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Staying with Aunt Sadie (8/8)

Here is the last chapter of Staying with Aunt Sadie and I just want to thank everyone a thousand times who not only read but who took the time to comment. I loved writing this story and hopefully, it was as much fun to read as it was for me to write. I have an idea for another humorous one-shot and lets just say it involves Mark, Sam Sloan, and Derek camping. Hilarity hopefully shall ensue with that simple synoposis.

I am now off to get ready to watch the newest episode of Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC. There is something horribly wrong with me.


“Five more minutes, Ally,” Lexie tells her as she picks Sam from the couch up into her arms, the boy instantly resting his head on her shoulder, remaining asleep.


“Okay, mommy,” Ally nods, not lifting her head as she sits up on her knees on one of the dining room chairs, deeply concentrating on the puzzle spread out on the table before her. Mark and Lexie had bought Ally a 500-piece puzzle of the ocean marvels and ever since they arrived home, Ally has been putting all of her attention on it.


Jeremy had invited them to stay for dinner but they had decided that it would be best just getting everyone home, for both Sadie’s sake as well as for the kids. Everyone seemed exhausted and just ready for the weekend to be over. And after going through the McDonalds drive-thru for dinner, Mark drove them all home.


Sam murmurs something in his sleep, shifting his cheek slightly on Lexie’s shoulder as she carries him up the stairs to put him to bed. She pauses outside of Ellie’s bedroom however, standing just outside the doorway, looking in, seeing Ellie lying on her bed, Mark pulling the white and green striped bedspread over her body. The small lamp on the nightstand table next to the bed is switched on, casting a warm, soft glow over them, and the white music box that Mark and Lexie have bought for her is open, the small ballerina spinning as Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty Waltz plays softly, Ellie watching the box with fascination.


“There you go, Ellie,” Mark says, sitting down on the edge of the bed, straightening the sheets and making sure that her stuffed bumblebee, the one Ally got her when Ellie turned three, is close by. “You glad to be home?” He smiles when she nods her head enthusiastically. “And you like your present?” He asks referring to the music box. Again, she nods her head. She then surprises him when she sits up on her knees and hugs him, her small arms wrapping around his broad shoulders. Mark is so thrown off by the sudden display of affection that for a moment, he is still. He then smiles and hugs her in return. “I missed you too, Ellie,” he tells her.


Lexie carries Sam into his dark room, the Batman nightlight in the plug next to the door providing just enough light to guide her. Holding him with one arm, she pushes back the dinosaur sheets and gently lays him down, Sam sleeping the entire time, instantly rolling onto his stomach when he feels the familiar mattress beneath him. She slips the fleece lamb hat from off his head and then smoothes some of his dark baby-fine hair back before bending down and giving the side of his head a kiss.


He murmurs something else but remains sleeping deeply and Lexie kisses him again. He is completely exhausted and she is afraid to think of just how he acted for the day she and Mark were gone. After making sure his body is covered, Lexie turns to leave but Ally comes into the bedroom, holding the red stuffed Tyrannosaurus Rex that they had bought for him as a present.


“He left this downstairs,” she whispers.


“Thanks, sweetie,” Lexie smiles, taking the stuffed animal and placing it next to Sam. “Did you brush your teeth?”


“I’m going,” Ally sighs heavily before turning and trudging from the bedroom towards the bathroom as if she was walking to the gallows.

Lexie comes out of Sam’s room just as Mark comes out of Ellie’s and he smirks, coming to her, his hands sliding onto her hips. Lexie can’t help but laugh slightly.


“I know that look,” she says softly, her hands coming to rest on his upper arms.


He continues to smirk and lowers his head to her ear so no one can hear. “Is it a look that says that I get to finally fuck you tonight?”


She feels her face blush hotly but she laughs again. “So romantic. And leave it to us to have sex in a houseful of kids when we were just alone in a hotel room.” His smirk turns into a smile and one of his hands cups the back of her neck and tilting her head up, he gives her a slow kiss, drinking her in completely, that Lexie begins to feel lightheaded. She somehow finds the strength to pull their lips apart though. “If you take Dodger out and lock up downstairs, maybe I’ll be in the mood when you get back up here.”


Mark smirks, shaking his head. “You’re already in the mood, Lex. You think I can’t tell? I bet if I put my hand between your legs right now...”


“Mark!” Lexie exclaims softly, her blush deepening, and he laughs.


He kisses her again. “Fine. I’ll go take care of things downstairs but you damn well better be naked in our bed when I get back.”


