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We’re on the Run, I Can See it in Your Eyes (Sadie)

For some reason, I am completely fascinated with the character of Sadie Harris though the show made her one of the most pointless characters in television history. Perhaps that is why I like her - because of her complete lack of development. I woke up this morning with this in my head and I wrote it in about twenty minutes so my apologies in advance if this is bad. There are also hints of Owen Hunt - my other favorite character besides Mark and Lexie.


Sadie Harris was either incredibly stupid or incredibly naïve and the latter was something that no one in her entire life had ever accused her of being. She thought she could just come back into Meredith’s life after years spent apart – after that disastrous night in Amsterdam – and the two would just fall back into it. The adventures of Death and Die could start right back up where they had left off.


Sadie hadn’t changed in all of that time so why would Meredith?


Now, she found herself in Seattle, her former partner in crime, her Louise to her Thelma, having replaced her with that Yang woman and actually in a steady monogamous relationship with a man who had better hair than Sadie had ever seen on a supposedly straight man. She was an intern at a hospital where it was only becoming painfully obvious as each day went by just how much her father had helped her through medical school and especially standing next to Lexie Grey, Sadie was more than aware of how much she wasn’t cut out to become a doctor.


The world kept spinning, she kept getting to that age where people would begin to say “You’re too old to be acting like this” and Sadie had no idea how she got here.


Lexie had invited her to Joe’s after their shift because if anyone understood what it meant for Meredith to not have room in her life for her, it was Lexie Grey and ever since she had taken out her appendix and almost killed her, Sadie had felt something of a kinship with the other Grey.


They were both interns, completely friendless, and so, it was only natural for them to develop some type of bond between them – a bond Sadie was welcome to. She wasn’t used to being alone like she had been since arriving in Seattle.


The girls had done a couple of shots of vodka – staying completely away from tequila because that was Meredith and Yang’s preferred alcohol of choice and Sadie and Lexie had a silent agreement between them to be nothing like those two – and they had laughed and joked about the other hospital staff.


But the instant Mark Sloan walked through the door, Lexie became distracted though she tried to hide it and act as if she didn’t notice the hot doctor staring at her. Sadie almost laughed at how junior-high the two were acting with one another. Everyone thought that it was Sadie who had broken Mark’s penis and she was fairly certain that there wasn’t a single other person who knew that Lexie had actually been the one in the on-call room with him. Their relationship – or whatever it was that they were doing with one another – was completely safe.


They exchanged brief looks and soft smiles behind their glasses at opposite ends of the bar until Sadie couldn’t take it and told Lexie to leave first so Mark could follow her out and the two could spend the rest of the night at his hotel room having hot, animal sex since his six weeks of recovery were over with and if Sadie wasn’t getting any – and she definitely wasn’t – she wanted at least her friend to be getting some.


Lexie smiled and hugged her goodnight – something Sadie had to get used to because the older Grey was definitely not a touchy feely person – before she grabbed her coat and purse and left the bar. Sadie almost laughed again into her drink when less than two minutes later, Mark followed her out the door.


And that left Sadie completely alone. Again. She really didn’t want to be in a position where she got used to this.


“Can I get a beer?” Dr. Owen Hunt asked of Joe, sliding onto the vacant stool a couple down from Sadie, unzipping his coat.


Sadie looked at the trauma surgeon, the bar lights twinkling in the raindrops on his red hair.


“What kind, doctor?” Joe asked, sliding Sadie another glass of vodka on the rocks without her having to signal to him.


“Whatever’s on tap.”


Sadie continued looking at him and then glanced around, wondering if anyone else was with him that night. This was another thing she had never done before Seattle. When she wanted to talk to someone, she did and could have cared less if that person was dating someone or married to someone or if a cardio resident had unofficial dibs on him.


But Yang wasn’t there and Owen sat there, sipping on the glass of beer as he looked ahead at the mirror hanging behind the bar and the colorful display of different alcohol bottles lined up in haphazard rows.


“Hi,” Sadie smiled.


She was Sadie Harris and she was going to talk to whoever she pleased. Seattle wasn’t going to change her like it had Meredith. She could still be a Thelma without a Louise no matter how old she was.


Owen glanced at her, inclining his head towards her politely. “Hello.”


“You here alone?” She asked because although she could have cared less about Yang, pissing her off would result in pissing Meredith off and for some reason, despite their friendship no longer existing between them, Sadie still didn’t want to do that.

“I am,” he nodded, looking at her for a longer moment this time.

But then again, she was Sadie Harris and she would be damned if she allowed herself to change because of some city or some woman who clearly did not need her in her life anymore.


She took a sip of her vodka and then smiled at him. “Me, too.”

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