lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (Blair Waldorf/Jackson Avery)

Title: I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (12/?)
Author: lexiesloan
Rating: M
Fandom: Gossip Girl/Grey's Anatomy
Pairing: Blair Waldorf/Jackson Avery
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: A future fic. You’ll come out of nowhere and into my life. 



Chapter Twelve –


Blair was feeling a migraine coming on and she sat at her desk in her office in the museum, holding her head in her hands and wishing that the day was already over. It was Friday and she just wanted to go home and soak in a bubble bath for an hour. Or five. Of course, she couldn’t do that tonight. She had to go home and get herself ready for another mindless benefit dinner for the mayor’s son or something who was running for Senate. The room would be filled with the crème-de-la-crème of the city and Eleanor would be mortified if Blair skipped it for as something as trivial as fatigue or a migraine.


She was preparing for her trip to San Francisco next week, tying a weekend with Jackson in Seattle in with it, but the man who’s gallery she would be visiting was being a complete nightmare, calling her constantly, asking her all sorts of questions and voicing his concerns. She almost wanted to scrap the entire trip altogether and just head straight to Seattle. But she knew she couldn’t do that. The man, Mr. Pence, claimed he had acquired the original painting, Leda and the Swan by Michelangelo. The painter had been given to his friend, Antonio Mini, who took it to France in the sixteenth century and it had disappeared. While Blair highly doubted that this man, Mr. Pence, had the original painting – copies had been in circulation for centuries – it was still her duty as liaison for the museum to meet with him and inspect the work.


And she missed Jackson. So much. They talked on the phone several times a day – whenever their schedules aligned – and they had had phone sex a couple of more times, too. But she missed him with such an ache in her chest. She didn’t know how they were going to do this. Phone calls and emails and seeing one another every couple of weeks for a couple of days at a time but both of their schedules were too hectic and they lived on opposite sides of the country. She wanted to be with him. Not a single part of her didn’t want to be with him but she wanted to be with him.


There was a soft knock on her closed door and she turned her head to see Kelly, a university student who was interning for the semester, poke into her office. She gave an apologetic smile.


“I’m sorry, Blair. But Mr. Pence called again. I told him you were out to lunch,” Kelly said and Blair felt her shoulders sag with relief.


“Thank you,” Blair exhaled.


“And also,” Kelly continued. “Security called from the front entrance. There’s a man who is here to see you.”


That made her frown. “Who is it?” She asked, already pushing herself back from her desk and standing up, smoothing her hands over the front of her skirt.


Kelly shook her head. “Security didn’t say.”


Blair left her office, figuring it was either Dan or Nate or even Aaron. Her heels tapped on the floors and echoed against the walls as she left the employees only section of the museum and head towards the front entrance. She smiled faintly to herself when she saw a group of children on a field trip, following Tori, a tour guide. Blair remembered when she, Serena, Nate and Chuck had been in fourth grade, taking the same trip, hearing the same tour, and for once, instead of Chuck, Blair had gotten in trouble with the teacher for wandering off. She had tried to explain that she had just wanted to see the art by herself but the teacher had reprimanded her for it anyway.


That felt like a lifetime ago.


She rubbed her forehead as she walked, her skirt swishing around her legs. She was so tired and she hadn’t even really eaten anything that day. Maybe that had something to do with her headache. She really just wanted to go home. Perhaps she could take a quick nap before this ridiculous dinner she had to attend tonight. She hated how she was twenty-two, had her own job and her own apartment with her own income, and yet, she was still always so eager to please her mother.


All thoughts of headaches and night plans though vanished from her mind when she neared the front admissions desk and she came to an abrupt halt. He wasn’t facing in her direction but she knew who it was and her heart began pounding in her chest and she could feel tears stinging her eyes. For a split second, she thought she was just imagining things. There was no way he was there, in New York, standing just a few feet in front of her. But he was really there – wearing light blue scrubs – and when he turned, as if he sensed her, she felt all of the air leave her lungs and he smiled at her.


