lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

You’ve Been the Only Thing That’s Right In All I’ve Done (Mark/Lexie)

I guess I am addicted to writing these family vignettes and can only hope that people want to keep reading. It seems though that a lot of you are liking these and that means so much to me. I honestly am flattered by every comment that I get and I still have more planned for future drabbles but as always, if you want to read something specific, just let me know and I will do my best to fit in. Thank you!


In their bedroom, both naked on the bed, she straddles on top of him, her hips rising and falling against his, the bed squeaking softly with each back and forth movement.


The rhythm between them is steady, Lexie not feeling the need to rush this. She wants to savor it, to worship every inch of his body. There is a knowledge shared between them after years together of just what to do, those just right places to touch. Her fingertips lingering on his peaked nipples, pulling and tweaking the taut flesh as he breathes heavily below her. His hands holding her ass cheeks firmly as he guides her movements up and down.


He smiles up at her and it is this smile Lexie loves the most, a flash of grey blue behind lidded eyes and a smile on his face that reminds her of a cat that has just caught the mouse. His eyes open to lock onto hers, their hips slowing as they stare at each other. His smile vanishes, hers grows, as he lays beneath her motionless, his eyes darkening. All she can hear is his ragged breath as she moves above him.


A hand buries in her hair, pulling her down to his hungry lips which devours her own. His tongue swipes into her mouth, aggressively taking a hold of her, easily overpowering her. Holding her tightly, he rolls them over as one, putting her underneath him, remaining buried within her.


Lexie wraps her arms around his firm shoulders as he increases the speed of his thrusts, slamming into her now, his eyes closed, jaw rigid as he looms over her. She lifts her head, burying it into his shoulder, his soft grunts echoing in her ears. Her hips rise to meet his faster as the pressure grows within her.


She groans as his hips stop, a wry smile on his lips as he sits back on his haunches.


“Mark,” she breathes, slightly panicked that he is going to be stopping.


It dies on her lips as he pulls her hips flush against his, her eyes closing as the new angle causes his length to rub against her clit as he moves inside of her. A strange smile comes over his face as he continues to piston against her, her hands struggling to gain a firm grasp on his shoulders.


Mark holds her hips firmly as he moves them against his quickly. One hand moves between her thighs, finding her clit with his fingers easily, rolling around it quickly. A cry escapes her lips, as he smiles and twists it just like she always wants when she is on the verge of climaxing. Mark leans down, swallowing her cries with a kiss and Lexie holds his face close to her own in between her hands, their eyes locking as her release washes over her, every nerve exploding, every inch of her burning and shaking.


Her eyes close and her head falls down against the bed below her, her arms tightening around his neck. His harsh breaths pant in her ear as he thrusts slowly against her. A few more thrusts and he empties himself inside of her, his arms shaking as he holds himself over her. Lexie’s hands run down his arms, steadying him as both of their breathing takes time to calm.


He laughs quietly, falling to the side of her, reclining over her and she smiles up at him. Brushing the hair back from her face, with a small smile, he presses his lips to hers, their skin sweaty and sticking together.



The doorbell rings and Sam, who has just learned how to walk if he holds onto something, refuses to let go of her finger so she can go answer it so Lexie scoops him up into her arms and opens the door to see Meredith standing on the front porch. She doesn’t say a word. She simply holds up a pregnancy test and Lexie stares at the pink plus sign in the small window of the plastic stick.


Meredith shakes her head. “I don’t want this.”


Lexie reaches out and gently takes Meredith’s hand in hers. “Come inside,” she says softly and pulls her into the house.



Megan gives Mark a smile as she leans over his desk and places a cup of coffee in front of him. “Do you need anything else, Dr. Sloan?”


He shakes his head, keeping his eyes set on his computer screen as he reads through his morning emails. Megan doesn’t leave though and instead looks at his collection of framed photographs adorning the windowsills behind his desk. There are photos of his friends but mostly of his family. Of his children. Of Lexie.


She wonders if he has any idea how sexy a family man is.


Megan stares at Lexie’s pictures the longest. She is a beautiful woman but then again, being married to Mark Sloan, she would have to be. She wonders how much work Lexie has had done. If Megan had three children and was married to a plastic surgeon, she would definitely be taking advantage of that.


