lexiesloan (lexiesloan) wrote,

Skin Deep (Puck/Rachel)

This is my first ever voyage into Glee and the Puck/Rachel relationship. This really is nothing. Just a drabble of sorts; a way for me to begin attempting at writing these characters, Puck especially. This is probably complete crap but I just wanted to try. It's more of a Puck drabble than a Puck/Rachel but I was nervous writing Puck and I wanted to practice. I would love to write more for this couple when I feel more comfortable at it.

Everyone thought they knew him. They thought they could look at him and know every single thing about him in a matter of seconds. He was after all Noah Puckerman and everything there was to know about him was on the surface.

He got used to it after a while. He didn’t let anyone know that they were wrong when they thought that he was just a Lima loser, that he would never get out of Ohio, that he was going to do nothing and go nowhere with his life. He let them think whatever they wanted but after a while, Puck began thinking like that too. He began sleeping around, began not caring about school, or anything really that didn’t involve football, his guitar or getting laid. No one really cared about him. His mom liked to remind him that he was a disappointment and why couldn’t he just date a nice Jewish girl? Finn was too preoccupied with Glee and trying not to make his crush on Rachel obvious as he walked down the hallways with Quinn. And Quinn… she didn’t even want to acknowledge that her baby was his too because he was Puck and what the hell kind of father could he be?

He thought Rachel was different. They had only been together for a week but he thought it could mean something. She was everything he wasn’t. Driven, smart, talkative – god was she talkative – and she had goals and her entire life planned out. Puck wasn’t sure why they were together but he admitted to himself that during that week, he liked it. Really liked it. Even when he got a slushie thrown in his face for dating a gleek and becoming one himself – though Puck would never admit that he had turned into one. He was Puck. He couldn’t be anything other than cool. But there was something about the way she looked at him, smiled at him… he almost began thinking again that he was someone.

But then, on the bleachers, Rachel broke up with him because she told him that he would break up with her eventually and she thought it was best they just end things now.

She was just like everyone else. She thought she knew him. She had no idea that he had no intention whatsoever of ending their relationship. She thought he loved Quinn when in fact, he looked to his best friend’s girlfriend as a cold bitch. She wasn’t anything like Rachel. Or at least, he hadn’t thought that. But then, as he refuted her offer of friendship with him and he stormed away from the bleachers, leaving her behind, he realized that Rachel was like Quinn. She was like all of them.

And for some reason, knowing that Rachel thought that of him, it hurt more than anyone else’s opinion.

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