lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

I am a very visual writer and if you read my stories on Fictionpress, you know that I usually post pictures of my characters when I write. This whole summer, to help me survive the hiatus, I have been posting stories almost every day - as most on my flist can see lol - and I have created this entire alternate universe for Mark and Lexie. I have several pictures below that I have begun referencing to when I write some of these AU stories and if you read them and are interested in seeing the pictures, check them out.

Mark Sloan
Lexie Sloan
Ally Sloan
Ellie Sloan
Sam Sloan
the Sloan House

Ally is supposed to have blue eyes like Mark but otherwise, that actress has the perfect look and is the exact age. The girl I found for Ellie is PERFECT and Sam... lol Just how I imagined him. Also, the house is supposed to be a yellow but other than that, that is exactly how I pictured the house when I first wrote about it. I realize that this is very nerdy of me to do but I love finding pictures like this and remember, you do not have to look at them if you do not want to.
Tags: pictures, writing

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