lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

You Give Me Just What I Need (Mark/Lexie)

A request fulfilled for muzakys  and these two short vignettes do not take place in the AU world I created but rather can fall more in canon with the show. Kind of fluffy, kind of corny but they make me all sorts of happy. Also, from now on, every entry on this journal is going to be private and locked so if you are not my friend, you cannot read. I have cleaned up my flist, keeping those who I talk to frequently or who take the time to read my stories and give me feedback and since this journal is mostly for my stories, and I am extremely protective of them, I only want people on my flist reading them.

I have another request from ww_sb_xf for a story and hopefully, I can start that tonight to have it posted tomorrow. I also really want to start my Sloan/Shepherd family vacation story.


There were some things that Mark Sloan was still getting used to when it came to being in a relationship with Lexie Grey. He wasn’t the guy anymore who pulled random nurses into on-call rooms whenever he needed some sexual release or slept with his best friend’s wife. Apparently now, he was the guy who met his girlfriend’s dad and took her to weddings without even having to ask her. It was just assumed now between them that she was his date.


He also now was the guy that went along without arguing when she dragged him to the grocery store during the first week after he finally moved out of the hotel room and into his own apartment.


He was still trying to convince her to move in with him but she was being stubborn, claiming that she didn’t want rush things between them – and he got the feeling that she was saying that because she thought it was what he wanted to hear.


He tried to remind her that they already spent every night together but Lexie simply shook her head and said that she would move in when she was certain that it was what he really wanted.


Mark had no idea what that meant.


“I made a list of the essentials,” Lexie said, reaching into her jacket pocket and pulling out a folded piece of white paper. “Bread, milk, eggs – for you – fruit…”


They stepped through the automatic sliding doors of the grocery store and she went to go get them a shopping cart from the endless rows of them. Mark stood next to a sale display of Doritos Chips – 2 for $5 – his hands in his pockets, feeling completely lost. He couldn’t remember the last time he went grocery shopping. He was used to just picking up the phone and a half hour later, having his food arrive at his door on a room service cart.


Lexie took his silence to mean something else though. She swallowed like she sometimes did when she was nervous and then pushed the list back into her pocket.


“Or… we can get whatever you want. I just made a list to give you some ideas. Obviously we can get you whatever you want. It’s your apartment-”


Mark cut her off, brushing her hands off of the bar of the shopping cart, grasping it with one of his own, and then reached into her pocket, pulling the list back out.


“Fruit,” he read, looking down at what she had written. “What’s your favorite fruit?” He asked, looking back at her.


“Raspberries,” Lexie answered without hesitating. Mark made a face and she had to bite back a smile. “No?”


He shook his head. “No. The seeds are a pain in the ass. I like apples.” He didn’t know why but his curiosity was suddenly peaked. “Milk… 2%?”


“Skim,” she said.


“Cereal?” He asked, now almost beginning to dread her answer.


Lexie smiled. “Trix,” she replied, almost laughing.


He blinked at her. “Trix,” he repeated slowly, testing it out on his tongue as if he had never heard it before, let alone say it, and she bit down on her bottom lip, moments away from grinning.




“Shredded wheat.”


She nodded. “Of course it is.”


He frowned. “What do you mean?”


Lexie shrugged, it being her turn to brush his hands aside and gripping the handlebar, she guided the cart through the produce department, stopping at the rows of apples. Taking one of the plastic bags, she turned to him.


“Red, green or yellow?” She asked.


“I am a grown man, Lex. I can pick my own apples,” he told her. “Red. What do you mean “Of course it is”?”


She smiled, reaching out and beginning to pick out the best looking red apples, dropping them one by one into the bag. “Just… I don’t know. You don’t really like sweet things, I've noticed.”


Mark smirked and then came up behind her, slipping his arms around her waist, pulling her back against his check. He lowered his lips, brushing them against her ear. “You’re sweet and I like you.”


Lexie felt her cheeks blush but then she rolled her eyes, turning her head to look at him, still trying her best to keep from smiling though just looking at Mark Sloan made her feel as giddy as a girl with her first crush though she would never tell him that. He was already cocky enough as it was. The last thing he needed to hear was that just by looking at her, Lexie felt sometimes entirely powerless around him.


“I’m already sleeping with you. You don’t have to keep feeding me your pickup lines.”


He smirked. “Yes, I do. Now, I need to use them to convince you to move in with me.”


She turned in his arms to face him, the plastic bag of apples between them. “Why do you want me to move in with you? We have completely different tastes in food.”


