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I Was Difficult to Reach But You Picked Me (Mark/Lexie)

I really like this set of vignettes. A lot. And not just because I finally delivered on the lingerie/office sex that I promised a couple sets back. I am not sure why but I just like how every single one of these drabbles turned out. Read and let me know which ones you like. Thank you!


Lexie and Sadie go shopping and Mark takes Ally, Ellie and Sam out to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. Sitting Sam down in his lap, Mark holds a cone of vanilla ice cream so the one-year-old can lick on it. Ellie is sitting across from him, eating a sundae, slowly guiding her red plastic spoon towards her mouth, hot fudge trailing down her chin, and Ally is sitting next to her, smiling and her feet swinging back and forth above the floor, as she munches on a Peanut Buster Parfait.


“Why didn’t you get anything, daddy?” Ally asks.


“I’m waiting for you to give me some of yours,” Mark smirks, almost laughing as Ally shakes her head, bringing her ice cream closer to her chest.


Ellie digs her spoon into her sundae and then holds it out towards Mark. He smiles.


“For me?” He asks and she nods. Shifting Sam on his lap, Mark leans over the table and Ellie feeds him the bit of ice cream, smiling at him. “Mmmm. That’s delicious,” Mark said, licking his lips. “Thank you, Ellie.”


“Say you’re welcome, Ellie,” Ally instructs and Mark gives her a wink, making her smile at him before looking back at her younger sister. “When someone says thank you, you have to say you’re welcome, Ellie,” she explains.


Ellie looks at Mark. “You’re welcome,” she says, smiling when Mark smiles at her.


Sam leans forward in Mark’s lap, opening his mouth, trying to reach the ice cream cone that Mark has unknowingly moved out of his reach. “Dada,” Sam says, slapping the table with one of his still-pudgy baby hands.


“Whoops,” Mark says, bringing the cone back to him. “Sorry about that, Sammy.”


“Daddy?” Ally speaks through a mouthful of ice cream and peanuts. “Do I have grandparents?”


The question is so sudden and unexpected, Mark nearly drops the ice cream cone from his hand onto the table. He tries to collect himself and act casual, clearing his throat. “Why do you ask that?”


Ally shrugs. “Brandon was supposed to come over yesterday to play but he said he couldn’t because his grandparents were coming over. I don’t have grandparents, do I? Why don’t I ever see them?”


He isn’t sure how to answer this. In his opinion, no, his and Lexie’s children don’t have grandparents. They have Lexie’s dad and Mark’s mom but they don’t count as anything. They certainly aren’t grandparent material and as far as Mark is concerned, his and Lexie’s children don’t need grandparents.


“Your name, Susan… your mommy and me named you after her mother, your grandmother, Susan. She died though before any of you were born. Even before your mommy and me were married,” Mark says. “Your mommy loved your grandmother very much and she still misses her. The instant you were born, she knew that she wanted to name you Susan.”


Ally smiles. “Did you know her, daddy?”


“No, I didn’t. I wish I did though,” Mark answers. “I like hearing your mom talk about her. Susan sounded like she was an incredible woman. Which is why we named you after her.”


She smiles at that. “Do you have a mommy, daddy?” Ally asks.


Another question Mark has no idea how to answer. The situation is far too complicated sometimes for even him to understand it. So he doesn’t answer and does what he does best when it comes to his parents. He avoids it.


“Come on. All of you need to eat up your ice cream before it starts to melt.”




Sadie and Jeremy become engaged but unlike her first almost wedding, Sadie wants to have something extremely low-key so like Mark and Lexie had done, the couple simply goes to the courthouse for a quick ceremony in a judge’s chambers. The only guests are Mark, Lexie, Owen, and a couple of Jeremy’s fellow friends and residents and after Sadie and Jeremy are pronounced husband and wife and they share their first kiss, they all return to the Sloan house where Mark and Lexie offered to host the reception dinner.


Late in the evening, when all the children were put to bed, and they have lost count of champagne bottles that have been opened, Jeremy and Sadie have to leave to change and catch a flight for their honeymoon: a week in Aruba.


Lexie and Sadie, both crying, hug one another tightly on the front porch as Jeremy shakes Mark’s and Owen’s hands, thanking them for everything that they have done.


