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Random Drabbles

Random drabbles written for various people at various times. I just wanted to post them here in one place.

Mark/Lexie; Jealous Mark for lizzy29 

"You're mine," he practically growled as he pressed her against the brick wall outside of Joe's because even though no one knew about them yet, that didn't mean that George O'Malley could just smile at her and sit too close to her and make her laugh. His hands dug into her hips almost painfully and she looked up at him, her breathing increasing as the anger and desire rolled off of him, surrounding her, suffocating her. "Say it," he then all but demanded, pressing against her harder. Only Lexie Grey could make the Mark Sloan feel the least bit threatened by a guy like O'Malley but even as she smiled faintly and told him that she was only his and he kissed her fiercely, the grip of his hands never lessened.


Mark/Lexie; Firsts for princessfangirl 

Lexie had this ticklish spot on her ribcage right under her left breast and the first time he found it, it completely surprised him when she couldn't help but start laughing. She was laying in the middle of the bed in his hotel room, the sheets completely shoved down to the foot of the mattress and they were both naked. He had given her too many orgasms to count now - given to her with this desperate need and frustration that had been bubbling in him over the past few weeks - but now, in the afterwards, he was able to take his time and explore. His hand lingered over the ticklish spot and he grinned, laughing a little himself, as she continued to laugh, trying to twist her body away from his.


Brandon/Ellie; Vacation for daytimetrauma 

They are married for five years when he is finally able to take her to Paris. He has gotten a new job as a mechanic at one of the car dealerships with a hell of a lot better pay and the overtime is always available. Still though, he bites the bullet and asks Mark and Lexie to help him out just a little - a loan, he makes sure they understand that he WILL pay them back - and they readily and eagerly help, knowing how Paris has always been a dream of Ellie's. They even offer to babysit Chris.

And despite the never-ending flight and the bouts of turbulance and the coach tickets which have them seated and cramped at the tail of the plane, she smiles nearly the entire time and holds his hand and rests her chin on his shoulder, her nose brushing against his cheek, and he laughs slightly, squeezing her hand because he's only been on a plane one other time and he doesn't really like this. But this is for Ellie and if she's smiling this much just on the plane ride TO Paris, he can't wait to see her happy for the entire week that they'll be there.


Ally/Mark; First Step for gwenaelle_24 

After dinner and Sam and Max run back out into the backyard to play, it is Mark and Ellie's turn to clear the table and load the dishwasher while Lexie and Ally disappear upstairs. Mark and Ellie work quietly and efficiently, Ellie rinsing each dish out before handing it to Mark who loads it in the washer. They can hear Sam and Max shouting back and forth to one another and Dodger, their dog, barking as they run and play on the playground set outside and after they finish and she dries off her hands, Ellie then goes outside as well to play as well.

Mark watches for a moment from the backdoor before turns and heads upstairs. Ally is going out to see a movie with a group of other kids and he wants to see if she's ready to go since he's giving her and Brandon a ride. He comes to an abrupt halt however when he enters his and Lexie's bedroom and he sees them standing at the vanity, Ally standing perfectly still with her eyes closed as Lexie carefully applies eye shadow to her.

His first instinct is to tell Lexie that Ally's too young to be wearking make-up. But he stops himself before he can. He watches for a moment from the doorway and Lexie notices, giving him a soft smile before telling Ally to open her eyes. When she does, the thirteen-year-old immediately spins towards the mirror to look. Lexie smiles, giving her a kiss on the cheek, telling her that she looks beautiful and Ally smiles widely.

"Can I wear lip gloss too?" Ally asks but she then notices Mark standing in the doorway.

The room is silent for a moment, the girl expecting Mark to tell her that she can't wear any makeup. He has always felt that she's not old enough yet.

He surprises her though. "I'll be downstairs. Let me know when you're ready." And he then leaves the bedroom while Lexie reaches for a tube of her lip gloss.


Mark/Lexie; Mad for her_lovelyheart 

It is Ryan’s birthday and for an intern, the only way to celebrate is to get as drunk as possible. Lexie goes to Joe’s after her rounds to join in a few shots and she tries to act as if she isn’t completely aware of Mark sitting at the other end of the bar, sipping at a glass of scotch and nodding his head occasionally as Callie sits next to him, talking his ear off. Lexie can feel his eyes on her as she stands with her friends, holding a whiskey sour in her hand and wearing a purple “Happy Birthday” crown on her head. She will meet him at the Archfield later for another night together but until then, they had agreed to act as if they don’t know one another.

“Whoo!” Ryan suddenly exclaims after his tenth shot and Lexie doesn’t even have time to react before he had leans over and presses his lips to hers in a kiss. She feels her eyes widen and her entire body stiffens. Before she can pull away though, Ryan is already gone, leaning in now to kiss Graziella.

