lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (Blair Waldorf/Jackson Avery)

Title: I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (7/?)
Author: lexiesloan
Rating: M
Fandom: Gossip Girl/Grey's Anatomy
Pairing: Blair Waldorf/Jackson Avery
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: A future fic. You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life.



Chapter Seven –


She wasn’t sure why she told Serena but the next morning, when Jackson woke up to leave the hotel to return to his apartment to get himself ready for his shift at the hospital, Blair got up as well. They had both been up for most of the night and both were exhausted but sharing a shower together certainly seemed to help them get ready for the day. She giggled as he kissed her under the warm spray of water and his hands framed her face as he pinned her to the tiled wall.


“I’m sorry I have to go to the hospital today,” Jackson said as they both toweled off.


Blair shook her head, standing at the counter in the bathroom and running a comb through her hair. “Don’t be. I understand that I’m just a visitor here while you have a life.” Jackson came up behind her, sliding his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder. He met her eyes through the reflection of the mirror. She smiled faintly at him. He had the most beautiful eyes. “I’ll keep myself busy. I have to call my mom and I haven’t spoken with Serena since I left Tokyo. And I have some work that I should probably do.”


“You know,” he slid away from her and leaned back against the counter next to her, his arms crossing over his chest, his eyes watching her. “I still don’t know what you do. I only know you work at the Met. For all I know, you could work in the gift shop.”


Blair tried not to stare at his body but a part of her couldn’t help it. She had seen him now more times without clothes than with and he was just so different than Chuck and Nate – the only other two men she had ever seen naked. Jackson Avery stood there in nothing but one of the hotel’s white towels wrapped low on his hips and Blair looked at his ripped and muscular physique, her fingers itching to touch him again. She knew he didn’t have time that morning though and if she started touching him, she wouldn’t be able to stop.


There was a part of her that was absolutely terrified by this complete lack of control she had around him. She wasn’t like this. She was Blair Waldorf and she always had everything neat and organized in her life. She had to because right now, everything was balanced like a house of cards and Blair didn’t know what she would do if it toppled.


“I’m a liaison for the museum. I travel all over the world, meeting with collectors and dealers and attending art auctions, trying to extend the Met’s own collection.” She lifted her shoulders in a shrug. “I’m basically one of the faces of the museum.”


“And what a pretty face it is,” Jackson said, grinning when she rolled her eyes from both the sweetness and corniness of the line. He leaned in and gave her a soft kiss. “If I called you later today, would you be interested in coming to the hospital and eating with me?”


Blair smiled faintly and she wondered how it was possible for this man, who she still was getting to know and somewhat very much a stranger to her, could get her heart to beat like that. “I think you might be able to convince me,” she said.


With a grin, Jackson took her hand then and pulled her from the bathroom. They were both only wearing towels but he didn’t care and led her to the large window that offered a view of downtown Seattle. He pointed towards an American flag flapping in the wind a couple of blocks away.


“That’s the hospital right there,” he said. “Hopefully, things won’t be too crazy today. If they are, I’ll call you anyway to let you know.” He turned his head away from the window and looked at her. “Will you… are you going to be alright here by yourself?”


She almost laughed but looking at him she could see that he was genuinely concerned and she lifted a hand, resting it on his cheek. She didn’t tell him this but she loved looking at the stark contrast between their skin. For the past two nights of lying naked with him and learning his body, she loved the distinction between them.


“I’m a big girl, Jackson.” She took a step closer to him. “Or have you forgotten already?”


Jackson’s eyes raked up and down her body clad only in a towel with a few beads of water still clinging to her skin. One of his hands slid onto her hips. Why was he so addicted to her? He had never been this way around a girl before her. If this had been anything else, he had a feeling that he would have no problem leaving the hotel room so he could get to the hospital. But this wasn’t just a girl. This was Blair and already, that was beginning to mean more to him than he fully understood.


“You really don’t want me to leave, do you?” He teased with a smirk and she smiled as innocently as she could, closing the space between them, sliding her hands up his bare chest, their eyes locking.


“Do you ever wish that time would stop?” She asked softly but she wasn’t sure where the question had come from. “Do you ever wish that everything would just stop? You wouldn’t have to leave, I wouldn’t have to leave-”


“You’re not going anywhere,” he shook his head slightly.


“Jackson,” she said gently. “I’m not staying here. I have to get back to New York.”


And though he knew that, he still hated hearing it. “When?”


“A couple of days. I’ve already been gone from work for two weeks. I can’t stay any longer than that,” she said, hating to talk about this but knowing that they did. She hadn’t expected to have this particular conversation yet but it was too late to stop it now.