“I am so happy for you,” Lexie said as they pull apart, laughing embarrassingly as she wipes at her cheeks. “Both of you. I am so happy for both of you.”


Mark pulls Sadie into a tight hug. “If he does anything to fuck it up, you just let me and Owen know. We’ll take care of the rest,” he tells her but as Sadie laughs, Jeremy audibly gulps at the threat.


Sadie then goes to Owen. She puts her hands on his cheeks and they stare at one another before they embrace one another in a tight hug that looks as if Owen is crushing Sadie but she doesn’t seem to mind in the least.


After another round of hugs and promises to call as soon as she gets back, Sadie and Jeremy leave and Owen leaves as well shortly thereafter. As Mark remains downstairs to take Charlie out one more time and then to turn off the lights and locks the doors, Lexie goes upstairs to check and make sure all of the children are still asleep – pulling the blanket back up over Ally that she has kicked off and placing the stuffed Little Foot from Land Before Time that Ellie has knocked off back onto the bed – before going into hers and Mark’s own bedroom.


“Whoa,” Mark says as he comes into their bedroom, stopping short as he sees Lexie standing in front of the full-length mirror, wearing her own white wedding dress.


She smiles at him. “Look. It still fits!”


“I see that,” he smirks, closing the door behind him as he loosens his tie.


“I don’t think you know how amazing this is, Mark. I was twenty-five when we got married and I’ve had three kids since,” Lexie reminds him. “Eight years later and it fits perfectly. I totally kick ass and you know it.”


He laughs at that, coming up behind her and slipping his arms around her waist, pulling her back against his chest. She smiles as he rests his chin on her shoulder and looks at both of their reflections in the mirror.


“I’ve known that for a long time now, Lex,” he tells her quietly and she smiles, covering his hands with hers.



Lexie wants to plant some daffodil and tulip bulbs once the summer weather begins growing cooler so they will have flowers first thing in the spring and knowing how much she loves the colors of flowers, Mark brings Ellie with him to the nursery to get what Lexie wants. Most of the flowers are gone due to the end of the season but some still remain and Mark puts Ellie down on the ground from carrying her from the car, watching as she instantly goes to trays of bright red gardenias on the ground as if they are magnetically pulling her in.


“Do you like these, Ellie?” He asks, crouching down next to her, and she nods her head, staring. “Do you want one?” She looks at him and he smiles. “You can get one if you want it. We just have to make sure we water it everyday. Can you do that?” Ellie nods her head quickly, showing her eagerness, and Mark continues to smile. “Go and pick out which one you want.”


Ellie stares at the flowers in front of her and Mark watches as she slowly walks around the perimeter of the trays and then bends down and carefully picks up one of the black thin plastic containers holding a single, fully bloomed gardenia.


“That one?” He asks and she nods, holding it with both of her hands. “That’s the perfect choice, Ellie,” he comments and smiles when she smiles at him. “Do you want me to hold it?”


She shakes her head, clutching the flower carefully to her chest. He stands up, reaching out and taking one of her hands in his. As they slowly walk through the nursery in search of the needed bulbs, Mark watches her, smiling to himself as she leans her nose into the petals, inhaling the flower’s faint, sweet scent and then turning her head up towards him, she smiles.



“Mark, stop,” Lexie says, unable to keep from laughing. “They’re just sitting out there. They’re not doing anything. They’re seven-years-old. What do you expect them to be doing?”

Mark glances at her from the corner of his eye before looking back out the window above the sink in the kitchen. “Look at that. They’re sitting on the swings,” he says. “And she just gave him one of her Reese’s cups. When have you ever known Ally to part with her candy before?”


Lexie laughs again. “Please stop. We’ve known Brandon since he was four and he’s her best friend.”


“And it was when she was four that she declared herself to be in love with him,” Mark frowns, still watching his daughter and the boy sitting on the swings of the playground set in the backyard. “I don’t trust him,” he adds.


“Why not?”


“Because, Lex,” he says as if she should already know. “Ally’s a beautiful young girl and Brandon has a penis.”


Lexie stares at him for a moment, a smile tugging at her lips, trying her hardest now to not burst out laughing at her genuinely concerned husband. “Mark… don’t you think they’re a little… young? They don’t know anything about sex yet.”


