lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

A Fail to Kiss is a Fail to Cope (Mark/Lexie)

Title: A Fail to Kiss is a Fail to Cope (1/1)
Author: lexiesloan
Rating: PG-15
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: A collection of short vignettes of Mark and Lexie living together - some of what I hope to see in this new season.


That first morning, Mark woke up to in an empty bed and he jerked up into a sitting position in a slight state of panic. For a moment, he was convinced that Lexie had snuck out sometime during the night. After she had unpacked everything the night before into the closet and dresser he had bought especially for her, maybe she woke up in the middle of the night and decided that she still didn’t want to live with him so she had snuck out.


But then he heard soft humming from behind the partially closed bathroom door and his eyes slowly adjusted to the dim pre-dawn light, seeing her hairbrush and perfume bottle on the dresser and a picture frame of her family at her college graduation on the nightstand on her side of the bed.


He began to breathe again and kicking off the bedcovers, he glanced at the neon green digital clock on his own nightstand. It was just a little after six and neither of them were on call until later that afternoon. He had no idea why she was up and already out of bed.


Crossing the room and pushing open the door, he couldn’t help but smile when he saw Lexie standing there, wearing the panties and tee-shirt she had tried to wear to bed last night before he stripped her of both things. That green toothbrush of hers was in her mouth as she hummed softly to herself as she brushed her teeth but she stopped when she saw him now standing behind her in the mirror’s reflection and she smiled at him through a white foamy mouth of Crest toothpaste, making him grin.


He leaned down, kissing the side of her neck, before going to the toilet to relieve himself. When he was done, he flushed and Lexie moved out of his way so he could wash his hands and with her foot, she stuck it out, kicking back down the toilet seat, shooting him a look before spitting her toothpaste out in the sink as he left the water running for her.


“Uh-oh,” Mark grinned. “My first perturbed look and we’ve been living together,” he glanced at his watch. “Less than twelve hours. Is this a record, do you think?” He asked.


Lexie rolled her eyes, biting back a smile as she plucked a tissue from the counter and wiped her mouth. “I just don’t feel like falling into the toilet,” she informed him.


Mark smirked and then leaned against the counter, his arms crossed over his bare chest as she continued through what he assumed was her morning routine. She really hadn’t done this in the hotel except wash her face and brush her teeth before they were both rushing off to the hospital. Here though, she had a morning routine and Mark watched it intently, wanting to know it.


She brushed her teeth the instant she woke up and now that she has, she leaned over and pressed a firm kiss on his lips, greeting him officially, but before Mark could even lift his hands to touch her, she was already gone, standing back in front of the sink. Mark watched as she washed her face with her Neutrogena face scrub and then patting her face dry, she caught his eye and smiled at him, Mark smiling in return. Mark slipped behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. She laughed softly, leaning forward closer to the mirror, making sure she got all of the soap off, succeeding in nothing except pressing her ass against his crotch.


Mark groaned, his hands gripping her hips, grinding against her and Lexie gasped softly. Their eyes met in the mirror’s reflection and she straightened again, her back forming to his chest and she closed her eyes as he latched his lips to her throat, sucking on her skin.


“Mark,” she whispered, lifting her hand backwards, gripping the hairs on the back of his head and Mark pressed harder against her in response, pinning her between the bathroom counter and his hard body, his hands sliding up her body, cupping her breasts.


Ring! Ring!


Mark wanted to ignore the ringing phone, especially when he could feel Lexie starting to pull away and he wrapped his arms around her waist again, trying to keep here there. She squirmed against him though, trying to free herself.


“Mark,” she breathed again. “It’s my first phone call in our apartment.”


“It’s probably just a telemarketer, Lex,” Mark grumbled.


“Please?” She said softly and that hearing that one word from her made him sigh heavily and loosen his arms.


Lexie smiled, popping a quick kiss on his cheek before hurrying out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, grabbing the portable phone off of the dresser before it could stop ringing.


“Hello?” She answered slightly out of breath. Mark came back into the bedroom and climbed back onto the bed, collapsing onto his back, laying spread eagle across the mattress. “No, thanks,” Lexie shook her head, slightly deflated. “We don’t want any.” She hung up the phone with a sigh.  


“If you want, I can get my cell and call the apartment so you can pick up,” Mark teased, lifting his head, smirking at her.


“Oh, shut up,” she said but she was smiling as she did and Mark propped his head up on one of the pillows, watching her as she got onto the bed on all fours, slowly crawling towards him, up his body, her eyes locked with his as if she was a hunter who had just captured her prey.


She straddled him, running her hands up his chest and she kissed him on the lips, Mark instantly deepening the kiss, lifting his hands, sifting his fingers through her hair, holding her head, and she moaned softly, pressing herself against him.


“Take your shirt off,” he mumbled against her lips and Lexie couldn’t help but laugh.


“Hey,” she smiled. “Just because we’re living together, I still want to be seduced,” she told him, still laughing, and looking up at her, straddling him, Mark couldn’t help but grin and her laughter turned into a shriek when he suddenly flipped them over, pinning her onto her back and putting himself on top of her.


