lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

Closer (Dany/Drogo)

Title: Closer (1/1)
Author: lexiesloan
Rating: T
Pairing: Daenerys Targaryen/Khal Drogo
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: AU. A follow-up to So It Shall Be and Safe.

Even resting on the furs with his Khaleesi's head on his chest and her naked body draped over his, Khal Drogo's ears were sharp, always listening and on alert for anything that shouldn't have been there. He heard Rahenys, their daughter, sleep peacefully from her own small bed of furs in the middle of the tent, surrounded by candles to keep her warm, and he heard the three young dragons snore as they slept, undisturbed. The wind was cool – it kept getting cooler outside the further they traveled – and it swept through the tall grass and the flaps of the tent. Dany shifted closer to him, nestling her body firmly to his, seeking out his warmth and Drogo made sure his arm was tight around her.

The khalasar was always on guard, too, and the closer they neared the poison sea, the more tense everyone seemed to become. Even the children seemed to play and run quieter once they stopped riding for the day. Conversations were hushed and at night, sleep was restless. The Dothraki had never had the need to get so close to the sea before and in the past, most matters concerning the seven kingdoms did not concern them. They fought when they had to, they defended and always conquered but what happened across the sea was always kept between the men in the iron suits.

But someone had threatened his Khaleesi and his child. Someone had tried to kill his wife and their daughter – unborn at the time. No one threatened what was his and as they drew closer, Drogo's anger, stewing inside of his belly, began churning and boiling. No man, woman or child would be safe once the Dothraki boarded their wooden horses and took back what belonged to the Khaleesi and their daughter. He would get them their iron throne.

Dany stirred and for a moment, Drogo thought she would wake but she remained asleep, her breath steady and warm with each exhale onto his bare chest. Drogo closed his own eyes. But sleep never came.

The khalasar rested for a day. The Dothraki children, those old enough, were being trained for their battles by some of the blood-riders and as the Khal walked past, his eyes dark and watching, they all puffed out their chests and did their best to impress him as they sparred with their wooden weapons. The children not old enough to fight sat to the sides, watching, some jealous that they couldn't join. Both Dothraki girls and boys, men and women, they all learned to fight; trained to defend and defeat and never bow their heads in shame. Drogo did not smile as he watched but he nodded his approval from time to time.

He turned his head towards the north. He couldn't see the sea – yet – but he could feel it. A cold breeze rushed over his tanned skin. No Khal had ever attempted this before.

He would not fail.

Someday, he would teach Rahenys how to ride and hunt and fight. He would train his daughter the Dothraki ways of battle and she would be untouchable. She was a stallion and a dragon and someday, she would sit upon her iron throne as the most powerful Khaleesi. One day, her power would be greater than her father's and mother's. She had both of their blood coursing through her veins. Once the throne was hers, no one could take it from her. Rahenys would rule over all of the seven kingdoms – rightfully.

Would he stay with her across the sea as she sat on her throne? Would his Khaleesi? Would she still ride with him or would she stay with their daughter?

He was Khal and he was meant to sit on a horse and be amongst his khalasar but Daenerys, the moon of his life, she was a dragon and his Khaleesi that was meant for iron and the common tongue across the sea.

Dany had been with the Dothraki for a year and lived amongst them as if this had always been her life. She still craved fruits and cheeses of her birthplace but her stomach accepted the horse meat now and she hardly blinked at the sex often displayed out in the open or the random violence that exploded between the blood riders. She didn't care for it but it was their way and she may have been Khaleesi but she understood that she must not disrespect her husband or their people by voicing against it. She was slowly putting a stop to the barbaric and cruel treatment of the slaves and that satisfied her enough.

She sat with Drogo at the one of the fires with his most trusted and close riders and she listened as they ate and drank and she knew they held back some of their remarks because of her but some would slip through and she would blush but not look away. They talked of past wars and battles and raids and she nearly shivered. She ate and drank wine from one of the horns and she smiled as Drogo held Rahenys and laughed loudly with his men. They were all restless – she could tell. None of them knew what awaited them as they continued moving north, closer to the sea, and they were all growing anxious, hating the unknown.

She hid it from her sun and stars but she was fearful of what laid before them. She knew Drogo to be the fiercest warrior, a man who had never been defeated, but the armies that would meet them once they crossed the sea could easily challenge the Dothraki in strength and size. She didn't voice these concerns to Drogo though. He would be insulted and she had seen him fight before. He truly was the greatest warrior she had ever seen. She hoped that no one was his equal.

She looked at him as he ate a piece of horse meat and talked with one of his men, the flames of the fire flickering across his face, leaving some of it in shadows as he turned.

She loved him. Was an iron throne more important?

Drogo didn't mean to but he laughed as Dany lunged at him with her blade. He easily side-stepped her and took hold of her wrist, disarming her and spun her around, pulling her back to his chest.

"You are dead, Khaleesi," he said lowly in her ear.

Dany squirmed but could not escape from his hold. Looking around the grass in which they practiced, she saw one of her dragons – Drogon – nearby and sensing that she needed him, he flapped his wings, hopping and flying to her. He bit down on Drogo's heel and Dany elbowed him in the chest. Drogo only laughed though and his arms tightened as Dany squirmed again. She sighed with frustration.

"A dragon should defeat a stallion," she told him and Drogo grinned.

He loosened his arms but did not let her go and his hands slid down, lingering on her hips. He lowered his face to the side of her neck and closed his eyes, inhaling his moon's sweetened faint scent. Knowing that his khalasar was far enough away, he allowed a rare moment of affection outside of their tent and he kissed the corner of her jaw, his lips lingering on her skin. Dany closed her eyes and smiled to herself, relaxing against his firm chest, and then as his hands slowly slid up her body and cupped her breasts, neither were thinking of training any longer.

"Drogo," she gasped as he pinned her to the ground amongst the tall blades of grass.

She had showed him the enjoyment of kissing and he covered her mouth with his now, his tongue delving in deep and tangling with hers. His braid had come undone and her fingers gripped long locks of his black hair, her body arching and pressing against his.

And when he entered her, she cried out but it was no longer in pain like their first times. His body stroked hers, hard and steady, and she could hear the sharp slap of their skin as their hips met again and again in a crashing of bodies. She cried out, gripping his hair tighter, and he grunted and breathed in her ear. He whispered her name and then kissed her, his thrusts slowing down, prolonging it.

The Dothraki had no word for it but Dany closed her eyes and she knew that Drogo loved her.

The air was biting and they all dressed in more clothes and wore leather to keep warm against it. Dany rode her horse beside Drogo's as they made their way up the hill, Rahenys held securely in her mother's arms. The Khal and Khaleesi stopped once they reached the top and together, they looked out. The sun was beginning to set before them and it was almost blinding but they did not look away.

Drogo was silent and could feel Dany turning her head to rest her eyes on him. He set his jaw and felt his shoulders stiffen as if a rock had just fallen upon them and he was holding it up.

"The poison sea," he stated, staring out at the endless water spread out in front of them.

Dany could no longer hold it in. "We do not have to cross."

Tags: pairing: dany/drogo, show: game of thrones

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