He cringes at just hearing the word “sex” in the same conversation as Ally. “It’s human nature, Lexie. Trust me. That boy might be seven-years-old but when I was that age, I knew my penis was meant to be used for something.”


Lexie has no idea how she keeps herself from laughing but she manages and instead, she stands up on her toes and kisses his cheek near the corner of his mouth. “Don’t worry. If you want, I will sit Ally down later tonight and give her the talk.”


“The talk should be very simple,” he says, looking back out the window. “Tell her that the instant she has sex, she’ll die. Tell her that sex actually kills people.”


She rolls her eyes. “I’m not telling her that, Mark. This is ridiculous anyway. She’s seven! She doesn’t need to know anything about sex yet.”


Mark’s frown deepens as he watches Brandon slide off of his swing and then goes behind Ally to start pushing her as she laughs. “I’ll talk to her about it then.”


“No, you are not, Mark Sloan. When Sam is old enough, you can talk to him about it but I will talk to Ally about sex,” Lexie says and then adds, “When she is old enough to seriously have that sort of discussion. And seven years old is not old enough.”


“Tell that to Don Juan out there,” Mark grumbles, watching as Brandon continues pushing Ally on the swing and Ally laughing happily from it.



Mark and Derek are in the dining room, talking and eating pieces of the cheesecake that Lexie has gotten for dessert as Lexie and Meredith are in the kitchen, Lexie brewing a pot of coffee and gathering four mugs down from the cabinet. It has been a tense dinner that night for the four since it seemed that Derek and Meredith weren’t speaking to one another at the moment and when Lexie was uncomfortable, she tended to start rambling to fill in the silences.


Now in the kitchen, Lexie gives her sister a sympathetic, kind smile. “No one says that you have to do what I did, Meredith, and stay home with the baby. And though Derek and I have had our disagreements in the past, I don’t find him to be the sort to order you to give up your career.”


“But you did it and if you haven’t noticed, Lexie, Derek wants me and him to be just like you and Mark,” Meredith says, pretending to focus her attention on a medical textbook on the kitchen counter that she is flipping through.


“I didn’t give up my career either,” Lexie says, her smile fading. “I was able to get three years of my residency completed between Ally and Ellie and once Sam is old enough, I will be going back to the hospital to finish. The only reason I stayed home was because I wanted to. Mark and I made the decision for our family. But every family is different, Meredith, and there is nothing wrong with having a baby and then going back to work after it’s born.”


Meredith rolls her eyes, exhaling a deep sigh. “Lexie, no offense but your life is the last thing I want for myself. I don’t want to have to deal with the constant crying and feeding and diaper changes. I don’t want my entire life to come to a halt like yours has. I would go insane if I was you and Mark left me here alone with the kids every day while he went off to actually practice medicine. If I was you, I’d be miserable.”


A second passes and Meredith’s eyes widen slightly as she realizes what she has just said, complete and uninhibited sadness in Lexie’s brown doe eyes.


“Lexie,” Meredith struggles. “I didn’t mean… it just slipped out. I don’t think that.”


Lexie shakes her head, trying to smile it off as if it didn’t mean anything to her but the hurt had hollowed in her chest and was now settling there like a weight. “You’re allowed to have your opinions,” she answers quietly, avoiding meeting her eyes.


Balancing the four mugs and the coffee pot on a tray, she brings it into the dining room, Mark getting to his feet to help her. The instant he sees her though, he knows something is wrong but she is avoiding looking at him as well.


“I have the worst headache,” she tells them, putting a hand to her forehead. “I just am going to run upstairs and get an aspirin.”


In the upstairs master bathroom, Lexie stares at her reflection in the mirror, at her dark hair that she is wearing down that night, at the black and white dress she chose for the dinner. She looks at the silver locket around her neck and then down at her wedding and engagement rings on her left third finger. For being thirty-three, she hasn’t aged that much. She could probably still pass for the eager, wide-eyed twenty-four year old first year intern she used to be.


If I was you, I’d be miserable.


