lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

Tangled Up In You (Mark/Lexie)

Title: Tangled Up in You (1/1)
Author: lexiesloan
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Summary: One-word prompts for Mark and Lexie living together.

My second collection of one-word prompts from your suggestions. I love writing these and have a lot of fun so to everyone who participated, I hope you like what I did with your word. Thank you!


1. Toothpaste

Mark knows he is being ridiculous but when he finds out that they prefer different brands of toothpaste, he can’t help but be disappointed. Some days, it seems like they have absolutely nothing in common.


2. Dirty Laundry

Their hamper is in the bathroom and on her day off, Lexie kneels on the floor and tips it over, dumping their dirty laundry out. She smiles when she sees their clothes mixed together in one big heap. They are really living together now.


3. Eye Contact

They make eye contact on opposite sides of the operating table during surgery and Lexie quickly has to look away, blushing behind her mask, while Mark smirks. He is definitely trying to have eye sex with her.


4. Hair Dyes

Mark dyes his hair from grey to almost a blonde shade in an attempt to look younger and Lexie tries her hardest not to but she starts crying when he reveals it to her. She hates it.


5. Blueberry Scones

Lexie knows how much Mark loves blueberry scones for breakfast every morning and she tries to learn how to bake some herself. When she presents her first slightly burnt batch to him, Mark takes a huge bite out of one and then gives her a kiss, telling her it’s the best damn thing he has ever tasted.


6. Body Shots

When Lexie gets drunk, she gets horny and one night at Joe’s, she convinces Mark to do a body shot off of her, moaning softly as he licks the side of her neck before sprinkling the salt on it and she watches with hooded eyes as he licks the salt from her body before downing the shot and then leans forward, capturing the lemon from between her teeth.


7. Peanut Butter

They sit naked on the floor of their kitchen in the middle of the night after sex, Lexie scooping a helping of peanut butter out of the jar with her finger and Mark stares at her as he sucks it into his mouth, licking it clean.

8. Bathtub

Mark runs his hands up and down her bare back as Lexie slowly rocks on top of him, straddling him, the warm water splashing gently around them, some spilling over the sides of the bathtub onto the tiled floor.


9. Catalogs

One night, when he is working late, Lexie sits in the middle of their bed, flipping through Victoria’s Secret catalogs, trying to decide what Mark would like her in. She knows though that when it comes to things like this, he definitely isn’t picky.


10. Jealous

Lexie doesn’t think she is beautiful which drives Mark crazy because she isn’t stupid. She has to see how many guys look at her when they go out and how jealous he gets as he puts his arm around her and pulls her closer to him.


11. Photograph

Lexie wishes there was at least one photograph of her and Mark in their apartment but she is afraid to ask for one. She doesn’t want to sound like the lame girlfriend.


12. Washing Machine

Lexie laughs as Mark pushes her into the washing machine in the laundry room in the basement of their apartment building, his hands unbuttoning her jeans and his mouth never leaving hers, the rumbling machine massaging her back.


13. Socks

The floors are all hardwood and her feet get cold often but when they do, she steals a pair of his socks to wear instead of one of hers. He always gets turned on when she wears his clothes and socks are no exception.


14. Toothbrush

Mark is still holding the green toothbrush she handed to him when he grabs her the instant he shuts the door behind them and backs her up against the nearest wall.


15. Lotion

Every night, before coming to bed, Lexie rubs lotion all over her arms and legs to keep them soft and smooth and Mark sits, watching her without blinking. Most nights, she doesn’t even get to touch her other leg before Mark grabs her.


16. Apple

She scrunches her nose up but doesn’t say anything when they go grocery shopping and he always gets a few red apples for himself.


17. Mistletoe

Mark is very grateful that their apartment is across the street from Joe’s because after Lexie pulls him under the sprig of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling and kisses him, the only thing he wants to do is drag her back home as quickly as possible.


18. Flowers

She read in a magazine that men only bring flowers home if they have done something wrong but when Mark brings home a dozen daffodils – her favorite – she doesn’t even think that and instead throws her arms around him and kisses him.


19. Camera

“No one will see this but us, right?” Lexie asks as Mark adjusts the camera on the dresser, making sure that it has the perfect view of the bed.


20. DVD

Lexie has a total of five DVDs and Mark cringes as he sees the chick flick titles. What the hell is The Princess Bride? But as she unpacks in the bedroom, he takes the plastic movie cases and puts them on the shelf in the living room along with his.


