lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

Stupid User Pics

So, I spent about two hours this morning cleaning up my user pics, making sure I gave credit where credit is due and adding quotes to each one just because I wanted to. I didn't change their names because I know that would, in LJ's eyes, make it a different icon. Well, after I did all of that, I realized that a lot of my entries reverted back to my "Default" icon. And it isn't as if I hate my default icon (if I did, I wouldn't have it as my main one). I just put a lot of care in choosing the perfect icon for the chapter or story I post - which I know sounds incredibly anal of me but I think it's fun - and now, I have all of these posts with the wrong icon. Grrrrr. Kind of pissed off right now. Remind me to never change anything ever again on LJ.
Tags: random

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