lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

This is a NEED, Not a Want

DVDS I need to buy when A.) they are released on DVD and B.) when I have the money for them:

1. Supernatural - season 4

2. Dexter - season 3

3. Psych - season 3

4. How I Met Your Mother - season 4

5. Grey's Anatomy - season 5 - I have never bought this show before but I will spend the money for Mark and Lexie

6. Fright Night Lights - season 3

Also, I was going to buy season 1 of Roswell until one of my friends told me that the music on the discs is completely different from the original music that was features on the show when it aired on TV. Is this true? Does anyone own the show that could tell me whether or not my friend is crazy? 
Tags: tv

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