“How did you and your wife meet, Dr. Sloan?” Megan asks.


Mark doesn’t remove his eyes from the email he is reading. “She was an intern and I was her attending.”


Megan smiles. “Teacher and student. How scandalous.” That makes Mark smirk but he doesn’t say anything further. Megan leans against the edge of the desk near his hand that is covering his computer mouse. “How long have you been married?”


“Almost eight years,” he answers.


“I have to be honest. When I first met you…” Megan shrugs with a smile. “You didn’t exactly look like the kind of man who has a wife and kids. Some men are just too handsome to be tied down.”


Mark looks at her, his eyes hard. “You should get back to work.”


Megan smiles, slipping away from his desk. “Whatever you say, Dr. Sloan.”



She sits down next to him on the top step of the back deck, slipping her arm through his and resting her head on his shoulder. The children are asleep after nearly an hour of giving them baths, changing them into their pajamas and tucking them in, the sky is black and thunder rumbles lowly in the distance. He is holding a beer bottle and he offers it to her. Taking it, Lexie sips a small amount and Mark brushes a few locks of hair over her shoulder and kisses her neck, his beard scruff scratching her, making her close her eyes and smile.


“I absolutely adore you,” she whispers and she can feel a smile bloom across his lips against her skin.



Ally turns seven, making Lexie cry because she is already seven, and they have a party in the backyard for her and friends she has invited from school on Saturday. There are balloons and streamers and Ally wants cheeseburgers – which Mark and Owen take turns grilling – potato chips and pasta salad and she wants Lexie to make the fruit salad that she always makes in the summertime when berries are in season. Lexie has also gotten a large chocolate cake from the bakery with blue and white icing that is shaped into a whale.


She screams with excitement and throws herself against Mark and Lexie, thanking them over and over again, when they surprise her with her very own red-eared slider turtle, something she has been wanting since she was four, and she instantly names it Michelangelo after her favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle


Ally promptly declares it to be the best birthday she has ever had.



As one of the top plastic surgeons in the country – and the number one on the west coast – E! Television asks Mark if he would be interested in filming a show, Hollywood Plastic Surgeries: The Price of Looking Young – a basic clip show that focuses on celebrities with a panel of doctors and so-called “celebrity” experts talking about their did they or didn’t they bodily enhancement surgeries.


And the producers are so eager to get him down to L.A., they offer all expenses paid including the flight and hotel room. It is June and Mark agrees to come but he pays for a bigger hotel room to bring Lexie and the kids too for an impromptu vacation to California for a couple of days. They haven’t taken a vacation since before Lexie was pregnant with Sam and it’s time for the Sloan family to take a little break from Seattle. Sometimes, it’s nice to just get away for a couple of days.


Filming is done downtown at the E! Studios and a car comes to the hotel to pick Mark up the morning of his scheduled interview. They have ordered room service for breakfast and Ellie is sitting on the bed in their hotel room, eating a bowl of blueberries, eating each berry one at a time, as Ally sits on the foot of the bed, watching the morning news on the television. Lexie is in the bathroom with Sam, washing maple syrup that he has gotten all over his face from the bites of pancake he has eaten, and Mark stands in front of the mirror hanging on the bathroom door, knotting his dark tie.


He isn’t nervous whatsoever about the interview. He doesn’t really see the big deal about it; just him sitting in front of a camera, talking about people who hadn’t had surgeries done by him and now looking like shit because of it.


They had arrived in L.A. yesterday morning and the night before, they had met up with Addison, Sam and Naomi for a casual dinner of burgers and fries at In N’ Out so Sam and Naomi could meet all three children and Addison could see Sam for the first time, knowing Ally and Ellie both quite well since Addison frequently visited Seattle. After the interview, Mark is looking forward to doing nothing except relaxing on the beach with his family in the actual sun before returning to Seattle.  


Mark gives each kid a kiss on the head and Lexie straightens his tie and grey suit jacket for him before pushing herself up on her toes, giving him a firm, sound kiss.


“You’re going to do great,” she tells him a warm smile and he smiles in response before framing her face with his hands and kissing her again.



