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J’ai deux amours (And neither of them are you) Shosanna/Fredrick

Title: J’ai deux amours (And neither of them are you)
Fandom: Inglourious Basterds
Pairing: Shosanna Dreyfus/Fredrick Zoller
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 340
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Just a short drabble - my first in this fandom. Please be gentle with me. I just wanted to give something different a shot.



He is the first to arrive, which doesn’t surprise her, which in itself is surprising since it is almost as if he thoroughly enjoys surprising her and catching her off guard – two things she completely despises. She despises everything about him and she tells herself this over and over, a mantra running in her mind like a skipping record. She thinks of the music her father and uncle used to listen to, smelling of dirt and the distinct scent of cow, as they sat at the table in the kitchen and smoked their cigarettes. There was one in particular, a song by Josephine Baker, and it skipped near the end, the same line: J’ai deux amours. Over and over again.


I despise you is skipping in her head now and yet when he guides her backwards, she doesn’t stop him. One hand curves over her hip, his touch burning her through her red dress, and she stares at him, blank and cold, not understanding why he stares at her like she’s something bright and beautiful. If only he knew. He would hate her just as much as she hates him if he knew the truth.


She opens her mouth to tell him that she’s Jewish, that she is going to kill all of his comrades that night – and she doesn’t know it yet, neither of them do, but they will kill one another too in just a few hours – but  when her lips part, no words form. Instead, he lowers his head and kisses her. She doesn’t stop him. The flag of the Reich hangs on the wall behind her and she thinks it burns her more than his touch but she is trapped. Like always.


“I hate you,” she is finally able to say but it’s in a murmur and it’s against his lips as he kisses her – another kiss she doesn’t stop.


He doesn’t seem surprised at her words. Unlike what he can do to her, she doesn’t seem able to surprise him. It only makes her despise him more.


Tags: movie: inglourious basterds

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