lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (Blair Waldorf/Jackson Avery)

Title: I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (10/?)
Author: lexiesloan
Rating: M
Fandom: Gossip Girl/Grey's Anatomy
Pairing: Blair Waldorf/Jackson Avery
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: A future fic. You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life.

I know I don't update this story as frequently as my Mark/Lexie stories so thank you so much to those who read this one and have endless amounts of patience. I dedicate this chapter to Lisa, who, I think, loves this pairing almost more than I do lol


Chapter Ten –


“Your brother is an asshole,” Mark grumbled as he sat in front of Jackson, suturing the deep cut above Jackson’s right eyebrow.


“So you keep telling me,” Jackson did his best not to wince.


“Mark, stop it,” Lexie said, sitting next to him, leaning in and watching her husband stitch her best friend’s face. But she then looked at Jackson. “Why do you keep going every single time he calls you?”


“Because he’s my brother,” Jackson shrugged.


Lexie sighed. “I get it,” she nodded reluctantly. “I just hate how he takes advantage of you. Anytime he calls-”


“Lex,” Mark cut her off, seeing that Jackson really didn’t want to hear any of this. He finished the sutures and with a sigh, he rolled his stool back and peeling his latex gloves off. “You’re all set to go. Do you want a band-aid to cover it up or anything?” He asked.


Jackson shook his head. “Thanks, Mark,” he said, standing up from the chair and looking at his reflection in the mirror, sighing heavily.


The evening hadn’t gone exactly as planned. When he had called Patrick, he had planned to meet up with his brother, give him some money and then return back to his apartment where he could hopefully talk to Blair for a couple of hours. But he should have known better than to think anything could be as simple when his brother was involved. Patrick had needed his help but as usual, that was easier said than done. He owed this guy money but that guy owed him money and since Patrick was insistent on getting the money owed to him and not taking it from Jackson, they had to drive around, looking for one guy to pay another. By the end of the night, he had gotten into more than one scuffle and then some asshole decided to smash a beer bottle against his face.


He sighed again. He knew Mark and Lexie meant well. They were his closest friends and unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time he had come to the hospital, bruised or bleeding after a night of “helping” his brother but he didn’t want to have to explain it every time. He couldn’t explain it. He knew he should just wash his hands of him like the rest of the Avery family had done but Jackson seemed incapable of following through. Any time Patrick called, Jackson didn’t think of how his brother was nothing but trouble. He just thought of how he was his brother and he needed him.


He wasn’t scheduled to work again until that night so after shaking Mark’s hand and giving Lexie a hug, thanking both of them again, he left the pit and headed towards the doors, walking slowly, his ribcage sore and aching. It wasn’t that long of a walk to his car – thankfully – and he eased himself in behind the steering wheel, giving himself a moment of just sitting there, letting the silence of the car pound in his ears. He was exhausted and all he wanted to do was go home, pop a few aspirin and then go to sleep.


But first…


He leaned over, opening the glove-box and pulling out his cell phone. He had put it away the night before during his little adventure with Patrick and was just now checking it. His stomach sank when he saw that almost all of the calls he had missed had been from Blair.


“Fuck,” he swore, immediately dialing her number.


He had meant to call her yesterday. He had wanted to talk to her more than anything. It freaked him out a little, actually, to think of just how much he missed her already and she hadn’t even been gone for twenty-four hours yet. He didn’t want to think about how he was here and she was across the country in New York. He didn’t want to think about how he didn’t know when he would see her again and he didn’t want to think about how hard this was going to do. He wanted to do this and he hoped Blair did, too. He wanted to be with her in any way possible. Even if that way meant having thousands of miles between them. It wasn’t ideal but with Blair Waldorf, he would take what he could get.


Her voice mail picked up and he sighed. Shit. What if she was pissed at him? Actually, that probably wasn’t if. She had tried calling him again and again the night before and she hadn’t known what he was doing. She didn’t know if he was in surgery or sleeping or running around half the city with his asshole brother.


She hadn’t talked about it in great detail but Jackson knew that she had gotten her heart broken – badly – before. And then with him not answering her phone calls, she probably had drawn a lot of conclusions that were as far from the truth as possible. He had to talk to her as soon as possible.


“Blair, it’s me. Jackson,” he nearly stuttered, now feeling nervous. What if she didn’t call him back? What if he had just royally fucked this up even though the night before with Patrick hadn’t been his fault? His head began to pound harder. “I’m sorry about last night. My brother called and he needed me and I … I will tell you all about it if you want to hear it. I just need you to call me back. I need you to know that… I’m here, Blair,” he said. “I’m right here and I need you to call me back so that I can tell you.”