Lexie immediately looks over at the other end of the bar but the stool is empty and she sees the back of his head as he storms away towards the bathrooms in the back of the bar. Even though he is walking away from her, she can see the tenseness of his body and quickly, she deposits her glass down before hurrying after him, not listening as a couple of her friends call out after her.

She sees him enter the men’s bathroom and she doesn’t hesitate in following after him, the door swinging shut behind her. There is another man in there, standing at one of the urinals but Lexie doesn’t even look at him as she stalks right up to Mark as he stands at the sink, staring at her.

“I’m two seconds away from punching that guy. I don’t care if it is his birthday,” Mark says, crossing his arms over his chest, and Lexie takes the crown off her head, nodding.

“He took me by surprise-” She starts to explain but then suddenly, Mark is kissing her, one hand curling around the back of her neck and his other arm around her waist and she instantly kisses him back, her arms wrapping around his shoulders and the crown falling to the floor.

Neither notice as the other man leaves the bathroom, the door squeaking on its hinges as it opens and then swings shut again, leaving the two of them alone, Mark kissing her hard and passionately, with a side of anger, his tongue plundering her mouth making her moan and feel dizzy.

“Mmmm,” she moans, keeping her eyes closed, smiling once their lips separate. “I much prefer your surprise kisses.”


Mark/Lexie; Cold for her_lovelyheart 

"I'm dying," Mark groaned as he curled under the covers of their bed, his nose stuffed up and his throat dry and sore from having to breath through his mouth.

"You're not dying. It's cold season," Lexie rolled her eyes, perched on the edge of the mattress next to him, holding a bowl of steaming homemade chicken noodle soup. "Now I just slaved over a hot stove to make this for you and you really need to eat something, Mark."

"If I die, what's the appropriate grieving period before you move on?" He asked, reluctantly rolling onto his back and then forcing himself to sit up against the pillows.

"Seriously?" Lexie stared at him.

"Yes," he nodded but then regretted it with the headache currently drilling away at his skull. "And I need to update my will. With you as my girlfriend, you and Derek will have to split everything. No arguments. And make sure I'm buried in my black suit - the one I wore to dinner with your dad. I think I look damn good in that suit."

"You do," she agreed, unable to believe that he was being so dramatic. "Open please," she then said, a spoonful of soup poised over the bowl.

"Will you forget about me immediately?" He asked but then his eyes squeezed shut and he covered his face with his hands when he let out a mighty sneeze.

"Bless you," she said, reaching over and plucking a Kleenex from the box on the nightstand, handing him one, and then the bottle of hand sanitizer.

"I'm dying," he repeated. "And I'm cold."

"You have every blanket we own on this bed," she pointed out to him as he blew his nose.

"Get naked and lay with me. Body heat works better than any blanket."

She frowned. "I'm not getting naked with you. You'll get me sick." She brought the bowl and spoon towards his mouth. "I promise you. This soup is delicious and you'll feel better once you get something warm inside of you."

"I'll never feel better. I'm dying," he reiterated.

Lexie sighed heavily. "I really hope our kids aren't going to be like this when they're sick." As soon as the words left her mouth, her eyes widened and they stared silently at one another. Mark still didn't say anything as he finally opened his mouth and she gently fed him the spoonful of soup. He moaned though as he swallowed the hot liquid down his throat. "Good?" She asked, scooping up another spoonful, trying to not look away as he kept staring at her.

"When we have kids, Derek isn't getting anything in my will," Mark finally spoke and she smiled a little at him, immediately noting that he said "when" and not "if".

"So you admit you're not dying right now?" Lexie asked.

Mark smiled before opening his mouth. "More, please," he said and she laughed, feeding him another helping. "Your soup apparently cures all. Just like a mom's soup should."


Lexie/Sadie; Girls Night In for mathhhh 

Lexie had been so excited when Sadie had made the suggestion of a Girls Night In since it had been so long since Lexie had felt like she had had any friends – especially after moving back to Seattle from Boston – and she did like to think Sadie was her friend so it made her happy to know that it was mutual.

The house was fortunately empty – Alex, Izzie, Meredith and Derek all working at the hospital or at Joe’s – and Lexie really could use a distraction right about now. She had given Mark that ridiculous ultimatum and so far, he hadn’t told Derek yet. But she didn’t want to think about it. She didn’t want to think that of the very real possibility of Mark choosing Derek over her. And why shouldn’t he? Derek was his best friend, practically his brother. And who was she? Just the intern with who he was sleeping.

So she was excited for spending more time with Sadie. Of course, that was before they were in the living room, sitting on the couch and watching a porno.

Sadie laughed as Lexie blushed, hiding her face with embarrassment behind one of the throw pillows. “Oh, come on. This one actually has a plot unlike others,” she smiled.

