lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

I'm Standing Here Outside Your Door, I Hate to Wake You Up to Say Goodbye

So, this is it. My last post before I go away until next Wednesday. To those who actually read my page, hopefully, I will come back brimming with some new story ideas. And to those who are on my friends list for some reason even though you have nothing to do with me, do not worry. You get an extended break from me cluttering your flist. I am so excited for this trip - my older sister and I have gotten a lot closer to one another now that we do not live in the same house and share the same bathroom. And even though she just visited me for 4th of July, I have never seen where she lives in Vermont and I love visiting that part of the country. When I was younger, I always envisioned myself moving to Maine someday. To me, there has always been something horribly romantic about living in Maine.

I hope everyone has a spectacular week and when I come back, I will be a year older - though I am trying very hard not to think about my birthday yet - and I cannot wait to hear from you all again. As lame as it probably makes me sound, there are those of you I really will miss over the next week. *big hug for everyone who wants one*
Tags: life, random

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