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Movie Night - Mark’s Turn (Mark/Lexie)

I am not sure what is wrong with me but lately, I have been seriously doubting my writing. I read the other Mark/Lexie stories by the other authors and their stories are just incredible and I look back at mine and I almost get embarrassed with them just because they are no where near almost all of the other stories out there about this couple. I think I need to go away for a little bit and work on a few things. Hopefully, when I get back, things will be a lot better.

My last story for the time being is sort of a continuation of The Things You Do For Me, only this time, Mark gets to pick the movie that Lexie watches. Please check it out after the cut if you are interested. Thank you in advance.


Lexie stares down at the plastic DVD case that Mark has thrust into her hands before slowly lifting her eyes to look up at him as he stood before her, a satisfied smirk on his face. She opens her mouth to say something but she isn’t sure what and she looks back down at the movie.


“I…” she starts to say but then she stops, shaking her head slightly. “I hear this movie is absolutely terrifying.”


“One of the scariest,” he boasts proudly, shedding his jacket, dropping it onto the back of one of the chairs, and goes to the television to get the DVD player ready.


“Mark, I…” she shakes her head again. “I don’t know if I can watch this.”


“Sure you can, Lex,” Mark says.  “And after yesterday, since I watched Gone with the Wind, you told me that today we would watch one of my favorite movies.”


“I don’t do well with horror movies,” Lexie says, putting the movie on the coffee table and pushing it as far away from her as possible without throwing it across the room which she wanted to do.


Mark turns towards her and with a grin, he grabs the movie and popping the case opens, slips the disc into the player. He then stands up, tossing the controller onto the couch cushion next to her and then begins taking his clothes off, stripping himself down to his boxer shorts.


“What are you doing?” She asks, almost unable to keep herself from laughing.


“Getting comfortable. You can’t miss a minute of this movie. Do you have to go to the bathroom?” He asks her and she nearly rolls her eyes without answering. “I never thought you would be afraid of horror movies.”


“I’m generally not,” she answers, already a hugging a pillow to her chest when the main menu of the movie comes onto the screen.


“Then what? You think aliens really exist?” He teases with a smirk, sitting on the couch next to her, taking the controller and stretching his arm across the back of the couch behind her.


“Of course I do. And I think it’s rather self-absorbed of you to think that humans are the only intelligent beings in this entire universe.”


He looks at her for a moment and then smirks slightly, shaking his head. “And here I was thinking I was dating an intelligent girl.” He laughs when she elbows him in the side. “We need popcorn and then we can start.”


Lexie audibly gulps, her eyes widening slightly as she stares at the screen and at the main menu, already beginning to dread Mark hitting the play button. “Can we at least leave the lights on?”



“Why are they going out there?” Lexie asks, the pillow clutched to her chest, her eyes peering cautiously over the top of it.


“Because they have to investigate the help signal that other ship sent them,” Mark explains, his own eyes never leaving the movie.


“But don’t they know that you never investigate anything in movies like these? You never investigate strange noises or step onto completely strange ships or planets.”


Mark smirks. “I’ll remember that when I'm ever in that situation.”


“If I ever hear a strange noise, I’m sending you to go out and see what it is,” Lexie informs him before burying her face back into the pillow.



“Oh! Lex, you're missing it!” Mark exclaims, leaning forward. “This is one of the best parts!”


“I can hear it,” she tells him, her voice muffled behind the pillow.


“Lex, the alien. It just ripped out of his stomach!”


“I can hear it, Mark,” she repeats, clutching the pillow tighter.



As the ending credits begin to roll, Mark turns the DVD player and then the television off before turning on the couch and wrapping his arms around a very tense Lexie, pulling her against his chest.


“Hey. Lex?”


She takes a deep breath and finally loosens her death grip on the pillow and lifts her head to look at him. “My movie was so much better.”


He smirks at that and rests his forehead against hers. “I promise you… if we are ever on a spaceship and there are killer aliens chasing after us, I will try and distract them so you can try and get away.”


That makes her melt into a smile and she tilts her chin up to give him a kiss. “That is incredibly sweet of you.”


She kisses him again and Mark tightens his arms around her, leaning backwards onto the couch and laying down, stretching out with Lexie on top of him, making sure that their mouths never separate. He cups the back of her head in one of his hands and her hair falls down around his face, tickling his cheeks.


He finally breaks away though with a chuckle and shake of his head. “Did you watch any of it?”


“Of course I did,” she claims, pretending to be offended with him suggesting anything else. “But this…” she gestures towards the television. “Is really one of your favorite movies?”


He frowns. “There is nothing wrong with Alien. It’s the perfect horror movie and you would know that if you had actually watched it.” He smirks when she narrows her eyes at him. “I never would have thought that you would be such a wuss with this.”


“I am not a wuss. I told you. There are just some movies that I don’t like to watch at all and a movie about killer parasitic aliens is one of them. Give me a guy in a hockey mask slaughtering campers any day,” she says and he laughs at that, making her smile, before pulling her down again for another kiss.


“So what’s tomorrow night?” He asks and she rests her chin on his.


“Tomorrow night?”


“Another movie night? It would be your turn again.”


She smiles. “Really? You like doing this?”


He shrugs. “It’s an easy way to relax after work besides having sex.”


That makes her raise an eyebrow. “So, we’ve reached the point in our relationship where we’re done having sex every night?”


She laughs when he gives her a look that seems to say No way in hell and she kisses him, shrieking into his mouth with surprise when he binds his arms around her waist and sits them both up unexpectedly. Lexie maneuvers herself so she can wrap her legs around his waist and he kisses her harder, keeping one arm around her waist while the other hand lifts to the back of her neck.


They finally part when both are in need of air and Mark stares at her for a moment.


“You called this a relationship,” he points out to her.


Lexie is quiet for a moment as she looks at him, trying to gage his unreadable expression before nodding slightly. “I like to think that’s what we’re doing. It’s already been a few months and I know that neither of us are seeing anyone else.” She swallows a sudden knot in her throat. “You’re not seeing anyone else, are you?”


Mark shakes his head. “You shouldn’t even have to ask me that.”


“I know. And I know you’re not.” She pauses. “I just want to make sure that we’re on the same page.”


He is quiet for a moment, his eyes never leaving hers. “I watched that Gone with the Wind movie with you and you still have no idea if we’re on the same page?”


She shrugs almost meekly. “You’re impossible to read sometimes.”


Mark doesn’t say anything, falling quiet again, and he keeps staring at her so intently, Lexie wants to look away but she forces herself not to.


“Sometimes, actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words,” he tells her before brushing his lips against hers. “Now what movie do you want to watch tomorrow?”


Lexie stares at him and then slowly puts her hands on his cheeks, her fingertips rubbing through the scruffy beard of his jaw line. Actions speak louder than words. And then she smiles ever so slightly before leaning in, putting her lips a hairsbreadth away from his.

She then says, “Since you love the first Alien so much… maybe we can watch the sequel tomorrow night.”


Tags: pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, story: movie night

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