“How is a copier repair man, going from office to office, screwing women a plot?” Lexie asked and Sadie laughed again before taking a sip from her glass of margarita that they had made with the blender in the kitchen.

“Oh, this is my favorite part,” Sadie said and Lexie couldn’t help but peek over the pillow, watching as the man now had the woman up on one of the copier machines, the woman leaning back on her elbows as her legs rested up on the man’s shoulders. “I absolutely love that position. The man can get so deep.”

And Lexie found herself nodding her head, not going unnoticed by Sadie.

“I bet Sloan loves trying different positions with you,” she then grinned.

“Sadie!” Lexie exclaimed, her cheeks blushing even though it was the absolute truth and Sadie knew it was, which only made her laugh a bit harder.

“I have a feeling though that Sloan is a little more endowed than this man,” Sadie said, nudging Lexie with her foot.

And because this conversation was already ridiculous and inappropriate and extremely private, Lexie took a sip of her own margarita and smiled mysteriously. “MUCH more endowed.”


Brandon/Ellie; Champagne for daytimetrauma 

Their hotel room wasn’t the most expensive or lavish but since they arrived in Paris, they hadn’t been spending that much time in the room anyway. The bed was incredibly soft, they had a small balcony that overlooked the street outside and breakfast was brought to their room every morning – fresh fruit, croissants, coffee and juice and even though it was only nine o’clock, he ordered a bottle of champagne because if you couldn’t drink champagne for breakfast in Paris, where could you? They sat up in their bed, she having to hold the white bed sheet around her otherwise naked body and she smiled when he kissed the spot where her neck and shoulder met.

“What’s on the list for today?” He asked as he poured them both a glass.

“The Louvre and Le Jardin des Tuileries,” she answered, licking the extra butter off her fingers from the croissant and then taking the flute glass of the bubbly drink he extended to her.

“Thank god you speak French,” he said and she smiled, surprising him when she leaned in and gave him a kiss.

“I love it here. We should bring Chris back here. I can teach both of you,” she said, twisting her body a bit more towards him, holding up a blueberry and he grinned, opening his mouth and she fed it to him, smiling herself.

“You’re really happy here,” he noted, staring at her, almost with amazement.

She gave him a strange look though, as if she didn’t fully understand. She shook her head slightly. “I… Brandon, I’m always happy with you.”


Mark/Lexie; Makeout for her_lovelyheart 

“Mark,” Lexie moaned and laughed at the same time as Mark’s lips trailed down her throat, her eyes closing and her hands sliding down his back, gripping material of his tee-shirt with her fingers. “We can’t…”

“The kids aren’t home, Lex,” Mark murmured and then listened to her moan as he nipped at her earlobe with his teeth. Lexie arched her back off the couch, pressing herself against him, and Mark took the opportunity to wrap an arm around her waist, shifting both of them so they were lying down a bit more on the couch.

Lexie raked her fingers through his hair and Mark lifted his head from her neck, fusing his lips back to hers, kissing her deeply, their mouths slanting together and their tongues tangling. She moaned, her arms around his neck now, pulling him down more on top of her, his body crushing hers down onto the couch. She almost felt like laughing because their kisses are frenzied, almost desperate, and she can’t remember the last time they were able to make out like this – on the couch in their living room in the open.

One of Mark’s hand glided down her side, fingers curving around her hip, holding onto her tightly as if she had any intention of trying to escape him. She shifted underneath him, rubbing one of her sock-covered feet up and down the back of his jean-clad calf. He worked one of his hands up her tee-shirt, pausing over her ribcage before continuing upwards until he was gently massaging her breast over the satin bra she was wearing. She moaned into his mouth, her back bowing from the couch ever so slightly, pressing her breast up against his hand.

They were completely caught up in one another. Hands and mouths and their lips meeting and massaging one another over and over again, their bodies rubbing together and both knew that if they weren’t wearing clothes, Mark would already be inside of her. Instead, they kissed harder and tried to touch as much of one another as possible.

“Ew, gross!” Sam suddenly exclaimed and Mark and Lexie instantly pulled their lips apart, both turning their heads to see their four children and Derek standing in the doorway of the living room.

Sam looked completely disgusted, Max was giggling behind her hand, Ellie looked as if she could have cared less and Ally was hiding her eyes behind her hand, grimacing at the sight of her parents lying on the couch, making out.

Derek merely smirked though as Lexie blushed, lifting her head and burying her face in the side of Mark’s neck with embarrassment. “You two are so predictable,” Derek said.


Mark/Lexie; Late Night Swim for adamsfan 

“This feels so wrong,” Lexie said, crossing her arms and hugging herself as she stood on the shore of the lake, looking around at the dark woods that surrounded them. The moon was nearly full and hung high in the sky almost directly above them, providing so much light, it almost took her breath away. Everything about that night was beautiful – including her very naked boyfriend swimming just a few feet away from her in the water.

