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One More Song About Moving Along the Highway (Owen/Sadie)

Wow. I have no idea where this came from but this is definitely only something I would ever post on my journal. I actually really like the character of Sadie (if you could not tell from my other stories) but I feel like she was just wasted on the show and could have been so much better than what they wrote her as. And I just adore Owen. I know this is absolute crap but I really could not help myself.


She lights a cigarette afterwards which doesn’t surprise him because she just seems exactly like the kind of girl who smokes after sex. He normally can’t stand the smell but Cristina never smoked after sex and Sadie is nothing like Cristina which is the entire point of the night.


They lay side by side in his bed, the sheets tangled around their sweaty bodies, both staring up at the ceiling and the fan that remains off despite the heat in the room. He laces his hands behind his head and he watches as the cigarette smoke twirls slowly in front of his eyes before disappearing into thin air.


Neither speak. Cristina wasn’t one for pillow talk either and Owen can’t stand the silence for once.


Sadie senses it. “Did it work?”


“Did what work?”


“Fucking to forget.” She turns her head on the pillow towards him and gives him a smile. “Why do you want to forget?”


“Haven’t you ever wanted to forget something?” He asks, turning onto his side, bending his elbow, propping his head in his hand.


The question makes her laugh and she extends the cigarette towards him. He shakes his head and she shrugs before taking another puff from it.


“What haven’t I tried to forget?” She says, still smiling.


A soft rain starts to fall, the drops tapping steadily on the glass of the window behind them, and both can hear a low rumble of thunder off in the distant.


She sighs, a cloud of smoke exhaling through her mouth as she does so. “I am so sick of the rain. I need to go somewhere where it is always sunny.” She pauses. “Fiji.”


He laughs at that and he can’t remember the last time he laughed.


“What?” She asks, laughing slightly herself. She offers him the cigarette again but again, he shakes his head in refusal. “I’ve actually never been there.”


“You’ve traveled a lot?”


She nods. “My way of forgetting.” She is quiet for a moment and they both listen to the rain outside. “If you want to be with her, you should try to work things out.”


“We’re lying in bed together and you’re giving me relationship advice about another woman?” Owen smirks.

She shrugs as best as she can lying down. “I’m a cool girl like that. Besides,” she takes one more puff of the cigarette and time, when she offers it to him, he takes it between his index finger and thumb, pinching the end of it, taking a cautionary puff. She smiles. “I already have one foot out the door already for
Fiji. The least I can do is try and help the man responsible for my orgasms tonight.”


“So you’re really going to Fiji?” He asks, passing the cigarette back to her.


“I’m already bored,” Sadie says. “I had my appendix removed, had hot sex with an attending… I think I’m done here.”


He laughs again and she smiles at him.  


“Want to come to Fiji with me?” She asks.


“It seems like the complete opposite of Seattle,” he says.


“Hence its appeal.”


He’s quiet for a moment and then he rolls onto his back again, his eyes going back up to the ceiling. “I think doing the opposite of what I actually want is just a one-night thing for me.”


“Good,” Sadie nods. “Fucking to forget rarely works.”


He turns his head to look at her. “Neither does running away all the time.”

Tags: character: owen hunt, character: sadie harris, show: grey's anatomy

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