lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (Blair Waldorf/Jackson Avery)

Title: I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (11/?)
Author: lexiesloan
Rating: M
Fandom: Gossip Girl/Grey's Anatomy
Pairing: Blair Waldorf/Jackson Avery
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: A future fic. You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life.

The shirtless Jackson icon is very important for this chapter ;) Please read, comment and enjoy! And again, thank you to those who read this story who are so patient with me between updates. Next chapter is going to be what a lot of people have been waiting for.


Chapter Eleven –


“I wish you were here,” Blair said softly into the phone as she stepped out of her heels.


She had rushed back to her apartment on the Upper East Side from the museum the instant the clock struck four o’clock. And the instant she had ridden the elevator up to the tenth floor and had thrust her key into the lock, she had dialed Jackson’s number. She had been wanting to talk to him all day – so badly, it almost made her ache for him. It was only their first full day of separation and with him there and her here, she had no idea how they were going to make this work. She hadn’t expected to miss him this much.


“I wish I was there, too,” Jackson said, much in the same position from when they had talked earlier. After hanging up the phone with her, he had drifted off to sleep and he hadn’t woken until his cell began ringing again with the special ring he had given her.


“We’ll get used to this, right?” Blair suppressed a sigh.


“I kind of don’t want to hope that we get used to it,” he said, sitting up and rubbing a hand over his head, suppressing a yawn. “I can say though that we’ll get through this.”


“And then what?” Blair asked and she couldn’t help it. This is what Chuck did to her whenever he was around her. He made her question everything. “I… I don’t know if I can move to Seattle. My entire life is here in New York. And your entire life is there in Seattle. You’re still in the middle of your residency and…”


Jackson was silent. He didn’t know how to respond. He sort of began to feel sick to his stomach even though he hadn’t even eaten anything all day and he knew that there was nothing inside of him to throw up. Well, that didn’t take long. Almost thirty-six hours. He sighed heavily, rubbing at his forehead with his hand.


“Fine,” he said.


Blair silenced herself for a moment. “Fine?” She then said softly.


“Fine,” he shrugged. “How should I end it? It’s been nice knowing you? You’re a fantastic girl who’s great in bed? What do you want me to say to you?”


Tears pricked her eyes. She was still getting to know him but she could tell that he was upset, bordering on anger. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.


He stood up. “Yeah… Look, I gotta eat something and-”


“You’re leaving?” She interrupted.


“Uh, you just said I’m sorry like you’re ending it,” he pointed out to her. “So why stay on the phone and prolong it?”


“No,” she shook her head quickly. “I wasn’t ending it. I was saying I’m sorry for… for saying those things. That’s not what I wanted to say at all when you answered.”


“Then why did you?” He asked as he left the bedroom and headed into the kitchen. He really did need to eat something.


“Because I’m an idiot,” she sighed and he felt his lips twitch in a smile. “I just had a bad day at work with trying to catch up on everything and Chuck and I miss you so much-”


“Tell me about him.”


“Who? Chuck?” Blair’s eyebrows shot up. “Okay, that’s actually one thing I really don’t want to talk about with you.”


Jackson found the orange juice in the refrigerator and instead of getting himself a glass, he simply took a swig straight from the carton. “Why not?” He asked, putting the carton back on the shelf and then leaning back against the counter behind him. “I’ll tell you about my exes if you want me to.”


“I…” she went into her bedroom and without flipping on any lights, she crawled onto the bed, rolling over so she laid on her back. She really didn’t want to tell Jackson about Chuck. She was trying to desperately to not have one have anything to do with the other. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She wanted to tell him. She wanted to tell him so many things. She wanted to be, for once, in an open and honest relationship. No games, no secrets, just the two of them – Blair and Jackson. “Jackson,” she then said his name just to say it. “I loved him,” she whispered and she didn’t have to see him to imagine him going still over the phone. “I loved him more than anything. Even myself. But…” she felt her chest pinch and she rested her free hand over it. “It was bad,” she continued to whisper – almost as if she was afraid to truly talk about this yet.