That was all it took. Jackson smiled at her and ignoring that she was at a museum – the museum where she worked – Blair ran. She ran as quickly as she could, closing the space between them, and Jackson met her halfway, grinning now. When she ran into his arms, her body collided with his, and his strong arms wrapped around her waist, easily lifting her feet off the ground. They hugged one another so tightly, it was practically crushing her but that was the last thing Blair cared about. The tears were hot as they streamed down her cheeks and she closed her eyes, burying her face in the side of his neck.


She was almost embarrassed to be crying like this but at the same time, she didn’t care about that either.


“Jackson,” she murmured his name because she had to, and he lifted one hand to the back of her head, his other arm still bound tightly around her waist, holding her up.


It was unprofessional to be standing there like this in the front of the museum and that thought slowly dawned on Blair after a few eternal minutes of just hugging him and being in his arms. She pulled her head back and she looked at him – into those beautiful eyes of his – and she smiled.


“You’re here,” she stated and he smiled. “What are you doing here?”


“Well,” he slowly, almost reluctantly returned her to her feet. “I just happen to have a best friend who is married to an attending and he was able to play with the schedule.”


“Remind me to send Dr. Sloan a very nice present,” she said, smiling, almost laughing, feeling completely elated.


Jackson grinned. “You have me until Sunday morning-”


“I’ll have you forever long as I can get you,” she said. She then noticed Lawrence, one of the Met’s security guards, glancing over in their direction. She smiled at him. “Lawrence, can we please get Dr. Avery a visitor’s pass, please?”


“Yes, Ms. Waldorf,” the man nodded.


She then looked back up at Jackson. “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you.”


“I have some sort of idea,” Jackson said and his hands went to her cheeks, holding her face, staring into her eyes. He didn’t say anything for a moment and she blushed, smiling faintly. “I had to see you. It’s… it’s getting harder hanging up with you again and again.”


“Here you go, Ms. Waldorf,” Lawrence said, coming up to the couple.


“Thank you,” Blair said, taking the laminated badge from him before holding it up for Jackson. “You can now come with me,” she smiled.


Jackson grinned, taking the badge from her and clipping it to the outside of his black jacket he was wearing over his scrubs. “You being Ms. Waldorf couldn’t have pulled some strings?” He teased and she laughed softly, taking his hand in hers.


“Are you ready for the tour?” She asked, her head still spinning, her heart still pounding.


She couldn’t believe Jackson was here. In New York, in her museum, holding her hand, staying until Sunday. And already, now that he was here, she had no idea how she was going to say goodbye to him in two days. She shook her head slightly. She didn’t want to think of that right now. She couldn’t think of that. She was going to enjoy this weekend with him and not think of the inevitable separation.


“Is it the kind of tour that ends between your legs?” Jackson joked.


“Oh, so you want the special tour?” She said and he laughed.


She led him to a door next to a Giuseppe Recco painting that was labeled Private: Employees Only and taking out her own identification card, she swiped it through the lock. When it beeped and the lock clicked, she pushed the door open and the instant they entered the private hallway and the door slowly swung closed behind them, Jackson pressed her back against the nearest wall. She was smiling broadly and her arms reached up to wrap around his shoulders. In heels, their differences in height weren’t so apparent. He stared into her eyes again and brought his face close to hers.


“Would it be unprofessional for me to shove your dress up around your hips and have my way with you right here and now?” He asked, his nose almost touching hers, his breath warm on her face.


“My superiors and co-workers might frown upon it, yes,” she answered softly, smiling. Her hands slid down to rest on his chest and through his shirt, she could feel his warmth and his hard muscles. “Why are you still wearing your scrubs?” She asked.


“I left straight from the hospital for the airport,” he said. “I had to see you,” he added softly and his voice sent a delicious shiver throughout her body.


She made the first move, tilting her head and pushing her face up and capturing his lips with hers. Jackson immediately kissed her back, pressing her back against the wall behind her and his hands in her hair. She moaned softly and arched her back, pushing her body against his and her arms winding around him, her fingers gripping the material of his jacket. Her mouth opened and welcomed Jackson’s tongue running along hers. She moaned again and Jackson pinned her body harder against the wall.


It scared her in a way, to find herself so out of control when Jackson kissed her. Here they were, where she worked, where any of her coworkers could find them, and she seriously did not care. She could wind up having sex with Jackson right now against this wall and she wouldn’t even care or worry.