“So… what happens?” Jackson forced himself to ask. He really didn’t want to talk about this. He had never had this kind of conversation before and he didn’t know how to have it. “When you leave, what happens? Or when you leave, is that it?”


“Do you want it to be it?” Blair asked, trying to figure out where he was without giving away where she was. She wasn’t going to be the vulnerable one. She had been the vulnerable one too many times and she didn’t know if that was the role she wanted to play again.


Jackson stared at her, trying to read her, trying to decide if he should be the one to say it first. He wondered if he would be the only one to say it. He took a deep breath. “Flights from Seattle to New York are long but they’re manageable. It’s doable.”


Blair felt as if her heart had stopped. “Are you saying that you want to do it?”


“Well, that depends on whether or not you want to fly, too. My schedule can be kind of crazy and you’d have to fly from New York to Seattle-”


“I will,” she blurted out, cutting him off. “I want to.”


He broke into a grin. “Yeah?” His hands squeezed her hips and her fingers curved around his biceps. “You really want to do this?”


Blair smiled, too, and she nodded, the pressure in her chest easing. “We can do this, right? I mean… I hear things about long-distance relationships but… they’re not impossible, right? I’m not used to failing at something once I start it.”


He laughed at that and then one of his hands cupped the back of her head, bringing her in closer as he lowered his head towards hers. “Relationship, huh?” He asked, his breath exhaling, warm onto her cheeks.


Her smile faded though and she looked at him, her face solemn. “I’m not the kind of girl to just have sex with a guy and say it was nothing. I can’t do the whole one-night stand thing and I know this. I’m the kind of girl who wants something.”


“Personally, I’m sick of the random hook-ups,” Jackson said with a shrug. “And you,” his hand slid from the back of her head to her cheek. “I don’t know what it is but I definitely feel like it’s something.”


“I feel that, too,” she admitted softly, nodding.


He smiled. “So, we’ll call this a relationship and since you’ve already taken too much time off of work already, I’ll try to get a weekend off and fly to New York.”


Blair stared at him with amazement. This was all new to her. She wasn’t used to a man treating her like this – as if she was someone important to him, as if she was actually a priority. She had dated Nate for years and had always felt as if she had made him her priority while he could have cared less in putting forth an effort. And Chuck… no. She really had to stop thinking about Chuck. Jackson had already proved time and time again in the short time that she had known him that he wasn’t like Chuck in every single way. She needed to just stop thinking about him. And when she went back to New York, she definitely couldn’t see him. Especially now that she had someone like Jackson in her life.


She looked at Jackson now as he looked at her as well.


And then, as if he was reading her thoughts, Jackson said, “I need you to know that I’m not going to have anyone else here in Seattle while you’re in New York. And it’s been a while since I’ve had an official girlfriend but I remember that I don’t like sharing.”


Blair shook her head. “You don’t have anything to worry about. I promise.” She paused a moment and her throat suddenly felt incredibly dry. “I’ve had my heart broken by too many people to just turn around and do it to someone else.”


She flushed then, not sure why she had mentioned hearts of all things. They had agreed to try this out long-distance and he had definitely seen all of her but hearts hadn’t entered into this yet. When it did, everything got far too complicated and right now, they were just having fun and seeing where this thing was going. Besides, if she still thought about Chuck regularly, that clearly meant that she wasn't entirely over him. God, she wished she could be over him. Jackson deserved for her to be over him.


“I don’t want to break you. Not if I can help it,” he said in a low voice, his eyes staring so deeply into hers, she wanted to look away. She couldn’t though just like how she wanted to believe him and yet, despite everything they had done to one another for the past two days, she couldn’t quite bring herself to. She had trusted men before him and it had done more harm than good to her.


Again, he seemed to be reading her mind because Jackson kissed her then, his hand sliding back into her hair, forming his mouth over hers and kissing her deeply, making her moan, while his other hand slowly began to unknot the towel from around her body. Blair closed her eyes and stretched her body along his like a wanton feline, her arms lifting to wrap around his shoulders. She moaned again as his tongue rubbed along the roof of her mouth and she felt the towel fall from her body onto the floor. His arms were then around her, holding her tightly, pressing her body to his, and Blair didn’t care that she was standing naked in front of the large window. Instead, in the back of her mind, she cared that he might be late for work if they continued this.


But her hands went to the towel around his waist anyway and pulled it away.