“Did he hurt you?” Jackson asked then and she noticed that his voice was soft yet there was an edge to it. It almost made her flinch for some reason.


She didn’t want to answer that because that was actually an extremely hard question to answer. There was so much more to it than “yes, he hurt me” and Blair didn’t want to spend this phone conversation reliving her relationship with Chuck when she was trying to have a relationship with Jackson.


“I would never hurt you,” Jackson then said as if he had to assure her of that.


“I know,” Blair took her time to assure him. “I knew that even before… even before I knew you,” she said softly and Jackson almost felt himself smiling faintly even though he was still feeling anger towards this Chuck asshole. “I am sorry for earlier. I don’t want to end this. I just hate not knowing anything.”


“Hey. It’s not like I have all of the answers and I’m keeping them from you,” he told her as he left the kitchen and shuffled back to his bedroom. “And I know this isn’t easy. It’s only been the first day and you have no idea how much I miss you. I’m already used to having you in bed next to me.”


“Next time I visit, you have to show me your apartment,” Blair smiled. When he didn’t respond, she laughed slightly. “It can’t be that bad, Jackson.”


He almost grimaced, crawling back onto the bed. “It’s pretty bad, babe. I don’t have that much furniture, I’m never here. It’s… very guy.”


That made her laugh, all previous tension seeping from her body. “Still, I want to see it. If you can’t show it to your girlfriend, who can you show it to?”


“Very true,” he grinned, laying down on his back. “When are you coming back?”


“I actually may have some business in San Francisco in a couple of weeks,” she informed him, already smiling at the thought. She had nearly squealed when she had received that email from her boss earlier that afternoon. “An art dealer there says he has an original Rembrandt that he’s interested in selling so I have to go and take a look at it. I could easily swing up to Seattle for a couple of days. Maybe make a weekend of it.”


“Don’t tease me, woman,” Jackson said and she bit down on her lip, nearly laughing.


She was feeling bold now and she couldn’t seem to help herself. Jackson brought something out of her. All it took was his voice in her ear for her entire body to start aching for him. She was laying on her back on her bed and all she wanted in that moment was for him to be on top of her. She closed her eyes, a dry lump forming in her throat. 


“No,” she shook her head. “No teasing. I want you.”


“I want you, too,” Jackson said, cradling the phone between his ear and shoulder as he slowly pushed his sweatpants down past his hips. He was already forming an erection.


“Do we have time?” She asked, her fingers already unbuttoning her blouse. Her breasts begged to be touched, her nipples hard with anticipation, and she had to clench her thighs tightly in attempt to ease the desperate ache throbbing between them. “I know you have to go to the hospital tonight-”


“We have more than enough time,” he cut her off, looking at the digital clock on the bedside table as he did. The red neon numbers informed him that he had over two hours. It probably wouldn’t have been enough time if she had actually been in bed with him but he could still get her off. And she could hear it in her voice. She needed to get off – desperately – and Jackson’s erection hardened even more. “Tell me where you are and what you’re wearing,” he then urged as he leaned over, opening the draw of the nightstand, searching the inner contents for the bottle of baby oil he knew was in there.


“I’m lying on my bed on my back,” she answered as she finished unbuttoning her blouse and sitting up slightly, she slipped it off. “And I just took off my blouse so I’m wearing a skirt, tights, a bra-”


“I kneel in front of you, staring down at you, seeing your hair fanned out,” he began and she closed her eyes, trying to remind herself that breathing right now was extremely important. “You know what drives me crazy? The fact that you have no idea how god damn beautiful you are. In the bar, the day I met you, I felt like I couldn’t breathe.”


“Yeah, right,” Blair naturally disagreed. Just wait until he saw Serena.


“Hey. Don’t argue with the boyfriend,” Jackson said and she couldn’t help but smile. “I slowly start to rub my hands up and down your legs, starting at your ankles and moving up towards your knees and then to your thighs.”


Blair closed her eyes again and could almost feel him. She instinctively spread her legs.


