lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

While the Boys Are Away (1/1)

So, I am kind of disappointed and slightly disgusted with Eric Dane and his threesome sex tape but thank god I still have all of my love for completely fictious characters. This is the story some of you were interested in reading about Lexie and Ellie and their weekend together. It probably is not what most were expecting and instead focuses on their mother/daughter relationship and Lexie trying to grow closer to her. I found another picture of the model I envision for Ellie and it is posted at the end of this chapter. Also, I am going to be writing a Sloan family/Shepherd family vacation story next and that will probably be another multi-chaptered story for anyone interested in reading that. Sorry ahead of time if this story is not what you wanted.


“Ally, you ready?” Lexie calls up the stairs as she goes to answer the front door as the doorbell rings. She smiles as she opens the door to Barbara Wyatt, the mother of Ally’s best friend, Brandon. “Hi, Barbara,” she greets.


“Hi, Lexie,” Barbara smiles, stepping into the house as Lexie steps aside for her.


“Hi, Brandon,” Lexie says as the boy runs into the house. “Happy birthday.”


“Hi, Mrs. Sloan. Thanks,” Brandon says, slightly breathless. “Is Ally ready?”


“Please go on upstairs and help her. She is taking forever with her packing,” Lexie laughs slightly and no sooner have the words left her mouth that Brandon takes off running up the stairs.


Brandon, don’t run!” Barbara yells after him but she is too late and he disappears around the corner upstairs. “I’m sorry, Lexie. I swear. He wasn’t raised by wolves.”


Lexie laughs and waves it off with her hand. “Well, Ally was, so don’t worry.” She closes the door behind them so the heat of the house doesn’t escape.


“Have Mark and Sam already left?” Barbara asks.


Again, Lexie laughs. “About nine o’clock this morning.”


Barbara smiles. “You are going to hear some stories when they get back. I just can’t see Mark as the camping type. And put that boy of yours in the middle of the woods… I almost wish I had gone with them just to watch.”


“That makes two of us,” Lexie nods. “The things Mark does for his kids.”


As soon as she says it, she regrets it and gives her mind a fierce mental slap. The last thing Barbara needs to be hearing about it Mark and his father skills. This woman had just spent the past year of her life in a horrible custody fight with her ex over their own two sons and had only just recently finally reached an agreement. 


As if reading her mind, Barbara shakes her head slightly. “It’s okay, Lexie. Really. Roger can be a good dad too when he wants to be. If it doesn’t get into the way of his busy dating schedule.”


“I know this is such a clichéd thing to say but in your case, it couldn’t be more true,” Lexie says. “You really are much better without him.”


“That’s what I keep telling myself,” Barbara nods.


There had been a time that Barbara Wyatt was envious of the life Lexie Sloan has and she supposes that a part of her still is.


The woman is young and beautiful – almost in a startling way – and she has the body of a twenty-year-old even after having three kids. Her dark hair has those tousled curls that look as if she hasn’t put any effort into her appearance whatsoever and listening to Brandon talk, since he spends so much time at the Sloan house, Lexie seems to be the perfect mom and wife. Her husband, all of the woman on the neighborhood committee with Barbara agree without argument that Mark Sloan is the most handsome man they have ever seen in person and he is completely devoted to Lexie – to an almost sickening degree.


Barbara knows that no one has the perfect marriage – she knows that all too well – but Mark and Lexie seem to have it as close to perfect as a couple can manage. She of course has no idea what goes on between closed doors and it isn’t any of her business even though she does consider Lexie to be one of her friends.


“So what are you and Ellie going to do with your weekend with everyone else gone?” Barbara asks as Ally and Brandon come racing down the stairs, a gym bag slung onto Ally’s shoulder.


“Enjoy the peace and quiet,” Lexie smiles before kneeling down in front of Ally. “Okay, Ally. You know what I expect of you,” she says and Ally nods. “Be good for Mrs. Wyatt. Be the nice, sweet polite girl I know you can be.”


Ally smiles. “Okay, mom,” she says and then hugs Lexie tightly.


“Love you.”


“Love you, too.”


“Have fun,” Lexie says, standing back up and reopening the front door. “Happy birthday again, Brandon.”


