lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (Blair Waldorf/Jackson Avery)

Title: I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (4/?)
Author: lexiesloan
Rating: M
Fandom: Gossip Girl/Grey's Anatomy
Pairing: Blair Waldorf/Jackson Avery
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: A future fic. You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life.

I can't thank everyone enough who reads this story and comments on it. I love this pairing and I really love the way this story is shaping up. I also love my new Leighton Meester icon. It's perfect for this chapter and the next one. Thank you in advance for reading and commenting! And as always, enjoy!


Chapter Four –


They stood in silence in the middle of her hotel room, Blair looking down at her feet, back in her high heels again, and Jackson staring at her suitcases next to the door. He held a bag of takeout food in one hand and a cup holder in the other with two drinks but the instant she opened the door for him at fifteen minutes past midnight and he saw that she was wearing her shoes and coat, all thoughts of eating with her had left his mind.


It seemed as if an eternity was passing them by.


“You’re leaving,” Jackson finally spoke and it was a statement, not a question.


He felt as if he wanted to be angry and demand to know what the hell she was doing. He wanted to tell her that he didn’t want her to leave and if she did, he might do something crazy and follow after her. But he didn’t say any of that. His voice sounded empty and he looked at her, almost reluctantly.


Blair kept her eyes lowered as if she was a puppy caught about to have an accident inside of the house. “Yes,” she said so softly, he almost took a step towards her to hear her better. “I… I shouldn’t be here,” she then added and her stomach clenched tightly. “I have to get back to New York.”


“Why?” Jackson couldn’t help but want to know. He felt like such an idiot. He had been at the hospital, hardly able to concentrate, so excited to see her again, and she had been here, preparing herself to leave. “You said you had plenty of time off from work. Why do you have to get back to New York?” His voice was steadily rising and he did his best to calm down.


He didn’t act like this, especially over a girl. He was always the calm and collected one. What the hell had Blair Waldorf done to him in the short time that he had known her? It felt as if she had completely turned him inside out and he wasn’t so sure he liked that.


“Someone needs me,” she answered. She finally lifted her head and looked at him. Blair Waldorf never looked away from anyone but Jackson looked so pissed off and… upset about the prospect of her leaving, she couldn’t keep her eyes on him. She looked towards her suitcases instead. “I have to go see him.”


Jackson instantly picked up on that. “Him?”


Blair felt her stomach knot. She really didn’t want to talk about Chuck to Jackson. She was already feeling too vulnerable. First by being in Seattle and having a man she didn’t even know kiss her and make her feel a warmth she hadn’t felt in months and then talking to Chuck always ripped her wide open, exposing all of her carefully hidden insides. She didn’t know if she could take anymore for the night.

“He needs me,” was all she said, hoping that it would be enough.


“I want you,” he blurted out without thinking though once the words were said, he didn’t try to take them back.


Blair’s head whipped back towards him and they stared at one another, her eyes slightly wide at his admission. There was a lump in her throat she tried to swallow down. “You… you don’t even know me,” she uncharacteristically stuttered, her confidence nonexistence at the moment.


“I’ve been talking to you constantly for the past two weeks,” he said, staring at her, feeling every muscle in his body tense.


“You don’t know me,” she shook her head.


Jackson turned and put the food and drinks down on the coffee table in front of the couch before turning back towards her. “Then tell me. What do I need to know?”


Blair wasn’t sure why but she took a step back. If anything, it only pissed Jackson off more. What had happened in the span of a couple of hours? Just earlier, she was in the lobby and she was letting him kiss her. And at the airport, she had been kissing him, too. They had bought each other souvenirs. She had given him her fucking hotel room number. And now she was leaving. It didn’t make any sense to him. She didn’t make any sense and if Jackson was smart, he would have just left now.


But he stared at her and he couldn’t move. If anything, he wanted to move closer to her.


Blair kept her gaze locked with his for another moment before she sighed, exasperated, and turned away from him, running her hands through her no longer perfectly styled hair.