Mark looked at her, his steel eyes darkening just a bit and she couldn’t help but smile, albeit a nervous one.


“What?” She asked, laughing slightly, not liking the way he was staring at her.


“Well…” he lifted a hand to rub the scruff of his jaw. “I want you to move in with me because I love you,” he told her matter-of-factly, as if it was something she should have known all along.


Lexie felt her heart lodge in her throat and her eyes almost immediately glass over with tears. She honestly had never imagined Mark Sloan telling her he loved her, let alone doing it in the middle of the produce section in a grocery store.


He slowly dropped his head down to hers, their noses nudging together, their lips a hairsbreadth away. “And,” he continued, now with a brightness in his eyes that she had never seen before. “Lucky for you, our new kitchen just happens to be big enough for all of our food.”



“So?” Sadie Harris says eagerly, plopping down into the empty seat next to hers in the gallery, and Lexie Grey tears her eyes away from the surgery below to look at her fellow intern, who is quickly becoming the closest friend she has. “How was it yesterday? Did he do something fantastic?”


Lexie sighs softly, glancing down at her hands in her lap before looking back down into the OR where Mark is in the middle of repairing a woman’s damaged ear drum. She wishes she could have scrubbed in on it with him but she is assigned to Dr. Shepherd’s service that day. She is grateful though that at least she has a few minutes to herself where she can watch.


“Was it so fantastic that you still can’t talk about it?” Sadie asks, a mischievous smile across her lips. “I bet the sex was so-”


“He forgot,” Lexie interrupts, wanting to stop Sadie’s thoughts dead in their tracks before she can continue thinking that something orgasmically wonderful happened when in fact, nothing had happened at all.


Sadie sits up in her seat, her mouth falling open. “What do you mean he forgot?”


Lexie shrugs. “He forgot.”


“But… it was your birthday… and he’s your boyfriend…”


It is answered with another shrug and slight shake of her head. Lexie has been doing so well, not letting it bother her. It isn’t a big deal that Mark had forgotten her birthday the day before. He has never been in a true relationship before. He doesn’t know that significant others tend to remember and celebrate birthdays together. He doesn’t know that as her boyfriend, he is supposed to at least mention a simple Happy Birthday to Lexie.


And it isn’t as if yesterday had been horrible. Sadie had gotten her a card and a half-dozen penis shaped sugar cookies that she had bought at an erotic bakery. The interns had taken her to Joe’s for a round of drinks but she had left before they could try and enforce the “25 shots on your 25th birthday” rule and instead had hurried back to the hotel, not wanting to be late in case Mark had something planned.


He hadn’t though and instead, had actually already been asleep when she had arrived.


“It isn’t that big of a deal,” Lexie says, watching as Mark works quickly yet diligently on the patient, his movements cool and precise, everything about him oozing with confidence whether he is in or out of the operating room. Lexie loves watching him during his surgeries. She can only hope she will be as good as he is someday.


“I suppose not,” Sadie reluctantly concedes. “Once you tell him that he forgot your birthday, the things you can guilt him into doing…” Once again, that mischievous gleam returns to her eyes and the smile to her lips.


“No,” Lexie quickly says with a sharp shake of her head. “I don’t think I’m going to tell him about it. It’ll just make him feel bad and I don’t want to guilt him into anything. Hopefully, there’ll be next year.”


“There will be,” Sadie says because apparently, she doesn’t have the doubt that Lexie sometimes has when it comes to her relationship with Mark. “At least tell me that the cookies I got you were good.”


Lexie smiles. “They were delicious. I ate three yesterday.”


Sadie laughs, grinning. “Good. Nothing says happy birthday quite like penis cookies. Next year, I think I might get you the penis-shaped cake.”


Again, Lexie smiles, liking the sound of that. And of Sadie thinking that they will continue being friends a year from now.


After surgery, Mark glances up towards the gallery but sees that the chair Lexie had previously been occupying is now empty and he feels himself deflate slightly. He had sensed her watching his surgery and looking up occasionally, he saw her watching him intently. He had been hoping that she had some spare time to meet him in an unoccupied on-call room but it looks as if she has gone back to Derek’s service.


Speak of the devil. Derek comes in as Mark is scrubbing out, leaning against the sink, his arms crossed over his chest and a mysterious smile across his face.


“What?” Mark asks with a frown.


“How was last night?” Derek asks.


“Last night? It was fine,” Mark shrugs, watching his best friend from the corner of his eye as he scrubs his arms with the liquid soap.


“What’d you do? Lexie was trying not to act excited but she was practically bursting at the seams all day,” Derek said, laughing a little.