The interview takes almost five hours with Mark sitting in a chair behind a blue backdrop with the camera and the cameraman, a boom mic operator, a script supervisor and the producer in front of him, showing him pictures of celebrities and asking him for his professional opinion on the surgeries they clearly had but deny publicly and also the possible dangers of plastic surgery.


“A lot of people come in, wanting plastic surgery, and they don’t seem to remember that this is surgery. They will go under anesthesia, for several hours, and their bodies are physically altered and it will take time for the body to recover from such procedures. Unfortunately, the body cannot always handle these changes and death during plastic surgery is more common than people think. There is always a risk when it comes to having surgery.”


After making them laugh and charming them with more celebrity commentaries, they unclip his mic, shake his hands and thank him countless times for making the trip. The script supervisor then asks him how long his waiting list is because she hates the bump in her nose.



When Mark returns to the hotel, one of the valets opens the door for him and the concierge comes around the front desk in the lobby to inform him that his family was outside at the pool. Thanking him and without going upstairs first to change out of his suit, Mark walks through the expansive first floor of the elegant hotel to the doors leading outside to the hotel’s private pool and beyond the fenced in area, there is the Pacific Ocean and the hotel’s private beach.


The pool area is mostly empty except for a few people lounging in chaises, basking in the warm California sun. Mark spots his family immediately and stands in the doorway for a lingering minute, watching them, a tight feeling in his chest as he listens to Ally laugh as she shows Ellie, who is wearing her orange floaties, how to doggy paddle in the shallowest end of the pool and Lexie – looking as hot as hell in Mark’s opinion in a black bikini – is holding Sam in her arms, smiling as the baby splashes the water with the spastic kicking of his feet with squealing laughter.


“Mama!” He keeps exclaiming as she laughs as she holds him in her hands, letting him float in the water.


Mark watches them, a faint smile pulling at one corner of his mouth, and he almost doesn’t want to interrupt the moment. But eventually, he is spotted.


“Daddy!” Ally exclaims, rushing out of the pool and running to him, Lexie calling out to her to be careful. Despite her soaking wet from head to toe and he still wearing his suit, Mark swings her up into his arms. “Mommy said that we can’t go to the beach until you get back but you’re here now so can we go to the beach now?”


Mark nods. “After I change my clothes, we can. Go help your sister out of the pool.”


He gives Ally a kiss on the head, putting her back on her feet, and with an excited yelp, she jumps back into the pool, making Ellie laugh and try to kick over to her.


“Hey, sexy,” Lexie smiles at him and he smirks as he walks around the pool to where she is drying Sam off. She tilts her head up and Mark kisses her. “How’d it go?”


“Good,” he nods, taking Sam from her. “They said it should premiere in a month.”


Her smile grows as she begins toweling herself off now. “I can’t believe that my husband, plastic surgeon god Mark Sloan, is going to be on a television show.”


He smirks. “Plastic surgeon god, huh?”


“Oh, shut up. You know it’s true so I'm not saying it again,” Lexie laughs slightly before giving him another kiss. “Go change and then we can all go to the beach together. Our kids want to swim in the ocean with their daddy.”


Mark stares at her, that tight feeling in his chest again, and he smiles, nodding.



“When Lexie told you she was pregnant, what was the situation?” Derek asks as they sit on two stools at the bar in Joe’s.


Mark takes a sip of scotch. “She told me about Ally when we were in the kitchen right after her intern exam. She told me about Ellie on the day Sadie and Alex were supposed to get married. And she told me about Sam when we were in New York for a medical conference.”


Derek looks at him. “You remember all of that?” He asks and Mark smirks.


“You never forget when your wife tells you that she’s pregnant.”


“Do you ever think of having a fourth?”


Mark shrugs. “Who knows? We don’t really talk about it. Whatever happens, happens and we’ll be happy about it. And we have enough sex-”


“Still?” Derek asks though talking about Mark and Lexie’s sex life isn’t exactly a topic he thinks he can stomach.


Mark doesn’t answer. He simply smirks in that classic Mark Sloan way and Derek is able to fill in the blanks for himself.