He sighed once he had ended the call and he leaned back in his seat, closing his eyes. He needed to hear her voice, not some recording. What if she had thought he was with another woman last night so she had gone and… He couldn’t even finish that thought but unfortunately for him, the seed had now been planted. He had fallen for this woman so completely already and it terrified him because now, they had an entire country between them and neither knew what the other was doing.


He knew that this entire thing between them relied almost completely on trust and communication. He had to trust Blair and not think of her being with anyone else. She had told him that she didn’t want to break anyone’s heart and it scared the shit out of him that Blair already had the power to break anything of his.


He looked at his watch. It was almost seven o’clock and New York was three hours ahead. Maybe she too busy at work after being away for so long and was trying to play catch up and didn’t have time to pick up. Yeah, that had to be it. See, Jackson? He told himself as he shoved his key in the car’s ignition and turned the engine on. Logic.


Still though. He really needed Blair to call him back so he could explain himself to her. The last thing he wanted was Blair Waldorf pissed at him.



Her phone was on her desk and she looked at it longingly as it beeped once, alerting her that there was a new voice message. She knew it was from Jackson and she didn’t care if she was acting desperate. She was pissed at him for ignoring her last night but at the same time, she was just so relieved to hear him calling her and leaving her a message. Now that she knew that he was alright, she could at least breathe a little easier. Of course, breathing at all was a challenge when her otherwise spacious office was feeling claustrophobic.


Chuck Bass stood there, in the doorway, blocking her only way of escaping, keeping her in her office at the museum, and he held a bouquet of flowers in one hand. His suit was tailored, his bow tie was perfectly straight and he was giving her that half-smile that used to make her melt. Now, though, it just looked smarmy to her and she wished that he would leave. She didn’t want to see him. She didn’t want to talk to him.


She didn’t want him.


She used to be so in love with him, the thought of not being with him could hurt her. But she had been too hurt, had felt too used, had had her heart crushed and stomped on too many times and now, she couldn’t imagine ever being with him again. She was only twenty-two years old and being with Chuck Bass, he just made her feel tired and drained.


“I was expecting you back last week,” Chuck said, fingering one of the flowers. “When I spoke with Serena, she mentioned something about Seattle.”


“Yes,” Blair straightened her shoulders and jutted her chin out slightly. She may not have been the Blair she once was because of this person standing before her but she wouldn’t dare let on that he had that much power over her. “I was staying with someone there.”


Thoughts of Jackson flooded her mind. She really wanted to listen to the message he had left her. Hopefully, he had explained his absence. She wouldn’t tell Chuck about Jackson though. For once, Chuck had no business knowing anything about her. She looked at Chuck now. God, he and Jackson were complete opposites of one another. Jackson was tall and lean and worked out with abs and biceps that made her wet between her thighs. Chuck was short, almost squatty, and the most he exercised was pretending to play basketball with Nate while wearing ridiculous getups.


She wasn’t in love with Jackson but she couldn’t definitely see herself falling for him. She could see herself having a great love story with him though she scolded herself to stop with the romantic dreams. She had seen way too many Audrey Hepburn movies and after every Chuck put her through, she should have known better than to look at Jackson and picture a forever with him. She had to control herself. She had to take this slow and be safe. She had to be smart because the truth was, the feelings she already had for Jackson scared her. He could break her fragile heart already without even realizing it.


“Who is he?” Chuck asked, staring at her.


Blair opened her mouth to automatically reply with no one but she couldn’t say that about Jackson even if he wasn’t here to hear it. “He’s someone I’m very interested in,” she answered. Chuck narrowed his eyes slightly at her and she hated that he knew her so well. He probably could sense her heart pounding rapidly in her chest. “I… I’m seeing him, Chuck,” she further explained though she had no idea why. She didn’t owe Chuck any sort of explanation about anything.


His entire demeanor changed then. He turned and tossed the flowers onto her desk and Blair found herself bracing for impact. She had been with Chuck on and off since she was sixteen-years-old and she knew she wasn’t the girl she used to be before him. Over the years, she had just been broken down too many times, he had rubbed and rubbed until she was nothing more than a nub of the person she used to be. She was the kind of girl she used to despise. She was what had always been Blair Waldorf’s greatest fear. Weak.


There were things though – things she hadn’t even told Serena – that frightened Blair about him.


“Who is he?” Chuck asked again, his voice low, his eyes dark and intense.


