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Staying with Aunt Sadie (4/?)

Some have been asking for an update on Lovestoned but at the moment, my muse is with this story so that's what I am going to keep writing. I hope everyone likes this chapter and are still interested in reading it. I am also going to be writing another movie night - Lexie's turn this time.

Jeremy is the first to fly up the stairs with Owen on his heels and scooping Ellie up in her arms, forgetting about the glass of water yet again, Sadie is quick to follow. They burst into the room and Owen flips on the switch, the overhead light shining and making the children squint their eyes at the sudden brightness. Sam is standing on top of his pillow and Ally is kneeling in the middle of the bed, her hands cupped around something as Dodger sniffs at it curiously, his tail wagging.

“What? What is it?” Sadie asks breathlessly.


“I felt something crawling up my legs and it scared me because I didn’t know what it was,” Ally explains. “But it’s just a Pholcidae.”


“A what?” Jeremy frowns.


“A daddy long-legs,” she clarifies and then carefully lifting her hands from off the bed, she opens them, revealing a small brown spider with long legs.


Sam peers over and frowns. “It’s ugly.”


Ally rolls her eyes. “I’m sure he thinks the same thing about you.” She then looks at Jeremy, Sadie and Owen still standing there. “Can I let it outside? We can’t kill it. It isn’t poisonous or dangerous in any way and it didn’t hurt me. Just scared me for a second. It’ll be happier outside.”


“You screamed like you were being murdered,” Sadie points out.


Ally shrugs. “I was sleeping and I must have been dreaming. You should hear mommy when she sees a spider. She really screams and daddy always kills them for her but I keep trying to get him to take them outside. They didn’t do anything wrong. They don’t know that they’re not supposed to be in the house.”


Sam nods his head. “Mommy says Dodger brings bugs in with him.” He then grins. “I bring in bugs, too but mommy doesn’t know. It’s fun to scare mommy.”


Ally stares at him. “I am so telling on you when mommy and daddy get back.” She then looks at Sadie, Jeremy and Owen. “Can I let it outside?” She asks again.


Owen is the first to respond and he nods his head. “Yeah, Ally. I’ll take you.”


She smiles and carefully climbs down from the bed, keeping her hands cupped around the spider and Owen puts a hand on the back of her head, guiding her from the bedroom and down the stairs to the back door. Ellie frowns and with a soft moan of displeasure, she begins wiggling in Sadie’s arms and Sadie instantly puts her down, knowing that unless it is with Mark or Lexie, Ellie hates being held for long periods of time.


“Come on, Sammy,” Jeremy says, straightening the bed sheets. “Back to sleep.”


“I’m not tired,” the boy laughs, starting to bounce slightly on the mattress.


Sadie almost feels like grabbing her hair and screaming but Jeremy speaks before she can. He picks the boy up and lays him down gently on his back. He then turns and picking Ellie up, he sets her down on the bed, waiting until she crawls onto the opposite side of the bed and lays down before he covers them both with the blankets. Sam tries to sit up but Jeremy keeps a hand on his chest.


“What do you eat for breakfast?” Jeremy asks.


“Mommy gets us a new cereal every month,” Sam answers.


“And what cereal is it this month?”


“Apple Jacks,” Sam grins. “Next is Cocoa Puffs.”


“You like chocolate, don’t you?” Jeremy asks and Sam nods eagerly. “I will make you a deal. If you go to sleep and you sleep for five more hours, and you don’t get out of that bed until that clock,” he points to the clock on Ellie’s side of the bed. “Says eight o’clock, I will get you a chocolate donut for breakfast tomorrow.”


Jeremy barely finishes his sentence before Sam rolls onto his side, pulling the covers up around him and closes his eyes. Owen and Ally enter the bedroom again and Ally climbs onto the bed between Ellie and Sam and slips underneath the sheets, flopping back with a tired, contented sigh. Owen walks around the side of the bed and places the previously forgotten glass of water down on the nightstand and smiles at Ellie.


“What do you say, Ellie?” Ally reminds her as she always does.


“Thank you, Uncle Owen,” Ellie responds automatically in her soft voice and Owen smiles again, bending down to kiss her head.


“You’re welcome, Ellie,” he says.


After goodnights are exchanged and lights are turned off, Sadie gives Owen a hug and he gives her a promise that he will come by again sometime the next day to see how she is faring with the kids. After the house is finally locked up for the night, Sadie collapses exhaustedly onto the bed in hers and Jeremy’s bedroom, staring up at the ceiling.


“I cannot remember the last time I was this tired,” she yawns. “And how did you get Sam to agree to go back to sleep?”


Jeremy smiles, crawling onto the bed, joining her. He shrugs. “He’s Mark Sloan’s son. Sam understands the language of compromise.”