“Thanks, Mrs. Sloan,” Brandon grins.


“Bye mom! Bye Ellie!” Ally shouts and then the two kids tear out of the house, leaping down the steps and running towards the Wyatt car parked in the driveway.


“Do you need her back any specific time tomorrow?” Barbara asks as she steps out on the porch.


“Whenever you get sick of her. We eat dinner around six though so-”


“I’ll drop her off by then. Thank you, Lexie. Have a fun time with Ellie,” Barbara smiles as she walks down the steps.


“And have fun with those two.”


“Always,” Barbara laughs and with a final wave and smile, Lexie goes back into the quiet – very quiet – house.


It is almost unsettling in a way, the silence that has now descended upon the house. The house is never this quiet. The television is on in the living room but even that is not at its usual volume. She is so accustomed to Sam and Ally running around the house, shouting and screaming or fighting with one another. There isn’t even Dodger there to bark when he hears the doorbell – even the real doorbell or one on the TV.


Ellie is standing at the coffee table in the living room, the television turned to an episode of “Psych”, and she is drawing on a piece of paper with her collection of colored pencils. Lexie sits down on the couch behind her and leans forward to look at the field of poppies Ellie is drawing. Her teacher at school has reported to both Mark and Lexie that Ellie, for a five-year-old, is already a talented artist, which couldn’t have made Mark and Lexie happier to hear. Autistic children showing an extended interest in anything is considered a small miracle.


“It’s just you and me now, Ellie,” Lexie says and Ellie turns her head, smiling at her before looking back at her drawing. “And we can do anything you want today. Do you want to do anything?”


Ellie shakes her head and then with one more swipe of her red pencil, she turns and holds up her finished drawing.


“For me?” Lexie asks and Ellie nods, smiling. “It’s so beautiful, honey. Thank you.” She puts an arm around Ellie’s waist and pulls her into a hug, kissing her head, before releasing her, not wanting her to grow uncomfortable with the affection, and Lexie smiles as she looks down at the drawing. “Do you want to hang this on the refrigerator?” She asks and again Ellie nods, taking the piece of paper back from her.


Lexie stands up and Ellie follows her into the kitchen where the doors of the stainless steel refrigerator are covered in family pictures and drawings – some by Sam but most by Ellie – and she searches the door for two available magnets she can use, finally finding two hidden beneath another of her drawings. When she is done hanging the drawing, she spins and grins up at Lexie, Lexie smiling widely in return.


“Perfect,” Lexie nods approvingly. “So you really don’t want to do anything today?” She asks and Ellie shrugs with a shake of her head. “Talk, Ellie,” she urges gently. “I know there’s something you want to do. Tell me.”


Ellie sighs softly. “Can we go to the toy store, get a cheeseburger and rent movies?”


“Yes, yes and yes,” Lexie says without hesitation. “We also have to get you a new dress for Christmas. Go get your shoes and coat and we can go.”


Ellie smiles again and nodding, turns and scampers out of the kitchen. Lexie releases her own soft, looking at the colorful drawing Ellie has just hung on the refrigerator. Her daughter is so beautiful and loves such vibrant colors, Lexie sometimes doesn’t understand why Ellie refuses to talk.


She is five-years-old and has always barely spoken. In some autistic children, this is more than normal. Ellie prefers her own little world to the one she physically lives in. She can be so detached from everything. Lexie knows that she and Mark are both lucky to have an autistic child who can be affectionate with them when she feels like it. She has met more than plenty of mothers who own children scream when they are touched by anyone.


The family has adjusted. It is the only way to get through things. Ellie isn’t necessarily a difficult child but she prefers things a certain way and talking isn’t exactly one of those things that she prefers to do. Ally and Sam have developed the habit of speaking for her – able to interpret her facial expressions and the nods and shakes of her head sometimes better than Mark and Lexie can.


Lexie is broken from her thoughts as Ellie enters the kitchen again, wearing her white coat, white fleece hat and her black and pink checkered Velcro shoes.


“You ready to go?” Lexie asks, shaking herself from her thoughts and Ellie nods. “I just have to get my coat and then we can go. Now remember that I just bought you the bear from LL Bean so I don’t want you going to the toy store, expecting something. It’s too close to Christmas.”