“Lex?” Mark’s voice is heard on the other side of the door and without knocking, he comes in, seeing her standing at the sink. “Lexie,” he says, closing the door behind him. “What’s wrong?” She shakes her head and he notices that her hand is shaking slightly as she opens the medicine cabinet, looking for the bottle of aspirin. “Hey,” he frowns, going to her, taking her hand and pressing it between both of his. “Lex-”


“I’m not miserable,” she suddenly blurts out, turning her head, looking at him.


“Are you supposed to be?” He asks.


“My life with you, I couldn’t be happier,” she continues. “Even with our problems over the years, ever since I came to your hotel room that night… Mark, that was when everything began for me and I don’t regret a single thing.”


Tears begin to slowly roll down her cheeks and Mark wipes them away before wrapping his arms around her, hauling her body to his, holding onto her tightly.


“What did she say?” He asks quietly in her ear.


Lexie shakes her head though. “It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we, you and me, know that it isn’t true.”



Mark sighs, taking the bottle of rubber cement that Sam has pulled down from the shelf and returns it, before looking at his son who is sitting in the child seat of the shopping cart and smiling completely innocently up at him. Mark is secretly proud of him for picking up on that Sloan charm so early in his life.


“Sammy, you got to stop grabbing things,” Mark tells him. “And besides, I think it’s illegal for me to buy that for you.”


“Daddy!” Ally exclaims, running into the aisle crowded with other shoppers there for the back-to-school sale, carrying an armful of pocket folders. “I want these ones. These ones are perfect!” Holding up the folders, she shows that each one has a different animal on them – an elephant, alligator, zebra, giraffe, lion and shark.


“Dump them in,” Mark nods and Ally obeys, dropping the folders into the cart. “Sam,” he sighs, taking the pack of markers the baby has just grabbed and Sam giggles up at him. “Stop being a kleptomaniac for five seconds.”


“Actually, daddy, I need markers,” Ally says before Mark can put them back.


She holds up the piece of paper that her elementary school sent out earlier that week in the mail with all class supplies listed on it for the new school year and taking it, Mark sees that colored markers are asked for. He drops them into the cart and then hands Ally back her list.


“You’ve won this round, Sammy,” Mark tells him and the baby grins up at him as if he understands perfectly. Mark can’t help but smile in response and he smoothes a hand through Sam’s dark hair before looking at his daughter standing in front of the cart. “Alright, Ally. What’s next?”



“Dr. Sloan, your wife is here,” Megan informs him through the intercom on his phone.


“Send her back,” Mark says, glancing at the clock on the bottom right hand corner of his computer screen before going back to finishing writing notes down in a patient’s file that he has just seen.


He doesn’t look up when the door opens or shuts again. He hears Lexie lock it though and from the corner of his eye, he sees her walk around the desk and hoist herself up onto it, sitting down. He can practically hear her smiling as he continues writing with his right hand while sliding his left onto her thigh. She is wearing a dress and her skin is soft and exposed to him.


“Kids are alright?” He asks.


“Mmm-hmmm,” Lexie answers. “Sadie took them to see the new Pixar movie.”


He caps his pen and leans back in his chair, finally looking at her, a smirk on his face. “So what brings you here, Dr. Sloan?” He asks, his hand still on her thigh, ever so slowly, inching further up, his fingertips disappearing underneath her skirt.


“Well, I was hoping that what I want was fairly obvious, Dr. Sloan,” she smiles.


“Come here,” he says, putting his hands on her hips, gently pulling her to the edge of the desk and then onto his chair with him.


She smiles, straddling him, and then she kisses him, her fingers combing through his hair, his tongue entering her mouth immediately.


Squirming slightly on his lap, Lexie reaches behind her and lowers the zipper of her dress far enough down where she can brush the straps off her shoulders. His hands lift to unclasp her bra but Lexie beats him to it, unhooking it and tossing it somewhere off to the side. She throws her head back, biting down on her lip, as Mark puts a hand on her back, pushing her towards him, and they both moan as his mouth sucks on one of her breasts gently. One of her hands holds his head in place while the other clutches his shoulder and her hips rock against his. Mark practically growls as he continues sucking and kissing her breasts and she moans again, arching her back more as he nips lightly at her incredibly sensitive nipples.


