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Cooking Lessons (1/1)

Dedicated to step86  who wanted to see some Lexie/Sam interaction. I hope this is what you wanted! Also, just as a warning, there was a very unexpected sex scene between Mark and Lexie in this. I did not even plan on it. It just sort of happened. Mark and Lexie are just too sexy apparently and I cannot seem to help myself. There is also some conflict between Mark and Lexie in this but it is very subtle and I might continue it. I might not. I have not decided if it will carry into the vacation story or not. In the meantime, enjoy this one.


“Pick,” Lexie says suddenly dropping a pile of cookbooks on the kitchen table in front of Mark as he sits, eating a piece of toast and drinking a cup of coffee. “One meal and one cake that you want for tonight.”




“You are not arguing with me like you do every other year,” Lexie cuts him off, going to the counter to get herself her own cup of coffee. “Your birthday is today and that means that you get to pick anything you want to eat for dinner and what kind of cake you want.”


Mark sighs heavily, reluctantly taking the top cookbook from the stack and randomly opening it to a page. “Here. This is fine.”


Lexie comes to the table and looks at what he has chosen. She sighs. “I’m not making you octopus. Stop being difficult.”


Mark smirks and flips out of the seafood section. “You know I hate my birthday.”


“I know,” Lexie sits down in the chair next to his and takes a sip of her coffee. “But, I love you so your birthday is kind of a big deal to me.” Mark rolls his eyes but doesn’t say anything as he continues flipping through the cookbook. “And the kids have so much fun with your birthday.”


That makes Mark almost laugh. “Last year, Sam ate so much cake, he threw up.”


Lexie smiles and then leaning over, she kisses his cheek. “Happy birthday,” she whispers and he turns his head, capturing her lips with his, kissing her deeply, a hand lifting to cup her cheek. “Guess what color my lingerie is for you this year.”


Mark sighs. “You are such a tease,” he tells her and she laughs softly. “Tell me.”


She leans in, kisses him again, her lips lingering lightly against his. “Purple.”




She nods. “Your favorite.”


Mark almost groans and kisses her again, feeling her smile against his mouth, and his hands tighten on either side of her head, keeping their lips firmly attached. She moans softly into his mouth and her arms slip around his neck, Mark kissing her harder in response.


It is five o’clock in the morning. Mark has gotten up earlier than usual that day because his schedule is packed and he needs to get to the office as soon as possible and Lexie always gets up with him even though he tells her to stay in bed and sleep. The children are still upstairs asleep, Lexie waking them up for school around seven, and outside, the soft pattering of raindrops tap against the glass windowpanes steadily. All of the lights in the house are off as well except for a couple in the kitchen – the one above the sink and the one hanging above the table.


“Mark,” Lexie breathes as he pulls on her body until she is no longer sitting in her chair and is instead straddling his lap. “We can’t… the kids-”


“Are asleep,” he finishes for her and his hands snake underneath the tight-fitting tank top she had worn to sleep in the night before. “Besides… it’s my birthday.”


She can’t help but smile against his lips. “It’s your birthday and you’ll fuck if you want to?” She jokes and he grins.


“Exactly. Lift your arms,” he says and she does so without anymore argument.


He tugs her tank top off, tossing it onto the table behind her and she cups the back of his head in her hand as he buries his face in the crook of her neck, kissing and sucking on patches of skin, his beard scratching her, making her moan and gasp. She wraps her other arm around his shoulders and his hands grasp her hips tightly, forcing her to grind down against him.


“Mark,” Lexie gasps. “Wait…” she manages to protest though her entire body feels as if it is on fire and she needs a release that only he can give her. “Can we… not do this here? Please?”


Mark pulls his head back and looks at her, panting and flushed and topless, straddling his lap. Without saying a word, he stands up from the chair, lifting Lexie with him and she wraps her legs around his waist, smiling at him, him smiling in return as he carries her from the kitchen, through the laundry room and into the garage, closing the door behind them.


She laughs as he sits her down on the hood of their silver SUV. “Really?” She asks.


“Oh, yeah,” he smirks and his hands go to the short boxers she is wearing, Lexie putting her hands on the hood and bracing herself, she lifts herself up just enough for Mark to slip them down her legs. “It’s my birthday.”


She laughs again as he takes his white tee-shirt off and then pushes his boxers down. “And here I was under the impression that you hated your birthday.”


“Not when there’s a naked you on the hood of our car involved,” he says and looking at his hard, thick arousal for her, Lexie naturally parts her legs for him and he steps between them, she tilting her head up and meeting his lips with hers, her fingers interlacing on the back of his neck. “I’m still getting some tonight, too, right?”


“You are so ridiculous,” she tells him with a smile and shake of her head. “Of course you’re getting some tonight. It’s tradition. Birthday sex-”


“-and lingerie striptease,” Mark finishes for her, his eyes brightening as if he is a child who has just been promised his favorite toy.


