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She's So Lovely (George, Mark/Lexie)

So this idea was briefly discussed with bijoux83  because I know how much she loves stories that can be plopped down in the middle of episodes and George's reaction to Mark and Lexie has always been one of those unanswered questions of the show. This really was though just kind of a writing exercise for me so if it isn't that well written or is kind of all over the place, that's just because my mind was rambling and my fingers just typed.


He doesn’t mean to watch them but he can’t seem to help himself.


He sits at one end of the bar, slowly nursing a now lukewarm beer, and they are at the other end, Lexie sitting on a stool as Mark stands behind her, a hand resting on her hip. It is a subtle move but it more than gets his point across and all of the men in the bar pick up on it. Mark Sloan is marking his territory. Lexie Grey belongs to him and no one better even think of looking at her, let alone approaching her.


George watches as Lexie tilts her head up and says something to Mark with the same smile that she used to give George. Seeing it again, he realizes how much he misses it being directed towards him. It surprises him just how much he misses her.


She has been moved out of their apartment for a couple months now, living in Meredith’s attic or, if the rumors circulating around the hospital are right (and they usually are), shacking up with Sloan in the rather infamous hotel room that more than one nurse is familiar with. George can’t believe that Lexie would like staying in a cold room like that when she had strived so hard to turn their apartment into a home. Lexie was a very domestic-type of girl – so much in a way that it almost reminded George of Izzie sometimes.


He doesn’t understand why a girl like Lexie is with a guy like Mark Sloan, who’s reputation as Seattle Grace’s resident man whore more than precedes him. George never would have thought that Lexie would ever go for a guy like him – especially since she had claimed she had feelings for George and he knew that he was absolutely nothing like Mark Sloan.


Lexie says something that Mark smirks at – that cocky smirk that George hates so much – and he gives a response that has her now laughing. Even through the crowded bar, her laughter reaches George’s ears.


He misses her laughter too.


He never realized until tonight just how soft and gentle it is to listen to. Making a girl like Lexie laugh, making a girl like her happy, can make a guy feel important. George wonders if that’s how Mark is feeling.


Lexie is a sweet and caring girl. She spent hours helping him study for his intern exam and covered his work for him at the hospital without one word of complaint. She stole supplies from the hospital so their crap apartment could resemble something of a home for both of them and no matter what she was doing at the time, Lexie always dropped everything if she knew that he needed to talk about something.


After everything that had happened with Meredith, Callie and Izzie, Lexie had become his best friend. He had grown to depend on her and he had stupidly thought that she would always be there for him.


She isn’t though because she’s with him now. Him. Of all people. Mark Sloan could never truly appreciate a girl like Lexie Grey and George hopes that Lexie knows how badly this is going to end because badly is the only way that thing – whatever the hell it is between them – can possibly end. Lexie is a “happily-ever-after” sort of girl and Mark Sloan is more of a “finding the first warm available woman” sort of guy.


Mark Sloan is going to break Lexie Grey’s heart. George knows that without a doubt.


George himself may have hurt her but he knows that. He can admit that and he can also admit that he was wrong. He knows that she had feelings for him and looking at her now, George tries to imagine what it would be like if he was the one standing with her now instead of Mark.


He can’t believe how ridiculously happy Lexie looks with him. Her face is almost glowing and the smile seems to be permanently etched across her lips. Would he have been able to make her that happy? He thought that he had made her that happy. She was always smiling or laughing at anything he said. She had been happy with him, hadn’t she?


She leans back on her stool, resting her back against the bar, and Mark leans forward, resting his hands on either side of her body, boxing her in, lowering his head towards hers and she tilts hers up, her eyes meeting his, telling him something.


This time, he doesn’t smirk but instead, he smiles. George is shocked as he sees it. He didn’t think the man was capable of actually smiling. He isn’t surprised though that Lexie is able to get such a thing out of a man like that.


The site of Mark Sloan smiling and ignoring every other woman in the bar is a little unsettling for George to watch. Had Lexie done all of this? Had she managed to change the man whore that was Mark Sloan? She is an incredible woman if she has and a sharp pain twists in George’s chest when he wonders just how amazing she could have been with him instead.


Maybe Sloan was right. Maybe he really is an idiot.


Lexie laughs again and sitting up a bit straighter, she wraps her arms around Mark’s shoulders and he kisses her. And it isn’t just a kiss that he gives her because he is warming up for the sex he will probably get from her later on in the hotel room but he kisses her softly, gently, almost lazily. As if he has all the time in the world to kiss her. 


George can’t watch anymore.


He throws a ten-dollar bill on the bar and leaves without looking back. It hurts too much to look. Technically, he had never had her in the first place but it doesn’t make it hurt any less from seeing just what he could have had but was too stupid to grab hold of when he had the chance. And now, the chance is gone. Maybe forever. 

Tags: character: george o'malley, pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, show: grey's anatomy, vignette
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