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Words Are a Lovely Try For Something More (Mark/Lexie)

Here is the next set of Mark/Lexie family vignettes and I just want to thank you for everyone's support of these. I am so happy that a lot of you are loving to read these as much as I am loving to write them. Remember that if you want to read something specific, just let me know and I will try to work it into a set for you. Thank you and I hope everyone enjoys!


When playing over at Brandon’s house one afternoon, he and Ally sneak in a viewing of Candyman without his mom knowing and as a result, for a week straight afterwards, Mark and Lexie keep waking up in the mornings, finding Ally asleep in a sleeping bag on the floor on either side of their bed. She is so scared from the movie, she doesn’t even want to be near a mirror and getting her into the bathroom to take her bath is becoming more of a chore than Mark and Lexie both can handle.


So Mark does the only thing he can think of. He stands in front of the bathroom mirror and says “Candyman” five times with Ally screaming and crying for him not to, grabbing his hand and trying to tug him away from the mirror. But when nothing happens and Mark continues to stand there without a man with a hook coming to kill him, Ally sniffles, slowly calming down, and looks up at him.


He kisses her forehead and then crouching down in front of her so he is level with her eyes, he orders, “No more scary movies.”



Molly and Eric, Lexie’s sister and brother-in-law, along with their daughter, Laura, visit Seattle once a year from Connecticut for a week. Laura, an only child, is always ecstatic to play with her cousins, Eric and Mark always go golfing though Mark rarely has the patience for it and after nine holes, they usually go to a bar for some drinks and Molly and Lexie go shopping and take the children to the sites around the city.


“How is she?” Molly asks as they sit on a bench at the playground, watching as Ally and Laura play a game of tag as Sam and Ellie play in the sandbox.


Lexie nods, smiling. “She’s doing great. Or as great as she is supposed to be doing.”


“I don’t know how you and Mark manage it. Three kids is enough to try and juggle without adding one with autism into the mix,” Molly shakes her head slightly. “I know I wouldn’t be able to handle it.”


Lexie smiles. “When it comes to your kids, you’d be amazed at what you can handle. Ally, be careful!” She calls out, watching as Ally scrambles on top of the monkey bars and crawls across them. Ally is absolutely fearless, much to the dismay of Lexie’s jittery heart when she watches her. “Mark and me have an interview for Ellie with this private school for autistic children in a couple of months.”


“She’ll get in without problem,” Molly reassures her and Lexie nods.


“I know. Or at least, I hope I know. I just get so nervous. I want Ellie to have the best and this school is the best,” Lexie tries to smile and Molly wraps an arm around her shoulders, pulling her in for a sideways hug. Lexie looks at her younger sister and smiles softly, happily. “I hate that you live so far away.”


“I hate it too,” Molly agrees. “But right now, because of Eric, we live where Uncle Sam tells us to.” She pauses, swallows before asking her next question. “How’s dad doing?”


Lexie looks away and shrugs. “I haven’t seen him in a while. Samuel Thomas Sloan!” She suddenly exclaims, standing up and taking a step towards the sandbox, thankful for her son distracting her from a topic she really didn’t want to discuss. “Do not take things for your sister! Give Ellie back her pail right now!” Sam turns his head and smiles at her. “And don’t you try to charm me, Sam!”


Molly laughs. “He is just like his dad.”



Mark comes home after work to find Lexie and Ally in the kitchen, Lexie standing, leaning against the counter and Ally sitting at the table, swinging her legs back and forth and her arms crossed over her chest.


He stops in the doorway, looking at the scene with a raised eyebrow. “What’s going on?” He asks, shedding his jacket and draping it over one of the kitchen chairs.


“Tell your daddy what you did, Ally,” Lexie says and Ally sighs heavily, keeping her head down.


“Mommy picked me up from school and she took me, Ellie and Sam to the park,” Ally begins to explain. “Me and Ellie were playing in the sandbox with another kid and he called her stupid because she wasn’t understanding how to build a castle so I hit him.”


“Ally,” Lexie says, her tone warning and Ally sighs heavily once again.


“Fine. I punched him.”


