lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

“I don’t patronize bunny rabbits…”

- I think something is horribly wrong with me. I have become addicted to this show on TLC called Toddlers and Tiaras. I will be honest that beauty pageants kind of freak me out but there is something about this show that I cannot stop watching. Maybe it is the mom with the overly-tanned big-haired very young child who trains her daughter to blow kisses at the judges and who she claims just loves being up on the stage. Last night, a mother entered her TWO-WEEK old son into his first pageant. This show is horrible and I cannot stop watching it.

- It seems that summer has finally come to Chicago. It is going to be about 95 degrees today. I was going to go to Lollapalooza tonight to see Tool perform but tickets were too expensive and I am trying to save money.

- Speaking of saving money, my cousin is having a bridal shower tomorrow I need to buy a present for, I have to get something for my dad and his upcoming birthday and my friend is having a baby shower that I need to go shop around for. *sigh* Is it possible for everyone to just come to a complete stand-still in their lives for just a little bit?

- Reading This is All I Ask by Lynn Kurland for probably the 50th time. It is the only romance novel I have read that I can read again and still love. That is a deep dark secret of mine. I love romance paperback novels.

- At the moment, I am working on another crossover story because I officially love doing these. I think it will be another Tim Riggins/Blair Waldorf one... I have a thing for complete opposites attracting.
Tags: books, life, random, tv, writing

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