“Meredith and me were fighting last night because Izzie and Alex are still living there and now with George on leave from the army has moved in too and call me crazy but I want to live in a house with just my wife but when we’re screaming at each other, she tells me that she’s pregnant,” Derek says.


Having just taken a sip of scotch, Mark chokes slightly. “Are you serious?”


Derek continues. “And then she tells me that she doesn’t want it. She’s too busy being a doctor and she doesn’t have the time for a baby and she isn’t going to be turning into Lexie.” He nearly downs his entire glass of scotch in one gulp. “My own wife doesn’t want to have my kid because her career is more important to her.”


Mark has no idea what to say. He has lived through this once – a woman telling him that she was pregnant by him only to then get rid of the baby.


That was before Lexie though. When the idea of having babies together first came to their relationship, Lexie had been excited. Ecstatic, really, at the possibility of having a baby and not just having a baby, but having Mark’s baby.


Sometimes, Mark still has no idea what he has ever done to have Lexie love him like she does because before Lexie, and even now sometimes, he knows he wasn’t a good person. He has made a lot of mistakes in life and though he tries to be the best he can be for both Lexie and their kids, he is still sometimes terrified that none of this is real.


Because of Lexie, Mark has no idea what Derek is going through. Mark can’t even begin to imagine what he would do or feel if Lexie, his wife, the one woman who had changed him and his life, told him that she didn’t want his baby.


And Mark knows that Derek doesn’t want him to really say anything. Instead, Mark slips a comforting hand on his shoulder and then signals to Joe for another round.



Lexie hugs Owen as if she hasn’t seen him for weeks instead of just the night before when he had come over for dinner and she steps aside so he can come into the house. Charlie greets him with a wagging tail and Owen rubs him behind his ears before following Lexie into the living room. There are toys everywhere and Sam and Ellie are both playing on the floor with 101 Dalmatians playing on the television.


After making sure that both are alright, Lexie leads Owen into the kitchen.


“You hungry?” She asks but without waiting for him to answer, she goes to the refrigerator to collect things to make him a sandwich as he sits down on one of the stools at the breakfast counter.


“Where’s Ally?” Owen asks.


“Upstairs, cleaning Bartholomew’s cage and Michelangelo’s tank,” Lexie smiles. “I don’t think she realized how big of a responsible a turtle is but she’s doing great so far with all of it.”


Owen smiles but then it fades as he runs his finger back and forth across the countertop distractedly, staring at the several stacks of textbooks Lexie is studying out of, all about autism.


“Can I talk to you about something?” He asks.


“You know you can,” Lexie tells him, standing across from them, beginning to make both of them sandwiches.


He takes a deep breath. “I know… I know after I came back from the war, I had changed. I wasn’t the same guy I was before I went over there and I came back… I’m not good for people.”


“That’s not true,” Lexie frowns. “I don’t know what me, Mark and Sadie would do without you. And you're the most wonderful uncle to the kids-”


“That’s different,” he says. “You are my family. Cristina was…” He sighs. “No matter what she said, I know that she wanted… needed a lot more from me.” He stares at Lexie. “I was willing to be the bad guy for her. To make it easier.”


Lexie stares at him for a moment and then shakes her head slightly. “You’re crazy, Owen. You don’t have the capability of being a bad guy.”



Mark collapses onto the bed on his stomach, hugging the pillow to his face, closing his eyes as he feels Lexie climb onto the bed after him, straddling his hips. She bends down and presses a kiss to the back of his neck and then sits up, beginning to rub his shoulders and back with her hands, smiling as he groans with pleasure.


“How does that feel?” She asks, rubbing out a particularly tense knot where his shoulder and neck meet.


“So fucking good,” he answers with another groan. He hisses as she hits a tender spot and she bends down to kiss it before working it out with her fingers. “Mmmm. Fuck, Lex. You’re incredible. I don’t know what I would do without you.”


She smiles, shifting slightly to get more comfortable but Mark surprises her and grabbing her, he flips them over so she is on her back and he is above her and he grins as she laughs. She wraps her arms around his shoulders and pulls him down completely on top of her and their mouths meet, both of them still smiling against their lips.

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