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Movie Night – Lexie’s Pick (Mark/Lexie)

I could not resist writing this. I have noticed lately that a lot of the time, I have no idea where these things come from. I just sit down at my computer and this is what comes out. I work in a cubicle eight hours a day - I will not get into what I do because I do not want to put anyone to sleep but lets just say I stare at a computer screen and spreadsheets all day - and writing, especially writing Mark and Lexie lately, really helps my brain escape for a little bit.


Mark is standing at one of the nurses station on the surgical floor, jotting down some notes to himself in a patient’s chart, when Lexie, with a mischievous smile across her lips, sidles up to him and places two DVD movie cases on the counter in front of him.


“Pick one,” she tells him.


He sighs but humors her and after glancing at each cover for less than a second, his eyes return to his chart. “No and no.”


“Mark!” She sighs. “You have to pick one. I watched Alien for you.”


He shrugs. “And I watched Gone with the Wind for you.”


“You loved it so don’t try and act like you didn’t,” Lexie tells him and she picks up the movie cases, holding them up for him to look at again. “And it’s my night tonight but I’m actually giving you a choice of what to watch.”


“I thought we decided on Aliens tonight,” he says, clicking on his pen and slipping it back into the pocket of his lab coat. The look she gives him makes him smirk and then looking at the movies she is presenting to him, he rubs his ear. “God, these look horrible,” he breathes. “What’s this one?” He asks, pointing to the one in her left hand with the green cover and she smiles.


Amélie,” she answers. “A French romantic-comedy with subtitles.”


He cringes immediately. “And that one?” He asks reluctantly, nodding his head at the red cover in her right hand, already dreading her answer.


Moulin Rouge, a sad romantic musical,” she smiles wider as he closes his eyes briefly at the description as if he is in pain. “Actually, I think I am going to make you watch both of these. One tonight and then the other when it’s my turn again.”


“It will never be your turn again,” Mark grumbles.


She laughs and without over-thinking it, she pushes herself up on her toes and presses a kiss to his lips. He is surprised for a moment. They don’t really do public displays of affection at the hospital. Actually, they both decided after they took their relationship public that they would keep it on the lowdown. They aren’t hiding anything. Everyone knows that they are very much together. But they don’t want their entire relationship followed in Seattle Grace gossip mills.


As if she suddenly remembers that, Lexie pulls back, blushing. “I’m sorry.”


Before she can take a step back though, Mark wraps one arm around her waist, hauling her body back to his. “Where are you going?” He asks her and a smile blooms across her lips, forming against his as he lowers his mouth to kiss her again.


When they separate this time, Lexie is flushed for another reason as well as breathless. She opens her mouth to say something but it seems as if all intelligent thought and the forming of cohesive sentences is beyond her at the moment.


Mark smirks down at her but seeing the movies still in her hand, he shakes his head slightly. “You will never get me to watch a musical.”


“Can we at least have sex after this?” Mark asks as he rearranges the pillows on the bed behind him so he is somewhat propped up and can see the television clearly from across the room.


Lexie laughs. “We just had sex, Mark,” she reminds him. “And it was amazing so stop acting like you need more again so soon.”


He smirks proudly, mentally patting himself on the back, when she admits that it was amazing but then he watches as she points the remote towards the television and hits the “play” button of the movie.


“I’m going to hate this, aren’t I?” He sighs heavily. She doesn’t answer him; merely smiles and settles back against her pillow next to him, the bed sheet covering most of her otherwise naked body, her smooth soft legs exposed and Mark’s hands itch to touch her again. “After the orgasm I just gave you, you should be nicer to me.”


“You weren’t nice to me yesterday,” Lexie reminds him.


She gives him a kiss on the cheek, near the corner of his mouth and when the opening credits of Amélie begin playing, she nestles into his side, resting her head on his shoulder and he lifts his arm, wrapping it around her, and despite all of his complaining and teasing, he admits silently to himself that this, right here, with her, is really nice.



Mark doesn’t mean to. He really doesn’t despite what Lexie thinks but less than halfway into the movie, he falls asleep and when he wakes up again, Lexie has gotten off the bed, now wearing a pair of panties and one of his tee-shirts, and is sitting on the couch, her legs tucked underneath her and she is watching the last few minutes of the movie.


He sits up, rubbing his eyes with his hands and then with a yawn, he looks at the digital clock on the nightstand next to the bed. It isn’t even midnight yet. He pushes the covers off of the body and finding his boxers on the floor, he tugs them on, heading towards the couch. Lexie doesn’t look at him as he sits down next to her, his hand instantly sliding onto her leg.


Looking at the screen, he sees a guy and a girl riding around on a Moped through the streets of Paris and then looking at Lexie again, he sees a faint smile on her face but when the movie is finished, she is quiet.


“I’m sorry I fell asleep,” he says, rubbing his hand on her knee. She shrugs. “You want to watch it again? I promise I’ll stay awake this time.”


“But I’m tired now,” she tells him and then standing up, she hands him the remote controller for the television in case he wants to watch anything and gives him a kiss on the forehead. “Good night.”


But before she can walk back towards the bed, he snatches her hand in his, tilting his head up to look at her. “You pick the movie again tomorrow night.”


She shakes her head. “I have to work tomorrow night, remember? And it’d be your turn anyway.” She kisses his forehead again. “Good night.”


This time, he lets her go and without looking, he can hear her crawl back into the bed and he can imagine her curling onto her side like she always does, brushing the hair off of her neck, making sure the blankets cover her entirely. She gets cold when she sleeps and she always curls her body into Mark’s and he is more than happy to keep her warm. He doesn’t tell her this but he actually has the hardest time sleeping when their schedules don’t match and he has the bed to himself without her.



When Lexie wakes up the next morning, Mark isn’t next to her and lifting her head, she sees him sitting on the couch, drinking a cup of coffee, eating a blueberry scone and reading that morning’s newspaper. He is already dressed and she sees that he has made a run to Starbucks.


She gets out of bed with a yawn and shuffles to him. He leans forward, taking the cup of coffee he has gotten for her from the coffee table and hands it to her, she thanking him silently with a smile and a kiss.


“Still mad at me?” He asks with a smirk, leaning back into the couch.


“Why am I mad at you?” She takes a small cautious sip of the steaming coffee and moans softly when the deliciousness stream down her throat.


“Because I fell asleep and didn’t watch that movie with you,” he reminds her.


“Oh,” she says and then smiles. “Thanks for reminding me that I should be mad at you. I watched Alien with you even though I didn’t want to.”


“Yeah… you watched it,” he nods. “If hiding your face behind a pillow the entire time is you watching it.”


She laughs softly, pressing her feet to his thigh in a playful kick and he smiles. “At least I didn’t fall asleep.”


“Well, I did watch the movie last night after you went to sleep,” Mark informs her.


“Mmmm,” she says with a smile. “I don’t believe you.”


“Oh,” he laughs. “I have to prove it to you?”


She nods, laughing as well. “What was your favorite part?”


“I don’t know if I had a favorite part…” he rubs the back of his neck. “I like how she kept sneaking into the grocer’s apartment and changing his doorknobs and phone numbers and screwing with his alarm clock. And having the garden gnome travel all over the world so her dad would finally leave the house was pretty good, too.”


Lexie looks at him for a moment and then she laughs slightly, almost breathlessly and without saying anything, she leans forward and presses her lips to his in a firm, passionate kiss.


“You amaze me,” she whispers.


“Just don’t tell anyone,” Mark says and Lexie rolls her eyes before kissing him again.


Tags: pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, story: movie night

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