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Why Has My Brain Stopped Working?

I am currently trying to work on chapter 19 of my story over on FF.Net, Things We Want for Ourselves but I am, for some reason, having a massive case of writers block. I am been reading other Mark/Lexie stories, watching videos on YouTube and staring at pictures of the beauty of which is them but... nothing. I know what I want to happen in this story but for some reason, I cannot get the words to come out - which sucks because this story has been practically writing itself for me.

I have an outline for this story and I have a general idea of what is going to happen but... maybe someone could suggest something they want to read about in this story and that will prompt my muse to return. So? Anyone? Any suggestions? What do you want to read about in this story? And before I forget, I had someone ask me. Yes, Mark and Lexie will be going to Lamaze classes together since Lexie is now pregnant in the story again.

Thanks in advance! I hate writers block.

Tags: show: grey's anatomy, writing

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