“I have an office,” she murmured, pulling her lips back just enough to say the words.


But then she was kissing him again, her hands running over his head and Jackson pressed her harder, his hips against hers.


“It’s only fair we go there then,” his lips pulled into a smile. “After all, you saw my on-call room.”


She couldn’t help but giggle and he smiled against her lips. “Your on-call room?”


“Well, an on-call room in my hospital,” he clarified, still smiling, and she looked into his eyes, keeping her lips to his even though they weren’t even kissing anymore. He stared at her. “I can’t believe I’m here with you right now. I was just in Seattle, missing you like hell. And now I’m here, making out with you in the Met in New York.”


She smiled faintly. “I think my subconscious has convinced myself that I’m dreaming.”


“You’re not,” he shook his head. “But if you are, you are about to have a very, very graphic sex dream.”


She burst out laughing at that and he grinned, lowering his head and beginning to place kisses on the side of her throat.


“Blair!” Someone called out and heels tapped on the floor in hurried steps.


Blair and Jackson both groaned but Jackson respectively pushed himself back a step and Blair stood away from the wall, running her fingers through her hair and then running her hands down the front of her dress as Kelly came rushing around the corner.


“Blair, Simon is having a fit because Mr. Pence keeps bothering him with phone calls and he says that he is this close to not going to San Francisco,” Kelly said in a rush of words.


And despite the news, Blair was smiling. “Okay. Kelly, can you please take Jackson Avery to my office?” She then turned to look at him. “This will take me five, maybe ten minutes. Simon is one of our lab technicians so he can be a little overly sensitive when someone questions his work. He likes me though so I just need to talk to him before this already disaster of a business trip worsens.”


“That’s fine,” Jackson smiled faintly, finding her in a professional setting to be incredibly hot. “As long as you don’t have sex with Simon to calm him down.”


“Oh,” Blair frowned. “Well, I’ll think of another way then,” she then teased and he grinned, sliding a hand onto the back of her neck and pulling her into a kiss.


Kelly’s eyes widened as she watched. She had been interning at the museum for the past few months to help with her Art History major at Columbia and most of her job was assisting Blair. She had never seen a man in Blair’s life except those two friends of hers – Dan Humphrey and Nate Archibald, who was incredibly attractive – and then there was Chuck Bass, who Kelly didn’t care for at all. She got such a feeling of unease whenever he came and randomly dropped in to see Blair.


She had never seen this man though – tall and dark in what looked to be like hospital scrubs. He was incredibly handsome and as he kissed her, Blair seemed to be glowing. That made Kelly smile. Blair could occasionally be bitchy but for the most part, she was perfectly nice and oftentimes, she seemed to be so incredibly sad. She certainly didn’t seem like that right now however.


Their lips slowly parted and Jackson looked at her as Blair smiled at him.


“Please be in my office when I get back,” she said quietly. “I don’t think I could handle it if this really did turn out to be a dream.”


Jackson smiled faintly at that, his hand coming to linger on her cheek. “I’ll be waiting.”


After another parting kiss, Blair disappeared down one hallway and Jackson followed Kelly down another. This part of the museum was quiet and the hallways were lined with office doors – some open, some closed. Blair’s door was open and it had her name on the glass window pane: Blair Waldorf, Collection Liaison.


“How did you two meet?” Kelly couldn’t help but ask as Jackson stepped into the office, dropping his gym bag slung across his chest onto the floor.


He smirked. “You lasted longer not asking that question than I thought you would.”


Kelly smiled. “Well, no matter. I’m sure any guy would be better than that Chuck guy.”


That earned his full attention and he looked at the young intern. “What can you tell me about him?” He asked, wondering if he actually wanted to hear this. From the few hints Blair dropped already about this illusive Chuck Bass, she had been in love with him and he had done something to hurt her – in more ways than one. Jackson already hated him.


“I don’t know too much,” Kelly admitted with a shrug. “He’s kind of sleazy in my opinion but…”




She sighed. “He’s a Bass. And in this city, with that name, he can be anything he wants to be. Do you need anything? Blair has a mini-fridge in her office but if you need anything, I can run and-”


“I’m good,” Jackson interrupted, not really used to people standing around and offering to wait on him hand and foot. “I’ll just wait for Blair.”


