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Well, That’s Where I Belong and You Belong With Me (Mark/Lexie)

I really liked how this set of vignettes turned out and I hope others like it as well. The requested date night begins in this one and continues onto the next set that I write so please do not be disappointed with the length of the drabble in this collection.

Also, I still am not in the mood for Mark/Lexie angst. I actually do not know if I will ever be in the mood for it (just because I think we will get plenty of it in season 6) so that is why I am writing such fluffy pieces right now. But I have a storyline planned for Ellie and it is one that I have been planning since the beginning and it will be revealed in the next set. I am just really nervous about how others might react to it.

But we will get to that later. In the meantime, please read the newest collection and let me know what you think. Thank you!


Lexie accidentally lets out a sharp cry of pleasure, arching her back off the bed, as Mark thrusts into her and a few seconds later, Ally is knocking on their locked bedroom door, asking mommy if she is alright. Mark snickers into the crook of Lexie’s neck and Lexie feels her face flush but from embarrassment and not from what Mark is still doing to her.


“Mommy’s fine, Ally!” Lexie manages to call out, sounding helplessly breathless and she squeezes her eyes shut, biting down on her bottom lip as Mark pushes himself up on his knees and gripping her hips, he begins to thrust harder.


The bed sheets curl in Lexie’s fingers and she digs her head back into the pillow, biting down on her lip so hard, she nearly draws blood.


“Mommy?” Ally knocks on the door again. “Me and Ellie want breakfast!”


“I’m coming, Ally!” Lexie tells her, her words catching in her throat.


“Not yet,” Mark tells her quietly with a smirk. “But you will be.”


Lexie manages to open her eyes and give him a glare though how effective it is, she doesn’t know because he only grins at her and continues his thrusting without missing a beat. His fingers grasp around her ankles, holding her legs up against his shoulders, and she moans quietly, wishing so much that she could vocalize just what he is doing to her because what Mark does to her is completely mind-blowing and not crying out for the world to hear, having to keep quiet instead, is one of the hardest things for her to do. But it is a risk they take doing this in a house with kids.



Sadie is still dating Jeremy, the fellow resident, and she brings him over one night so Mark can finally meet him. She is always nervous introducing her boyfriends to Mark mainly because when they became friends years earlier, he got the notion in his head that he was to act like a big brother to her and therefore, torturing her boyfriends was perfectly acceptable.


Owen comes over as well but he doesn’t interrogate the guys like Mark does. He would make it rather apparent if he didn’t approve of the man she was dating but so far that night, as they sat in the dining room, eating their dinner, he hasn’t said a word except a ‘hello’ when Sadie introduced him, while Mark asks Jeremy everything short of his social security number and for a sample of his blood.


After dinner and another hour of drinking coffee and more talking, Jeremy and Sadie take their leave but when Jeremy goes to their car parked on the street outside of the house, Sadie lingers behind, standing on the porch with Lexie, Mark and Owen.


“I’m happy,” she tells them and Lexie smiles, hugging her, and Mark reluctantly admits that Jeremy seems like a good guy and Owen nods his head in agreement, giving her his own hug.


“But if he hurts you, tell him that me and Owen will break his nose and then I’ll refuse to fix it,” Mark tells her and Sadie laughs as she hugs him.



“She’s very beautiful,” Vivian, a new patient of his, says and Mark lifts his head from writing notes down in her chart to see what she is talking about. She smiles, pointing to the collection of framed pictures on the windowsills behind his desk, her attention focused mainly on one of him and Lexie. “Is she your wife?”


“Yes,” he answers, lowering his eyes back down and continuing writing.


“How long have you been married?”


“Seven years.”


“Wow,” she exhales, impressed. “That’s how many husbands I’ve had.”


Mark smirks at that, glancing at her, before back down to his notes. Vivian stands up from the chair she is sitting in and walks around his desk to pick up the picture frame. Mark glances to see which one it is – a close-up one taken of them sitting at a table at Meredith and Derek’s wedding reception, Mark’s arm slung across the back of her chair and Lexie leaning close into him, her smile wide and bright, and his more like his usual smirk. 