As Mark goes downstairs to take Dodger out and then turn the lights off and lock the house up as he does every night, Lexie goes to Ally’s room to tuck her in. Ally has already brushed her teeth and is sitting up in bed, reading one of the Nancy Drew books that she has become addicted to after finding an old stack of them that belonged to Lexie at Thatcher’s house.


Despite the door being open, Lexie stops on the threshold and knocks nonetheless. Ally is nine-years-old and is breeching that age where privacy for a girl is becoming very important. Ally smiles at her and Lexie smiles in return, coming into the room and sitting down on the edge of the bed.


“Glad to be home?” Lexie asks and Ally takes a deep breath, nodding.


“Very glad,” Ally sighs, sinking down against her pillows and Lexie shifts slightly to pull the blue and green polka dot comforter over her. “Things are calm here.”


“I know you guys weren’t perfect angels this weekend but,” Lexie reaches out to tuck a strand of hair behind Ally’s hair. “I want to thank you for doing your best to take care of Ellie and Sam. Your Aunt Sadie doesn’t always know what to do but I was at least a little relieved knowing that you were with her to help if she needed it.”


Ally shrugs. “It’s not a big deal. I’m supposed to take care of them.”


That makes Lexie smile and she leans forward, kissing her forehead. “I am so proud of you, my Ally,” she murmurs, her lips still pressed to her skin and then she pulls back, a bright smile still on her face. “I have to go to the store tomorrow to buy some things for Thanksgiving at Izzie’s. Do you want to come?”


“Yes!” Ally grins. “Shopping for Thanksgiving is the best. Can we get a pumpkin so we can make roasted pumpkin seeds?”


“Of course we can,” Lexie answers without hesitancy and standing up, she kisses Ally’s head again. “Get some sleep, Ally. We’ve all had a very busy weekend so far.”


Taking the hardcover book from Ally’s lap and making sure that her page is marked, Lexie places it on the nightstand table and switches the lamp off. As she leaves, Dodger comes racing in and Ally giggles softly as the dog leaps onto the bed, instantly stretching out next to her and resting his head on her stomach. Lexie smiles from the doorway before heading down the hallway again to Ellie’s room. The door is partially closed as she prefers it and slowly entering, Lexie sees that she is already asleep, the small girl on her side, her entire body curled underneath the sheets, only her head being visible.


Lexie kisses her and murmurs a quiet goodnight before finally going into hers and Mark’s room to get herself ready for bed. It is only nine-thirty at yet, Lexie feels completely exhausted. She can’t believe that just that morning, she and Mark were in a hotel room in Vancouver with Mark being slightly dirty with a strawberry. It already seems as if that has happened forever ago.


When Mark finds her, she is in their bathroom, stripping herself of her clothes, ready to take a quick shower and he stands for a moment, just watching her as she slips her panties down her legs, kicking them off to the side before unhooking her bra. As much as he hates to admit it, he does get it when guys stare at her or try to hit on her. Though he himself never looked at her like that until Derek mentioned it to him with a warning to stay away from her, once Mark looked at Lexie and saw her, he couldn’t look away. And now, all of these years later, he still can’t.


Lexie smiles, her eyes instantly sliding closed when she feels Mark suddenly appear behind her, his warm, hard chest pressing against her back and his lips brushing against the side of her neck. She tilts her head to the side, giving him better access and she then gasps when he drops a hand down the front of her body to between her legs, having guessed correctly earlier. She is definitely wet and ready for him.


She laughs softly as he turns her around and picking her up, he sits her down on the edge of the sink counter, his hands going to her head, tilting it up and kissing her hard on the mouth, his tongue thrusting past her lips to tangle with hers as Lexie’s hands go to his pants, beginning to unbuckle his belt and lower the zipper, feeling how hard he already is.


Mark suddenly rips his mouth away and tearing his shirt off from over his head, he then shoves his pants and boxers down past his knees before hooking his arms under Lexie’s knees, spreading her legs wider for him.

Lexie can’t help but laugh again. “You’re acting like we haven’t done this in weeks.”


“I haven’t been inside you since Thursday and today has just been one big tease after another. I can’t take it anymore,” Mark breathes heavily and then without another word, he thrusts inside of her, Lexie crying out softly before Mark smothers her mouth with his, kissing her hungrily, his thrusts already hard and fast – full, deep strokes that leave her feeling completely filled. “Fuck,” he sighs. “Finally.”


His arms remain under her knees, keeping her legs spread and Lexie holds onto his shoulders, admitting silently to herself that she has definitely missed him inside of her. He speeds up and Lexie kisses him harder, not wanting to moan out loud like she wants to in case one of the children hears.