Sadie laughs quietly at that and rolling onto her side, she rests her head on Jeremy’s shoulder as he reaches out and flips off the lamp on the bedside table. With the bedroom now dark, Sadie exhales a deep, tired breath and she closes her eyes, feeling Jeremy circle his arm around her, his hand resting on the dip of her hip.


“You really want kids?” She asks quietly though she doesn’t know why. This is one conversation she has been trying to avoid ever since Lexie came to her and asked her if she and Jeremy could watch the three children for the weekend.


“Our kids would be better behaved,” he answers. “Not that Ally, Ellie and Sam are being bad. They just are away from their mom and dad.”


Sadie is quiet, her eyes growing heavy. “I don’t know if I want to be a mom. I don’t think I would be very good at it.”


He shakes his head. “What are you talking about? You haven’t killed any of them yet. That’s a pretty big feat.” He begins twisting a blonde strand of her hair around his finger. “You don’t think you would be a good mom,” he states.


“I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, Jeremy, but I’m the cool Aunt Sadie. My mothering skills are basically crap,” she responds as she bites back a yawn. “They’ve only been here a few hours and I feel as if I haven’t slept in days. I don’t have the stamina to be a mom.”


Jeremy snickers. “You’re a surgeon, Sadie, who has been on call for thirty-six hours at a time before.”


“That’s different,” she shakes her head slightly, slowly feeling herself beginning to drift off to sleep. “I can always come home and be away from being a surgeon. Being a mom is all of the time.” She falls quiet and Jeremy thinks she has fallen asleep but then she murmurs into his chest, “But if you want a baby, Jeremy, we’ll have one.”


He lays there, listening as her breathing deepens and evens out, knowing that now, she is definitely asleep. He wonders if she eve realizes what she has said and how it sounds to his ears. He does want a family with Sadie, he loves her. Of course he wants to have kids with her. But he doesn’t want that if it is going to be something she doesn’t want as well. He has seen what having a baby when one parent wants one and the other isn’t ready for one can do for a couple. Derek Shepherd wanted a baby while Meredith had her reservations but they had one anyway and though they both love their daughter, Amy, their marriage now seems to be permanently strained. That’s the last thing Jeremy wants between him and Sadie.


Jeremy is the youngest of six and he has always wanted kids and a big family himself. When he and Sadie met and began to date, and then as their relationship began becoming more serious, they had conversations about what they both wanted. He already knew all about the drinking and the drugs and the sexual escapades that she and Meredith had done while traipsing around Europe and a part of him expected her to still want to be Crazy Sadie and live that type of life – the exact opposite of what he wanted for himself.


She surprised him though. Sadie always does. One night after they had been dating for eight months, she confided to him that she wanted stability. She wanted to have a home with someone. That night, when she was finished saying those things, he asked her right then and there to marry him. And then, less than a week later, they were at the courthouse, getting married in a judge’s chambers.


They have been married for a few years now but both have been more than happy focusing on their careers for the time being – Jeremy with neurosurgery and Sadie finishing her residency studying under Dr. Bailey in general surgery. Now that both are attendings, their schedules aren’t quite as hectic as they once were though they still seem to spend more time at the hospital rather than at home.


He thinks that maybe, this is the time to start thinking about babies again and he was happy to hear that Mark and Lexie needed them to watch the kids for the weekend. He sees this as an opportunity to show Sadie what having a family could be like. But if she is hesitating, if she has doubts, Jeremy knows he won’t push her. He loves the idea of having his own children but he loves Sadie more and he isn’t going to pressure her if this isn’t something that she wants.


“Jeremy,” Sadie murmurs in her sleep as if she can hear him thinking too loudly, nestling her body closer to his.


Jeremy tightens his arm around her and places his lips to her forehead. And listening to her steady breathing, he slowly drifts off to sleep. They have at least five hours before Sam is up and ready to go again.



Mark opens the hotel door in nothing but a pair of sweatpants and steps aside as the cart of room service breakfast is pushed into the room. Lexie, wearing nothing but the hotel white bathrobe, is standing in front of the dresser, looking at her reflection in the mirror as she combs her hair, wet from the shower she and Mark shared that morning and have just gotten out of.


“Here’s fine,” Mark tells the man and he stops the cart in front of the bed, bending down to clasp the brakes.


He already has a twenty-dollar bill in his hand to give the man as a tip but he notices how the man’s eyes linger on Lexie, though, as usual, she never seems to see things like this. She never understands why Mark gets so pissed off when other men are looking at her because for some reason, Lexie doesn’t see just how damn desirable and beautiful she is. She doesn’t see other men looking at her, checking her out, because she doesn’t think that she is a woman that men would want to look at.