“Twice,” Lexie adds. “Gave him a black eye and a bruise on his cheek. And the mother wants Ally to come to their house and apologize to the boy.”


Mark can’t help but smile even though he knows Lexie wants him to be stern at the moment. Looking at Ally with her dirty and rumpled clothes and refusing to be apologetic for punching someone, Mark was looking at himself. Getting into trouble, not taking shit from anyone, sticking up for the people she cares about, Mark is proud of her.


“I am not going to say I’m sorry to him!” Ally exclaims with disbelief. “He called Ellie stupid! You can’t be serious, mommy!”


“I am upset too about him calling Ellie that but you can’t just go around punching people, Ally,” Lexie says, all of a sudden feeling extremely drained. She is so much like her dad, it sometimes can be scary. “You need to apologize.”


“He’s an asshole!” Ally exclaims.


“Susan Alexandra Sloan!” Lexie gasps at the same time Mark gives her a warning in his sternest tone, “Ally.”


Ally finally lifts her head and the annoyance of her cursing immediately dissipates when Mark finally sees her face and the split bottom lip she is sporting. He instantly crouches down in front of her and gently cupping her head in hands, he inspects the injury closely.


“You didn’t say Ally got hit,” Mark says, looking up at Lexie.


“In all honesty, the boy was swinging wildly, trying to stop her,” Lexie answers. “I already cleaned it, Mark. It’ll heal.”


“Boys shouldn’t hit girls,” Mark shakes his head, standing up again.


“Ally attacked him, which she should not have done in the first place,” Lexie says.


“Don’t worry, daddy. I’m fine,” Ally shrugs. “Besides, you should see how he looks.”


Mark can’t help but smile at that, even after Lexie slaps him in the arm and gives him an exasperated look.



Mark and Ally walk up the steps of the house about a block away from theirs.


“What’s the kid’s name?” Mark asks as he rings the doorbell.


“Will,” Ally says with complete disdain, her arms crossed over her chest.


The front door opens and a middle-aged, slightly plump woman answers the door. She frowns when she sees Ally and then looks at Mark.


“You’re the father?” She asks.


“I am,” he says. “And you’re the mother, I’m assuming, of the kid who called my autistic daughter stupid.”


The woman stares at him for a moment and then her mouth falls open slightly. “I… I had no idea he said that,” she shakes her head and then looks at Ally. “That’s why you punched him?”


“No one calls my sister stupid,” Ally says in a cold-tone that rivals Mark’s.


She looks back to Mark. “I am so sorry. I had no idea he said that. I’ll talk with him… I am so, so sorry for all of this. I clearly didn’t get the whole story.”


“I think from now on, it’d be a good idea to keep your son away from my kids,” Mark tells her.


“If not, I’ll kick his ass again!” Ally exclaims.


Mark sighs heavily. “Ally,” he scolds her before nodding once at the woman and then sweeping Ally up in his arms and tossing her over his shoulder, begins to carry her back home. “Stop swearing. You’re gonna give your mom a heart attack.”


“You curse all of the time!” Ally whines, not at all bothered by the way Mark was carrying her back.

Mark sighs and puts Ally back down on her feet before kneeling in front of her, their eyes level with each other’s. “I’m an adult, Ally, and I can do a lot of things that you can not and should never do.” He puts his hands on her shoulders. “Listen. I think it’s amazing of you for sticking up for Ellie like you did but your mom’s right and I completely agree with her. You shouldn’t punch people. No matter how angry they make you.”


Ally lowers her eyes guiltily to the ground and slowly nods her head. “Okay,” she says softly and Mark kisses her head.


He stands up and takes her hand in his, continuing their walk home. “So tell me,” he says and she tilts her head up to look at him. “When you punch, you lead with your left or right?”


“Left. My right is harder that way.”


Mark smirks and squeezes her hand. “Atta girl.”



Sam Bennett comes up from Los Angeles for the weekend to visit with Mark and Derek and when he arrives at the Sloan house after checking into his Archfield hotel room, Lexie opens the door and laughs as Sam sweeps her up in his arms, hugging her tightly and spinning her around before putting her back down again.


