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Hold Me Like You’ll Never Let Me Go (Mark/Lexie)

Here is another short, sweet Mark/Lexie vignette and I would actually love to see something like this on the show.

I am working on the second chapter of Staying with Aunt Sadie and as requested from lex_sloanfangrl the next movie night is going to have some (possibly a lot of) smut so be on the lookout for these two updates to be next. Happy Friday everyone!


“He’s in the east stairwell near the sixth floor.”

Callie had told her that as she rushed past on her way down to the pit, answering a 911 page, and for a moment, Lexie doesn’t quite understand what she is talking about. But her confusion lasts for only that moment because she then rushes off to go find Mark where Callie has told her he is, now worried and confused as to what he is doing in the east stairwell.


Hurrying up the flights of stairs, Lexie sees Mark leaning against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest, his dark blue scrub cap still on his head. He doesn’t look at her when she climbs up the last step and stands in front of him but his entire body does tense when she reaches out to touch him.


“What is it?” She asks, pulling her hand back. “Did your surgery-”


“It doesn’t matter,” he cuts her off with a shake of his head.


She takes a step towards him. “Yes, it does. Of course it matters, Mark. And you can tell me. I want you to be able to talk to me.”


That makes him smirk for some reason and he keeps looking down at the ground.


Lexie frowns. “What is it?”


“Just leave me alone, Little Grey,” he says quietly and she almost flinches at his use of that nickname. She thought that they had moved past that. “Don’t you have somewhere else to be? I don’t need you right now. You’re not my intern today.”


She stares at him and Mark finally lifts his head to look at her as well, their eyes locking together. His gaze is unapologetic, his jaw clenched, his body tight. She knows what he is trying to do. They have only been together for a few months but she already knows him whether he wants her to or not and right now, he is trying to push her away.




“Jesus, Lexie! Just leave me alone!” He suddenly bursts out and then turning around, putting his back to her, he presses his hands against the wall, and even through the dark blue scrubs he is wearing, she can see how every single muscle is tight and wound up.


She has never seen him like this. Usually, Mark Sloan is so calm and collected and she can never be a hundred percent certain of what he is thinking. And forget about feelings. He doesn’t talk about things like that. It sometimes frustrates her. She likes to talk about everything while Mark would prefer the quiet most of the time.


He sighs heavily and turns around again to look at her. “Right now, I really just need you to-”


Lexie doesn’t let him finish that sentence. Instead, she closes the distance between them and slips her arms around his waist, hugging him, turning her head and resting her head right under his chin, her ear pressed to his chest. For a moment, he doesn’t move. She has completely frozen him and she knows that she has stunned him. She is fairly certain that neither have ever just hugged the other before.


In the back of her mind, she wonders when the last time was that someone had simply hugged him. It breaks her heart a little to think that for Mark, it has been a long time. It actually has been for her too.


So she squeezes her arms around him and closes her eyes and she doesn’t let go.


“What are you doing?” He asks, his body still stiff.


“What does it look like? I’m hugging you.”


“Why are you hugging me?”


She doesn’t answer him. She simply tightens her arms around him and continues to hug him, willing him silently to relax and let her do this for him.


He sighs. “There’s a couple on-call rooms up on six if you-”


“God, Mark,” she says softly, pulling away from him. “Is that all this is between us? I just wanted to hug you. That doesn’t automatically mean that all I want from you is sex. I was trying…” she shakes her head. “Just forget it.”


She turns to leave but he stops her, grabbing her hand. She looks at him and he no longer looks like his main goal is to piss off the entire world. He isn’t tense or stiff and he stares at her with the softness in his eyes that she is fairly certain he only shows to her.


“I was hugging you because it looked like you needed one,” she tells him. “When was the last time someone did that for you?”


He doesn’t answer and yet, he doesn’t have to. Lexie goes to him again and standing up on her toes, she slips her arms around his broad, hard shoulders and hugs him, the stubble of his cheek rubbing against hers and she closes her eyes.


She isn’t sure how long they stand there in the stairwell. It doesn’t matter. All she cares about in that moment is Mark and trying to make him feel better; trying to show him that he doesn’t have to be alone if he doesn’t want to be.


“It’ll be okay, Mark. I’m here,” she whispers in his ear.


And it is as if those are the exact words he needs to hear because he lets out a breath that he has seemed to be holding and then slowly, she feels his arms wind around her waist, holding her close to him, hugging her tightly, and she smiles faintly to herself.

Tags: pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, show: grey's anatomy, vignette

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