Mark grinned. “Get your ass in here, Little Grey. You said you would do this with me.”

“That was before…” she audibly gulped as he did a backstroke, the moon reflecting off of the water droplets glistening on his skin. God, he was gorgeous. The perfect male specimen and he was actually with her – little, plain Lexie Grey. She could still hardly believe it. “Why couldn’t we do this at the Archfield? They have a pool…”

“They do. But this is so much better. No chlorine-”

“Just snakes,” she couldn’t help but smile and he grinned back.

“-and besides, kids stay in that hotel and I am fairly certain they pee in that pool,” he finished, never taking his eyes off of her as she remained standing on the bank, wearing her black bikini.

“What if Derek comes back and hears us? This is his lake, his land-” she tried to protest.

Mark shook his head. “He’s on-call all night. Now, get in here.”

She took a deep breath, nodding slightly, keeping her eyes locked with his as she slowly, almost nervously, pulled the string tied around her back. She stopped before she could untie the one around her neck. “Can you turn around?” She suddenly asked.

He almost laughed. “You’re kidding, right? Lex, I think I have seen you naked before.”

“Please,” she said, giving him those wide brown doe eyes of her and he already was powerless to them. With a heavy sigh, he turned his back to her. “Thank you,” she called out softly and he tilted his head up towards the moon, trying to listen to her and a moment later, the instant he heard the soft splash of water, he turned back towards her. She was already submerged, gliding deeper until the water hit her bare shoulders.

He grinned, swimming towards her, his hands seeking her out and the instant his fingers touched her bare flesh, he felt her shivering.

“This water is freezing,” she chattered, her hands gliding up his arms, and he pulled her through the water until she was pressed against him. He leaned in and ducking his head down, he pressed his lips to hers, his arms around her waist, and he drank her in, kissing her slowly, fully, and she moaned, her hands lifting to cup his cheeks.

He reluctantly pulled his head back from hers and smiled as her eyes remained closed. “Is the water still cold?”

Her eyes were still closed but she leaned in for another kiss. “What water?” She murmured before their lips met again and she could feel him smiling.


Mark/Lexie; Soothing Baby Dylan for kitkatj  (from Head on Collision)

Dylan would not stop crying even though it was two o’clock in the morning and Lexie had just been up with him the hour before for a feeding. Mark groaned, rolling onto his stomach and burying his face in his pillow. Lexie shifted next to him and slowly sat up, pushing the covers from off her body.

“No. I got him,” Mark said, gripping her thigh, stopping her.

Lexie instantly laid down again. “Thank you,” she murmured, her eyes already closed.

Mark kissed her forehead and then pulled himself from the bed, Dylan’s cries almost hurting his ears, as he stumbled from their bedroom across the hall into the nursery where their one-week old son was laying in his crib, his eyes squeezed shut and his mouth open in a never-ending scream.

“Hey, little guy. Why are you crying?” Mark asked, his voice soft and tired. He gently lifted his son from the crib and cradled him in his arms. His hand patted Dylan’s bottom but he didn’t need a fresh diaper. And Lexie had just fed him. So why was he crying?

Mark tried to hush him, rocking him back and forth, biting back a yawn. If he didn’t need a change or a bottle, Mark was feeling completely lost. But then, he remembered something and smiling to himself for how clever he was, he left the nursery, heading down the hallway to their living room, Dylan continued to cry and Mark kept rocking him as he flipped on one of the lamps on the end tables next to the couch. His eyes squinted from the light but he quickly adjusted and saw his iPod on the coffee table. Shifting Dylan into one arm, Mark scrolled through his music selection.

“When your mommy was pregnant with you, you were so restless at night and the only thing that could calm you down was Sam Cooke,” Mark explained as he loaded the iPod into the docking station and after a moment, Sam Cooke softly began playing and Mark rocked the baby back and forth, staring down at him, smiling the entire time.

It still amazed him that he and Lexie had a son.

And then he did something he never, ever did. With Lexie, he danced, and apparently with Dylan, he sang.

“I don’t know why she left me. I don’t know where she’s gone. But all I know is I’ll never be happy until my baby comes back home, yeah because I’m in a sad mood tonight. Oh my baby, done gone away and left me. My baby done gone.”

Dylan’s cries slowly subsided, fading away until he was silent and blinking up at him as Mark continued to sing for him.

Suddenly, feeling two slim arms wrap around his waist from behind, Mark stopped singing and looked back over his shoulder, seeing Lexie, her eyes closed, her cheek resting against his shoulder blade, a tired, soft smile on her face. She didn’t say anything and neither did Mark. Instead, he continued rocking back and forth, smiling down at Dylan and Lexie swayed with him and then, sandwiched between his wife and his son, Mark began singing along with the song again.


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