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And Then There She Was (Hoyt/Jessice, True Blood)

I love trying new things with my writing and that includes new shows and characters to write about. I absolutely love the show True Blood and though my main pairing is Eric/Sookie, I have recently fallen for the relationship between Hoyt and Jessica. Both are so young emotionally and though he is human and she is a vampire, I really am going to start rooting for them. Here is my first True Blood story ever.

Title: And Then There She Was
Pairing: Hoyt Fortenberry/Jessica Hamby
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 2x03, "Scratches"
Disclaimer: I own nothing.


He used to have a crush on Dawn. After work most nights, he would come to Merlotte’s and order himself a beer and watch her as she walked around in those short-shorts of hers, giving smiles and flirting with the customers and making them feel as if they were someone special to her.


She was always off limits to him though because she had a thing going on with Jason and though they weren’t exactly in a relationship in the traditional sense, Jason was still his friend and Hoyt respected those invisible lines that couldn’t be crossed.


He still smelled her though, as strange as that sounds. Jason or their friendship couldn’t keep him from doing that. And in the sometimes impermeable stench of smoke, sweat and fried foods, she would walk past him and he could smell flowers.


He never had the courage to really speak with her and now, it is too late. She is dead and gone and Hoyt only has a bunch of “what ifs” when it comes to her.


There had also been Sookie for a while too because of her sweet disposition towards him but she is Jason’s sister and that is definitely a line Hoyt will ever cross. Besides, the whole town knows she’s with Vampire Bill and on top of Jason, Hoyt also doesn’t want to get on the bad side of a vampire anytime soon.


Hoyt doesn’t understand why he can’t just meet a nice girl. He doesn’t think he’s that bad. He isn’t horrible to look at and he has a steady job and he considers himself to be a nice guy. Yes, he still does live with his mom but he won’t be doing that forever. Do girls really care about that? 


Maybe he should get out of Bon Temps. He obviously isn’t going to meet anyone there. Everyone knows him there and none of the girls are ever interested in him and it isn’t as if a lot of new people move to town for him to meet.


He doesn’t understand what he is doing wrong. What do women want? Why can’t he ever just meet a nice girl who could even entertain the idea of liking him?


He read somewhere that men often tended to subconsciously go for girls who remind them of their mothers. God, Hoyt prays like hell that that isn’t possibly true. He is trying to get away from his mom. Not end up marrying someone just like her. And besides, he wants a nice girl and not too many think Maxine Fortenberry of being a nice woman.


He is beginning to think that maybe this is all pointless though. He is twenty-eight, has never been with a woman, has never really had a relationship with a woman, and still lives with his mother. He saw a movie like this once about a guy who lived with his mother and who ran some motel and killed people. Hoyt wonders if that might be his future someday.


He sits in the back booth at Merlotte’s, sipping at his beer, half listening to the song playing over the jukebox, not noticing any of the other people in the bar that night. It is a slow night. A quiet night and Hoyt wonders if this is it for him. Sitting alone in a bar, drinking by himself. It is a more than depressing thought and one he can’t seem to shake himself from having.


But then, from the corner of his eye, he sees a flash of yellow and lifting his head, he stares. There she is. A beautiful, pale girl in a faded yellow dress and curled red hair. She is staring right at him and for a second, Hoyt wonders if she is looking at someone else until he remembers that there isn’t anyone else around him. It’s him that she’s staring at. And she’s beautiful. Girls like her never look at him.


He isn’t imagining this though. She really is looking at him and when she slides into the booth in front of him, her eyes peering over the top of the menu, still glancing at him, Hoyt takes a deep breath, preparing himself to go talk to her, preparing himself to probably get rejected. Again. He should be used to that by now.


But then she smiles as he gets up and comes to stand next to her booth and he takes another deep breath. She has a beautiful smile – the kind of smile a nice girl has. This is a nice girl. He can already tell. A nice girl. Just what he wants.


Hoyt prepares himself and then opening his mouth, he asks if he can sit with her.

Tags: pairing: hoyt fortenberry/jessica hamby, show: true blood

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