He kisses her the same instant he thrusts inside of her and she moans into his mouth like she always does as her body accepts him and squeezes him tightly as it forms around him. They fall into their natural rhythm, one that they have perfected after so many years together, after so many countless times together. They know every inch of their bodies; know exactly where to touch, where to kiss, how to move to get the other shaking and gasping.


“Lay down,” he pants, his thrusts never stopping and Lexie leans back slowly, bending back, her fingers curled around his arms. Gripping her small waist, he moves her body with each of his long, deep strokes that leave her moaning and arching her back off of the hood. “Harder?” He manages to ask as he watches her fingers tighten around his arms, the nails digging half-moons into his skin.


Lexie gasps, her mouth open in a moan and she can barely nod her head. “God, yes,” she breathes, arching her back again, squeezing around him. “Please, Mark.”


He tightens his hold on her hips and speeds up, giving her exactly what she wants, her moans growing louder and Mark is suddenly very glad that they are in the garage and the kids are upstairs in their rooms asleep. They are both sweating, gasping and moaning, their skin slapping together with each fierce meeting of their hips. It amazes Mark that in all of their years together, they have never done this on the hood of a car before. He can’t believe how fucking hot it is.


His body is heavy as he collapses on top of her but she wraps her arms around him, keeping him still, not wanting him to move as both breathe heavily, taking the time to recover.


Lexie smiles and presses her lips to his forehead. “Happy birthday.”


He smirks in the crook of her neck and lifting his head, he looks down at her. “You always get me the best presents,” he tells her and she laughs softly, still breathless.


“And you still have your birthday dinner and lingerie striptease to look forward to,” she reminds him.


“Spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread and that peanut butter chocolate pie thing you make.”


Lexie nods her head, smiling, running a hand across his sweaty forehead, wiping some away for him. “Anything for you.”


And even after being with her for so long, just hearing someone say such a thing to him, he still sometimes has such a hard time believing it.



“Which noodles?” Lexie asks, holding up a box of angel hair pasta in one hand and a box of fettuccine in the other.


Sam, sitting in the child seat of the cart, looks back and forth between the two boxes and then grins, pointing to the fettuccine. “I like the fat one.”


Lexie laughs and nods. “I like this type too,” she says as she places two boxes into the shopping cart and then begins pushing it once again down the wide aisle, stopping at the rows of pasta sauce jars. “Ellie likes the mushrooms, Ally likes the tomato and basil and you like-”


“That one!” Sam exclaims, pointing to the onion and garlic jar, his eyes recognizing the label on the jar.


“Actually, I think since it’s daddy’s birthday, we should get the one he likes. How does that sound?” Lexie asks.


Sam nods. “He likes that one,” he points to the meat lovers sauce and Lexie grabs the jar, holding it up and Sam grins, nodding.


“What would I do without you, Sammy?” Lexie smiles, placing the jars in the cart, giving his head a kiss. “Do you want to help me make dinner tonight?”


“Can I?” Sam asks, his eyes widening at the possibility.


“Of course you can. It’s never too early to start learning,” Lexie says, pushing the cart down the aisle. “And this can be your present to daddy for his birthday.”


“How old is daddy?”


Lexie smiles. “Not as old as he thinks he is.”


That makes Sam frown though. “Daddy’s not old.”


“We all know that but sometimes,” she pauses, grabbing a couple of the pizza crusts the family likes to use when they make their own homemade pizza. “Sometimes daddy just gets stuck thinking one thing even if that’s not always the right thing.”


“Oh,” Sam says, nodding as if he perfectly understands. “Mommy?”


“Mmmm-hmmm?” She stops the cart in front of one of the freezers and begins sifting through the packages of pork chops.


“I want a baby brother.”


Lexie stills for a moment and then turning her head, she looks at him. “What?”


He grins. “I want a baby brother,” he repeats.


“Why do you want a baby brother?” She manages to ask and he shrugs, not noticing how some of the light in her eyes have dulled a bit. He has no idea that she and Mark have already had this conversation – the possibility of having a fourth baby – and in Mark’s opinion, the Sloan baby train has left the station, never to return.


“Four’s better than three,” Sam shrugs. “And it could be Ally and Ellie against me and the baby brother.”


Lexie frowns. “I wouldn’t want the four of you against each other.”


“Boys against girls, mommy. Girls have cooties,” Sam tells her.


“I’m a girl. Do I have cooties?”


Sam laughs at the apparent ridiculousness of the question. “You’re my mommy. You don’t have cooties.”


Lexie can’t help but smile at that and she kisses Sam on the forehead before dumping four packs of pork chops into the car and then steering over to the ground beef which she needed for the meatballs for the birthday dinner that night.


“Mommy? Can I have a baby brother?” Sam asks again.


She is quiet for a moment, not too entirely sure of how to answer. She finally manages to give him a smile and brushes a strand of his hair off his forehead. “I will talk to your daddy about it. I promise. But for now, lets just keep it between us. Okay?” She gives him a hopeful look and Sam nods his head, smiling widely.