He kissed her again and then, before she could even really realize it, he had pulled her tee-shirt off over her head, tossing it away and his lips closed around one of her hardening nipples. Lexie gasped, her fingers tunneling through his hair, before gripping some of the strands tightly, her back bowing off the bed.


“How am I doing?” He asked, lifting her head, looking at her and she swallowed before opening her mouth again in a moan, barely managing to nod her head.


“Can we do this every morning?” She managed to gasp and he smirked against her breast.


“And you weren’t sure you wanted to move in,” he said and she pulled on his hair, making him chuckle before he took her nipple again in his mouth and she moaned his name. He loved how his name sounded when she said it. 



It was almost two o’clock in the morning when Mark got out of surgery and since Joe’s was still open – last call at three – he decided to get a quick drink before heading home. As he left the hospital, he quickly texted a message to Lexie, not wanting to call in case she was sleeping. He almost headed to their apartment building instead, just thinking of Lexie curled up in their bed, sleeping, and he was exhausted, but he just wanted one quick drink after the tense and long surgery he had just successfully gotten through.


Stepping into the nearly deserted bar however, he came to a sudden halt, immediately spotting Lexie, Callie and Arizona, all with drinks in their hands, dancing to an old Madonna song that was pounding out through from the jukebox. And even standing at the front entrance, he could tell that Lexie was more than well on her way to being drunk.


None of the girls saw him right away and keeping his eye on Lexie and the swaying of her hips as she danced and laughed, he went to the bar and signaled to Joe for his usual glass of scotch.


“I heard you and Dr. Grey moved in together,” Joe said, handing him the drink, and Mark couldn’t help but smile.


“About a week ago,” Mark nodded and then taking a sip of the liquor, letting it flow over his tongue, he watched as Callie grabbed Lexie’s hand, spinning her in a circle, making Lexie laugh in response.


“And how is it?”


Mark nodded again. “So far, so good.” He paused. “I love it.”


Lexie stopped spinning and her eyes set on him for the first time, a wide smile instantly taking over her face and Mark grinned as she hurried to him, throwing an arm around his neck and falling against his body.


“Hi,” she laughed and he smirked, wrapping his arm around her waist. She kissed him and he tasted the faintest hint of the rum and coke she had been drinking on her tongue. “How was your surgery?”


“Good,” he nodded and then laughed slightly. “How was your night?”


“Wonderful. Callie and Arizona came by our place about two hours ago, wanting to go out,” Lexie explained. “You know, I really like Callie when she isn’t stripping in front of you or seeing you naked in the shower.”


Mark kissed her again before turning his head and taking a sip from his scotch, his arm tightening around her waist as Lexie brushed her lips across his jaw.


“So since Callie and Arizona took me out, will you take me in now?” She murmured and then burst out laughing as Mark blatantly moved his hand down and gripped her ass through her blue jeans, her laughter making him grin and she kissed him again. “My ass just vibrated,” she suddenly said and Mark lifted an eyebrow. She laughed, pulling her cell phone from her back pocket, and flipping it open, she scanned the text message and then smiling, turned her phone around so he could see what was sent to her.


“Mark, the Madonna song playing right now was made the same year your girlfriend was born – Callie.”


Mark instantly scowled but Lexie laughed.


“Oh, admit it,” she said, still laughing. “That’s pretty funny.”



Lexie frowned, staring at the large green cactus plant on the table behind the couch, tilting her head from one side and then other. She held a glass of water in her hand, trying to remember the last time either of them had watered it.


“Mark?” She finally asked.


“Yeah?” He said, sitting in the leather armchair he had bought for himself, flipping through the television channels, trying to find something to watch.


“Why the hell do we own this thing?” She asked with a sigh. “I had no idea that having a cactus could be so nerve-wracking.”


Mark tried not to laugh. “It’s a cactus, Lex. Taking care of it isn’t plastic surgery.”


“You mean brain surgery?” Lexie said distantly, tilting the glass so the smallest of water poured out into the pot.


“No,” Mark frowned.



“The things you talk me into doing,” Mark grumbled as he sat in the bathtub of warm water and lilac scented bubbles and Lexie smiled, reclining back against his chest, closing her eyes, feeling his hands starting to rub her thighs underneath the water. “You won’t tell anyone about this, will you?” He asked and Lexie opened her eyes, turning her head to look at him.


“What we do when we’re alone is no one’s business except ours,” she told him softly. She was quiet for a moment, closing her eyes again, feeling his hands still rubbing her body, his gentle touch and the warmth of the water almost putting her to sleep. “I can’t promise you though that you won’t smell like lilacs tomorrow.”



Thatcher came over for dinner and Lexie had spent most of the day cleaning the apartment and cooking a recipe of her mother’s that she knew to be one of her father’s favorite but when the three sat down later that evening to eat, tension was thick. Thatcher may have liked Mark after their first initial meeting but that didn’t mean he wanted his daughter to be living with the man.


“Dad-” Lexie tried to reason with him.


“No, Lexie,” Thatcher shook his head. “He’s too old. You’re too young. And how are you paying for this? Is he paying for everything?”