Mark’s jaw clenches and twitches as he sees the bellboy blatantly look at Lexie and the man jumps slightly as Mark claps a hand down none-too-gently on his shoulder.


“Here,” Mark says, his voice low, and he slips the man the twenty as he shows him to the door, nearly pushing him from the room and back out into the hallway.


The man manages to stutter out a ‘thank you’ but Mark is already closing the door. Mark is scowling as he sits down on the foot of the bed and begins removing the lids from the several trays that have been prepared and delivered.


“I got you that fruit salad you wanted,” Mark tells her and Lexie smiles, running the comb once more through her hair before turning towards him, leaning over and plucking a red grape from the plate.


“It’s too bad we can’t stay here all day,” she says. “We could have so much fun with this fruit.”


He stares at her as she bites the grape in half and he can’t really blame that bellboy for looking at her. Lexie is the very definition of sexy.


“Come here,” he says, grabbing her hand, tugging her towards him.


“We don’t have time,” she laughs but sits down on his lap nonetheless and taking another grape, she guides it to his mouth, Mark parting his lips for her and she slowly feeds the grape to him, biting down on her own lip as he sucks sensually on the tips of her fingers. “Mark,” she breathes.


He doesn’t say anything. He reaches out and grabs a strawberry and then using the same level of concentration he has in the OR, he starts at her collarbone and Lexie moans softly as he trails the tip of the strawberry downwards, parting her robe as he does, and she gasps as he slowly drags it over and circles one of her peaked nipples.


“We,” she swallows. “We don’t have time for this.”


But all protests die on her lips and her fingers grab hold of his hair as his mouth drops to her breast, sucking the nipple into his warm mouth and making her moan. Keeping his mouth to her breasts, he lifts his hand and she opens her own mouth, taking a bite of the strawberry he offers her.


Pulling the strawberry back down, he circles it around her other nipple, and Lexie closes her eyes, her fingers tightening in his hair, and the ache between her legs is so intense, she knows that chances are they are going to miss their nine o’clock symposium on Outcomes in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Craniomaxillofacial Surgery even though she had really wanted to go to that one.


“Mark,” she tries again but he pops the strawberry in his mouth and then unknots the sash of her robe, opening it fully, exposing her naked body completely to him.


One of his hands slide up the inside of her thigh and Lexie can’t take it anymore. Grabbing hold of his head, she tilts it up and fuses her mouth to his, kissing him hard, tasting strawberries on both of their tongues.


There is only one thing that can break them apart and that is the ringing of Mark’s cell phone. He curses. She laughs which only causes him to scowl at her but that only makes her laugh more. She moves to stand up from his lap but Mark binds his arms around her and she shrieks with a mixture of surprise and laughter when he stands up and slings her over his shoulder as if he is a caveman staking his claim on her and again, she wishes that they didn’t have anywhere to be.


Carrying her around the bed, he grabs his phone from the nightstand table and she is still laughing and he smiles, holding her easily with one arm as he flips the phone open, not even looking down at the caller i.d. before answering.


“Sloan,” he speaks, almost beginning to laugh as Lexie wiggles on his shoulder.


“Hi, daddy!” Sam exclaims happily into the phone, his mouth full of something.


“Hey, Sammy,” Mark says and he crouches down, returning Lexie to her feet, watching as she re-knots the sash of the bathrobe again much to his disappointment.


“Whatcha doing?” Sam asks and Mark can hear the boy’s grin from over the phone.


“Your mommy and I are eating breakfast,” Mark answers. “What are you doing?”


“Eating breakfast,” Sam laughs then and takes another bite of the chocolate donut Jeremy had gone out and got him earlier that morning. “Aunt Sadie said she’s taking us to the park today but it’s raining and now she doesn’t know what to do with us.” He pauses to swallow the mouthful of food and then he is talking again. “Are you having fun, daddy? Is there a lot of blood there?”


Mark smirks. “No blood. Just a bunch of people talking about boring stuff.”


“There was a spider in bed last night but Ally caught it and she took it outside. She said that you always kill the spiders,” Sam rambles.


“Your mommy hates spiders,” Mark says, sitting down again on the foot of the bed next to Lexie and picks up a piece of dry toast. “I kill them for her. Did you and your sisters sleep okay last night?”


“Uh-huh,” Sam answers. “But their pillows are soft and I hate them and I forgot to bring my dino pillow with me.”


“I totally forgot that too, buddy. Don’t worry. You’ll be home tomorrow in your own bed and dino pillow,” Mark assures him. “Are you being good for your Aunt Sadie and Uncle Jeremy?”


“Yep!” Sam exclaims.


“Hmmm,” Mark hums as he chews on a piece of toast. “I don’t believe you.”


