lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

I Wouldn’t Dare to Fix the Twist In You (Tim/Blair, FNL/Gossip Girl)

I am really trying different things with my writing and I am experimenting with crossovers at the moment. This one is random and not the best thing I have ever written - obviously - but I am trying to expand my writing skills and I think this is a good way for me to do that.

Title: I Wouldn't Dare to Fix the Twist In You
Author: lexiesloan
Fandom: Friday Night Lights/Gossip Girl
Rating: PG-15
Ships: Tim Riggins/Blair Waldorf
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing.


They meet entirely by accident. Serena has had too much to drink that night and wants to go to Times Square. Blair cannot remember the last time she went there – too dirty and touristy for her tastes but when Serena is like this, Blair tends to appease her as much as possible like the good friend that she is.


He is walking backwards, talking to his friend in the wheelchair, and literally collides right into her. She looks at him with complete disdain and a slight wrinkle in her nose – his stringy hair, the plaid button down shirt, the holes in his jeans and the dirty boots on his feet. He is cute, Blair admits silently to herself but that smirk on his face as he gives her the same assessment makes her immediately on edge. She recognizes a smirk like that all too well.


Before she can stop her though, Serena is inviting them to a party at Penelope’s that night and much to Blair’s utter disbelief, they accept.


They take a cab back to the upper east side, Serena chattering and asking them questions the whole way. Their names are Jason Street and Tim Riggins and they’re both from some small town in Texas called Dillon. Blair pretends not to listen as she turns her head and stares out the window. She pretends not to notice how Tim’s thigh is pressed tightly against her in that backseat.


Everyone at the party stares at them upon their arrival. Chuck is there, staring at her from over the top of his glass of scotch and Nate frowns as Tim leans into her to ask what she wants to drink. Blair doesn’t answer though, merely frowns and he shrugs at her with a lazy grin before sauntering over to where the bar is. When he asks for a beer, Penelope explains haughtily to him that no beer is served at her parties; only the best liquor.


That makes Tim snort and look at Jason, telling him loud enough for everyone near to hear just how much this party sucks. Serena bursts out laughing, Penelope gasps in horror and for some reason, Blair feels the smallest hint of a smile pulling at one corner of her mouth. Tim catches it and gives her a quick wink. She has no idea why but that makes her smile grow even more.

He isn’t like anyone she has ever met.



It is just the two of them now. Serena has long ago passed out and Jason has returned to his girlfriend’s apartment for the night. Only Tim and Blair remain and they sit on top of the roof of her apartment building, watching the first rays of the morning sun peak above the towering skyscrapers before them.


There is a six-pack of beer between them that they bought at a liquor store on their way back from the party. Blair is still holding her first can, now too warm and disgusting to drink. Tim has taken care of the other five.


“What’s Texas like?” Blair asks though she has no idea why. She is still convinced that she dislikes him immensely.


“Nothing like this,” he responds, his eyes fixated on the sun in front of them. “I can’t even imagine what it’s like living here.”


“It’s suffocating,” she answers quietly, distantly, turning her head to look away but she can feel him looking at her. She takes a sip of the beer and almost gags as it trickles down the back of her throat.


“I know the feeling,” he then says softly.


Blair turns her head to look at him again and their eyes instantly lock. For some reason, Blair finds herself believing him.



“I swore to myself I wouldn’t make stupid mistakes like this anymore,” she says, both of them panting as they lay in a mass tangle of bed sheets and sweaty limbs.


He laughs and she can’t help but smile as he rolls them over, pinning her on her back, his body hovering above hers. “So I’m a stupid mistake now?” He smirks.


She nods. “The stupidest.”


She then slips her hand onto the back of his neck and pulls his body down entirely on top of hers and their mouths meet in a hungry, hard kiss. She proceeds to make the same mistake two more times as the sun rises higher in the sky.



She calls two weeks later and in a roundabout way, she asks if she can come and see him. She is bracing herself for him to start laughing, to tell her that there is no way in hell that he wants to see her again. She was just a little bit of fun. A story he could brag to his friends about. The upper east side chick he hooked up with when he was in New York. She prepares herself for yet another rejection from yet another person and she wonders if she will ever get used to it.


But she can hear him smiling over the phone and he tells her that Austin is the largest airport she can fly into even though it's still two hours away from Dillon. The instant she hangs up with him, she books a flight for the next day. She has no idea why she wants to see him. All she knows is that she can hardly sleep that night, her body tight with anticipation.



He is waiting at the end of the terminal for her and she can’t help but run towards him, making him grin widely and he wraps his arms around her, easily picking her up. He smells of sweat and soap like he did when she first met and she closes her eyes, hugging him tightly. She wonders why he hasn’t asked her yet what she’s doing there but she is thankful that he hasn’t. If he does ask, she already knows that she has no idea what she’ll say.



Dillon, Texas is unlike any place she has ever seen. Everything is so open, so spread out. The sky seems to stretch out forever and is such a sharp shade of blue she has never before imagined it being. Tim pulls his pickup truck into the driveway of the house he shares with his brother, Billy, and he grips the steering wheel in his hands tightly for a moment, not looking at her.


“This place is a dump,” he tells her.


Blair shrugs, gives him a smile and then slides across the front seat to rest her chin on his shoulder. “Don’t worry,” she says with the faintest of smiles. “Every place is a dump compared to mine.”


He smirks at that and she smiles before pressing a kiss to his cheek.