Lexie can’t think. She can’t speak. She can only feel and revel in Mark’s lips and mouth on her breasts. She clings to his head as she feels him take a nipple into his mouth. She feels so hot, so wanton. Mark is the only man in her life that had ever made her feel like throwing everything else to the wind and just feel. He is the only one that could ever bring this entirely other side out of her. He is the only man that could ever make her feel sexy – even after Lexie stood outside in the front area of his office and stared at the much younger Megan behind her receptionist desk, torturing herself with thoughts of whether or not Mark finds the young woman to be attractive, because Lexie knows that Megan is.


“I have a feeling my wife is looking for some afternoon delight,” he whispers hoarsely, pulling his mouth away from her chest, looking up at her.


She smiles, her chest heaving up and down, her breath quick and sharp, and her hands go to his stomach where she begins pulling the dark blue scrub shirt up that he is wearing, exposing his perfectly chiseled stomach and chest. Pulling it off over his head, she drops it onto the floor as Mark’s hands rest to her thighs, pushing the material of her dress up inch by inch, revealing more of her legs to him.


Mark sucks in a breath of air when Lexie unexpectedly dips her head down, placing her lips onto his collar bone and sucking gently.


“Lexie,” he said, his voice low with his want for her.


She ignores him though and keeps her lips on his chest, moving from his collarbone, her kisses soft and light, almost teasing, down to one of his nipples where she licked at it with a swipe of her tongue. He groans then grabs her head, yanking her lips up to his. He kisses her hard and she moans, her arms sliding onto his shoulders, her bare chest pressing against his, her hardened nipples grazing against his skin. They both open their mouths at the same time and their tongues instantly tangle together.


Lexie nearly slides off his lap when Mark sucks on her tongue, but his arms tighten around her. She grinds her hips against his and he grips her, trying to get her to stop. He won’t be able to control himself if she keeps doing that – not that he was doing that well at controlling himself anyway.


“Stand up,” he said hoarsely, his voice raw, his eyes now so dark, the pure abandoned look of lust she sees there gives her goose bumps.


She puts her hands on his chest and stands up in front of him, almost trembling as he remains sitting and unapologetically rakes his hungry eyes over her body. Just the way he looks at her, just the way he doesn’t even try to mask his want for her, it makes her knees weak and her heart flutter.


“Take your dress off.”


She obeys him, already planning on taking the control he had over her back, and she reaches back behind her, her breasts thrusting out as she does so and Mark shifts in his seat. She lowers the zipper the rest of the way then pushes the material down, the dress slipping from her body. She kicks her heels off as well and she now stands in front of him in nothing but a tiny lace pair of black panties. Lexie smiles, blushing faintly as she pushes a few locks of hair behind her ears. Her breathing hitches as Mark reaches out and runs his finger back and forth along the waistband.


“Sadie and me went shopping…” Lexie manages to breathe out. “She wanted me to get this whole corset thing but… I felt more comfortable in this.


“You have no idea how fucking sexy you look right now,” he says lowly, staring at her.


She blushes at that and then remembers that she was going to be the one in control of this. She feels ready. God, she is ready.


Mark skims his lips over her stomach and she grabs his shoulders when he unexpectedly sucks on her hip bone before sucking on the patch of skin below her bellybutton. He smiles against her stomach when he hears the throaty moan he can get out of her. He dips his tongue quickly into her bellybutton and she laughs slightly at how it tickles.


Mark tips his head up and looks at her, grinning. “We’ll leave these on for now.”


Lexie finds herself nodding her head, completely hypnotized by his lustful spell. She wills herself to remain strong though. She manages to take a step away from him, separating her body from his lips and she prays her voice isn’t shaking when she spoke next.


“Take your shoes off, Mark,” she said, staring at him.


He stares at her for a moment and Lexie feels herself beginning to become nervous. She always knows what she wants but she rarely has to vocalize it. As if sensing her anxiety though, Mark smiles gently at her and then leaning forward in the chair, he pulls off his shoes, tossing them over his shoulder.


Lexie smiles again and he leans back, waiting for her next move. She slowly sinks down onto her knees on the floor and crawls between his knees. His eyes widen slightly and he wonders if his heart has stopped. Lexie is kneeling in front of him, wearing nothing but her panties and her hands are untying his scrub pants. His breath catches in his throat as her eyes lock with his and then with a smile that made his stomach clench, she leans forward, pushing his pants down just far enough for her to capture the head of his erection in her mouth.