“She’s young. Is she a natural beauty?” She asks.


All natural,” he answers, flipping through the pages of her chart, glancing through the other plastic surgery operations she has gotten before coming to him.


“Well, I hate her already,” Vivian smiles and Mark smirks again. “And your kids?” She is now holding another framed picture of the three sitting on the couch a couple days after they brought Sam home from the hospital. He nods. “They’re beautiful,” she comments. “How old are they?”


“Ally’s six, Ellie just turned two and Sam’s five months old now,” Mark answers, leaning back in his chair, looking at her. “Are you running a background check on me or something?”


Vivian smiles. “Just curious about the man who is going where many men have boldly gone before,” she answers with a shrug and he smirks, taking her chart and holding it in his hands. “You have a lovely family, Dr. Sloan.”


“Thank you. But let’s talk about you now,” he says, all business, and she sits back down in the chair on the other side of his desk. “This will be your thirteenth surgery and you want liposuction on your thighs and a chin implant?”


“I hear chin implants are the new nose,” Vivian says, her fingers touching her chin.


“I see you have a tendency to go back and forth with things like this. Five surgeries alone on just your breasts, reductions and implants.”


She shrugs. “I’m a woman. I like to change my mind. Hence all of my marriages.”


After their consultation is done and they schedule Vivian’s surgery for the end of the week, Mark is alone in his office and he picks up his phone, calling home.


“Hello?” Lexie answers, sounding out of breath.


“Hey,” he says.


“Hi,” she says in return and he can hear her smile over the phone. “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing,” he smirks. “I just…” he leans back in his chair and closes his eyes. “I just need to talk to a sane person for a minute.”


“So you called me?” Lexie laughs.



Mark doesn’t see the point of parent/teacher conferences in the first grade. Unless Ally is threatening other students with round-tip scissors, it seems like a big waste of time but he meets Lexie at the elementary school after he leaves work and together, they sit in the first grade classroom with the teacher, Mrs. Mackey.


She tells them things they already know. Ally is an extremely bright and chatty child who is the best reader in the class. She also shows a sharp intelligence and genuine curiosity when it comes to animals. They had a guest speaker come into the classroom from the Woodland Park Zoo and he had brought a couple animals with him and Ally was the only one to volunteer to have the snake be draped around her shoulders and when the zookeeper asked questions about the serpent, Ally was able to answer.


Mrs. Mackey suggests taking Ally to the zoo, which offers daily hands-on exhibits and closer interaction with the animals for a small fee if animals are truly something that Ally is interested in – and it seems that she is. In fact, Mrs. Mackey can’t remember another student she has had in recent memory that is so fascinated by one thing like Ally is in regards to all different sorts of animals.


“She’s going to grow up to be a vet, isn’t she?” Mark asks as they leave the school and head into the parking lot where their cars are.


Lexie laughs, slipping her arm through his. “Veterinarians are very respectful occupations, Mark. But actually, I see her having her own nature show one day.”


“Wrestling tigers in Africa,” he adds with a smile and she laughs again. “She amazes me. You sure she’s mine?”


“The UPS man’s paternity test came back negative so I’m afraid you’re stuck with her,” Lexie answers with a smile and Mark smirks, putting his arm around her shoulders, pulling her tightly into his side. “Good thing she absolutely adores you.”


Mark doesn’t know why but hearing that makes him smile.



“Cristina found out,” Owen says the instant Mark opens the front door to him.


He is holding a twelve pack of beer in one hand and he doesn’t need to say anything more. Mark steps aside so Owen can enter the house and the two go into the living room where Ellie is playing with a pile of plastic building blocks on the floor, Charlie lying down next to her, asleep. The television is turned onto ESPN, some college basketball game being shown.