“I’m not telling you that,” she shook her head. She told herself that he wouldn’t do anything in the museum – not when so many other people were around. She thought of those times he used to grab her arms and the bruises he left behind. “I don’t have to tell you anything, Chuck,” she swallowed and straightened her shoulders again. “We are no longer together and nothing is going to change that.”


Chuck glanced away, rubbing his chin, before he looked back at her again. “I came to apologize, Blair. For everything. I know I haven’t treated you in the way you deserve-”


Her cell phone began ringing again and they both looked to where it sat on her desk. This time, she went for it but Chuck grabbed it first. She tried to grab it but he took a step back and held his other hand out towards her, holding her back. Blair’s heart lodged in her throat when Chuck answered it.


“Hello,” Chuck answered.


Jackson frowned. He pulled his phone away, glancing at it, seeing that he had, in fact, dialed Blair’s number. Why the hell was a guy answering her phone? “Hello?” He said.


“Who’s this?” Chuck all but demanded.


“Chuck, give me my phone,” Blair said, trying to move past him to snatch it back. Chuck wasn’t having any of that though and he kept her back. “Jackson!” She called out, desperate for him to hear her; desperate for him to know that this wasn’t what it might seem like. “Chuck, stop!”


“Where the hell is Blair?” Jackson demanded of the man. He had arrived back at his apartment and had changed into a pair of sweatpants before closing all of his window shades and lying down on his bed. His head was killing him and all he wanted to do was talk to Blair. He wasn’t in the mood for games.


“Blair can’t come to the phone right now,” Chuck said. “Her phone said that you’re Jackson.”


“Yeah,” Jackson sighed, wondering who the hell this guy was. “Jackson Avery. Is Blair around or not?”


“Not,” Chuck said and with that, he ended the call, hanging up on him.


Blair’s mouth fell open. She couldn’t believe that he had just done that. Actually, she could very much believe that Chuck Bass had done something as rude as that. Chuck smirked as he held the phone out for her to take. She glared at him, snatching it back.


“You have no right-” she began but he swiftly cut her off. 


“Do you have plans tonight?” He asked. “I know you just back but I was hoping to take you out tonight for dinner.”


Blair blinked at him. “You can’t be serious.”


He took a step towards her, one she immediately countered with one backwards. “I told you. I’m apologizing. I want to show you just how sorry I am.”


“By answering my personal calls and butting into my private life that no longer concerns you?” She glared and crossed her arms over her chest. Her anger spurned her on. “I want nothing to do with you, Chuck, and I’m certainly not going to eat dinner with you. I’m involved with Jackson now. I’m in a relationship with him. Him not you. You had more than enough chances to make it work with me but you chose to throw each one away. I’m not going to fall for your apologies. Now leave before I have to call security.”


She knew it was an empty threat. The Bass family was one of the museum’s largest patrons. Still though, she made a move towards her desk, reaching for the phone.


Chuck smirked and then held his hands up as if in surrender. “Perhaps tomorrow.” He looked at her for a moment and then nodded slightly. “It was good to see you.”


Blair’s entire body stiffened when he leaned in and kissed her cheek and then with one more look in her direction, he turned and left her office, leaving behind a whiff of cologne and a bout of nausea rumbling in her stomach. She stood there for a moment, frozen, but then, she snapped out of it. She grabbed the bouquet of daises he had brought and storming from her office, she saw one of the interns working at the museum during one of their semesters at college.


“Here,” Blair said, pushing the bouquet in the surprised girl’s arms before spinning again and stalking back into her office, slamming the door behind her.


Sitting down in her chair and spinning it around, facing the window, she quickly dialed Jackson back, her stomach knotted and nervous. She silently coaxed him to answer.


“Yeah?” He answered gruffly. He sounded tired but she didn’t care. She was just so happy to hear from him.


“Hi,” she said, unable to keep from smiling.


“Hey,” his voice instantly softened and she felt her stomach churn now for an entirely different reason. She was such a silly girl around him. “What was that all about earlier?”


She took a deep breath. “That was Chuck. He dropped in at my office and was being… Chuck. I am so sorry.”


“Don’t worry about it, baby,” he shook his head. “I’m sorry. For last night. My brother called and I had to meet him and Patrick… he can easily distract me from everything that matters. He always needs help with one thing or another.”


She exhaled. “Your brother,” she said more to herself.


“What? Did you think that the instant your plane left Seattle, I went and found someone else?” Jackson asked, teasing her.


“I’m awful,” Blair closed her eyes, rubbing her head. “I’m sorry.”