Ellie nods without argument – yet another stark difference between her and her siblings. Ally and Sam would try to finagle something out of her if they were going to the toy store no matter what Lexie said. Ellie just accepts it.


But when they get to Toys R Us, Lexie winds up buying her something anyway – a three-pack of Play-Doh and when Lexie hands it to her, the bright smile Ellie gives her as if Lexie has just given her the world.


“Are you excited for Christmas?” Lexie asks as they walk up and down the wide aisles of the store, Ellie’s hand tucked securely in hers.


“Yes,” Ellie answers quietly.


Christmas is always a big celebration in the Sloan house and Mark tends to go a bit overboard when it comes to giving their kids gifts. He never really celebrated holidays when he was growing up since his parents could have cared less about him and he wants to always make sure that Ally, Ellie and Sam have nothing but good memories of their holidays. Just walking through the store, Lexie can pick out the things she and Mark have already bought for the children.


“Mommy?” Ellie speaks and Lexie is thrown off for a moment with Ellie actually initiating a conversation.


“Yes, Ellie?”


Ellie tilts her head up to look at her. “Thank you for the Play-Doh,” she says and Lexie smiles, squeezing her hand.



The door of the dressing room creaks on its hinges as it slowly opens and Ellie pokes her head out around the side, Lexie sitting on the chair in the narrow hallway outside of it, smiling at her.


“Let me see,” she says and Ellie opens the door wider, revealing the velvet dress – an azure shade with a black satin sash around the waist with a bow on the back. “Do you like it?” She asks and Ellie smiles widely, nodding her head eagerly and Lexie laughs softly. “I like it, too. It matches your eyes perfectly.”


She stands up from the chair and putting a hand on her back, she guides Ellie to the mirror at the end of the dressing room hallway and then kneels down next to her.


“Does it fit alright?” Lexie asks and Ellie nods. “Not too tight? Not too big?” Ellie shakes her head. “And you really like it? Can I hear you say you like it?”


“I like it,” Ellie says obediently.


Lexie looks at her for a moment, trying to see what she is truly thinking. As always though, it is impossible to tell. There is always this wall up around her, hiding herself from anyone around her. Sometimes, who she truly is shines through but most of the time, she keeps her distance. 


“Ellie,” she begins quietly. “You don’t… you don’t have to like it just because I do.”


Ellie blinks at her, frowning, not understanding why she has to say that she likes it again. She does though. “I like it,” she repeats.


Lexie nods. “Okay. We’ll get this one.”



There is a bottle of perfume on Lexie’s vanity in her bedroom that she wears every day. Ally said once that she read somewhere that smell is the most powerful of the five senses and Ellie now stands on her tiptoes, reaching for the bottle, smelling it. It smells like apples. Like Lexie.


“Hey, Ellie,” Lexie smiles, coming into the bedroom, and Ellie looks at her smiling. “What are you doing? Do you want to wear some of my perfume?” Ellie nods and Lexie picks her up, sitting her down on the padded stool in front of the vanity and Ellie turns, looking at her reflection in the mirror. “We put a little dab here,” Lexie says, brushing Ellie’s hair aside and pressing a drop behind her ear. “And another here,” she presses another one behind her other ear. “Your daddy loves how this smells. He buys a bottle for me every Christmas and every birthday.”


Ellie picks up the bottle and holds it, smelling it as Lexie stands up and taking one of her brushes, she begins running it through Ellie’s long dark hair.


“Do you want braids?” Lexie asks and Ellie nods. “What movie do you want to watch when we eat dinner?”


Coraline,” Ellie answers and Lexie can’t help but laugh slightly.


“Can I tell you something?” Lexie smiles. “When Ally was younger, that movie used to terrify her.”


Ellie smiles and shakes her head. “Ally’s brave. Like daddy. I wish I was brave.”


Lexie pauses in braiding her hair and looks at her through the reflection of the mirror. She then drops down next to her and presses her cheek to hers. “You are brave, Ellie. Everyone is brave in their own way.”


Ellie lowers her eyes, staring down at the bottle of perfume she is holding carefully in between her hands. “Ally and Sam are just like you and daddy,” she whispers and though she isn’t looking at her, Lexie can hear the sadness in her tone and it tears at her heart.