Owen sits down in the leather armchair – his usual seat – and he gives Ellie a faint smile in return when the toddler smiles shyly at him before returning to playing quietly with her blocks. She even plays quietly. And Mark sits back down on the couch, leaning over to take one of the beers Owen is extending towards him.


“Can I ask who she was?” Mark inquires.


Owen takes a lengthy chug of beer and then exhales heavily. “Beth.”


Mark knows of Beth Whitman but not too much. Despite being friends with Owen for years now, the man never talks of his ex-fiancée. He has mentioned her in passing once or twice and that is the only way Mark even knows of her existence in the first place. To hear that she was the woman in Owen’s bed the day of the football game certainly is surprising.


He doesn’t offer his opinion though. Who is he to judge or even offer advise in situations like this? He is Mark Sloan and he may have a good marriage with Lexie but that only came after years of fucking around and fucking up. He, in no way, sets an example for anyone.


The two men don’t speak further on the matter and instead, watch the basketball game, drink their beer and by the fourth quarter, Mark is on the floor with Ellie, helping her with stacking the blocks one by one in a tall tower.



“Thank you for coming in, Dr. Grey,” Richard Webber says with a smile from behind his desk as Lexie sits in the chair in front of him.


She returns the smile, somewhat nervously, having no idea why she is there. She dropped Ellie and Sam in the hospital daycare center and now sits in the Chief’s office, feeling nervous and fidgety and she wishes that he will just get to the point as quickly as possible. Being in his office is like being in the principal’s office at school.


“How’s Mark? And the brood?” He asks.


She nods. “We’re good. Everyone’s good.”


“Good. Good,” he nods his head, folding his hands on top of his desk. “Any idea when you’ll be coming back here to continue your residency?”


She stares at him for a moment. “Is this… is this why you asked to see me?”


“Yes,” Webber nods again. “You were the best intern in your class and I know that Mark said frequently how you showed a natural talent in plastics. We would hate to lose you for any reason.”

Lexie sits up a bit straighter in her chair, her spine stiffening. “I think staying home to be with my children is a good reason to take a bit of a hiatus from my residency. I know a lot people here wouldn’t, and don’t, agree with my decision but this was one that Mark and I came to on our own and we feel that it is the best decision for our family. Sir,” she adds.


“We have an excellent daycare facility here, Dr. Grey,” Webber continues. “Your children would be more than happy in there, I’m certain.”


Lexie’s spine stiffens even more. “No offense, sir, but you don’t know what would make my children happy. And I doubt being confined to a room all day when they could be at home with their own toys, yard, dog and mom would make them happy.” She tries to remind herself that this is the Chief of the hospital and once the children are older, she does want to come back here to continue with her residency but she doesn’t like what he is saying and she won’t keep quiet about it. “I love being a doctor and I am flattered that you want me to return but right now, I think I am needed at home more than I am here. And I like being home, being a mom. And I don’t care how frowned upon that is.”


“Dr. Grey, I didn’t mean to offend-”


“I know, sir,” she says. “But I also know that many doctors here don’t have families so they don’t understand where I’m coming from but…” she glances away before looking back at him. “I don’t want to miss my children’s childhoods and hate myself later in their lives because of that. I want to be at home. I want to raise my kids.”


Webber is silent for a moment and Lexie almost opens her mouth to apologize. But then he nods his head and stands up.


“I understand,” he says. “You may not think that I do but… I understand. Family should be the most important thing in a person’s life.”


Lexie stands up as well. “I will finish my residency, sir,” she says. “Just… not right now.”


“First Burke and Hahn and then O’Malley joining the damn Army and then your husband leaving… We’ve lost a lot of good doctors over the years and I would hate to lose you,” he further explains himself.


She smiles faintly. “I’ll be back. I promise.”


When Lexie returns to the daycare center on the first floor to get Ellie and Sam, Ellie runs to her, colliding with her legs and hugging them tightly as if Lexie has been gone for days instead of a half hour. Lexie bends down and hoists the toddler up in her arms, hugging her tightly and kissing her cheek.