Kelly smiled warmly. “Nice to meet you,” she said kindly and then closed the door to Blair’s office, leaving Jackson alone inside.


With his hands in his jacket pockets, he looked around the office. It was small but there was a large window that allowed plenty of natural light, giving the office a bright, cozy feel to it. He smiled when he saw the snow globe of the Empire State Building he had bought for her sitting on her desk.  The wall next to her desk was covered in prints of famous paintings, works of art and photographs and on her desk, there was a small collection of framed photographs. Jackson didn’t know any of the people but he smiled faintly to himself nonetheless when he saw Blair standing in them, smiling back.


He saw the mini-fridge in the corner of the office that Kelly had mentioned and crouching down in front of it, he opened it to see what was inside. Bottles of water and a few fruit cups. Taking a bottle of water, he went and sat down in the leather chair behind her desk, noting how neat and organized all of the papers were on either side of her laptop, the screensaver a slideshow of pictures from her recent trip to Tokyo. He had noticed how in order she liked having everything. Even her pens and post-its were in perfect lines.


Twisting the cap from the bottle and taking a rather greedy chug, he then pulled out his cell phone. He hadn’t turned it back since he had first turned it off before the plane took off from Sea-Tac. Thankfully, he had no voice messages. He quickly sent a quick message to Lexie to let her know that he had landed okay and that he was with Blair. Lexie worried about him more than his own mother.


His parents lived in Washington D.C., having left Seattle several years earlier, and his grandfather, the respected Dr. Harper Avery, lived in Boston but Jackson hadn’t let any of them know that he would be on the east coast as well that weekend. The Avery family loved each other and tried their best to get together a few times a year but like any family, they had their problems and it wasn’t even all about Patrick and the basic abandonment of him except by Jackson. As he got older and immersed himself further into his studies and goal of becoming a doctor, Jackson slowly grew apart from them and though they still talked, he now found himself called Mark and Lexie first if he needed something. They had slowly become the two people in his life he knew he could count on.


But now there was Blair Waldorf as well. This distance wasn’t easy between them. It had barely been two weeks and already, Jackson was taking time off and flying across the country to see her but he didn’t care. It didn’t even feel like a want. He needed to see her. There was a part of him that realized he should have been freaked out by how much he missed her but it wasn’t like that at all. He was addicted to her – happily – and being with her just felt like the most natural thing to him in the world. It was complicated but Jackson had learned that the harder something was, the sweeter the reward was in the end. And with Blair, the ending he saw with her… that was the thing. He didn’t see it ending – not anytime soon. Blair was the first woman he had ever been with where, for the first time, he could see having something with her that meant something. Hell, in Jackson’s opinion, they already had that.


The door opened and Jackson saw Blair open the door, stepping into the office and closing the door behind her again, locking it. He smiled. She looked at him, seeing him sitting behind her desk, and she smiled as she pulled the shade down over the glass pane window of the door.


“Crisis averted?” He asked before taking another sip of water.


“So far,” Blair nodded, lingering by the door, just watching him. He was actually here, in her office, sitting behind her desk. Having him there made everything infinitely better. “I am going to be able to leave early today,” she then smiled.


“Yeah?” He couldn’t help but grin. “Are you sure? I know you usually work for a couple more hours. I can sit somewhere and let you do your thing.”


“Yes, Jackson. My boyfriend has surprised me with a weekend visit so I’m going to work for a couple more hours,” Blair said, crossing the small office and coming to stand in front of him. Jackson turned the chair so he was facing her and looked up at her. “I do have to do something tonight though and I’m afraid I can’t get out of it.”


“It’s alright,” he said, his eyes glued to her hands as she slowly began to pull her dress up, revealing inch by inch of deliciously smooth and pale skin.


“The mayor’s son is running for Senate and so, of course, there’s a two-thousand dollar a plate dinner for his campaign tonight. I have to go,” she added regretfully.


“Big supporter of his?” Jackson asked, teasing.


