Mommy, where do babies come from?” She asks, taking her hand off of Lexie’s stomach and getting down from the couch to grab her cup of apple juice from off of the coffee table.


“Well, where do you think they come from?” Lexie asks.


“You go to the hospital and the doctor gives you a shot through your bellybutton of a baby and the baby lives in your stomach and then when the baby is big enough, the stork comes and sucks the baby out through your bellybutton,” Ally explains.


Lexie nods, smiling still, trying not to laugh. “That’s exactly right.”


The baby kicks the palm of Ellie’s hand again and she bends down until her lips are almost touching Lexie’s stomach. “Hello.”


The community pool in their neighborhood opens and on Friday afternoon, after picking her up from kindergarten, Mark takes Ally and Ellie to go swimming. Lexie is too tired and wants to stay inside of their air-conditioned house to try and get some rest. She wants to get as much rest as she can before the baby comes.


Hating the idea of his five-year-old daughter wearing a two-piece, Lexie bought her a bright green one-piece suit – which Mark whole-heartedly approves of. Ellie wears a hot pink tank and a swim diaper with yellow ducks printed on it. Mark strips down to his black swimming trunks and sits down on the edge of the kiddie pool, orange floaties on Ellie’s arms to keep her afloat and Mark holding her hands as she bobs in the water in front of him. He keeps a watchful eye on her and on Ally as she doggy paddles in the “deep” end of the kiddie pool.


There are other kids splashing around with their mothers all watching them and glancing around, Mark realizes that he is the only father there that day – in the kiddie pool area anyway. He also realizes that more than one of the women is checking him out.


“Daddy, watch!” Ally calls out to him before gulping in a great mouthful of air and dunks herself under the water for five seconds before she pops back up again.


She wipes the water from her eyes and smiles at him. Mark smiles back and then beckons her to come back across the pool towards him again.


“You have such beautiful daughters.”


Mark tilts his head up, looking at the woman in a skimpy bikini standing next to him.


“Thanks,” he says, lifting a hand to brush some hair back on Ellie’s head, making sure he does it with his left hand so the woman can see his wedding ring.


Ally pulls herself up the steps of the pool, the extra water rushing off of her body and splashing down on the concrete, and she comes to Mark, throwing herself against him and he wraps an arm around her waist. “Daddy, did you see?” She asks, slightly out of breath.


“Yeah, I saw,” Mark smiles, the woman in the bikini already forgotten. “A soccer star and a swimming star. What aren’t you good at, Suzie Q?”


Ally giggles and he kisses her cheek, the scratch of his beard tickling her skin. She glances behind him before back at him. “Daddy,” she whispers, putting her lips by his ear. “There’s a woman looking at you.”


Mark suppresses a sigh. Instead, he nods and smiles tightly at her. “How about we play a game and pretend that no one else is here except you, me and Ellie?”



Two weeks after Ally turns six-years-old, during the last week of June, Lexie’s water breaks, and just seven hours later, Samuel Thomas – named for Mark’s favorite grandfather – Sloan is born.


Mark kisses Lexie’s sweaty forehead as she tries to catch her breath and Dr. Carroll and the nurse are across the room, cleaning Sam up before they bring him back over.


“You’re amazing, Lex,” he tells her and she smiles up at him.


“I have done this before,” she reminds him and he smiles back at her before bending down and kissing her firmly on the mouth. “Is he okay?” She asks softly.


Mark nods, sitting down on the side of the bed next to her. He cups her cheeks in his hands and kisses her again. “I can never get used to this. To see what you do.”


She smiles, lifting her own hand to his cheek. “I don’t think I could do this if I didn’t have your scalpel hand to hold onto and to break.”


He smirks. “Anywhere I can be of service.” He kisses her. “I love you so damn much,” he murmurs against her lips and he feels her smile.