21. Microphone

The Chief is holding another meeting for the hospital staff and his microphone is turned too high, making everyone in the auditorium flinch – everyone except Mark and Lexie who are in the third floor supply closet, making out like a couple of teenagers, completely forgetting that they are supposed to be somewhere else.


22. Teacup

Lexie makes herself a cup of tea when work stresses her out but she refuses to drink her tea out of a coffee mug and unfortunately, her teacup broke on the move from Meredith’s over to their apartment. When she discovers this, he doesn’t understand why she starts crying until she tells him that the teacup used to be her mother’s.


23. Couch

They fight and Mark winds up spending the night out on the couch and as he tosses and turns for most of the night, he wonders if it’s because the couch is too uncomfortable or because Lexie isn’t next to him.


24. Cleaning

Meredith and Derek are coming over for dinner and Lexie spends most of the day cleaning the apartment, snapping at Mark for not helping but he doesn’t understand why she is making such a big deal out of this.


25. Panties

“I like that you wear panties to bed,” Mark whispers in her ear one night as his hands slide up her thighs, coming to a rest on her hips, and she smiles. “I like that you make me work for it.”


26. Grind

Mark doesn’t dance but that doesn’t mean that Lexie won’t either when one of her favorite songs starts playing on the jukebox and Mark has to clench his jaw, controlling himself, as he stands there and Lexie starts to dance and grind herself against him.


27. Heart

“Please don’t break my heart,” she whispers to him when she thinks he is asleep but then he blinks his eyes open and stares at her. “Don’t break mine either,” he replies.


28. Whisk

Lexie makes pancakes one Sunday morning and she smiles as Mark stands behind her, his arms around her waist, his chin on her shoulder, watching her as she slowly whisks the batter in the bowl.


29. Comb

He’s had a shitty day and as he lies on the bed in their room, his head in her lap, Lexie combs her fingers through his hair, listening to him as he talks it through.


30. Motorcycle

He takes his motorcycle out of storage and though she is initially nervous, Lexie goes for a ride with him, Mark laughing as she squeezes her arms so tightly around his waist, he almost feels as if he can’t breathe.


31. Blackout

The storm rages on outside and more than half of the city suffers from a blackout. They sit on the couch and when Mark admits to her that he hates the dark and then explains why, she squeezes her arms around him tightly.


32. Manual

Mark sometimes wishes that Lexie had come with a manual because he really has no idea what to do for her when he comes home and finds her crying in the bathroom.


33. Dishes

“I am not your maid!” Lexie yells after the third day of him putting his dishes in the sink and not washing or loading them into the dishwasher.


34. Midnight

Even before midnight, he is kissing her and by the time shouts of Happy New Year ring out from outside, he already has her naked on their bed.


35. Obedience

She jumps slightly when he storms into his office, slamming the door behind him with fury. “I may be your boyfriend, Lexie, but in this hospital, you are the obedient resident and you have to listen to me!”


36. Light Bulb/ 37. Screech.

She is trying to change the light bulb on the ceiling fixture in their bedroom, standing on the tips of her toes on a chair, when Mark comes into the room, grinning as she screeches out with surprise when he grabs her, scooping her up in his arms.


38. Central Park

For their one year anniversary, they go to New York City for a few days and there, lying on her back in the grass of Central Park, he tells her loves her for the first time.


39. Movie Theater

Lexie bites down on her lower lip, trying her hardest to keep quiet in the back of the movie theater, having no idea how Mark can sit so calmly next to her, eating his popcorn while his other hand is between her thighs.


40. Hangover

Mark wakes up with the worst hangover and the only thing he can do is run into the bathroom and sink down to his knees, gripping the sides of the toilet bowl. When he opens his eyes again, Lexie is there with a glass of water and a bottle of aspirin.


41. Ice-Skates

On the anniversary of her mom’s death, she doesn’t cry like she expects herself to, feeling too numb. Mark strokes her hair and listens as she tells him about how she was a little girl and wanted to be in the Olympics so her mother bought her a pair of ice-skates. The next day, Mark surprises her with a trip to an ice-skating rink.


42. Old Photos

She finds an old photo of Mark and Addison together from college hidden in one of his drawers. She puts it back where she found it and tries to pretend like she never saw it.


43. Rock

“I am rock hard right now,” Mark whispers in her ear with a smirk in the crowded elevator and making sure that no one else notices, Lexie presses her back against his front, wanting to feel for herself.

Tags: pairing: mark sloan/lexie grey, prompt

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