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My New Car

I am 24, soon to be 25 (in July), and the only car I have ever driven is a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue that belonged to my dad. I drove it senior year of high school, through all four years of college, and the past three years in the real working world. It has slowly been getting more and more worn down and we have been putting more money into than what it is worth. So my dad - who loves buying cars - and I went car shopping for me. I know next to nothing about cars so my of course I was going to do this with my dad.

And... ta-da! We bought me a 2008 silver Subaru Forester. I absolutely love it. I basically hugged the hood of it when I picked it up on Friday. It is my first adult car so I guess that makes me, finally, officially, an adult. A little terrifying since I have car payments now to make but still, I am so excited. And my friends are already fighting over who gets permanent shotgun.


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