“Here he is, Lexie,” Dr. Carroll smiles broadly, holding baby Sam swaddled in a blue blanket. “We’ll take him to the nursery for a little bit while we get you cleaned up and moved to another room. You both know the drill by now though. He is perfect.”


“Thank you,” Lexie smiles, sitting up, resting back against the pillows and taking Sam into her arms, holding him with comfort and ease, smiling down at him with tears in her eyes as he silently blinks his two steel blue orbs up at her. “Hi, Sam. I’m your mommy. And we are so excited that you’re finally here. And your daddy is very happy that you're here because apparently, there isn’t enough testosterone in our house but we’ll get to that later.” She smiles and kisses his forehead and then looks at Mark. “Here, Mark. Hold our son.”


She passes Sam into his arms and Mark stares down at him. His son. He has a son. For some reason, this terrifies him more than when he found out he was going to be having two daughters. Because already, he looks down at Sam and he sees himself.


Lexie smiles, gently brushing her fingers across Sam’s head and then placing a soft kiss on one of his chubby cheeks. “Look how handsome he is. I think he might be a heartbreaker just like you.”


“God, I hope not,” Mark breathes out. “I don’t want him to be anything like me.”



Mark is holding both girls up around their waists, standing in front of the nursery window so they can see their new brother.


“He’s wrinkly,” Ally declares, pressing her nose against the glass window that looked into the hospital nursery and at the plastic bassinet the baby is sleeping in with Sam Sloan written on a note card.


“Wrinkly,” Ellie repeats, trying the word on her tongue.


“He’s not wrinkly,” Mark says. “He’s only a few hours old. What do you expect?”


“Him not to be wrinkly,” Ally tells him.


“Don’t be a smartass, Ally,” he says.


“Smart ass,” Ellie echoes.


Mark looks at her. “Don’t tell your mom you know that word, Ellie.”


“Smart ass,” she says again and then giggles.


“When is he coming home?” Ally asks.


“Tomorrow. Him and your mom need a lot of rest right now,” Mark answers.


Ally nods knowingly. “Because the stork sucked Sam out of mommy’s bellybutton?”


Mark stares at her for a moment, frowning with complete confusion, having no idea what she has just said. “Yes?” He finally answers uncertainly and Ally nods again.


She looks back through the window at Sam. “Are you and mommy going to have another baby?”


He almost smiles. “Why don’t we just get used to having Sam around for a while first? You excited about having a baby brother?”


Ally shrugs. “I guess.”


“I guess,” Ellie mimics and Mark smiles, giving each of them a kiss on the head before all three look through the glass back at Sam.



Mark stands at the kitchen sink, cupping the back of Sam’s hand in one head as he gently runs the soapy sponge down the baby’s chest. Ally stands on a stool next to him, wiping her own sponge down one of Sam’s arms. Earlier, Lexie had fallen asleep on the couch and Mark carried her upstairs to their room and then carried Ellie up for her afternoon nap, putting her down next to Lexie on their bed and covering both of them with a blanket before coming downstairs to give Sam a bath.


“What’s that?” Ally asks, pointing, and following her soap finger, Mark sees where she is pointing.


He clears his throat. He is a doctor. He can do this. “Sam’s a boy, Ally, and all boys have a… they have… a… a penis.”


“What’s a penis?”


He suddenly wishes that Lexie was awake so she could answer this. Lexie seems to have a talent for handling questions like this. “That, between Sam’s legs, is a penis.”


“But what is it?”


“He pees through it,” Mark says, his face feeling suddenly very hot, and he strategically moves the bubbles so Sam’s lower body is covered again.


“Oh,” she says and then starts giggling. “Do you have a penis?”


Okay. He really doesn’t want to talk about this with his six-year-old daughter. “Yes,” he answers nonetheless. “But they’re bad. Remember that, Ally. Boys with penises are very bad. Stay away from them.”


Ally frowns, now confused. “So you’re bad? But I love you. And mommy loves you and she doesn’t love bad things.” 


