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I've Got to be Honest, I've Been Waiting for You All of My Life

Random Mark/Lexie vignette #2


“Apples shouldn’t even be considered a fruit,” Lexie informs him as they sit at the table in the kitchen, eating breakfast.


It is a rule she has laid down since they moved into the new house. No matter how busy they are, they have to have one meal together a day – whether it be home or at the hospital – where they actually sit down and eat food and talk about things.

She tells him that it is what couples do and since he is still new to this whole relationship thing and has no idea what he is doing, he agrees to it.


Actually, he thinks it is kind of nice. He’s never had that kind of rule in his entire life and it is one he is quickly adjusting to.


“Is that so?” Mark speaks through the large bite he has just taken from the red apple in his hand and is now chewing on it loudly as he reads that morning’s newspaper.


“They’re disgusting,” she says with a slight scrunch of her nose, watching him take another bite.


“I think you’re disgusting,” he retorts back with a smirk and she rolls her eyes.


“What are you? Five?”


“I get defensive when you make fun of apples. I love apples. An apple a day keeps a doctor away,” he eyes her.


She’s quiet for a moment, taking a spoonful of Trix cereal from her bowl and chewing on it thoughtfully. “Must be why I hate apples. I don’t want to keep my doctor away.”


She is staring at him, smiling faintly, and his smirk turns into a smile to match hers.


Come to think of it, this isn’t kind of nice. This is really nice.

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