Lexie laughs breathlessly, squeezing her hands on his shoulders. “It is so wonderful to see you.”


“Look at you, Lexie,” he says with a whistle, taking a step back, looking her up and down. “I know I just saw you a few months ago but damn, girl. You look more beautiful every time I see you.”


Lexie blushes at that and smiles, trying to laugh his compliment off. “How was your flight? How’s Addison and Naomi and Maya?”


“Good,” he nods, still smiling that bright white smile of his. “Everything and everyone is good. And how are you doing? Come to your senses yet? I keep hoping that you’ll call me one day to tell me that you’ve left Sloan and want to run away with me.”


“Shut up, Sam,” Mark grumbles, entering the front hallway but he is smiling when he embraces his old friend in a hug.


“You know I’m just teasing,” Sam grins. “If she’s put up with you for this long, I don’t see her leaving you anytime soon.” He slips an arm around Lexie’s waist. “Despite all of my efforts.”


Lexie laughs, blushing deeper. “Behave, Sam. I would hate for Mark to kill you.”


“You would hate it? Would it break your heart, Lexie?” Sam asks with a wink.


“God. Enough!” Mark exclaims but it only makes Sam laugh and Lexie smile at him.


“Where are the kids? And my namesake?” Sam asks, heading into the living room.


“For the last time, Bennett, we did not name Sam after you,” Mark tells him.


“So you claim but I always knew that you liked me the most,” Sam laughs.



There are mornings when Mark wakes up before his alarm clock, before Charlie starts whining to go outside, before the morning reminds everyone that a new day has started. There are mornings when he will lie in bed, listening to the still silence of the house, counting each inhale and exhale of steady breath that Lexie takes in her slumber next to him.


He rolls onto his side, propping himself up on his elbow, watching her as she sleeps. Her hair spread out, a stark contrast between the dark locks and the shocking white of the pillow case. Her long, delicate eyelashes fluttering against her pale cheeks. She is wearing one of his shirts to bed, a blue button down with the sleeves rolled up her arms and before he can stop himself, Mark bends down and presses his lips to the inside of her elbow, kissing her there, feeling the warmth of her skin.


She shifts slightly, murmurs something unintelligible, but she remains asleep and Mark resumes watching her. She is too beautiful and even in her sleep, he knows she’s too sweet. He knows he wasn’t supposed to wind up with a girl like her. He has made too many mistakes. Has hurt too many people. Has always allowed himself to be the bad guy in whatever scenario Derek or Addison or anyone created in efforts to make themselves feel better.


Lexie never should have come to his hotel room that night those years earlier. He should have sent her away, telling her that if he had her, he was selfish and would wind up clinging to her like some sort of redemption that he thought he deserved and he would wind up destroying her in the process.


Even after all of this time, Mark will stare at her as she sleeps and wonders what he has done in his life that makes him deserve to wake up next to someone like Lexie.


His alarm clock starts blaring and Lexie slowly blinks her eyes open, instantly falling on him and the softest smile pulls across her lips. She lifts a hand to his cheek and greets him with a quiet, tired good morning before he bends down and kisses her. And every morning, he can feel her smile grow against his lips as he kisses her and it always makes him kiss her just a little bit harder until she moans softly and her fingers slide through his hair, pulling him down on top of her.


Even now, after all of the time, he is terrified of losing her.



Ally has a habit of saying the first thing that pops into her mind without caring where they are or how inappropriate it might be. She has no filter for what should and should not be kept within her internal monologue.


They are all sitting at the kitchen table for dinner, Mark still dressed in his dark blue scrubs from work and helping Ellie cut her spaghetti noodles up in more edible sizes.


Ally takes a gulp of milk and then without any form of warning, asks, “So, when people have sex, the man is actually inside of the woman? How does that work?”


Mark’s knife scrapes clear across the plate and Lexie sucks in too big of a gulp of air that leaves her coughing.


Ally continues, not seeming to notice her parents’ matching shock. “Brandon’s older brother was watching this movie on TV and the man and woman were having sex. It looks like it hurts. Doesn’t it hurt? She was screaming like it did.” She then looks at Lexie. “Do you and daddy have sex? Does it hurt? Does daddy go inside of you? Animals usually mate from behind but this man was on top of the woman. Do you and daddy do it that way or do you do it like animals?”