Mark looks at her for a moment and then smiles before kissing her forehead. He then lifts one of Sam’s feet and Ally, giggling again, rubs it with the soapy sponge.



Lexie, cradling Sam in her arms, answers the front door while holding Charlie back with one foot and making sure that Ellie didn’t run out onto the front porch as well to greet their visitor.


“Hi, Derek,” she says, giving him a polite smile.


“Hi, Lexie,” he smiles then grins down at Ellie. “Hi, Ellie.” The girl smiles, poking her head out from behind Lexie’s leg. He then looks at Sam. “He’s beautiful, Lexie.”


“Thank you,” she says, her smile warming a slight degree.


“He looks just like Mark,” he observes and she laughs softly.


“I know. Already, right?” She glances behind her shoulder into the house and then back at him. “Mark actually isn’t here right now.”


“That’s alright. I just wanted to drop this off.” He holds up a package wrapped in blue paper with blue rattles and storks printed on it. “I ordered it special for Sam and it just came in.”


“Thank you, Derek. That’s very sweet of you.”


Shifting Sam into one arm, she takes the package with her other hand, giving him another smile.


“I want one,” Ellie speaks up.


“Eleanor Carolyn, that is not polite,” Lexie tells her with a frown.   


“Oh, I'm sorry…” Derek says. “I wasn’t even thinking…”


“Oh, no. Don’t worry about it. There was nothing to even think about. Ally and Ellie both have been getting more than enough over the past few days,” Lexie says. “Thank you for this, Derek. You really shouldn’t have gone to such trouble.”


Derek shrugs. “Of course I should have. Mark’s my best friend.” He pauses and then adds, “Whether you believe that or not.”



After making sure all of the doors are locked and the lights are turned off, Mark comes upstairs and checks in all three bedrooms, seeing Ally, Ellie and Sam all asleep in their respective beds and cribs. He then goes into his and Lexie's bedroom and finds her asleep in the bathtub, the last of the lavender scented bubbles dissolving in the water.


He closes the bedroom door, making sure that it’s locked, and begins stripping off his clothes. He tosses his tee-shirt aside, it landing on Charlie’s head, who is lying on the bed. With a huff, the dog shakes it off. One of the floorboards creak and Lexie slowly blinks open her eyes, seeing her very naked husband enter the bathroom. She gives him a tired smile and then sits up and scoots forward in the tub, giving him enough space to climb in behind her and sit down.


She turns on the faucet, pouring some more hot water out, before slipping back between his legs and relaxing her back against his chest. She closes her eyes, resting her head against his shoulder as his hands began rubbing circles on her thighs.


She smiles. “Five more weeks, Mark.”


“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Lex,” he smirks. “I’m just touching you.”


“And we have three times the proof of what your touching me leads to,” she teases and he laughs softly in her ear before kissing the outer shell of it. “Are they all asleep?”


“For now,” he answers. “They should be tired. They ran our asses ragged all day.”


He brushes his lips down from her ear to the corner of her jaw, dipping his head down to her neck. She smiles, her hands on his knees, her thumbs running back and forth across his skin.


“Yeah,” she whispers. “It was a good day.”


The baby monitor on the sink counter crackles for a moment and then Sam’s crying can be hear coming through the small speaker. Lexie wraps her fingers around the sides of the bathtub and pulls herself up to her feet.


“I got him,” she says but before she can step out of the tub, Mark wraps his arms around her legs and kisses the back of her thighs. Lexie turns and looks down at him from over her shoulder, raking her fingers of one hand through his hair. “Hold that thought. I’ll be back.”


Mark settles back in the tub again, watching as Lexie slips her robe on, knotting it closed around her naked body and she gives him one more smile before leaving the bathroom to go see to their son. He leans his head back and closes his eyes, a faint smile on his face.

Tags: pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, show: grey's anatomy, story: family

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