“I’m tired,” she said and there was so much more to her exhaustion than mere jet lag.


“Fine,” he said, his patience nonexistence.


If she wanted to leave, he couldn’t stop her. She was right. He didn’t know her. Talking to someone for two weeks and kissing them a few times gave him absolutely no rights to want her to stay. Apparently, some guy in New York was waiting for her and she wanted to go back to him. Like he said. Fine.


“I brought you food to eat if you want any of it,” he told her as he walked past her for the door but her hand shot out and her fingers circled his wrist, stopping him in his tracks. For a moment, neither moved and then slowly, as if she was a skittish deer he didn’t want to startle with sudden movements, he turned back towards her, looking at her.


She wasn’t looking at him though. She, instead, was looking off to the side and he saw the conflict in her eyes. Her fingers were still around his wrist and he didn’t dare make another move in case it caused her to stop touching him. Her touch was warm and her skin was soft and he wanted her to touch him more. This girl, Blair Waldorf, he had no idea how it was possible but she had already burrowed inside of him and already had him acting like he never had before. He was angry and jealous and upset and he was going in a million different directions because of her, making his head spin.


But then, as if she had made a decision within herself, Blair stepped out of her heels again – he was so much taller than her – and that was all Jackson needed her to do. He closed the distance between them in an instant and when he wrapped her up in his arms, hauling her body to his, her eyes were already closed and he gave her what she wanted but wasn’t near ready to ask for yet.


He kissed her like he had been wanting to since the last time he did in the hotel lobby. He kissed her hard and hungry and he poured all of the frustration he was making her feel into it, making her arms circle around his shoulders, clinging to him. He kissed her as if they had known one another for their entire lives and every moment between them had been leading them to this.


His tongue was in her mouth now, swirling around hers, and Blair heard herself moan. His lips were soft but his kiss was hard and Blair had never been kissed like this before in her life. He kissed her as if he wanted her; as if she wasn’t some prize he had just won in a game she hadn’t even been aware that they were playing. Jackson was kissing her as if she was the only thing that was keeping him from going absolutely insane and she could actually feel her knees grow weak.


He was wearing a tee-shirt and her fingers gripped clumps of the soft cotton, needing something to hold onto. Her mind was whirling, a fog keeping her from thinking of anything except his hard body pressed against hers, his strong arms holding her securely, and his tongue plundering her mouth over and over again, tasting her so deeply, she was certain he was actually trying to count all of her teeth. Underneath the dress she wore, she had to clench her thighs together, a searing heat throbbing between them already. She didn’t mean to think about it but she couldn’t help it. Chuck had never gotten her this turned on so quickly.


Jackson carefully guided her backwards towards the nearest wall but the ferocity of his kiss didn’t let up. He couldn’t stop kissing her even if he wanted to – and that was the last thing he wanted to do. He told himself in the back of his mind to slow down. He was kissing her as if he was starving and it was probably scaring her but once he had her pressed against the wall, he heard Blair moan and he felt her hips thrust up and press against his. She certainly wasn’t acting scared. It only made him kiss her even harder.


“Please. Please, Jackson,” she began murmuring breathlessly against his lips but she didn’t even know what she was pleading for.


He pulled his head back for a second – just long enough to tear his tee-shirt off over his head and toss it aside – before his body was pressing against hers again, pinning her to the wall, and Blair’s hands were running over the bare expanse of skin. She touched him everywhere she could reach on his bare chest and back. He was so hard and muscular and he was burning up as her fingers introduced themselves to his body. He was so different from Chuck. Jackson was tall and thin but muscular and from when Chuck’s skin was soft from a world of being pampered, Jackson’s skin was tight from working out and running around a hospital all hours of the day.