She is so close to an orgasm already and when Mark leans in and whispers, “I am the only one who will ever know just how tight you are,” she instantly breaks apart, Mark still pounding in and out of her and keeping his mouth fused to hers so she can’t be heard by anyone except him.


And as she is still shaking and reeling from her rather powerful orgasm, and Mark is still thrusting inside of her, he puts his lips to her ear.


“So fucking good to be home,” he whispers and Lexie smiles, closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around his shoulders tightly.



Sadie doesn’t normally ring the doorbell when she comes over but the next afternoon, she stands on the front porch for a few minutes, her stomach tightening with nervousness and she tries to get herself to calm down. She isn’t even really sure why she is nervous in the first place. Mark and Lexie took the kids and the dog home and Sadie got a full nine hours of sleep. When she woke up that morning, the house was quiet and nothing was breaking. Everything is back to how it should be.


She reaches out to press her finger to the doorbell but at the last minute, shaking her head at how ridiculous she is being, she tries the door, finding it unlocked as it almost always is when all of them are home.


Mark is sitting in the living room on the couch, leaning forward, his laptop on the coffee table in front of him, and he is going through emails and prepping himself for the several surgeries he has scheduled for the week to come. Ally is stretched out across the rest of the couch, reading her book, almost finished with it. Ellie is lying on her stomach on the floor in the front of the television – her preferred spot – and is using her Crayola Magic Paint, the set that comes with paint that is colorless until it is spread on the special paper and then it appears in bright, multi-colors. Ellie is usually so careful when it comes to her paints but even if she spills it on the floor, Lexie doesn’t care because the clear “paint” doesn’t stain.


The television is on, turned to some basketball game on ESPN, but no one is really paying attention to it. Sadie is amazed at how calm everything is. How quiet the house is. She doesn’t understand why the kids couldn’t have been that way with her at her house.


Mark sees her first and he smiles, standing up. “Hey. Lexie’s in the kitchen. And I have something to give you and Jeremy.”


With that, he walks past her and heads up the stairs. Ally sits up and leaving her book open on the couch, she stands up as well.


“I have something for you, too,” she tells her and then also goes upstairs.


Sadie stands there for a moment, still having no idea as to why she feels nervous. She has been inside of this house probably more times than she has been in her own. She looks at Ellie still on the floor, painting. “Hi, Ellie,” she offers.


“Hello,” Ellie greets quietly without looking up from her paper, her eyes instead fixated on the bristles of her yellow-handled plastic paintbrush as she guides it in thick, straight lines.


Going into the kitchen, Sadie sees Lexie standing at the stove, stirring a pot of elbow noodles for the macaroni and cheese that she is making for the kids for lunch. Upon seeing her, Lexie gives her a bright smile and comes to give her a tight hug.


“I was going to call you but I honestly thought you would still be sleeping,” Lexie jokes and Sadie can’t help but laugh slightly.


“I’ve been up for a couple of hours now. Just putting things back together,” she admits and Lexie nods knowingly as she goes to the cabinet to get Sadie a cup of coffee without having her need to ask for it. “How is it being home?”


“Great,” Lexie says, giving a secret smile to herself, thinking of the night she and Mark had finally had together that included the bathroom sink, the shower, the bathroom floor and then finally the bed. “And the kids are just so happy, too.”


“I could imagine. They were pretty miserable,” Sadie nods, slipping up onto one of the stools at the kitchen counter.


“Please don’t take it personally.” Lexie sits down on the stool next to her, handing her a steaming cup of coffee.


“I’m not at all,” Sadie reassures her. “I actually think it’s kind of sweet just how much they love you and Mark.”


The back door suddenly swings open, making Sadie jump, and Sam, red-faced and panting, runs into the kitchen with Dodger right behind him, the dog panting as well.


“Mommy, I’m hungry!” He declares with a toothy grin. “Hi, Aunt Sadie.”


“Hi, Sam,” Sadie smiles, taking a sip of coffee.


“What were you doing out there?” Lexie laughs, trying to straighten his windblown hair for him.


“Racing Dodger up and down the slide. I won,” Sam boasts proudly. “I’m hungry.”


“The noodles are almost done boiling, Sammy,” Lexie tells him, sliding off the stool to go to the stove and check on them.


“Here, Sadie. This is for you and Jeremy,” Mark says, striding into the kitchen with a plain white letter-sized envelope in his hand.


“Daddy, my zipper’s stuck,” Sam huffs, struggling with his coat.