Lexie’s cheeks are so red, they feel as if they are on fire and for once, she has no words that are able to form on her tongue to even begin to respond to any of this.


Mark stares at Ally and then shakes his head slightly. “You’re not allowed to hang out with Brandon anymore.”



That night, in their bedroom, Lexie informs Mark that after that particular dinner, she probably will never have sex with him again. Mark knows it’s immature but he can’t help but curse that seven-year-old Brandon out silently in his mind as Lexie rolls over in bed, putting her back to him, and promptly goes to sleep.



Mark kneels on the floor of the shoe department in the store and gently puts the black canvas Mary Jane shoe on Ellie’s foot, pulling her sock up and then closing the Velcro strap. He holds her foot up and looks at her.


“Good?” He asks and she nods. “Do you like these?” Again, she nods. “They’re not pinching?” This time, she shakes her head in the negative. “Come here. Walk around for me.” He plucks her from off of the chair and puts her on her feet. For a moment, she seems confused and then she begins walking in a circle around Mark. “Are you sure they feel alright?” He asks and she nods. “We’ll get those for you then.”


Hearing a sudden commotion, Mark turns his head away from Ellie to see Sam standing on his chair, pulling shoes down from the display behind him.


“Sam,” Mark sighs, standing up, lifting the boy with one arm and returning the shoes with the other. “Where did you get this destructive habit from? It can’t be from me.”


Sam grins widely, almost laughing, and Mark has to pry the tennis shoe that the baby is clutching from his hands.


“Alight, El. Let’s get out of here,” Mark says, turning back to where Ellie had been standing but now, she was no longer there. “Ellie?”


It is Sunday and the store is crowded with shoppers and though Mark is taller than most and can easily peer over their heads, he doesn’t see Ellie anywhere. His heart begins pounding in his chest as he calls out her name again and again. She doesn’t miraculously appear though.


He picks up her tennis shoe and the small box containing the other Mary Jane shoe and holding Sam tightly still in one arm, Mark begins weaving in and out of shoppers, his eyes sharp, trying to spot Ellie somewhere. His mind is fogged and he can’t remember what she is wearing. It is cool and rainy outside so she is definitely wearing her green raincoat but what else? How had Lexie combed her hair that morning? Why the fuck couldn’t he remember any of this?


“Ellie!” He says, louder this time, his heart now hammering somewhere in his throat.


“Dada,” Sam says then, hitting Mark on the shoulder, the fifteen-month old almost seeming to pick up on Mark’s panic. “Ellie.”


He points and Mark follows his finger, seeing Ellie standing at a display of women’s pantyhose, reaching as high as she can as she straightens the packets back into orderly rows. Mark pushes through the people to get to her and without a word, he picks Ellie up in his other arm and hugs her tightly, kissing her head over and over again, his heart still pounding in his throat.


He pulls back and looks at her as sternly as he can though honestly, the relief of finding her is still too great to be upset. “Don’t ever wander off like that, Ellie,” he tells her. “Say you won’t wander off again.”


She’s quiet but then says, “I won’t wander off again.”


Even though she says the words, Mark can tell that she doesn’t understand them or why what she did was wrong. He takes a deep breath and then hugs her tightly again, too tightly because she squirms in his grasp but right now, he doesn’t care and continues holding both her and Sam in his arms.


“I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to you, Ellie,” he whispers and he releases a shaky breath as he feels Ellie’s arms snake around his neck, hugging him in return.



Lexie is standing at the stove in the kitchen, stirring the chicken soup she is making for Ally, who is starting to get the slightest hint of a cold, when Mark comes up behind her, slipping his arms around her waist, pulling her body back against his chest and dipping his head down, latching his lips to the pulse point of her throat.


She smiles. “What are you doing?” She asks softly, resting one of her hands on his arms, tilting her head to the side to give him greater access to her neck.


“I must be losing my touch if you don’t know,” he smirks, it blooming into a smile against her skin as he listens to her laugh.


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