Lexie knows that at this time in her life, there is no other possible answer that she could have given Richard Webber in regards to her decision. She knows she will never doubt whether or not she has made the right one. She knows she has.



The French restaurant is crowded and Lexie barely manages to get a seat at the bar as she waits for Mark. He had one of his assistants call her to inform her that his surgery was running longer than he thought it would and that he would meet her there. It is their first night out together since Sam was born and Lexie has been looking forward to it since Mark suggested it the week before.


She made sure that the kids had a sitter – this time, Owen was the lucky winner – and she had spent nearly two hours getting ready before coming to the restaurant.


Her hair is styled in loose, almost wavy curls and her dress is a dark red wine color paired with black stiletto heels. She feels beautiful and she knows that Mark is going to whole-heartedly agree when he sees her.


She orders herself a martini and looks down at the time on her cell phone. It is just a few minutes past seven o'clock and Mark’s assistant said that he should be there by seven-thirty at the latest. Lexie sighs softly to herself and takes a small sip of her drink. She hopes Mark gets here sooner rather than later. She had never really liked sitting at bars by herself.


“Hey. Can I buy you a drink?”


And sitting alone at a bar makes any single guy think that she is just waiting to be picked up by them.


Lexie looks at the man who has sidled up beside her and does her best to give him a polite smile. “No, thank you. My husband will buy me another one when he comes.” And for good measure, she flashes him her wedding ring.


The man only smiles though. “And is your husband here right now?”


“No, but he will be.”


“Are you one of those women who buy a fake ring and pretend to be married?” He asks her, taking a step closer to her.


Lexie frowns. “Seven years and three kids.”


He whistles at that and then blatantly runs his eyes up and down her body. “Three kids? There is no way someone who looks like you has had three kids.”


She shifts uncomfortably on her stool.


“How old are you?” He asks and she moves her bare arm away the instant he brushes his fingers against it. “Alright. I can guess. Twenty-seven.”


Lexie turns her head, trying to peer through the crowd of people packed into the bar area, trying to see Mark, praying that he has arrived. Maybe she should go outside and wait for him out there – not caring that it was a freezing cold Seattle night.


“No way you are over thirty,” the man continues talking to her.


“Thirty-one,” Lexie answers though she has no idea why. Talking to him is only going to encourage him to keep talking to her.

“Damn,” he murmurs to himself and his eyes again rove over her body.




Lexie melts into a smile of relief as she turns on the stool and sees Mark making his way towards her, knotting his tie as quickly as possible. He glances over at the man and non too subtly pushes him in the chest with his shoulder and stands between him and Lexie, facing her. She slides her hands onto his cheeks and pulls him in for a kiss – one that was supposed to be a quick one of greeting but Mark deepens it, cupping the back of her head in one hand.


“So you’re the husband,” the man says.


Mark looks at him with a deep frown. “You hitting on my wife?”


“I was,” he answers, either not noticing the dark anger in Mark’s or just not caring. “She told me she was married but I wasn’t expecting it to be to someone so… old.”


Lexie slides off the stool, taking one of Mark’s hands in hers, giving it a squeeze. “Mark, let’s go. Our table should be ready now,” she tells him, keeping her voice soft and calming.


Mark and the man are too busy staring at one another though, engaging one another in a silent pissing contest and Lexie squeezes Mark’s hand again.


“Mark, not tonight,” she says and he finally moves his eyes to meet hers. She looks up at him with a silent plea. “Please. Not tonight.”


Mark stares at her for a minute before nodding his head, his shoulders visibly relaxing and his jaw no longer clenched. She smiles up at him and then wrapping her arms around his neck, kisses him hard and hungry right there in the middle of the restaurant bar and right in front of the annoying man who almost ruined her night out with her husband.

Tags: pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, show: grey's anatomy, story: family

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