“Oh, Ellie,” Lexie whispers before pressing a kiss to her temple. “You are more like me and daddy than you obviously see,” she says but Ellie shakes her head fiercely.


“I’m not like anyone,” Ellie whispers and Lexie feels tears stinging her eyes.



But just like that, the moment is gone and the wall has returned in front of her. Ellie’s entire face is blank, her eyes blinking at her with nothing behind them.


“Can we eat dinner now?” Ellie asks.


Lexie stares at her and though she wants to keep talking about this, it breaking her inside that she knows that Ellie doesn’t feel as if she belongs, she knows that Ellie will no longer talk. The conversational door has been closed – as if it hadn’t even been opened in the first place. And Lexie knows that trying to push her into talking won’t do anything either. When Ellie closes up, she is tighter than a clam.


“Sure, Ellie,” Lexie nods. “Let’s go eat.”



Ellie doesn’t say another word the rest of the evening.


Lexie makes cheeseburgers on their George Foreman grill and they eat them in the living room as the watch Coraline. Outside, a torrential downpour is falling and Lexie hopes that Mark and Sam are staying warm and dry.


After the movie, Lexie puts on The Secret Garden, Ellie’s favorite movie, and Ellie lays on her stomach on the floor, painting and coloring, and Lexie sits on the couch, reading a book. It is a quiet evening and if it wasn’t for the moving playing and the rumbling thunder outside, it would have been an absolutely silent one.


Lexie watches her as she runs the paintbrush across her sheet of paper and for the countless time, Lexie wonders what Ellie is thinking. She loves her daughter, all of her children, more than anything, but it can be so frustrating sometimes. Ellie will have moments where she gets Mark and Lexie’s hopes up, giving them hope that maybe she is finally opening up but she will slam down on the so fast, they aren’t sure what wrong turn they had made.


She has had no idea that Ellie feels as if she doesn’t belong but she knows that the topic will probably never be breeched again. Ellie had briefly mentioned it and as far as Ellie was concerned, that was the same as having a lengthy, drawn-out discussion.


At eight-thirty, Lexie and Ellie go upstairs and helping her change into her pajamas and brush her teeth, Lexie turns the covers down and Ellie crawls into her bed, Lexie sitting down on the edge of the mattress, the small lamp on the nightstand table switched on. Lexie picks up the small white music box that she and Mark had bought her and winding it up, she opens it and the small pink ballerina begins turning to Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty Waltz.


Ellie lays on her side, watching the ballerina, and Lexie smoothes a hand through her hair.


“Your daddy, Sam and Ally are coming back tomorrow. Did you miss them?”


Ellie nods. “And Dodger.”


Lexie laughs softly. “And Dodger too. Since your daddy isn’t here tonight, you can come sleep in our bed tonight if you want.” Ellie shakes her head. “Okay. But if you change your mind, you know where to go. Good night, Ellie.” She bends over and gives her a kiss on her head. “Sleep tight.”


Lexie leans over and flips the lamp off, the last notes of the music box tinkling off. With another kiss to her head, Lexie gets up and leaves the bedroom, closing the door part of the way, just like Ellie prefers.


“Mommy?” Ellie speaks out softly and Lexie pokes her head back into the room.




Ellie blinks at her, her entire body buried underneath the covers, her head being the only part visible. “I love you,” she says.


Lexie stares at her for a moment and she takes a shaky breath, smiling. “I love you, too,” she says and though she wants nothing more than to go to her and hug and kiss her and let her know just how much she truly loves her, Lexie remains in the doorway, knowing that Ellie would hate to be smothered. “Good night, Ellie.”


“Good night,” Ellie yawns. “Mommy?”


“Yes?” Lexie is stunned that Ellie is continuing.


“Thank you for the cheeseburger.”


Lexie laughs slightly. “You are very welcome.” She pauses. “You know who loves cheeseburgers?” Ellie shakes her head and Lexie smiles. “Me, your daddy, Ally and Sam.”


Ellie looks at her silently for a moment and then, a soft smile blooms across her lips and Lexie can’t help it. She goes back into the room and gives Ellie another kiss.


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