She smiled. “The obligations of the Upper East Side are endless.”


Jackson leaned forward in the chair and his hands slid onto the outside of her knees, his fingers cold from the bottle of water but Blair didn’t seem to mind. Instead, she closed her eyes immediately at the contact. His nose brushed across her stomach and Blair’s hands went behind her, lowering the zipper. She bit down on her bottom lip when Jackson stood up and his hands moved down her body, pulling the dress with them, exposing the pale peach bra she wore and matching panties. As she stepped from the dress and then removed her heels, Jackson took off his own jacket and scrub top. The instant his bare chest was exposed, Blair slid her arms around his waist and began pressing kisses to his warm skin. His fingers combed through her hair once and then twice before sweeping down and easily unhooking her bra.


“Mmmmm,” Blair moaned against the side of his throat and her fingers nimbly untied the knot of his scrub pants. “Do you know, ever since the call in my office that day, I’ve been imagining having sex with you in this chair?”


Jackson pulled off his shoes, socks and scrub pants so they were both standing there in nothing but their underwear. “Are you saying that this whole seduction was just so you could fulfill a fantasy of yours?” He teased and she smiled, almost blushing.


“It will have to be quick though,” she said softly, tracing the waistband of his boxers.


“I’ve had a hard-on since you left Seattle. Unfortunately, I think quick is the only thing I would be able to hand right now,” he admitted and she smiled at that before standing up on her toes and cupping his cheeks, she kissed him.


Together, they pushed down his boxers until he was able to kick them off and then her panties received the same treatment. He didn’t sit down though then. Instead, he put his hands on her hips and gently pushed her back a step. Blair watched him as his eyes roved up and down her naked body, drinking her in. No one had ever looked at her the way that Jackson did. She almost believed him when he said that she was beautiful.


As if reading her thoughts, he looked at her, pulling her back towards him. “You are so fucking beautiful,” he said.


She blushed, naturally shaking her head in protest. Jackson sighed softly but didn’t say anything else. He sat down and pulled her with him, his hands big and warm on her hips. Her eyes locked with his as she slowly straddled him, balancing herself, her knees on the outside of his hips. Jackson’s hands ran up her ribcage and cupped her breasts, Blair closing her eyes at his touch, her heart already racing.


“Will you come with me tonight?” She asked him quietly. She looked at him and he was looking up at her. “My mother and stepfather will be there and some of my friends and I would like you to meet them… I just hate the idea of you being alone in my apartment while I’m not there. I want to be with you. All of the time.”


Jackson’s hand went to the back of her head and he pulled her down, kissing her. She gasped against his mouth when she felt his fingers between her thighs, touching her gently, making her hips jerk against his hand.


“I’m not exactly prepared,” Jackson said as he began peppering kisses along the column of her throat and her collarbone. “A suit-”


“I’m Blair Waldorf,” she said, feeling out of breath. “I can make one phone call and have a tailor, in person, at my apartment.”


“Fuck, it’s hot when you talk all superior like that,” he nearly groaned and she smiled, feeling like laughing.


She kissed him instead and when she finally sank down, Jackson guiding himself inside of her, both of them moaned. It had been too long. Too many days of not feeling each other, of not being able to kiss and touch. To have him inside of her again, stretching her and filling her completely, feeling their bodies connected in the most intimate of ways, Blair wrapped her arms around his shoulders, kissing him, and Jackson’s arms circled around her waist, holding her body as close to his as possible, their chests pressed together, her hips slowly coming down to connect with his as she slowly began rocking against him.


There were three words then, right on the tip of her tongue, ready to be spilled out at any moment and she had to bite down on her lip so hard, it nearly hurt, to keep from saying them. It was far too soon to say anything like that and even if she did say it, she wasn’t sure she could handle loving someone and not having them love her in return. She had already been through that too often in her life to go through it again.


But as Jackson’s hands ran slowly up and down her back and she rested her forehead against his, the chair moving ever so slightly as their bodies came together over and over again, she saw the look in his eyes. She saw the way he looked at her and she couldn’t help but wonder. Maybe he felt the exact same way about her. Maybe… maybe she could try to talk with him about it tonight.


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