“You should!”


“I should?”




“Why should I?”


“Cause I’m being good!” Sam answers and Mark laughs slightly.


“You better be, Sam. I would hate to come back tomorrow and have to punish you because Aunt Sadie said you were acting up,” Mark tells him.


“I’m being good! I swear!”


“Uh-huh,” Mark now says. “Start wearing pants and I might believe you. You want to talk to mommy?” He asks, Lexie’s hand already extended to take the phone.


She quickly swallows the piece of watermelon she is chewing and smiles widely as she presses the phone to her ear. “Hi, Sammy,” she greets.


“Hi, mommy!” Sam exclaims, smiling so widely, he is almost laughing. “Guess what?”


“What?” She laughs slightly.


“Uncle Jeremy got me a chocolate donut for breakfast!”


“Sam, you know better than to eat all of that sugar for breakfast,” Lexie sighs. “You’ll be bouncing off of the walls in an hour.”


“It’s so good!”


She can’t help but smile again. “I know it is. But you just heard your dad. You have to be good for your Aunt Sadie and Uncle Jeremy.”


He mirrors her sigh with one of his own. “I am being good. Ellie’s the one crying.”


Lexie stiffens in alarm. “She’s crying right now?”


“Yep. She’s in the bathroom with Aunt Sadie and-”


“-we packed the wrong shampoo,” Ally now says, having snatched the phone from Sam. “She wants the Johnson’s baby shampoo like she always uses-”


“Give me the phone, Ally!” Sam is heard shouting and there is a struggle. Lexie can hear grunting and skin slapping against skin. “Ally!”


“Stop it, Sam!” Ally shouts and Lexie hears the phone drop to the floor.


She sighs, looking at Mark. “They’re wrestling. I can hear it.”


Mark smirks and takes a sip of his coffee. “Sounds like a typical Saturday then.”


“Ally! Sam!” Lexie calls into the phone.


Ally is the first to snatch it up again, sounding breathless. “Sorry, mommy. Sam’s being an ass.”


“Susan, don’t curse,” Lexie tells her sternly, rubbing her forehead, using Ally’s first name like she always does whenever Ally does something Lexie lectures her about.


“Sorry. Sam’s being a poop,” she corrects herself.


“Don’t call me a poop!” Sam exclaims and then there is the sound of a kitchen chair scraping across the hardwood kitchen floor and Lexie closes her eyes, imagining it all perfectly as Sam pushes Ally into the chair.


“Ally!” Lexie calls again.


“Sorry, mommy,” Ally says again. “I had to get away from Sam.”


“What’s wrong with your sister?” Lexie wants to know and now, Mark is looking at her curiously, his brows furrowing with concern upon hearing that something is going on with Ellie. “Where’s your Aunt Sadie?”


“They’re in the bathroom upstairs,” Ally answers. “I already took my shower and it was Ellie’s turn but she started crying when she saw that we brought the wrong shampoo with us. She hates it here, mommy.”


Lexie closes her eyes. “Shit,” she breathes, forgetting for a moment that she is still talking into the phone and that Ally can hear. “Wait! No, no. I know I packed the shampoo Ellie likes. It might have accidentally been put it in Sam’s bag though. Where are you right now?”


“In the pantry. I had to hide from Sam because he wanted the phone.”


And then, as if on cue, Lexie can hear Sam start to pound on the closed door of the kitchen pantry and then Dodger beginning to bark.


“Go look in Sam’s bag for the shampoo. I know we packed it,” Lexie orders. “And tell your brother that he better behave himself or daddy and me aren’t going to be happy with him when we get back-”


“Mommy says to calm the hell down!” Ally shouts at her younger brother, opening the pantry door.


“Susan,” Lexie sighs.


“Sorry, mommy,” Ally says and she is almost giggling. “It slipped. I swear.”


“Ally, please help your Aunt Sadie with Ellie,” Lexie says, trying to keep a calm in her voice even though she couldn’t believe how out of control everything was sounding from the other end of the phone. “Your aunt is really needing your help right now.”


“I will. I promise. Here’s Uncle Jeremy. Do you want to talk to him?”


“Please,” Lexie nods.


But as Ally starts to pass the phone to Jeremy, who has just entered the kitchen, Sam jumps up, wanting to talk to Mark and Lexie again, and as he rips the phone from Ally’s hand, it falls to the floor, the cell phone slapping shut, thus ending the call.


Lexie listens to the silence and then pulling the phone away, she sees that the call has ended. She sighs heavily before turning her head and looking at Mark. “We have to get Jeremy and Sadie something really, really, really nice for doing this for us.”


Tags: character: sadie harris, original character, pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, story: aunt sadie

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