“Holy Fuck, Lexie,” he gasps and his hands fly to the back of her head, his fingers tangling in her hair as she guides her head up and down. Doing this is completely unnecessary though. Both can feel how hard he already is.


Lexie stands up again and bending down, she kisses him quickly on the lips. He grabs her, pulling her back down onto his lap.


“I think you want me,” Lexie teases with a smile.


He captures her mouth with his in an almost brutal kiss. Lexie wraps her arms around him, kissing him with just as much fervor as he kisses her. Both needing to breathe, but not wanting to separate, Mark moves his mouth down to her neck, nipping and sucking on the skin there. He cups the back of her head with one of his hands as if to keep her there though she has no desire to be anywhere else than right there.


“Mark,” Lexie gasps breathlessly as his fingers whisper teasingly against her panties, feeling her dampness.


He strokes her again and again, feeling her grow more and more wet, loving the fact that he can do this to her. His mouth is still fused to her neck, leaving hot and wet open-mouthed kisses on her skin and between what his mouth and his hand are doing to her body, Lexie feels as if she is on sensory overload. She can’t remember the last time she felt this hot and her fingernails claw at his back as she begins rubbing her body against his, causing Mark to moan as he feels her body.


He shifts slightly in the chair so they are both a bit more comfortable and he impatiently shoves her panties to one side. Neither can be bothered with taking them off. Just one scrap of panties and they are too impatient to deal with it. It has been too long – a few days already – and they want one another and they want one another now without a moment’s hesitation.


Lexie reaches her hands down and Mark moans again as she grabbed his lower back, tugging him towards her centre where she needs to feel him most.


It is going to be as quick as they can do it. Both know that. It has been so long since they were together, since Mark was inside of her, since their bodies were connected, that both felt as if they were losing their minds.


Lexie reaches down, her fingers teasing him for a moment and he drops his head backwards, groaning, it rising in volume as she sinks down finally on his length, sitting down, taking him entirely within her.


They both fall still and Mark revels just being inside of her again. He isn’t sure how he has gone through a day without the feel of being inside of her, surrounded completely by her. He watches her closely, his hands loosening its death grip on her ass and he rubs her skin soothingly. Her eyes slide closed and he moves his head forward, kissing her softly and gently on the lips.


And then, Lexie begins to move, her hands gripping the back of the chair behind him as she rocks herself back and forth, up and down, riding him in his black leather chair that he already knows he will never be able to sit in and not think of this. He watches as his beautiful wife bounces on him, moving over him, her head tilted back, her mouth open in soft moans. She has no idea how beautiful and sexy she looks.


He holds her panties to the side with one hand, watching his length disappear over and over again inside of her, while the other grips her hip, guiding her up and down. He groans as she quickens the pace, slamming herself on him, her ass hitting his thighs with the sexiest slap of skin that Mark has ever heard.


“Dr. Sloan, your two o’clock is here,” Megan says through the intercom.


Lexie lets out a sharp cry, not even trying to be quiet anymore – forgetting where they are, forgetting that the walls are thin and it is fairly obvious what they are doing in his office – as Mark begins rubbing her clit with his thumb, circling it over and over again, torturing her, sending sparks of fire throughout her entire body. She is riding him as fast as she can now, both of them panting, sweating and groaning.


“Come on, Lexie,” Mark urges. “I can feel how close you are.”


To him, she feels as if she is on fire, surrounding him, squeezing him, her soaked heat fluttering and contracting around him.


“Mark!” She calls out, slamming down on him one more time and then bursting apart, falling completely still, her fingers digging into his chair so tightly, her knuckles begin to turn white.


Mark feels her body shake on top of him and grabbing her hips, it only takes a few more thrusts inside of her for him to follow her over the edge, his fingers digging into her skin, his body shaking as he empties inside of her. Lexie collapses against him and for a minute, neither move as they gasp for air.


Mark recovers first but even then, the only words he can say are, “Holy fuck.”

Tags: pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, show: grey's anatomy, story: family

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