“Okay,” he agrees.



“It’s cold!” Sam exclaims, laughing as he touches the raw ground beef and Lexie laughs with him, sprinkling salt and pepper over the lump of meat on the counter.


He is standing on the three-step stool at the counter and Lexie stands next to him.


“Okay. You ready to make meatballs?” Lexie asks.




She laughs again and takes a small clump of the meat and hands it to him. She then covers both of his hands with hers. “Move your hands like this in a circle,” she says, guiding his movements. “Like when you roll balls with your Play-Doh, that’s exactly what you do here.”


Sam nods. “I got it,” he says and she moves her hands away, watching him take over, rubbing his hands in a circle, the ball of meat forming between his palms.


“Here. Add just a little bit more,” Lexie advises, taking a bit more of the meat and adding it to Sam’s. “Your daddy loves big meatballs.”


“Why do you add that?” Sam asks as he watches Lexie sprinkle garlic powder onto the meat and then tenderly rubs it in.


“Flavor,” she explains. “You don’t want to add too much though or else, the juicy flavors of the meat will be lost and all you will taste is garlic.”


“How do you know so much?”


Lexie smiles. “My mom taught me when I was younger.”


“How did Grandma Susan know so much?”


“Her father, my grandpa, taught her.”


“And now you teach me,” he smiles proudly.


Lexie slips an arm around his waist and kisses his cheek. “And now I teach you.”



“We don’t want to boil it. We just want to simmer it,” Lexie says, reaching past him and bringing down the flame of the stove. “And you are on stirring duty. Can you handle that while I chop the onion?”


“Yep!” Sam exclaims excitedly and holding the wooden spoon, he begins to slowly stir it around and around in the pot, watching it with the utmost fascination.


Lexie stands next to him at the counter beside the stove, watching him with one eye as she dices the onion quickly without shedding one tear. She loves teasing Mark because anytime he cooks and has to use onion, he always makes Lexie cut it for him. Mark Sloan does not cry under any circumstance and unfortunately for him, chopping onions tend to effect his tear glands.


“Okay, Sammy. Take a handful,” she says, holding the cutting board out to him. “Dump the onions in and stir them into the sauce. The sauce will take about an hour.”


Sam does just as she says, Lexie watching carefully, smiling and nodding with encouragement, making him smile proudly and then he watches as she takes the remaining onions and opening the lid of the pan where the meatballs are browning and cooking, she dumps them in, the meat and onions sizzling and popping.


“Mmmmmm. Smells good!” Sam grins and Lexie laughs, nodding.


“Oh, you are definitely my son,” she smiles. “I love that smell.” She looks at the digital clock on the stove. “Alright. Time for garlic bread. Ready?”


Sam nods his head firmly. “Ready.”



Lexie stands at the sink, rinsing off some of the dishes, and Mark slips behind her, his arms winding around her waist, his chin on her shoulder.


“Holy fuck, that was delicious,” he whispers in her ear and she smiles, closing her eyes, tilting her head towards his face.


“Happy birthday,” she whispers back and he kisses the side of her neck. “You should thank your son though. He was my very talented sous chef today. He is a natural. I can teach him so much more in the kitchen.”


Mark sighs. “Well, there’s another one of ours who won’t be becoming a doctor.”


“We could always try our luck with a fourth.”


Mark pretends not to hear and steps away from her, going back to the table where the remnants of their dinner feast are still spread out. Ally, Ellie and Sam have all made him handmade cards like they do every year and this year, with the paper route she shares with Brandon, Ally had a little bit amount of her own money to actually buy him a present this year – a rubber band shooter to keep in his office, which Mark thinks is perfect to use when someone he isn’t particularly happy to see comes to see him.


Mark kisses the top of Sam’s head before sitting back down in his chair. “Dinner was amazing, Sammy,” Mark smiles and Sam beams widely, spaghetti sauce all over his mouth.


“Mommy and me made chocolate peanut butter pie too!” He exclaims.


“My favorite,” Mark nods, still smiling. He turns his head to look at Lexie as she goes to the refrigerator to get the chilled pie. “You didn’t put fifty-one candles on it, did you?”


Lexie laughs, bringing it over to the table, placing it down carefully in front of Mark.


“You have to have at least one candle, daddy,” Ally insists.


“One candle. Just one. And no singing,” Mark caves.


“Daddy, we have to sing,” Sam argues and then without pause, immediately goes into a rowdy rendition of Happy Birthday, joined by Ally, as Lexie puts one candle in the center of the pie and lights the candle.


Mark lifts his arm and puts it around her waist before she can move away and he pulls her into him, her arm winding around his shoulders. He doesn’t blow the candle out though. He looks at his children, he looks at the food on the table, and then he looks up at Lexie. She smiles down at him before she bends down and kisses him, Mark feeling a smile form across his lips while still against hers.


Tags: character: lexie grey, character: sam sloan, pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, story: cooking lessons

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