“I push your skirt up, slowly, my fingers dragging up your thighs. Lift your hips, Blair,” he instructed. “And when you lift your hips, I gently pull your tights and panties down your legs, my fingers scraping down your now bare skin.”


Blair cradled the phone between her shoulder and ear and did as he said but she didn’t do it gently. Instead, she very quickly pushed the tights and panties down her legs and tossed them away before falling back onto the bed again, swallowing the dryness in her throat.


“Jackson,” she heard herself whisper and in the back of her mind, she could hear him talking again but already, he had her so hot.


With her eyes closed, she could easily imagine him there. She felt a dip in the mattress and when she saw Jackson there with her, sitting up on his knees before her, she smiled. He smiled in return and she noticed that he was wearing nothing except a pair of sweatpants. She didn’t hesitate in sitting up and with her hands sliding onto his narrow hips, she began kissing his chest and stomach, paying great attention to his sculpted abs. His body drove her absolutely crazy. She knew that he took great care of it and he worked out hard at the gym for his appearance.


She heard him say her name, sounding out of breath.




And then his fingers were in her hair, tilting her head up, and he bent over, kissing her passionately. Blair moaned into his mouth as he lowered them down onto the bed, Blair on her back and Jackson on top of her. She lost sense of all time as they kissed, his body pressing hers down, their legs tangled together, and her thighs cradling his hips. His tongue was in her mouth, tangling almost lazily with hers – a contrast to the near desperation of their kisses – and Blair ran her hands over his head before sliding them down his back. She loved his shaved head look but she wished he had hair so she could have something to grab hold of during one of his kissing assaults.


He broke away so they could both breathe and when Blair opened her eyes, he was looking at her, smiling. She smiled back and lifting her head from the pillow, she gave him one more firm, short kiss before falling back again. She laughed softly and he grinned before shifting on top of her and ran his hands down the sides of her bodies before back up and his large hands cupped her small breasts through her bra. She bit down on her lip, feeling her nipples harden even more from his touch, and Jackson began kissing the side of her neck, slowly trailing down, sweeping over her collarbone and then to the skin between her breasts.


“They’re small,” she said subconsciously, almost as if she was apologizing but Jackson shook his head, giving her a soft kiss on the lips.


The bra she was wearing clasped in the front and Jackson easily sprung the hook apart. The air in the bedroom was cool against her flushed skin and Blair moved her arms from around him so they could pull the straps of the bra off together. Jackson tossed it away and then his hands returned to her bare breasts, rubbing and caressing them, and Blair shifted on the bed, biting down on her bottom lip as she moaned softly.


“Why don’t you think you’re beautiful?” Jackson asked suddenly, catching her off guard. Maybe that was why he asked. He knew she was completely relaxed and her walls were down. He was staring at her with those incredibly eyes of his and they nearly hypnotized her. “I may have started talking with you for purely shallow reasons but you should know that I like you. Really like you and I hate that you don’t seem to like yourself that much.”


She shook her head slightly. “I’m trying to. I… there’s a lot you don’t know about me. I’ve never really liked myself that much.” She paused, staring at him. “Would it be too soon if I said that I like who I am when I’m around you?”


Jackson shook his head. “It wouldn’t be too soon. Actually…” he shifted on top of her again so his face was level with hers and he kissed her softly. “ That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.”


Blair smiled and then pulled him down for another kiss. Together, they pushed his sweatpants down further and then with one hand pushing her skirt up and holding her hip, Jackson guided himself to her soaked, waiting slit. When he pushed inside of her tight heat, they both moaned and fell still for a moment, adjusting and breathing heavily.


Over the phone, Jackson was grasping his erection with his hand, squeezing it, trying to match the tightness that would be surrounding it if he was actually inside of her, and Blair was rubbing herself with two fingers, gasping as she came in contact with her swollen, sensitive clit. She had never been that comfortable with masturbation and touching herself in an attempt to give herself an orgasm but she had to admit that with Jackson, she was so wet and hot and she had no problem pressing her own hand between her thighs, wishing more than anything that it was actually him.