Mark hands Sadie the envelope and with one hand, easily yanks Sam’s zipper down. Sam takes his coat off, dropping it onto the floor but with one look from Lexie, he grins innocently at her and picking it up again, he tosses it onto the back of one of the chairs at the table.


“You didn’t have to get us anything,” Sadie says as she opens the envelope. “They were only at our house for a night and a day…” she trails off and her eyes widen slightly as she sees what Mark has handed her. “You cannot be serious.”


Lexie smiles, looking down at the noodles as she continues to stir, and Mark smirks, going to the refrigerator to get himself a bottle of beer.


“We can’t take this,” Sadie shakes her head.


“Yes, you can and you will,” Lexie says, going to the cabinet to get some bowls. “Ally told me about the Eiffel Tower glass figure they broke. This way, you can go and get another one. You love going there.”


“You could have written me a check for twenty bucks since I’m pretty sure that’s what it cost. This?” Sadie holds up the printed out copy of two plane tickets to Paris. “Is completely ridiculous.”


Mark shrugs. “You’re one of our closest friends and you watched these three terrors for us,” he says, bending down and picking up Sam in one arm. “And since I don’t have the authority to nominate you for sainthood, Lex thought this was something you would love.”


Sadie continues staring down at the plane tickets to be used next month, a part of her brain still not able to fully register just what has been given to her and then she laughs slightly, shaking her head, looking back at Mark.


“Just how much do you make?” She asks and Mark smirks cockily before taking a sip from his beer bottle.


“You want to mix the cheese in, Sammy?” Lexie asks, cutting open the cheese packet and squeezing it out over the noodles.


Mark puts him down on the three-step ladder that they have at the kitchen counter for the kids to stand on and Sam happily takes the wooden spoon Lexie is holding out for him. Ally comes into the kitchen, Ellie following behind her, and Ally is holding a small box in her hands.


“Aunt Sadie?” Ally says, holding it out to her. “Brandon has a paper route and he wants me to help him with it and mommy and daddy said I could. So when I have some money, I am going to buy you a new one but right now, me, Ellie and Sam want you to have this one.”


Sadie takes the box and curiously pops the lid open. Inside is a plastic pink teacup from Ellie’s Fisher Price tea set. Sadie has no idea but seeing it, she almost feels like she might start crying. She controls herself and instead, drops to her knees and hugs Ally tightly and then, ignoring Ellie’s discomfort with it, she hugs her as well.


“I love it,” she tells them and Ally bursts into a beaming smile. “I think I love it more than the original one.”


“Cheese is done!” Sam exclaims.


Lexie peers into the pot and then nods with a satisfactory smile. “Looks delicious,” she declares and Sam laughs as she places a smacking kiss on his cheek. “Sadie, do you want to stay for lunch? We made plenty. Mark usually eats two bowls.”


“At least,” Ally giggles. “Daddy loves macaroni and cheese.”


Sadie smiles. “I know. We went to this French restaurant for dinner once and he even ordered it there.”


Mark smirks. “That was truffle mac and cheese and cost about sixty bucks.”


“That just proves how much money you have,” she jokes with him. “But this smells absolutely delicious. I would love to stay for lunch.”


“See?” Ally whispers to Sam and Ellie as Lexie each hands them a bowl of the cheesy macaroni and they sit down at the table. “I told you she would love us again once we were out of her house.”


Jeremy had been paged at dawn that morning to go into the hospital for a surgery and when Sadie comes back from the Sloan house, he is home as well, stretched out across the couch, flipping through television stations, trying to find something worthwhile to watch. Sadie smiles at him and sliding out of her shoes and coat, she crawls onto the couch to join him. She lays down on top of him and he instantly wraps his arms around her, pressing his lips to her forehead. 


“You will not believe what Mark and Lexie got us to thank us for this weekend,” she tells him with a smile.


“What did they get us?” He asks.


“You won’t believe me even if I tell you so I have to show you but I left it in my coat pocket and I am too tired right now to get up and get it,” she says with a yawn and Jeremy snickers, his lips still to her forehead.


“How were the kids?”


She sighs. “Oh, just perfect now that Mark and Lexie are around. I think when they’re all older, we should test them for multiple personality disorder,” Sadie says and Jeremy laughs.


“So, I’ve been thinking,” he begins and then releases a sigh. “And I’m thinking that after this weekend, the possibility of having one of our own is completely out of the question?”


Sadie is silent for such a long time, Jeremy thinks that either she is avoiding the topic altogether or she has fallen asleep.


She shifts on top of him though and rests her forehead against his jaw. “I’m not ruling it out… Just… ask me again in about a year when I feel completely energized again.”

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