An hour later, instead of heading to his apartment first, Jackson rushed straight to the hospital, running late, and Blair took another shower, sweaty and sticky from their sex. After she was finished, she booted up her laptop and ordered room service as well as filled one of the laundry bags with some of her clothes from her suitcases for the hotel to clean for her.


As she checked her emails and ate a fresh, fluffy croissant, she spoke to her mother and Cyrus for almost an hour, telling them everything about Tokyo and Japan while they in turn told her of all of the family happenings back in New York. Her step brother, Aaron Rose, was hosting an art show next month and they were in the midst of preparations for that. It had taken a few years and though they weren’t best friends, Blair cared for Aaron and she was always at his events, showing her full support. And he was grateful to her for introducing him to some of the higher ups in the art world that she had met through her own job. When she got back to New York, she decided to visit Aaron at his studio.


After talking with her mother and stepfather, and realizing just how much she missed them, she stabbed a strawberry from her fruit salad and dialed Serena’s number. She was too tired to think of what time it was in Japan and when Serena answered the phone, she sounded wide awake.


“B!” Serena exclaimed. “I miss you! When are you coming back here?”


Blair laughed. “I just left you, S. I’m in Seattle right now.”


“Seattle? Why aren’t you in New York. Did you have a layover?” Serena asked and again, Blair couldn’t help but laugh.


“Yes, a layover that’s lasted two days,” Blair teased. “I actually met someone.”


The words were out before she could stop herself and then Serena was squealing. Blair blushed and chewed on a piece of banana as Serena began barraging her with questions.


“Who is he? Where did you meet him? Is he with you right now? Blair Waldorf, are you having an illicit affair in Seattle?”


Blair smiled. “His name is Jackson Avery, he’s a doctor at a hospital here-”


“Oh, a doctor. Impressive,” Serena giggled.


“I met him in the airport bar before I left for Japan and…”


“And?” Serena tried to prompt. “And what? B, do you like him?”


Blair was quiet for a moment. She wasn’t like Serena who was able to have sex with men and never speak to them again the next morning. Blair, meanwhile, fell for man she had only known for a couple of weeks and started a relationship with him. Serena had been so happy when Blair had finally cut ties with Chuck and had ended their relationship. As her best friend, Serena had seen the toll dating Chuck had done to Blair over the years and she had been ecstatic at the prospect of both of them being single together. But then, she had gotten a modeling job in Tokyo and they became single together on the opposite ends of the world. Still though, Blair knew that Serena was determined that Blair have fun without Chuck Bass, or any man, and Blair had a feeling that Serena was going to be disappointed with the answer she give her.


“Yes,” Blair responded. “I really like him. We… we’re planning on seeing each other, even after I fly back to New York.”


“Whoa, what?” Serena said and Blair heard all smiles leave her tone. “Are you… Blair, what are you talking about? A long-distance relationship with a man you barely know?”


“That’s the thing though, S,” Blair said. “I… I feel like I do know him.” She paused, stabbing a grape with her fork but not bringing it to her mouth. “He isn’t like Chuck or even Nate. He… he cares about me. I know he does.”


“I don’t understand why you feel like you have to be in a relationship,” Serena sighed.


“I don’t feel like I have to be anything. I like him and he likes me and we want to keep seeing each other. Where’s the harm in that?” Blair was beginning to grow defensive, she could hear it in her tone, but she couldn’t reign herself in. What was so terrible about meeting a man and sharing a connection with him? What was so wrong with wanting to keep that going between them?


“I wish you would just not rush into anything, Blair. You know I love you and I worry about you-”


“I know, Serena, but we’re both big girls. I can take care of myself. And Jackson… if you meet him, you’ll see,” she said quietly.


Serena sighed again. “Okay,” she relented. “Please, please be careful, Blair. After Chuck and everything he did-”


“Jackson isn’t Chuck,” Blair shook her head. “If he was…” she trailed off, not knowing what else to say. “I should go. I have so much work to catch up on.”


“I love you, B,” Serena said. “I really do.”


“I love you, too, S,” Blair nodded. “We’ll talk in a couple of days.”


“Of course. Bye.”


“Bye,” Blair said softly before pulling her cell phone away and ending the call.


She took a deep breath and lifting her legs onto the chair with her, she hugged them to her chest. That hadn’t gone well – not that she had expected it, too. She knew that Serena was fiercely protective of her – Blair was fiercely protective of her, too – and Blair understood that Serena was just worried about her. But maybe if she met Jackson, she would be able to see immediately, like Blair had, that Jackson was nothing like Chuck. Blair may have been stupid for the past few years when it came to Chuck Bass – and she could admit that she had been so stupid – but she wasn’t the type to make the same mistake twice. She had learned her lesson and yes, she knew that this was all happening so quickly but it felt right. When she was with Jackson, everything felt right.