“Hey,” he said. “Stop trying to cut into my apology with your own.” She laughed and he smiled. “I’m sorry, baby. I should have found a way to call you last night,” he said and she shook her head.


“It’s okay,” she said and she meant it because now, it really didn’t matter. “I miss you.”


“I miss you so much, it’s crazy,” he agreed. “I wish you were here with me right now. I’m lying in bed and just listening to your voice in my ear-”


“Jackson,” she blushed, glancing over her shoulder towards the door of her office, which remained shut before she turned back towards the window. “I’m at work right now.”


“What are you wearing?” He asked. “Let me guess. A skirt.”


She laughed. “Yes,” and she couldn’t believe she was going along with this. “And what are you wearing?”


“Sweatpants that are currently tented with an erection,” he answered bluntly.


It seemed almost instantaneous that her panties became wet. “Jackson,” she whispered.


“I wish I was there right now, kneeling in front of you,” his voice was heavy and warm in her ear and she closed her eyes, her throat suddenly dry and she licked her lips. “Or you were here and since I’m on my back, I would have you straddle my face. I bet you’re wet.”


“I am,” she said softly, almost in a moan. She crossed her legs, squeezing them shut. The ache was so intense now and she was so close to touching herself. “So wet.”


“I want to touch you,” he said. “I want to slide my hands up your thighs and spread them for me and I want to kneel between them.”


With her eyes closed, Blair could almost convince herself that she was really feeling him do this to her. Her nipples hardened beneath the sweater she was wearing and she was so desperate to touch herself, not caring that she was at work and acting wildly inappropriate by participating in phone sex with her boyfriend.


“Fuck, Blair,” Jackson nearly groaned. “I am so hard.”


“I loved that blow job I gave you yesterday,” she spoke boldly yet honestly. “I’ve never really done it before.”


“You were amazing. And I want you to give me another,” he said. “Hang on.” Cradling the phone between his shoulder and ear, he then swiftly pushed his sweatpants down past his hips and grasped his cock with his hand. “Do you want to suck me, Blair?”


“I do,” she nodded honestly. “I really do, Jackson.” She took a deep breath. She had never done phone sex before. But with Jackson in Seattle, she had better get used to this and quickly. “I want to crawl onto your bed and kneel between your legs. I want to wrap my fingers around you… you’re the biggest man I’ve been with and I just stare at your… cock.” Jackson groaned at the sound of that word coming from her mouth. “I lower my head, exhaling on it, my breath hot and my fingers squeezing slightly.”


“Babe, I want you to turn around so my head is between your legs,” Jackson panted and Blair moaned softly, biting down on her lip, clenching her eyes shut.


“I can’t do this here. Not in my office,” she suddenly said. “I want to be in my home, on my bed where I can… do things.”


Jackson gritted his teeth together but he didn’t protest. The last thing he wanted to do was make her do something she didn’t want to do and make her feel uncomfortable – even though he was feeling incredibly uncomfortable himself at the moment. He tried to take a deep breath and he removed his hand from his cock. A cold shower was definitely now in order. God, he wished they were closer. The same city, the same state. Just somewhere so much closer without an entire country between them.


“What time do you get home from work?” He managed to ask.


“I can leave at four. I’ll just bring some work home with me tonight,” she said. “Are you working at the hospital tonight?”


“I am but not until tonight and you’re a few hours ahead of me,” he said. “Call me as soon as you get home. I’ll be asleep but I will definitely wake up for this.”


She smiled. “I’m sorry I can’t… I’ve never done this before and I want to do it when I have privacy and can touch myself.”


“Do you have a vibrator?” He suddenly asked.


“Jackson,” she blushed, looking towards her office door again. “I do not.”


He grinned. “Not yet anyway. I might be sending you a care package in a few days.”


She giggled and all of the drama with Chuck and earlier was completely forgotten. Now, all she could do was think about her impending phone sex date with Jackson in a few hours. She had a busy day ahead of her, trying to catch up on work, but now she definitely had something to look forward to.


“Is this normal?” She then asked softly. “To miss you this much already?”


“Who cares if it’s normal or not,” Jackson said. “I miss you, you miss me, and this relationship, we are the ones who decide what we want.”


“I want you,” Blair said. “Not just for sex but…” She wasn’t sure how to finish that thought. Around him, she felt so much. Almost too much and it almost frightened her.


“I know,” he nodded though, understanding perfectly. “I want you, too. And I might be looking for flights to New York a lot sooner than I planned.”


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