“Mr. Grey, Lexie is a resident and barely makes anything. I want to take care of her,” Mark jumped in but Thatcher promptly ignored him.


“Dad,” Lexie tried again, suppressing a sigh, scratching her forehead before tucking strands of hair behind her ears. She took a deep breath, meeting Mark’s eyes from across the table and giving him a faint smile that he tried to decipher. “I love him, dad.”


That would be the only reason Thatcher would ever get as an explanation for any of this.



Lexie was the kind of girl who bought pumpkins for Halloween, turkey-shaped candlestick holders for Thanksgiving and for Christmas, she and Mark went to a nearby lot and bought a live tree to bring back to their apartment where she decorated it to the nines while listening to Bing Crosby singing about a white Christmas over the stereo.


Mark had never really been into celebrating any sort of holiday before – his parents never made a big deal out of anything – but that night, with their apartment completely dark except the colorful strands of multi-colored lights strung on the trees, catching in the reflections of the glass ornaments, sitting on the couch with his arm around Lexie’s shoulders, Mark admitted to himself that this was nice but he had a feeling that it would only be nice if Lexie was there with him.



He had a shitty day and the last thing he wanted to deal with when he got home was seeing a box of her Tampax on the bathroom counter. He picked a fight with her – he knew exactly what he was doing but he didn’t know how else to deal with his shitty mood because before her, he would have just gotten drunk and fucked a random woman. Now though, he yelled at her and she yelled right back. He said something about her makeup always on the counter and she snapped something about the toilet seat always being up.


And the fight didn’t end until Lexie grabbed her purse and coat and stormed out, slamming the door behind her. He tried calling her but she didn’t pick up and Mark knew she just needed time to cool off. He sat on the couch in the dark, waiting for her, a knot in his stomach and a burning in his chest that refused to go away. He didn’t know where she was – hoping she was at Meredith’s and not dealing with their fight in the classic Sloan way though the instant he thought of Lexie falling into bed with some guy just because she was mad at him entered his mind, his guilt only intensified. As if Lexie would ever do that to him.  


When he heard the turn of her key in the lock sometime around midnight, he instantly got up and went to meet her. Her eyes were red and he knew that she had been crying.


He didn’t say a word and neither did she. He simply went to her and enveloped her tightly in his arms, hugging her, not wanting to let go.


“I love you,” he whispered in her ear for the first time and Lexie wrapped her arms around him, burying her face in his shoulder, now beginning to cry for an entirely different reason, whispering to him that she loved him too..



With help from Derek, Mark bought an engagement ring but he wasn’t sure if he is ready to give it to her yet. He wasn’t even sure that Lexie was ready for the ring yet so he hid it in the top drawer of his dresser, underneath his socks. He thought about it but he didn’t want to rush either of them into something.


For now, he was more than happy with what they had. Going to bed with her, waking up with her, sharing his entire life with her. He wondered how he would give her the ring. He wondered if she wanted something romantic because Mark wasn’t sure he could do that.

But one morning, as she got up as she always did to go into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face, Mark quickly got out of the bed, grabbed the ring box from the drawer and stuffed it under his pillow as he laid back down.


When Lexie came out again, she was smiling and she crawled back into bed with him, now allowing herself to kiss him good morning and the kiss ended as it usually did – with Lexie on her back, her tee-shirt stripped off and Mark on top of her. This time though, when she opened her eyes to look up at him, a more than contented smile on her face, she gasped as she saw Mark above her, holding a diamond ring in between his index and thumb. For a moment, he didn’t say anything and neither did she.


“If it’s too soon, just tell me,” he said, his voice almost sounding hoarse, slightly panicked.


He hadn’t planned on doing this today or any day soon but something had possessed him to do it and now he was thinking that he had just screwed things up worse than ever. He remembered how she had acted when he suggested moving in together but that was a year ago and he was really hoping that she wouldn’t freak out again as they possibly prepared themselves to take this next step.


It seemed like an eternity of silence passed between them and Mark was fairly certain that he had stopped breathing altogether.


Suddenly, she laughed slightly. “You have to ask me, Mark. Just because we’re living together doesn’t mean that I don’t want you to actually ask me,” she teased with a smile and Mark broke into a large grin, exhaling a heavy sigh of relief at the same time.


He took hold of her left hand and guided the ring to the appropriate finger, pausing though before he slid it on and locked his eyes with her. “Will you?” He asked so quietly, it was barely above a whisper.


“Will I what?” She smiled.


“Will you marry me?” He said, his voice gaining a bit more confidence and both could hear it.


Her smile grew wider and she lifted her right hand to his cheek, lifting her head from the pillow and meeting his lips in a kiss, kissing him slowly, fully, her eyes closing as she pulled him completely on top of her. When she opened her eyes again, he had slipped the ring on her finger and was now staring at her intently. She kissed him once more and then smiled widely as she looked at the ring before back at him again.

“Can we do this every morning?” She asked and he laughed slightly before kissing her deeply, absolutely no words necessary after that. There would be more than enough time for that later.


Tags: pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, vignette

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