Mark’s frown deepens. “Why would she…” The beginning of his question trails off as Derek stares at him, his own smile fading.


“What did you do last night?” Derek asks, pushing himself from the sink, standing there, staring at him.


“Nothing. I was wrecked from all of my surgeries and was asleep by the time Lexie got back to the room,” Mark answers. “What was I-”


“Please tell me that you did something for your girlfriend’s birthday yesterday,” Derek says. “Please, Mark. Tell me that you didn’t just go to the hotel and sleep.”


Mark feels the color drain from his face and he stands, completely frozen, his arms and hands absolutely still under the hot water. “Birthday?” He echoes. “Yesterday-”


“Was Lexie’s birthday,” Derek finishes for him.


“Oh fuck,” Mark breathes heavily. “I didn’t…” he shakes his head before he can continue, not exactly wanting to admit to Derek that he wasn’t even sure of when Lexie’s birthday was. Somehow, he thinks that that will make the situation worse. “Fuck,” he swears again, punching the button of the sink, turning the water off. He then looks at Derek. “So… in a relationship, how bad is forgetting a birthday?”


“Very bad,” Derek answers solemnly.


“Fuck!” Mark exclaims, louder this time.


He really doesn’t want this. He and Lexie have been together, publicly, for a few months now and everything has been going good between them. Better than good, actually. For the first time, Mark finds himself in a relationship with a woman who more than satisfies him. He would never admit this out loud, not even to her, but Lexie Grey fits perfectly with him. On the outside, they are nothing alike and no one understands them being together but she’s the only one who really gets him.


And how does he show her that she means something to him? He forgets her birthday. He almost wants Derek to punch him.



Lexie is exhausted. It is almost one o’clock in the morning when she finally drags herself through the door of the hotel room at the Archfield. She doesn’t even turn on the lights as she collapses onto the bed with a yawn, managing to kick off her shoes as her head hits the pillow and her eyes close.


Mark isn’t there. When she left the hospital, he had been in another surgery and though she usually waits up for him, this night, she is just too tired. She has barely talked to him all day. They have both been too busy and it almost scares Lexie when she realizes that she misses him when she doesn’t get to see him or talk to him. Somewhere along the way, he’s become the most important person to her and the difference between a good day and a bad day balances on her interaction with him.




The voice sounds far off, almost as if someone is talking to her through a tunnel and she moans softly, not wanting to open her eyes.


“Lexie, come on. You’re still in your clothes.”


It is Mark and she remains half-asleep, feeling him as he slowly and carefully undresses her, shedding her of her blue jeans and sweater, his fingers running over her body, and even though she is still more asleep than awake, just him touching her leaves her moaning softly. She can hear him snicker to himself and when he unclasps her bra, pulling the undergarment off, tossing it away, she arches her body into him as he drops a kiss on the soft patch of skin between her breasts.


“I got you something,” he tells her and she forces herself to pry her eyes open. The hotel room is still dark but there is a small candle, flickering off of his face as he sits down on the edge of the bed next to her. “Happy birthday.”


She smiles softly at him and turning her head, she sees a cupcake with a single lit candle on the nightstand next to the bed. She looks at him, still smiling. “You remembered.”


“Yeah,” he snorts bitterly. “Finally.”


She shrugs, sitting up. “I didn’t want to make a big deal of it.”


“You should. I want to make a big deal about it,” he tells her and she smiles, feeling her cheeks blush. “I have more things planned but this is the most I could do tonight. By the time I was able to leave the hospital and do anything, it was too late and every place was closed-”


Lexie cuts him off, pressing a firm kiss to his lips. “Thank you,” she murmurs.


“I promise that next year will be a lot better,” he promises and she stares at him for a moment before smiling, happiness shining in her eyes, which no longer seem tired.


“Next year,” she sighs, almost dreamily at the thought of them still being together next year, of him thinking that they'll be together next year, and circling her arms around his shoulders, she kisses him again.


“Here. Make a wish,” he says, leaning over and taking the cupcake, he holds it up for her. “I’m not singing though,” he adds and she laughs softly, tucking strands of hair behind her ears.


She smiles at him and then forming her lips in a perfect “o”, she blows, extinguishing the flame, the room falling completely dark again. She doesn’t make a wish. She doesn’t have to.


“Kiss me,” she says softly, her eyes already falling closed and she begins laying back, pulling him with her.


“Anything for the birthday girl,” he smirks before his mouth covers hers.



Tags: pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, show: grey's anatomy, vignette

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