The hospital was bustling with doctors and nurses, patients and families, and Blair walked across the front lobby, wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress and Louboutin heels. Jackson had sent her a text twenty minutes ago, saying that he finally had time for lunch if she was available. He promised to meet her in the lobby but looking around, she didn’t see him anywhere and she pulled out her cell to send him a quick text to let him know that she was there. Maybe he had gotten pulled into something else and lunch wasn’t going to happen anymore.


“Can I help you with something?” A male voice suddenly asked and Blair turned her head, seeing a man in light blue scrubs and a white lab coat with light brown hair cut close to his head and dark brown eyes. He was handsome but definitely not her type.


“I’m just waiting for someone,” she answered.


“Boyfriend? Husband?” He asked and Blair sighed, rolling her eyes. She hated men. Well… most men. “Do you need help finding someone?”


Blair looked at her with her hard stare, lifting an eyebrow at him. “Seriously?”


The man merely smiled though. It was rather smarmy though and looking at the i.d. badge he was wearing, she read that his name was Dr. A. Karev.




She instantly spun around and smiled when she saw Lexie, wearing her own light blue scrubs, and Blair smiled as the brunette approached her.


“Hi,” Lexie greeted her in a her usual warm and bubbly manner and then she was hugging her. Blair smiled, hugging her in return. “It’s so good to see you again.”


“You, too,” Blair smiled and meant it. She liked Lexie and it helped knowing that she was Jackson’s best friend. She thought that maybe Lexie would always be an ally to have on her side. “Have you seen Jackson?” She asked once their hug ended.


“Avery?” The man said, still standing there.


“I see you met Alex,” Lexie suppressed a sigh.


“He was hitting on me,” Blair rolled her eyes again and Lexie laughed.


“Who was hitting on you?” Jackson suddenly appeared behind her, frowning as he overheard the last part of their conversation.


“She your girlfriend?” Alex asked.


“She is,” Jackson said, crossing his arms over his chest and he and Alex engaged one another in a staring contest as Blair’s eyes widened. Girlfriend? Jackson had said she was without even hesitating. She knew that they said they were in a relationship but just hearing him say that she was his girlfriend, it made her smile and feel warm inside. “So leave her alone and go hit on someone else, Karev.”


“I consider myself a feminist,” Lexie whispered to Blair. “But I do love when men act like that on occasion.”


“Does Mark act like that?” Blair asked curiously and Lexie laughed.


“He turns jealous possessiveness into an art form,” Lexie said and just at the thought of her husband, she smiled, and Blair smiled as well.


“Relax, Avery,” Alex smirked. “I was just talking to her. Right?” He looked to Blair and Jackson did as well.


“It was annoying but harmless,” Blair sighed and Jackson reached over, taking hold of her hand and pulling her a step closer to him as Alex smirked and walked away.


“Let’s go eat. You hungry?” He asked her, Karev already forgotten and Blair smiled, nodding, looking up at him. He looked so damn good wearing his light blue scrubs. “Lex, you coming, too?”


“I would love to but-”


“Dr. Sloan!” Mark suddenly barked out, approaching the group. “We have that meeting we have to get to and you’re late.”


Lexie put a hand over her heart. “I love the way he talks to me,” she said, making Blair laugh. “I’m hungry, Mark. Can we eat something first?”


“Hey, Blair,” Mark said and then looked at the watch on his wrist. “No time. We only have twenty minutes for the meeting.”


And with that, he grabbed Lexie’s hand and began pulling her away.


“Bye, Blair!” Lexie called out before she and Mark disappeared through the door that led to the stairwell.


Jackson rolled his eyes. “Their meeting is code for having midday sex. They need a new code for it.”


Blair smiled, looking up at him again. “That doesn’t sound like a bad idea though.”


He lifted his eyebrows. “It doesn’t?”


She felt her cheeks blush and she loved how insatiable he made her feel. She had never felt this before. With Chuck, he had loved sex so much and it almost became what their entire relationship had been about and Blair had felt as if having sex was a chore. With Jackson though, she loved the idea of being with him, feeling his hands and lips and feeling him inside of her, stretching her. Just thinking about it now, lunch was definitely no longer a priority.


“Is there a place somewhere in the hospital where we could…” she trailed off, not finishing the question and Jackson smirked, squeezing her hand.


“I might know a place in the hospital where we could go,” he said with a nod and mischievous smile.


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