“Jackson,” she nearly whimpered and he kissed her deeply as he brought his hips back and then thrust back inside, smoothly and fully.


“Fuck, Blair,” he grunted as she squeezed around him and then lifting her legs, she wrapped them around his waist.


He pulled his hips back, sliding almost completely out before thrusting back in. Blair arched her back, her fingers digging into his, and she gasped as he did the same thing, almost pulling completely out of her body before thrusting back in completely, slamming his hips against hers. It felt so amazing. He was so big and he stretched her body over and over again as he fucked her with her skirt shoved around her waist.


Sex with Jackson was always such an amazing experience. He woke up every single nerve in her body and it only left her crazing and pleading for more. Sex with Jackson, she never wanted it to end. He knew exactly where to touch, knew exactly how much force to pound her body with, knew exactly what she wanted before even she did. With Jackson, she didn’t need foreplay to get wet. Just being around him or hearing his voice did that to her. She didn’t need to dress up in stupid sexy costumes to keep the sex between them good and interesting. They were still fresh in a relationship together but the sex, every single time, was mind blowing. She didn’t see why it wouldn’t remain so.


“Harder, Jackson,” Blair groaned, digging her head in the pillow behind her, clenching her teeth together and squeezing her eyes shut. Her fingers weren’t nearly big enough but the heel of her hand was bumping against her clit and her other hand was rubbing her nipples as she held the phone between her ear and shoulder. It wasn’t enough and yet, it seemed to be doing the trick. “Jackson!” She cried out, so close but not close at all.


Jackson held his cock tighter, gripping it as he stroked it, lifting his hips, grunting as he listened to her moan over the phone in his ear. He would do anything to be actually inside of her right then. God, he wanted her. He wanted to kiss every single inch of her body and run his hands all over her and fuck her clear across her bed.


“Blair!” He suddenly choked out as his orgasm hit unexpectedly and he squeezed his cock, ropes of hot white cum streaming out and landing on his stomach. “Fuck,” he laid there panting, feeling completely spent but through his heavy breathing, he heard her still moaning and whimpering and he knew that she had yet to cum, too.


Blair nearly whined in protest when Jackson pulled out of her but then his hands, warm on her thighs, spread her legs wider and he laid between them. The ache was so great now, it was hurting and her clit was throbbing and she was just so close. She just needed his help.


Her eyes were closed but she could feel Jackson looking up her body at her and she moaned when he slid two fingers down and then up and inside of her. She cried out, her hands dropping to the mattress, fisting the bed’s comforter. Two fingers turned into three and Blair began lifting her hips, riding his hand as he thrusted it in and out of her, angled in just that way that nearly had her bucking off the bed.


“That’s it, baby. Come on, Blair. You’re so close,” Jackson leaned down and licked her clit with the flat plane of his rough tongue and she came then, crying out and screaming and Jackson almost had to pull the phone away from his ear.


Blair collapsed, tremors making her entire body shake, and she felt as if she couldn’t breathe. Her lungs were on fire as she gasped and she pulled her fingers out, now wet and sore from the intense exercise she had just put them through.


Jackson closed his eyes, listening to her. God, he wished he was there or she was here. He didn’t care as long as they were together and he could be with her. “Damn, baby. Next time we’re together, we’re going shopping to get you a vibrator,” he said, still panting, his chest heaving up and down.


She giggled then and it was probably the sexiest sound he had ever heard. “Okay,” she said and then stretched, the last of the tremors still quaking over her body. “Now that we’ve had our very first phone sex session, I see why I’m going to need it.” And then, in a softer voice, she added, “Thank you, Jackson.”


“If you call and try to end this again, over a phone and not face to face, you should know now,” Jackson said. “I’m not letting you go.”


Blair was quiet for a long moment but then she closed her eyes and a serene smile passed over her lips. “Okay,” she whispered.


“Okay,” he replied back, smiling himself.


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