lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

Flist Cut Complete

I went from 136 friends down to 115. Not a huge cut but it still was something I felt like I had to do. I update nearly every day and give people plenty of opportunities to talk to me. That's all I ask. An occasional comment. Don't go weeks or months being silent. I understand being busy. I'm busy, too, but I don't like being taken advantage of and I KNOW a lot of you read my entries but never comment. Some of you were added and then I never heard from you so I had no idea who you were. All of my Mark/Lexie and life updates will be locked to everyone except my flist. All other fandom stories such as Gossip Girl and Glee will be open to everyone. 

If you think you were cut by mistake, let me know. Or if you're no longer interested in my stories, please have the courtesy to just let me know. No hard feelings whatsoever. Thank you.

(I'm sorry if this came off extremely bitchy. I'm really not a bitch at all.)

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