Her fingers curled around his hips, pulling him tighter against her though her body was already completely covered by his against the wall, and she tilted her head slightly to the side, silently inviting him to kiss her again and again. Jackson gave her exactly what she wanted – somehow already knowing exactly what that was. He wrapped a strong arm around her waist and she gasped when unexpectedly, he hoisted her up slightly to the tips of her toes, still supporting her back against the wall, and then one of his hands hooked under her knee, lifting her leg and resting her foot up on the nightstand table between her and the room’s king-sized bed.


She blushed but at the same time, the heat between her now spread thighs rose to an inferno and she could feel Jackson’s erection through his jeans pressing against her. She realized that only a piece of black lace panties, his jeans and whatever he wore underneath – if he wore anything – were the only things separating him from being inside of her. She wasn’t this kind of girl and never had been. She didn’t have sex with men she didn’t even know in hotel rooms. She had only had sex with two men in her life – Nate and Chuck – and even after being with Chuck for so long, she still wasn’t exactly sexually confident. And she didn’t mean to think of this but she had heard stories and Jackson was half-black. Weren’t those men supposed to be more than a little well endowed? What if he didn’t fit?


Her mind returned to him however when she felt his hand on her thigh, blunt fingernails dragging up her skin, and she thrust her hips forward again, seeking his out, and he moaned this time as the space between her thighs he craved to explore touched his painfully hard erection through his jeans.


“God damn, Blair,” he groaned and she smiled before her hands went to the back of his head, pulling him in for another breathless kiss.


She knew where this was leading. She knew that they were going to be having sex that night and a part of her was terrified but then she felt his hand gripping her thigh and his mouth kissing hers and her excitement began mounting. She couldn’t believe it. For the past few months, sex had been the last thing on her mind. Actually, she had never imagined having sex if she wasn’t with Chuck. When she had naïvely thought that they would always be together, she thought Chuck was going to be her first and her last.


Obviously, she couldn’t predict what the future held and that’s why she now found herself pinned to a wall in a hotel room in Seattle by a man she still didn’t know. Did this make her a slut? Serena had no problem sleeping with many different guys but Blair had never been comfortable enough about sex and even now, with her legs spread and Jackson’s hand slowly creeping closer and closer to the wet heat between her legs, she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be doing. Should she stop him? Should she keep going? Her heart was pounding in her chest and she felt as if she was burning.


“I want you.”


His words echoed in her mind then for some reason and they almost made her smile. She had been so close to leaving. She had her shoes on and were about to walk out the door because Chuck had called her and had said what he always said. “I need you, Blair.” She had lost count of how many times he had said that to her over the years. And for as many times as he had said it, Blair was a sucker for it every single time. They both knew that all Chuck had to say were those four words, or those other four words, and she would drop whatever she was doing and come running to him no matter where she was.


And tonight had been no different.


But then Jackson had said something that no one had ever said before. He wanted her. He kissed her like he wanted her. He touched her like he wanted her. No one had ever truly wanted her before. Chuck had wanted to possess her. She was someone he could own and manipulate and he was the only who could make Blair Waldorf do something she didn’t want to do.


“Blair,” Jackson said then and her eyes opened, finding that he was staring at her.


She smiled faintly, her hand going to his cheek, wanting to touch him. “Spend the night with me,” she said boldly because this wasn’t Chuck. This was Jackson and when she was with him, she was Blair and what Blair wanted, Blair got.


“You do know what will happen if I stay, right?” He asked and she found herself nodding, her heart fluttering in her throat. “You still want me to spend the night?”


Again, she nodded but remained silent.


“I don’t want you against the wall,” he said and her arms tightened around him as his arms circled around her waist and he lifted her up easily, her feet dangling above the ground and he carried her to the bed.


He laid her down with such tenderness, Blair had to close her eyes for a moment, feeling completely overwhelmed. Jackson looked at her and with his hands on her hips, he then pressed a kiss to her stomach through her dress before rubbing his face there. Blair ran her hands over his shaved head and exhaled a sigh of complete contentment. It had been a long time since she had felt that.


And she didn’t want that feeling to disappear anytime soon.



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