The next morning, Tim wakes up at dawn to find that she isn’t in bed with him anymore and for a split second, he panics, thinking she’s left but really, where can she go? They’re in the middle of nowhere and looking at the messy state of his room, he sees that the four suitcases she has brought with her are still there in a stack in front of his closet.


Pulling on a pair of jeans, he stumbles down the hall, looking for her, calling out her name and glancing out the front window, he sees her. She is standing in the middle of the front yard, staring towards the rising sun, a blanket wrapped tightly around her. She doesn’t jump as he comes up behind her, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her back firmly against his bare chest. She smiles though as he dips his head down and presses his face in the crook of her neck.


“I can breathe here,” she says softly.


He doesn’t know what to say to that so he simply squeezes his arms tighter.



He introduces her to his friends. Saracen stutters, Smash flirts, Tyra thinks she is a bitch and Landry tries to charm her. He takes her over to the Taylor house for dinner because ever since he lived with them, he looks to them almost like family and what they think is important. He is relieved when Tami hugs her upon meeting her and she and Julie instantly bond over their love for some chick named Audrey Hepburn, French films from the 1950s and ballet.


Julie, of course, asks her all throughout dinner questions about New York and she is so excited that someone cultured has finally come to Dillon. Of course, that leads to the other question as to what a girl like Blair Waldorf is doing with a guy like Tim Riggins. Blair simply shrugs and smiles and says that she likes him despite her better judgment.


After dinner, as the girls clean up and continue to talk in the kitchen, Tim and Coach go into the garage for a traditional game of ping-pong.


“She’s beautiful,” Coach comments and Tim nods, finding no argument with that statement whatsoever. “How long is she staying?”


Tim doesn’t know how to answer just because that is the one question he has been avoiding thinking about ever since her arrival.



One morning, there is nothing to eat in the house for breakfast except for bread and cheese so Billy makes the only thing he can think of when Tim complains about being hungry. They sit on the stools at the kitchen counter, Billy drinking a beer and Tim drinking a glass of water because though he hasn’t come out and said, he’s trying to cut back on his drinking. Blair sits between them, eating one half of a sandwich that has been cut in two and she smiles.


“You make the best grilled cheese sandwiches,” she tells Billy.


And the way Billy sits up a little straighter and puffs his chest out, Tim knows that she has completely won him over.



She talks about her parents. About Chuck and Nate and Serena and the friendship they all used to have before they grew up and hurting one another was the only way they could remain in one another’s lives. She talks about her bulimia and she even admits how the two boys she has ever been in love with both broke her in their own ways until she felt as if she was nothing – which baffles Tim’s mind because she is one of the strongest girls he has ever met.


He tells her about Jason’s injury and what he did with Lyla afterwards. He talks about his mom and dad both splitting and Billy being the only one to care enough to stick around. He tells her about all of the women and rally girls he has occupied himself with and how this entire town views him and his brother just because of their last name and she realizes that no matter where they are, gossip is everywhere.


“I’m a bitch,” she blurts out.


“I’m an asshole,” he smirks.


“I haven’t thrown up since I met you,” she then adds and he stares at her because for some reason, he thinks that that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to him.



They fight because they both are stubborn and have tempers and when they get angry with one another, it can get so loud, the neighbors can usually hear. She calls him a stupid hick. He calls her a spoiled brat and she will slap him and he will push her roughly against the nearest wall before fusing his mouth to hers, giving her a hard kiss. She will try to push him away but he will grab her arms and hold onto her, moving his mouth over hers again and again and she always winds up whimpering, pressing her lips to his, meeting each of his kisses with enthusiastic, hungry ones of her own and the fight is almost always forgotten.



She doesn’t understand football and they go to one of the team’s summer practices, sitting on the bottom row of bleachers, watching offense and defense scrimmages and Tim tries to explain everything to her.


“Don’t worry,” he smirks, sensing her frustration. “We’ll go to the first game of the season. It might be easier to get it when there’s an actual game goin’ on.”


He likes to think that she’ll actually still be here for that and he tries not think about what he’ll do when she isn’t around anymore.



Everyone in Dillon thinks they know him. They think they have him all figured out. He’s lived there his entire life and because he is a Riggins, he is immediately painted into a corner of who is allowed to be and expected to be. Blair doesn’t know that though. She doesn’t see him as one of those low-life no good Riggins boys. She seems him as Tim. She doesn’t know his past. She only knows the person he is now and Tim admits that being with her is sort of addicting.


“Opposites always attract,” Julie tells him one day and since she’s one of the smartest people Tim knows, he tends to believe her.



She is in love with looking up at the stars at night because living in Manhattan, she sometimes forgets that they even exist. But in Texas, there seem to be millions suspended above them. They lay in the back bed of his pickup truck parked down some deserted dirt road, her head on his chest, his arm around her shoulders, their legs tangled together, and they stare quietly up at the black night sky.


“Are you going to stay in Dillon forever?” She asks him, so quietly it is almost in a whisper.


He takes his time answering, finally asking, “Are you?”


There is silence between them and he knows that she can probably hear the jack-hammering of his heart in his chest. He can’t believe that he, Tim Riggins, asked a girl that but nothing in his life has been the same – definitely not him – since he literally bumped into her and he supposes that maybe this new Tim asks girls that question in nervous fear of her answer.


Blair doesn’t say anything for what feels like forever. “I can breathe here. With you, I can breathe,” she says quietly and then propping herself up on her elbow, she leans down and presses her lips to his, feeling a smile widen across his mouth as she kisses him.

Tags: category: crossover, character: blair waldorf, character: tim riggins, pairing: tim riggins/blair waldorf, show: friday night lights, show: gossip girl

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